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Medical Logos – Reflecting the Best Values

Health is the biggest wealth for a human being. To reflect this simple yet essential statement is the major challenge and the task each logo designer faces when working on the logo design for some medical institution, clinic, company, brand, or private doctor. First of all, a medical logo design should have clearly distinguishable link to the medicinal sphere. The next very important feature of a medical logo design is that it should instill the audience with the confidence about the professionalism, knowledge, skills, and innovations, offered by a particular organization or medical product, represented by a logo. To give our readers a hint on the efficient medical logo design we are publishing today the showcase of logos designs, we have manually picked up around the web.

Chantilly Specialists by Kriecheque
ml2a Medical Logos – Reflecting the Best Values

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Stunning Close-up Photos of Insects

Insects – you don’t know if you hate them or not. They can bug you really or scare you, depends on what kind of insect we’re talking about. But they are a part of the nature and you have to admit that they are beautiful close up. Here you can see a selection of several amazing macro photos of different insects. You definitely need a lot of patience to get the right photo, because insects don’t pose, and you can’t make them. Of course some crazy photo skills and a bad ass camera would also help, and also a lot of luck, because some photos are amazing because you captured the right moment without even planning it; the beauty of photography. A good thing is that there are so many different insects out there, so you’ll always find enough candidates, unless you are taking photos of a seldom species. Other amazing nature photos are these ones, enjoy.

si01a 600x471 Stunning Close up Photos of Insects

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25 Brilliant Examples of Landscape Photography

There are many places where nature shows its extreme beauty, in the landscape photography photographers capture the beautiful moments of nature, specially land and its natural features, maybe sometimes you can see seashores or man-made objects like buildings in these photographs.

Aletschgletscher by Tomas Sereda
lan2a 25 Brilliant Examples of Landscape Photography

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Showcase Of Popular TV Show Website Designs

In this showcase below you’ll find a Collection of Popular TV Show website Designs Around for your inspiration. So this design showcase is worth seeing whether you are in a creative search or just looking for some entertainment.

Two and a Half Men
tv1a Showcase Of Popular TV Show Website Designs

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Daily Inspirations no. 118

A creative idea without inspiration is like a fancy car without fuel in its tank: the vehicle can be of ultimate design and it can be fully equipped with multiple top-notch gadgets, but if it has no fuel, it simply won’t start. Same with creative ideas – human brains can generate literally any idea and the imagination can even create the visual image of the final creation easily; however, if a man lacks inspiration, the idea is in huge risk of remaining unrealized. Imagination often works like some invisible yet almost physically tangible force, which makes us move and perform the actions necessary to transform an idea into some physical object or creation. That is why, people, especially, of those professions, where a creative or artistic component is essential, are always in search of fresh sources of inspiration. The world itself offers a lot of inspiration, but sometimes we do not have time to travel to interesting and inspiring places or to visit art galleries for inspiration. Fortunately, the Internet makes hunting for inspiration much easier: at Cruzine you can easily travel around the globe and enjoy the landscapes, portraits, paintings, illustrations and other samples of the digital art without leaving the comfort of your home.

Horror of horrors by Tim Marriott
di118a Daily Inspirations no. 118

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Stunningly Captured Frog Photography by Angi Nelson

The post features some stunning photographs of Frogs captured by talented female photographer Angi Nelson.

fro1a 600x399 Stunningly Captured Frog Photography by Angi Nelson

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50 Inspirational Examples of Flower Photography

Flowers are the most beautiful and romantic thing a person can ever have. Taking good quality pictures of flowers can seem difficult, but there are some simple techniques which will allow you to get the best results. I think the best time for photographing flowers is during spring as it is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Check some awesome flower photos below.

