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Combining the Contrasts

Today, the showcase gallery of images at Cruzine magazine is really special, uncommon, and deeply conceptual. The collection of photographs you are offered represent a fascinating combination of contrasts. Uncommonly thinking and talented photographers are in the constant search of genuine and unique moments worthy of capturing with a camera, or they seek for the angles to show us the ordinary things in an alternative way. Here, within the scope of this showcase, they successfully managed to artfully combine contrasting colors, as white and black, or red and the shades of gray; shapes, as circles and squares; and textures, for example, smooth and wavy, or with folds and holes.

Milk Chocolate by Alexander Khokhlov
con1a Combining the Contrasts

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Girls with typography by Manuel Rebollo Merino

Manuel Rebollo alias elgatoazul is a freelance illustrator from Salamanca in Spain. Her work is really near than MyDeadPony, like her we feel this interest about fashion, girly touch and the wonderful world of depressive beauties.

mrm1a 600x600 Girls with typography by Manuel Rebollo Merino

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Top 5 free fonts articles part 2

If u are look­ing for some cool and free fonts for your art­works, you are on the right place.

Fancy Fonts – Free Fonts of the Week nr.4
font1a Top 5 free fonts articles part 2

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Backstage models by Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond is one of the hottest image makers in the world of portraiture and fashion photography today, a graduate of London’s infamous St Martins School Of Art. He spent much of the 90s shooting backstage at the worlds biggest runway shows, building a relationship with both the designers and models that has become invaluable today. His portfolio bursts with the spur of the moment,never to be captured again images of some of the worlds most recognized models and celebrities. Bonds magic is in showing the flip side to the persona the viewer grows used to seeing. Perhaps it is the way the subject stands,or being caught applying lip gloss moments before hitting the catwalk.Bond enlightens our understanding of the fashion and celebrity worlds with the frankness and speed of his unrestricted lens.

bm1a 600x450 Backstage models by Gavin Bond

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Amazing 3D artwork

Cool 3D artworks for your inspiration.

Harbour by Aleksandar Jovanovic
3d1a Amazing 3D artwork

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30 Excellent Examples of Snow Photography

Snow can change a landscape photo into a winter wonderland photo. The whiteness of the snow tends to add a nice contrast to the normal colors of a scene which makes for very effective photos. Check our winter photo collection below. Enjoy!

wi1a 600x399 30 Excellent Examples of Snow Photography

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Daily Inspirations no. 110

Creative souls are unique and unpredictable: some of the artists find inspiration in relaxation and peace, while others are motivated to create in the moments of intensive emotional outburst (either positive or negative). Still some others explore the works already created to find the internal desire and awake the ability to produce art. We believe Cruzine magazine can be equally interesting and helpful in providing inspiration to all the creative people: 33 images offered within the daily inspirational sets can give you the feeling of tranquility, as well as provoke strong emotions. These images are the experience and knowledge, which modern creative designers want to share with the wide audience, with you. So, observe them, dive into them, get inspired, and create!

Artwork by zalas
di110a Daily Inspirations no. 110

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Chinese Lunar New Year

February 17th, is observed as the Lantern Festival – the 15th and final day of Chinese Lunar New Year festivities. The holiday is the most important annual celebration in China, when the nation largely shuts down as families gather together for reunions and feasts. More than 2.5 billion passenger trips by air, rail, bus or sea are taken around the holiday, according to the Chinese government. The Lantern Festival, or Yuan Xiao Jie, will complete the welcoming of the Year of the Rabbit – from the Chinese zodiac, indicating a year of caution and calm, with a quiet underlying strength and determination. Below are images of festivities from around the world for this year’s Lunar New Year.

cn1a 600x378 Chinese Lunar New Year

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Beer Labels – the Unexpected Art Medium

If you think that art can only be found in the galleries, museums, and art exhibitions, be ready to reconsider this because we are here to show you that art can, actually, be found literally everywhere; sometimes even in the most unexpected places, such as… on the beer bottles. Well, why not? Why cannot a beer label be an example of visual art, if it was created with inspiration, conceptual design, fine aesthetic feel, and distinctly expressed message to those, who will spend a couple of seconds observing the label before opening up a bottle and shifting the attention from the container to the content?

Goolman Beer by Arthur Krupa
bl1a Beer Labels – the Unexpected Art Medium

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40 Marvelous Shots of Sunrise Photography

Sunset or sunrise constantly changes over time and can produce great colors well after the sun goes down or appears so keep shooting at different exposures. Below is a collection of beautiful photographs captured in the light of the breaking dawn.

sr1a 600x411 40 Marvelous Shots of Sunrise Photography

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Girls by Joshua Petker

Joshua Petker was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1979 and received a BA in Western History from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. While pursuing a degree in History he maintained a growing interest in the arts that developed out of a fascination with graffiti which Petker started creating at the age of 14. After studying abroad in 2001 at the Lorenzo de’Medici Institute of Florence, he decided to pursue a career as a fine artist upon completion of his studies back in the U.S.A. Petker’s paintings have been exhibited internationally and are included in numerous private collections throughout the world.

jp1a Girls by Joshua Petker

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Top 5 free fonts articles

If u are looking for some cool and free fonts for your artworks, you are on the right place.

100 Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library
t5fa Top 5 free fonts articles

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Air photography by Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet is a New York based commercial and editorial photographer who is regularly commissioned to work on a variety of fine art, advertising, corporate and editorial projects. His approach to aerial photography has been singled out as one of the most unique and interpretive amongst photographers today.

vl1a 600x398 Air photography by Vincent Laforet

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Unique surreal artworks

Artworks by Sam Weber. I was born in Alaska, and grew up in Deep River Ontario, Canada. After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, I moved to New York to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. My studio is in Brooklyn.

sw1a Unique surreal artworks

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Liquid artworks

Amazing liquid art photos :)

Photo by Markus Reugels
li1a Liquid artworks

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