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Vector Illustrations – A Modern Form of Digital Painting

The development of digital technologies caused changes in many spheres of human life. The entire industries developed, and new forms of business, communication, and, of course, art emerged. Vector illustrations represent one of the modern forms of digital art, which is now widely spread around the globe. Leo Blanchette, Catalina Estrada, Petra Stefankova, and J. Otto Seibold are only some of the representatives of modern artists, who chose vector illustration technique and gained worldwide fame.

T-Shirt Designs by Andreas Krapf

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Digital art by François Leroy

My name is François Leroy from Paris, France. I’m a young graphic designer and illsutrator specialized in photomanipulation.

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Amazing photography by Doberman studio

Russian Ilya Plotnikov & Alexandra Zaharova created Doberman Studio, they are two fashion photographers, stylists, idea creators and retouchers and here is their portfolio.

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Animal Logo Designs

Humans are only part of the Nature. Thus, all our life is tightly connected with other inhabitants of our Planet, and animals in particular. Throughout the long history of human civilization, animals played multiple roles in the life of humans: they have been totems, Gods incarnations, food sources, transport means, friends, helpers, and just pets for us. So, it is not a surprise, that today the images of animals are commonly used in such industry as logo designing. Animals have distinct symbolic meanings, for example, a cat is associated with the comfort, a dog – with loyalty, an eagle – with dignity, a tiger – with strength, etc. That is why animal logos and those specific messages their designers wanted to share through the graphics are easily perceived, interpreted, and understood by people. So, now let us just enjoy the best examples of animal logo design we found on the net.

DODO pizza by Sergey Babenko

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Incredible Landscapes by Marian Matta

Just awesome wide-angle landscape photography by Marian Matta. Enjoy!

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Puppy Photos To Melt Your Heart

Dogs have already been considered as a man’s best friend. But how about puppies? Cute and adorable as they are like rabbits, many artists find time to take photos of them to inspire and to feel loved as they are. Where there is life and the love for creation, you’ll find it in animals’ photographs especially with puppies considered as juvenile dogs. It is amazing how they have that talent to communicate and to make you feel better that is why many would consider these beautiful creatures as companions and a part of them already.

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Alternative Movie Posters By Laz Marquez

Laz Marquez is a young graphic designer who studied in the U.S. He likes to create posters based on favorite movies (from Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King). He’s recent achievement – a dozen posters for alternative Oscars 2011 nominees. He created posters for the movies like The Social Network, 127 Hours, Black Swan and others.

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Hong Kong – The Pearl of the Orient

The Pearl of the Orient – this nickname of Hong Kong is, perhaps, the best characteristic or definition for this Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. By the way, the name of the city, actually, means “fragrant harbor” in English. Today, Hong Kong is one the most densely populated areas in the entire world, and this place is really a pearl or even a precious pearl, which embodies the quintessence of the culture of the Orient, its people, traditions, arts, and legacy. If you have never been to Hong Kong, let us travel there, at least virtually by means of the Internet and the gallery of Hong Kong photographs, we are displaying today at Cruzine.

Hong Kong – Ghost Bus by Marcin Stawiarz

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Beautiful illustrations by Lilly Piri

Lilly Piri is an australian illustrator and a visual artist. She studied art and illustration at the Arts Academy in Brisbane, Australia.

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Unique photography by Federico Cabrera

I am Federico Cabrera, 28 years old photographer/designer born in Argentina, now living in Finland. I do everything I have the time to do, today I am a fashion designer for GILLES ET DADA, a photographer, a graphic designer and a web designer. I would prefer to let the work speak for itself. What I can say though is that i base my work on simple techniques and impulse, I don’t think too much about what I do I just do it.

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Illustration Inspiration by Creative Overflow

Check out awesome inspirational images brought to you by Creative Overflow.

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Daily Inspirations no. 123

The tenth of March… At a first glance, it seems to be an absolutely ordinary day. However, if we look back into the history we will see that many notable events occurred on this day: in 1535 Bishop Tomas De Berlanga discovered Galapagos Islands; in 1862 the USA issued first paper money; in 1876 the first phone call was made; in 1970 Barbara Streisand recorded her “I can do it”; finally, many famous people were born on March 10, including Sharon Stone, Chuck Norris, Timbaland, and even Osama bin Laden. So, you can see that even seemingly ordinary day is actually a very notable day in human history. Thus we know exactly that on March 10th, 2011 somewhere in the world something important will happen, a new talent will be born, a new song will be written, and a new picture will be painted. Who knows, maybe even our today’s gallery of inspirational images will motivate some creative soul to create a masterpiece that will eventually become a valuable contribution to the world heritage of design, illustrations, typography, or digital art.

Artwork by Rob Scotton

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Abstract Art by Patrick Gunderson

This is a great collection with beautiful abstract art made by Patrick Gunderson, a designer from Los Angeles, CA, check out his website for more beautiful artwork.

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House in Montauk, New York

If you work a stressful job in Manhattan, Montauk is the kind of place you go to escape for the weekend. Out on the end of Long Island, Montauk is a place to relax in a calm and serene environment far away from the high-pressure world that is New York City, and what better way to enhance that calm serenity than to spend your time in a house designed by Murdock Young Architects like the Cutler Residence seen here.

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Exceptional Comic Book Art Work For Your Inspiration

With comic book sales in February increasing by up to 20% and with numerous Comic book films to hit the big this screens from X-Men: First Class, Thor and Captain America.

Featuring such super heroes as Spiderman, Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Batman, Wonder Woman and The X-Men just to name a few. This round-up showcases some extremely talented work from artists that have done justice to these legendary characters.

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