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Underwater photography by Stephen Frink

Stephen Frink is among the world’s most frequently published UW photographers, and is a Canon EXPLORER OF LIGHT, the only marine specialist within this very elite group of photographers. He is also the publisher of a beautiful new quarterly magazine for the Divers Alert Network, ALERT DIVER. Previously, his editorial work appeared in SCUBA DIVING as Director of Photography, and as a contributing photographer for SKIN DIVER magazine for 17-years. Frink has authored a coffee table book entitled WONDERS OF THE REEF, and teaches Masters level courses of Stephen Frink School of Underwater Digital Imaging in his home waters of Key Largo, Florida.

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Architecture and Design by Frank Gehry

Frank Owen Gehry, is a Canadian American Pritzker Prize-winning architect based in Los Angeles, California. His buildings, including his private residence, have become tourist attractions. His works are often cited as being among the most important works of contemporary architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey, which led Vanity Fair to label him as “the most important architect of our age”.[2] Gehry’s best-known works include the titanium-covered Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain; MIT Stata Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles; Experience Music Project in Seattle; Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis; Dancing House in Prague; the Vitra Design Museum and MARTa Museum in Germany; the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto and the Cinémathèque française in Paris. But it was his private residence in Santa Monica, California, which jump-started his career, lifting it from the status of “paper architecture” – a phenomenon that many famous architects have experienced in their formative decades through experimentation almost exclusively on paper before receiving their first major commission in later years.

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Sexy Logo Designs

Sexuality is important in today’s world and, let’s be honest, it has always been important. Nobody is going to question the truth of this statement. We only want to show you today that sexuality as a particular feature can be possessed not only by Hollywood celebrities and fashion models, but even a graphical logo can a have sexy and hot look. Actually, it is all about the attention of the wide public, and sexy design of a logo just helps to draw people’s attention to a particular product, brand, company, or initiative in a very effective way. Driven by the basic instincts, people will always notice sexy logos, and that is exactly what marketers want logos to do – to attract attention and to be easily recognizable and distinguishable. Look through the collection of sexy logo designs and judge by yourself how much truth there is about all the above said… It’s the first of April, after all :-)

Burlesque club by Sergey Babenko

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Geneva motor show 2011

The 81st Geneva International Motor Show ended this year after welcoming more than 735,000 visitors. All of the exhibitors have expressed a high level of satisfaction with this year’s edition which seems to have definitively marked the end of the automobile crisis. Never before have so many new models been presented. The public showed a particular interest in the many vehicles containing alternative technologies and means of propulsion. Here is our showcase from the world’s most exciting auto show.

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Daily Inspirations no. 139

Portrait art is the central theme of the photography section of this Friday inspirational showcase at Cruzine. You’ll see the works created by Eric Lafforgue, Simon Procter, Dimitrina Vasileva, Zoltan Huszti, and other talented camera masters. Also, get ready for the thrill of the illustrations, featuring some fantastic creatures. The digital artwork by Federico Bebber may even look a bit shocking, but his technique is, definitely, very interesting and unique. Erotic painting by Dave Palumbo will also find its fans among the Cruzine readers. All in all, our inspirational showcase may look like a spring salad with many different ingredients included, but be assured, all f them are necessary if you want to feel the real taste of the modern art design.

Artwork by Federico Bebber

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2009 Pentawards Top Winners

The international jury of Pentawards, the first world competition devoted exclusively to Packaging Design, chaired by Grard Caron, announced its winners for 2009.

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Iceland Landscapes

Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior mainly consists of a plateau characterised by sand fields, mountains and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Let’s take a look at some breathtaking photography.

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Underwater photography

Brian Skerry is a photojournalist specializing in underwater and marine-related subjects and stories. Since 1998 Skerry has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine, covering a wide range of assignments. Skerry’s ability to pursue subjects of great diversity is unique within the field of underwater photography. His focus includes nearly everything in the sea, from whales, billfish, tuna, and sharks to fleets of deep-water shipwrecks worldwide. While on assignment, he has lived on the bottom of the sea, spent months aboard fishing boats, and traveled in everything from snowmobiles to canoes to helicopters to get the picture. He spends months at a time in the field, and in the course of any given year frequently finds himself in environments of extreme contrast from tropical coral reefs to diving beneath Arctic ice. Among his feature stories for National Geographic are “Deep Science,” “Beneath Irish Isles,” “An Eden For Sharks,” “Squid: Beautiful and Beastly,” and two cover stories, “Harp Seals: The Hunt For Balance” and “Still Waters: The Global Fish Crisis.”

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Daily Inspirations no. 138

Spring is often said to bring the new life to the nature: the bare ground acquires a new blanket of young grass shoots, the pointed branches of the trees become fluffy with new leaves; birds return from the hot countries and start singing again… Looks like we also need to be renovated in a way – perhaps, we need some new clothes; maybe we need some new lifestyle; sometimes, we feel like changing our activities; and many of us need the new way of thinking and new fresh ideas. This is where Cruzine can be of great help. We know everything about ideas, we collect them, we pick up the freshest and let them inspire you. Welcome to our today inspirational set of daring and unglossed, fresh and unique images by the modern talented photographers, designers, and artists!

WWF Bluefin Tuna overfishing: Panda by Ogilvy

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Creative sport advertisments

Amazing sport advertisment artworks and photo manipulations. Hope you’ll find your favorite here ;)

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Typography in the Art or Art in the Typography?

Typography was initially developed to better serve the purpose of improving the visual perception of a printed text and thus delivering textual content to the readers more effectively. The art component has always been present in typography, especially at the dawn of its development. Take a look at any ancient book and you’ll see how artfully every glyph was drawn and how richly the text was decorated. Later with the development of mass printing, font designers concentrated more on the practical characteristics of a text rather than on its artistic values. However, today, with the rapid and active development of digital typography and its popularization among visual designers, typeface creators are again ready to fascinate and impress us with the font designs, which clearly belong to art.

Workshop : letraria2 : curitiba by Dado Queiroz

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Limited Coca-Cola designs

Coca-Cola was the kind of brand that always inspired artists all around the World. When speaking about that, check these limited bottles below … pretty cool, isn’t it?

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Daily Inspirations no. 137

Design industry is so diversified today, that even the word itself is often understood differently by different people. For someone – design is, first of all, an art of clothes modeling, for others design is associated with web design and graphics. There are also people, who perceive design as the art of architecture, vehicle design, or even typography – the art of font designing. Whatever your vision of design is, be ensured that here at Cruzine you will be understood and offered with multiple examples of inspiring design samples of your favorite kind. Daily inspirational collections from Cruzine, such as the one below, are devoted to all the different kinds of design: from web illustrations to video art, and from photography to architecture design. Besides, every day we include something of practical use to help a designer in his daily work – for example, today you will find here a set of free chaotic textures for your Photoshop projects.

Top Dog by Tobias Hellstrom

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Ice Dogs

Two popular dog breeds originating in icy regions of the planet are admired in Brazil and known worldwide for its strength and beauty. The Malamute and Siberian Husky originated in Siberia and Alaska and are perfect for work in the snow like huskies. With long hairs look similar to wolves, the two races are considered as domestic but they are better living in low temperatures for which their bodies are perfectly adapted.

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50 Breathtaking Examples of Wildlife Photography

Photographers are always searching for resources and places where they can take great shots and find ideas for new photographs. While the city can provide many Photography ideas, the wildlife reserves its place as the most inspiring environment where photographers can find a lot of topics for their Photography projects. The Wildlife Photography can include Photo shots for forests, plants and animals.

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