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Terra Australis Incognita – the Land of Contrasts

Thinking about Australia, what images appear in your head first of all? Is it koala sitting on the eucalyptus, kangaroos and wild dingo dogs, extreme windsurfing in the ocean or tranquilizing sun bathing at the virgin beaches, or, maybe, the futuristic architecture design of Sydney Opera House is your first visual association with Australia? Anyway, it is pretty clear that Australia, being the world’s thirteenth largest economy, has much to show and to offer both its residents and visitors. This country, occupying the entire continent, harmoniously combines the virgin beauty of the natural landscapes with the man-created skylines of modern highly developed cities and megalopolises.

Deadpan by William Bullimore

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80 Beautiful Photographs Reflecting Happiness

It is difficult to find happiness in the world we are living today. There is war, violence and terrorism everywhere. But still, sadness and happiness are part of life; sometimes we are happy sometimes we are sad, depressed and dismayed but the life goes on. Today I have collected 80 photographs which will reflect happiness, a small gift from my side to all of you. Always keep smiling and try to find happiness in everything. I hope you will like this collection.

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Amazing Examples of Vexel Artwork

Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique (i.e. sharp-edged lines and areas of flat colour or smooth gradient fills). The main difference is that vexels are created using raster layers while vectors are created using vector layers. The word itself is a portmanteau derived from a combination of “vector” and “pixel”.

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Daily Inspirations no. 133

Life is a one-way journey, and on our way to the destination point we have to take various routes, pace different roads, and make multiple stops – some of them on business, others – for entertainment. Music, architecture, design, poetry, art – these stops belong to the entertaining ones; however, their role on our way is hard to overestimate. The matter is that these seemingly purely “for fun” stops give us the powerful charge of vital energy and strength; they help us get the positive impulse and inspiration to go on the journey; in the long run, they often define the route we will take in the future. Cruzine may be treated as a huge sign on the roadside, which shows us the way to the next entertaining stop. Our resources can supply a traveler with the immense inspiration and desire to keep on walking his way, because it is full of artful stuff, like photography, illustrations, architecture, digital arts, typography and much more. Cruzine team will do whatever it takes to make your journey pleasant, entertaining and educating at the same time, so that everyone could afterwards sincerely say that he really genuinely enjoyed his way to the destination point, and long parts of the journey were like the trips on the cruise liner rather than walking barefoot on the hot desert sand…

Tough Guy! YIP YIP YIP by Jesse Winchester Schmidt

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Beautiful Portraits of Children

Photography and children – somehow they go together perfectly. The camera captures those fleeting moments when children are dreamy, captivating, and brimming with emotion.

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Moms In The Wild

Mom – the first being in everyone’s life. Including in the life of fauna. How touching to observe the care of mothers over their calves. Collected here are better pictures of mothers and their cubs, made ?? a variety of photographers – both pros and amateurs alike.

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20 Most Downloaded Fonts

A unique opportunity for all the web designers and fans of digital typography! Today, Cruzine, daily online magazine for thousands of web designers, in collaboration with Fonts2u team, who recently introduced a cutting edge option for web fonts embedding, known as @font-face kits, offers today a unique collection of 20 most downloaded fonts. This list, containing different kinds of computer fonts, represents the most current trends and tendencies in the typography, web design, and other application fields for custom fonts. Take your chance to look through the collection of the most popular free fonts on the web and do not hesitate to download any font or fonts you would wish to use in your own projects. Also, you are welcomed to visit and give a try to their novel option of free @font-face kits downloads.

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Wow Typography Art

Combination of alphabets makes a whole sentence if its a combination in particular manner. But alphabets are not just use for only making sentences, sometimes it can be used as art. Now just check this images below, aplhabets are used to create art. So here some beautiful typography art for design inspiration.

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Photo Composition by Murat Suyur

Murat Suyur, a creative photographer and photomanipulator from Istanbul, Turkey. He has an unmistakable pictorial idiom, bases on his humor, his playfulness and practically unlimited power of the imagination. Murat’s photo manipulations always remains simple and clear. Here we present some of his selected works.

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Exploring Car World through Illustrations

Current statistical data says that there is approximately 1 car per 11 people, living in the world today. Of course, the distribution of vehicles vary from country to country; however, it is already clear that the number of automobiles is more than significant today and the role they play in our life is hard to overestimate. Moreover, the car itself has made a great progress, evolving from a steam-powered tricycle to a modern vehicle, running on green energy, such as bio fuel or electricity. Hence, cars penetrated deeply into many spheres of human life, including personal and family life, business, and even art. Today we want to show you a car in the way it is seen and perceived by illustrators, who represent the art of modern digital graphics.

29 Pick up by Dwayne Vance

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Hayvenhurst House Remodel by Dan Brunn

Architect Dan Brunn has sent us some before and after images of a house remodel project he completed in Encino, California.

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70 Striking and Surprising Spring Photographs

Fortunately, no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but every year it seems that the last month of winter manages to cling on for just that little bit longer than the year before. When it finally relenquishes its grip you’d be hard pressed to find anyone complaining about the resurgence of vibrant colour and reckless blooming of nature.

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Daily Inspirations no. 132

Daily Cruzine publishes inspirational showcases of 33 graphical art works, collected all over the web. However, these collections are not only about inspiration as the basic moving force, which is in constant demand for any creative activity. Every gallery is also a source of universal knowledge for web designers, photographers, illustrators, typographers, and advertising experts. As a Cruzine reader, you are welcomed to make use of that knowledge, to study the works of other professionals in your field of design, to discover some new techniques and concepts, and to almost literally “absorb” all the valuable practical information, which can be derived from the completed design projects. People sometimes say that we should learn from others’ mistakes. However, isn’t it reasonable to suggest that we should learn from others’ success and achievements as well?

Yapppppppppy by Omar Alzaabi

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Written Portraits by Van Wanten Etcetera

Each year CPNB (CollectivePromotion Dutch Literature) organises the Dutch Book Week to promote Dutchliterature. And every year a specific genre is being profiled. This year the(auto) biography is featured. This is translated in the theme ‘GeschrevenPortretten’, which translates in Written Portraits’. Van Wanten Etcetera created the campaign, which show the different faces behind the (auto) biographies. AnneFrank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdollah (writer of thebiographic Book Week give away). Souverein made the artwork and did an amazingjob creating realistic images. Even original book pages were used for the textinside the portraits to get right structure for each portrait.

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Digital art by Raul Ronald Moreno Cardenas

The work as a graphic artist born with the need to explore new forms of design expression and rescue various streams of art and design. Inspired pieces of posters from the beginning of last century, going from Bauhaus to Escher, and a palette inspired by Art Deco and winter. Ideas that sometimes comes from a word or form, without any reason…

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