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In The Spotlight – The Joker

In The Spotlight is a weekly showcase of art created with a particular iconic character in mind. These characters, fictional or real, are from famous literature, film, or various other forms media. What they all have in common is that they have an impact on artists and provide them with inspiration. Enjoy!

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Daily Inspirations no. 130

Many processes in a human life are cyclic in nature. For example, every Monday we start a new cycle of a working week; and if your profession relates to design industry there is no better way to start a new week than to charge yourself with a fresh portion of inspiration, that will help you generate new genuine ideas for really attractive and efficient design-related works. Via daily inspirational sets, Cruzine offers hints as to the sources of artistic inspiration. We display multiple design-related works from photography and to architecture design just to satisfy the appetite of our diverse audience, working in multiple spheres of the design industry. However, our inspirational sets are not for professional only. If you simply like graphics in all of its versatile forms – you will find here many examples of modern digital art and design works to enjoy.

Podium by Tiago Hoisel

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Awesome Pictures Of Hindu Gods

Very nice colorful Hindu illustrations. Various authors.

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Beautiful Eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Take a look below … and enjoy the beauty.

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Daily Inspirations no. 129

Unlike the ancient models, which explained inspiration exclusively as the gift of God, enlightenment, or as the ability of an artist to perceive some special divine winds or breaths, the modern era in psychology brought a cardinally different approach to understanding of inspiration and its source. For example, Sigmund Freud considered the inner psyche of an artist himself to be source of inspiration. Some unresolved psychological conflicts or mental traumas during the childhood are the primary motivational forces, which make a poet write poems, a painter paint pictures, or a composer to compose music. Well, at least Freud believed in that theory. However, looking on the bright, cheerful illustrations, beautiful portraits or enchanting sceneries, it may be pretty difficult to believe and accept the idea that such art works could result from such unresolved conflict or childhood trauma. Rather it seems obvious that the authors of such works were inspired by something really good: the nature or human beauty, positive emotions, some joyful events in their lives, etc…

Super Happy Times by Jordan Metcalf

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Contemporary Apartment with an Original Design Approach in Stockholm

We received an impressive project from Upgrade Living, a design and construction company in Sweden. The lovely apartment below is located in Stockholm, in the Ostermalm district and was designed by Mats Gustafson. It stretches over an area of 180 square meters and features two patios (one that can host 10 sitting quests), an elevator with private key to enter straight into the dining room, an open fireplace and many, many more. There are no less than 12 meters from floor to ceiling and the glass floor in the middle (seen in the photos below) is only 3 cm but can hold up to 800 kilos per square meter. A remote controls all the existing technology in this modern home, from the air conditioning system to the blinds and fireplace. Every corner in this apartment is worth exploring, We find the bathroom particularly appealing and inspiring at the same time. Have a look!

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Text-embedded Logos

Combine text and graphics, and you’ll get an efficient channel to deliver the desired message right to the wide audience. One of the fields, where such goal is among the primary ones, is logo design. Limited size of a logo does not limit the capabilities of a logo itself, which should be able to effectively represent a company, a project, a brand, etc., and make it easily recognizable in public. Hence, logo designers aim at creating a representative composition, which is clear, distinct, and meaningful. Naturally, what can be more meaningful than the words? So, logo designers often make use of such approach and write in words, what they want a logo to represent: for example, Karma Café, Beer Lab, or Stone Art Designs. Thus, looking at such logos, we do not need to guess a rebus of symbolic images, colors, or shapes – we just read the message and clearly understand what a particular logo stands for. Of course, graphics still remains an important component of such logo, decorating and highlighting the core idea of it.

National Lacrosse League All-Star Game by Lock_Designs

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35 Professionally Designed Personal Portfolio Websites

Web technology has filtered its way in to portfolios especially in the digital work place job market. Creative Professionals are looking for an portfolios websites for an exclusive online presence to present their work more professionally and elegantly.

Fully Illustrated

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Extraordinary Photography by Randy Rakhmadany

Photography is an art and modern time photographers are inspired by the old ancient drawings, paintings. Its not that easy to be proclaim themselves as a Photographer, Even though you own a good digital camera – you must have the interest and passion for the photography. Humans take Photographs for memory they had – traveled, A photographer who make a art or master piece from the surroundings and creative. The way the make photography in unique way bring stand out from crowd. Today we are mentioning the Photographer Randy Rakhmadany from Indonesia.

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Photography Portraits as the Most Realist Way to Represent a Human

There are several types of portraiture as the art of illustrating a human with the key focus on the face, including painting, photography, and sculpture. However, it is the photography portrait, which seems to be the most realistic technique, which is capable of showing not only the specific traits of a facial expression, but also the emotions, character peculiarities, and the inner world of a particular individual. Traditionally, a portrait is not a result of spontaneous snapshot, made by a photographer. Instead it is a planned action, which involves planning of the composition, preparation of the decorations and the model himself or herself, of course.

AMERICAN FARMER – with Paul Mobley by Mike Campau

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Beautiful surreal paintings by Dan May

Dan May was born and raised in the suburbs of Rochester, NY. He attended Syracuse University, where he received a BFA in illustration. Dan spends his days (and nights) painting dreamlike environments that transcend space and time. These delightfully haunting images are often based in personal observations of both human’s and nature’s relationships with each other. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries throughout the US and abroad. Dan has collaborated with numerous publications, design firms, advertising agencies and publishing houses. Some of his clients include WIRED, St. Louis Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Aspen Magazine, Village Voice Media, AOL Productions, 20th Century FOX and VIZ Media.

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Cool artworks by Cesc Grané

Cesc Grané works as a freelance illustrator and designer offering print design, identity, web design, contemporary illustration and character design. In his illustrations -where usually combines 2D and 3D- the influence of art and Japanese culture is readily apparent. His characters come directly from his passion for toys and his fascination for Nippon aesthetic.

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Sodom & Gomorrah Print Series

Epic Studio Editions

1-color screenprint
watercolor handfinished
every single one is unique
on hahnemühle fineart paper

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The Ultra-Realistic 3D Interiors by Stanislav Pomansky

Digital art usually carries people away into amazing new worlds of imagination, fantasy and unlimited creativity.Today’s showcase, though, brings everyone looking at it closer to reality, to a beautiful reality. We’re talking about glossy and forever clean environments: 3D interior designs executed by a truly talented artist.

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Horror Illustrations – The Dark Side of Digital Art

The fact is that our life is not only about joy, fun, and happiness; it provides enough space for other emotions as well, such as fear, anger, disgust, and sadness. However, this statement just reflects the way this world was built – the world, which combines black and white, good and evil, happiness and misfortune. However, the word “to combine” does not always mean “to merge”, and the distinct line between all those opposites always exists. Art is nothing but the reflection of the life itself. Hence, it cannot be only about beautiful people, pastel colors, and peaceful landscapes. Though it is necessary to admit here that for many years art remained pretty conservative, focusing mainly on the beauty and harmony. Thus, whether we like it or not, art needs to start illustrating both sides of life, because otherwise the portrait produced will be simply incomplete.

Horror Classic Characters by Eduardo Cardenas

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