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Rockwell, Waiting for the sun by Parra

Here they are! For the S/S 2011 season, Rockwell realized these awesome sunglasses, “Waiting for the sun”, in collaboration with Parra. This is a limited edition, hurry up and catch them at Mustache Madrid!

roc1a Rockwell, Waiting for the sun by Parra

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Sunday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

ADDMINIMAL CREATIVE STUDIO 4 “ICONIC” _ campaign 2010 by Adriana Gerasimova

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Saturday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Liza by Olga Vercholamova

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Vector illustrations by Joshua M. Smith

Showcase of amazing vector artworks by Joshua M. Smith. Sine 1994 he create vector art for print and apparel.

js1b 600x298 Vector illustrations by Joshua M. Smith

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Landscapes by Peter Lik

Peter Lik sees nature through different eyes—those which haven’t been distracted by the modern world. He is often described as the most important landscape photographer alive—a distinction the artist sidesteps earnestly, detached from such conventions. For Lik, there was never a choice in the matter—at a very young age, photography found him. His innate talent brought him to places that few humans have seen, documenting the rugged outback of his native Australia, while establishing his early bond with Mother Nature—the only place he truly finds peace.

pl1a 600x410 Landscapes by Peter Lik

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Friday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Photo by Pino Gomes

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Art of Pencil and Paper

Randy Man is the name. The artist shows what can be done with just pencil, his works are amazing, worthy of art. Primarily he draws with graphite, but use sometimes charcoal and/or colored pencils if desired.
Most of the drawings are 11″ x 14″ or smaller. A standard graphite portrait will cost around $75, depending on the amount of detailed involved, and take about 5 days to complete. (depending). Multiple portraits in the same drawing will be cheaper. Once he knows what the drawing will be and what size you desire I can give you a better estimation.

rm3a 600x933 Art of Pencil and Paper

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The Natural Beauty of our Planet

The natural environment, encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally on Earth or some region thereof. It is an environment that encompasses the interaction of all living species.

Enough .. let’s take a look at the beautiful nature photography below. Enjoy!

nb1a The Natural Beauty of our Planet

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Daily Inspirations no. 119

Pablo Picasso, a world-known Spanish artist and painter, gave the world not only many fine art masterpieces, but he also presented us with a lot of wise thoughts, which earned him a place among the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. One of his saying refers directly to the scope of Cruzine and our daily inspirational posts in particular. So, Picasso once said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”. What an apt, witty, and wise saying! Indeed, we can spend hours sitting in the armchair and waiting for the source of inspiration to appear miraculously at the ceiling and endow us with numerous creative ideas and stamina for their realization. However, this is not how the things work in this world. Painters can find the inspiration only when mixing the colors and composers became inspired only when they are playing the piano… So, here is the clue: if you need some inspiration, start working on your project and the inspiration will soon arrive just like the best appetite always appears during eating.

The long road by Celine Artigau
di119a Daily Inspirations no. 119

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Fantastic and Surreal Photo Manipulation

Charming beauty, ageless skin and a toned figure is in the wish list of every human being, but not everyone is bestowed with these boons. In regards to beauty, photo manipulation is what a beautician does to us through make up and re-touching. You can combine photo with graphics and produce life in a dead picture, inspire others through your photos, take your creativity to a new level by reproducing your dreams, make everything possible in this world which bears an impossible tag, relive and enjoy your vacation in your dream place with your loved ones, swim in ground, walk in water, fly in sky, create your own world.

sp2a Fantastic and Surreal Photo Manipulation

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Sky Garden House

This Sky Garden House design by Singapore based Guz Architects is a wonderfully developed minimalistic design. Subtle angles and levels ensure the plants and shrubs need for light is tended for. The inhabitants of this environmentally friendly home can feel at one with nature, whilst still having a clean modern space to call home.

sgh1a 600x430 Sky Garden House

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Colorful creatures by d’Holbachie-Yoko

d’Holbachie-Yoko is a mysterious girl. When I first met her, she looked like an ordinary girl of small stature. Her works, however, are not only powerful, but also have a magic charm that wins viewer’s hearts. Despite their grotesqueness, her fanciful works reflect the mysterious, gentle gaze of a female artist. I often draw strange creatures. Some people may think they are grotesque and scary, but I do not intend to draw something grotesque. I feel they have been living in me for a long time, rather than I created them. And, they came out of me, using my paintings. So, it is difficult to answer when people ask, “What are they? What are they supposed to mean?” I wish someone would explain it for me.

yo1a Colorful creatures by d’Holbachie Yoko

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Medical Logos – Reflecting the Best Values

Health is the biggest wealth for a human being. To reflect this simple yet essential statement is the major challenge and the task each logo designer faces when working on the logo design for some medical institution, clinic, company, brand, or private doctor. First of all, a medical logo design should have clearly distinguishable link to the medicinal sphere. The next very important feature of a medical logo design is that it should instill the audience with the confidence about the professionalism, knowledge, skills, and innovations, offered by a particular organization or medical product, represented by a logo. To give our readers a hint on the efficient medical logo design we are publishing today the showcase of logos designs, we have manually picked up around the web.

Chantilly Specialists by Kriecheque
ml2a Medical Logos – Reflecting the Best Values

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Stunning Close-up Photos of Insects

Insects – you don’t know if you hate them or not. They can bug you really or scare you, depends on what kind of insect we’re talking about. But they are a part of the nature and you have to admit that they are beautiful close up. Here you can see a selection of several amazing macro photos of different insects. You definitely need a lot of patience to get the right photo, because insects don’t pose, and you can’t make them. Of course some crazy photo skills and a bad ass camera would also help, and also a lot of luck, because some photos are amazing because you captured the right moment without even planning it; the beauty of photography. A good thing is that there are so many different insects out there, so you’ll always find enough candidates, unless you are taking photos of a seldom species. Other amazing nature photos are these ones, enjoy.

si01a 600x471 Stunning Close up Photos of Insects

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25 Brilliant Examples of Landscape Photography

There are many places where nature shows its extreme beauty, in the landscape photography photographers capture the beautiful moments of nature, specially land and its natural features, maybe sometimes you can see seashores or man-made objects like buildings in these photographs.

Aletschgletscher by Tomas Sereda
lan2a 25 Brilliant Examples of Landscape Photography

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