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Eye Catching Print Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

In this post, you’ll find eye-catching print advertisements that will make you look twice. By presenting a scene that you might be familiar with, but adding something out of the ordinary to it, the viewer will look at the scene again to see what they missed at first glance.

adv1a Eye Catching Print Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

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Understanding Eclectic Style in Interior Design

Everything what we do, or what we have, or how we live or how we manage our life should have a reason. However, it is not necessarily that this everything should be appealing, great or liked by everyone around. People have their own tastes in doing or creating things, which may be attracted by one group of people while refused by the other. Style or design is one of those life spheres, where thoughts and tastes of the people may differ.

ecl1a Understanding Eclectic Style in Interior Design

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China photography by Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna’s work has often been described as enigmatic, graceful and hauntingly beautiful much like the Japanese landscape. Kenna first visited Japan in 1987 for a one-person exhibition and was utterly seduced by the country’s terrain. Over the years he has traveled throughout almost the entire country constantly taking photographs. From these many treks the book Japan, featuring 95 of these photographs, was conceived.

ch1a China photography by Michael Kenna

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Daily Inspirations no. 112

Where do the creative ideas come from? After hundreds or even thousands of years this question still remains open: some people believe, an idea as well as its companion inspiration is nothing but an example of some divine influence; others persuade that this is just a random product of biological brain activity; there are also people, who believe that an idea can be “planted” into the mind of a human (think about ideological weapon, propaganda, or sophisticated marketing techniques for manipulating mass consciousness)… Well, though we are not going to manipulate anyone’s mind, we still cannot help trying to plant some creative ideas into the heads of our readers: through our daily showcases of inspiring photographs, illustrations, digital paintings, and other forms of modern design-related art we want to spread the idea of artistic approach to design and show that today anyone can contribute to the further development of design, either by creating some works or by sharing his personal opinion about a particular trend, movement, or creation.

Artwork by Ana Fagarazzi
di112a Daily Inspirations no. 112

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Catchy digital illustrations

Christian San Jose is a 21-year old designer based in Pasig, Philippines. During his time as an Art Director at Team Manila Graphic Design Studio in 2007, he collaborated on projects with Nike Philippines, The Coca-Cola Company, and ABS-CBN, among others. As an illustrator, he has amassed an incredible body of work that focuses on colorful imagery and playful characters. His illustration client list includes Adobe Systems Inc., Cobra Starship, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Quiksilver. Going back to his design roots in 2011, he founded the studio While serving as its Creative Director, crafts simple and remarkable solutions for the web, mobile, and print environment, with clients that include NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant, Baseball MVP Albert Pujols, Ayala Malls, and KFC Philippines.

csc1a 600x850 Catchy digital illustrations

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Free Web Development Solutions (PHP/CSS/HTML Editors)

The importance of text editors as the tools to edit HTML, CSS, PHP, or any other web programming language, may seem to decline today in the era of Joomla, WordPress, and other content management systems, which make designing a full-featured website a matter of dragging a few widgets onto a web page layout, pasting a few articles into it, and one-click activation of one of the hundreds of themes available out there. However, moving a little bit deeper into web design, to the level which is commonly referred to as web programming, one can still find many opportunities to use traditional manual coding, where a PHP/HTML editor remains the first and the key handy tool to be used by a web programmer. Furthermore, many of such tools have evolved significantly from being simple text-editor-like applications into complete solutions for working on all the components of the modern website: design, layout, and scripts.
fwd1a Free Web Development Solutions (PHP/CSS/HTML Editors)

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Stunning Collection of Fresh Cards Designs Ideas for Your Business

If you are fan of corporate identity and business card design in specific, check all the cool designs below. Enjoy!

bc1a Stunning Collection of Fresh Cards Designs Ideas for Your Business

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Modern Fonts to Represent the Current State of Typography

What are the modern fonts? Answering this question may be simple and difficult at the same time: simple, because modern fonts are those, which represent the current trends in typography or digital typefaces design, and difficult, because modern typography is so diverse and versatile that it is impossible to find a single definition that would suit all the fonts marked as modern. In the most general sense, modern fonts tend to feature distinct, clear lines, well-structured blocks of glyphs, vertical straight orientation, and minimized use of decorative elements, such as serifs, curls, or some fancy backgrounds. In the era of semantic web, modern fonts aim at delivering the message rather than at demonstrating the illustrative capabilities of a font designer.
mf1a Modern Fonts to Represent the Current State of Typography

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50+ Newly Expressed Architecture

Showcase of modern, unusual and bizarre architecture.

Elephant Building or Chang Building (Thailand)
arc1a 50+ Newly Expressed Architecture

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Geometry Fantasy

Object size and shapes, relative positions of different objects within the space as well as the properties of that space – these categories clearly belong to the sphere of geometry, one of the branches of mathematical science. However, these are not only geometricians who are interested in lines, circles, spheres, squares, and rhombuses. Geometrical figures have always been a source of inspiration for many artists, trying to explore the aesthetic component in the world of geometry. Experimenting with multiple shapes and combining them in the unbelievable yet attractive manner, often denying all the theorems of well-structured science of geometry, artists managed to reveal another feature of geometric shapes, namely their potential in being one of the most flexible and diverse material for creating true art.

gf1a Geometry Fantasy

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Comedy portraits by Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond is one of the hottest image makers in the world of portraiture and fashion photography today. His portfolio bursts with the spur of the moment,never to be captured again images of some of the worlds most recognized models and celebrities. He has worked with such celebrities as Jessica Alba,Eva Mendes,Nicole Kidman,Will Ferrell,Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anistion.

cp1a 600x449 Comedy portraits by Gavin Bond

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Wedneday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Casting By by Lance Dawes

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Funny illustrations

Mike Mitchell is an artist living in Los Angeles, with his wife Lauren, and 3 cats Belly, Emo and Peeka. He loves Legos more than someone his age should, and spends as little time as possible writing bios about himself.

mm1d Funny illustrations

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Daily Inspirations no. 111

Whenever you are unhappy, frustrated, depressed, or angry, it is best to give yourself a chance to direct those really strong emotions into some art-related activity instead of throwing them right into the faces as well as souls of the surrounding people. The swirling and seething world inside you is often exactly what is necessary to create such art pieces that will be capable of affecting, impressing, and grasping viewers’ minds and souls. And even if you are an amateur in art, or if you don’t even plan becoming an artist, creating something is always better than destroying. What is more important is that such captivating activity as creating is, probably, the shortest way to regain and restore your stamina, vitality, and emotional balance in order to later defeat the problems of life. Welcome to the daily inspirational set of images to feed your imagination for it to collaborate with your emotions and feelings while creating your own masterpieces!

Artwork by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach
di111a Daily Inspirations no. 111

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Crash photography project by Raúl Belinchón

Raúl Belinchón was born on 29 November 1975 in Valencia (Spain), where he lives and works. He won the third place of this year’s World Press Photo Prize/Arts and Entertainment Stories. In 2004 he also won the First Prize of the Fuji Euro Photo Awards. In 2004 he has shown in Murcia, Madrid and Valencia. In February 2005 he will hold his first individual exhibition in Milan, at the Davide Di Maggio Gallery.

cr1b 600x400 Crash photography project by Raúl Belinchón

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