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Mysteriously animated Illustration

A mysterious animated illustration by italian artist Cristian Grossi. Discover his latest work, stay updated with his FB fanpage.

Magical storytelling with Children illustration

Cristian Grossi children illustration
“Tributo a Re Zafferano” is a storytelling children illustration by Cristian Grossi. Exhibited in Illustration Festival 2010.

The naked Divas. Delightful scented illustration.

A delightful sophisticated dance of floral scented divas is the latest couple of artworks by Cristian Grossi.

Amazing illustrated scarf by Cristian Grossi fashion illustrator

textile scarf design

Enjoy this glamourous illustrated scarf in organic cotton.
The original set of scarves by italian artist Cristian Grossi will be sold soon on his Facebook Fanpage.

Mysterious illustration from the Magical World of Sfigati

Sfigati is an italian word that means “not cool”. Cristian Grossi tried to make the uncoolest people breathe, and the uncoolest feelings shine, to grow his inner world.
Visit his special FanPage

an illustration of magical and misterious world

Cristian Grossi – New textural illustration: The Faboulous World of Sfigati

illustration world colourfull

colourful illustration for kids

colour illustration for kids

Cristian Grossi latest artwork is a set of dreamy illustration world of italian sfigati.
Stay tuned on his personal Facebook Page.

Sabbath orgy poster – The lusty naked witches ( Pizzi e Merletti )

An intriguing infernal sabbath of lusty witches is the subject of the newest artwork by Cristian Grossi
Buy the poster here

Cristian Grossi featured on Dolce&Gabbana ‘s Swide

Italian artist and designer Cristian Grossi from The Kreativehouse featured interview on Swide.
dolce & gabbana fashion illustration cristian grossi
Italian artist and designer Cristian Grossi featured interview on Swide.

Indie Wedding Favor for Birdlife Italy

Help the Nature. If you’re getting married or already have children maybe you’re about to choose a wedding favor, of the shares or a special card to tell everyone a happy event. Birdlife Italy

bomboniere solidali

bomboniere solidali

Magical contemporary illustration for children

Italian artist Cristian Grossi delightful magical children illustration.

Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration

Cristian Grossi fashion illustrator
11 May – 14 July 2012

Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration is the second in a series of exhibitions, which showcases the brightest young talent across the field of fashion. The series will showcase makers who, though not yet widely known, are some of the most outstanding of their generation – whose work takes its place among the best of contemporary practice, while also defining future directions, agendas and tastes around fashion creation.
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Handmade delightful illustrated stationery

Trends: Stunning illustrated foulards from PINKO

Pinko continues surprising. Ariel, it’s latest collection of foulard is a concentration of fantastic mood and colourful graphic. Continue »

Cristian Grossi artworks Exhibition

Cristian Grossi experiments with mixed media painting blending china ink, pencil and digital techniques. He works by mixing color, kitsch and elegance in a disturbing blend. His exhibition at the Casa della Musica Parma, Italy, is curated by Marco Turco. It is a serie of 15 monochromatic artworks.

“The converging world. We are one thing but we merge. After the action stops the ink remain on the paper”.

ADV Illustration for LIPU – Birdlife Italy

Italian artist Cristian Grossi original illustration for LIPU ( Birdlife Italy) moodboard ADV – Kreativehouse communication design.