La mouche by Martineb
flo1a 50 Inspirational Examples of Flower Photography

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Retro Illustrations – Visual Nostalgia

Though we all wish to keep step with the time and use all the conveniences, offered by the modern lifestyle, a great amount of people still express keen interest to numerous things from the past, which are commonly categorized as retro: for example, retro furniture, retro cars, retro movies, retro music, etc. What is so special about retro things, that is capable of attracting the attention of not only collectors and antique dealers, but many ordinary people as well? Let’s be honest: even today, in the era of hybrid cars and iPads, would you refuse to have a ’69 Camaro SS in your garage or the original Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall of your living room? Definitely not… because there is some mystique power of attraction and charm in all the things classified as retro.

rp1a Retro Illustrations – Visual Nostalgia

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Cute monsters by Jimmy Pickering

Jimmy Pickering has illustrated a number of picture books, including Bubble Trouble by Stephen Krensky and Sloop John B: A Pirate’s Tale by Alan Jardine. He also creates original art, which he shows at galleries around the globe including CoproNason in Santa Monica, California and Rotofugi in Chicago. He lives on the North Coast of Oregon with his loyal canine companions, Pugsley, Wednesday and Jesse.

jp2a Cute monsters by Jimmy Pickering

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Mountain Trains – Symbiosis of Industry and Nature

At Cruzine we publish daily some interesting photography showcases, demonstrating multiple aspects of human lifestyle, culture, social and personal relationships, historical heritages, etc. In our showcases we have already touched upon the theme of trains and railroads as the most vivid symbols of the industrial revolution. Also we had many stunning photo galleries published, where mountains were at the key focus. Today we decided to display photographs, where these two incredibly interesting elements meet: mighty trains, created by men, and magnificent mountains, created by Mother Nature.

The Pike’s Peak Cog Railway at 14,115 Feet (4300+ m) by Michael Menefee
mt1a Mountain Trains – Symbiosis of Industry and Nature

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Dreamlike photography by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia was Born in Bremen, to a German mother and an English father. The family then moved to the United States and back to Germany before moving to England in 1986. Julia now lives in London, London, United Kingdom.

jf1a 600x449 Dreamlike photography by Julia Fullerton Batten

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30 Incredible Plastic Life Art Examples

Plastic is all around us. It shapes much of the packaging for our food and drink. For many of us, it is during our home, our place of work, our car and the bus we take to and from work. It can be in our clothing, eyeglasses, teeth, computers, phones, dishes, utensils, and toys but Vincent Bousserez is man who has converted plastic into life. We invite you to check out his creations and have a comment on his remarkable effort.

pla1a 30 Incredible Plastic Life Art Examples

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Free Movie Fonts – If Fonts Could Be Nominated for Oscar

Today, when all the Oscars of the year 2011 have just been presented to the best of the best in the movie industry, and the red carpet of the Kodak Theatre still remembers the glitter of the dresses of Hollywood celebrities and flashes of the cameras, we decided to take up the atmosphere and present at Cruzine the collection of the best movie fonts, available on the web. Actually, the success of any movie today is the result of many people’s work, including dress, decorations, visual effects designers, and, of course, font designers, who develop the graphical design of each movie title, which commonly works like a logo for the film itself. Movie fonts are always ultimately representative, unique, and distinct. Many of them have become widely and easily recognizable: the fonts from the Star Wars, Terminator, or Pirates of the Caribbean are just some examples to mention here.
mf2a Free Movie Fonts – If Fonts Could Be Nominated for Oscar

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Japanese Graphic Design – The 1920s-30s

In the 1920s and 1930s, Japan embraced new forms of graphic design as waves of social change swept across the nation. This collection of 50 posters, magazine covers and advertisements offer a glimpse at some of the prevailing tendencies in a society transformed by the growth of modern industry and technology, the popularity of Western art and culture, and the emergence of leftist political thought.

jgd1a Japanese Graphic Design – The 1920s 30s

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Prix Pictet ’11 Exhibition

Awesome photography from the Prix Pictet, Paris exhibition. Enjoy!

pe1a 600x399 Prix Pictet ’11 Exhibition

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