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Paintings by Eric Drooker

ERIC DROOKER is a painter and graphic novelist, born and raised on Manhattan Island. He’s the award-winning author of Flood! A Novel in Pictures, and Blood Song. He designed the animation for the recent film, Howl, a movie based on the epic poem by Allen Ginsberg, who collaborated with Drooker on the book Illuminated Poems. His paintings appear on covers of The New Yorker, and hang in numerous collections. He regularly draws from the figure, and is working on a series of nude paintings for an upcoming book.

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Amazing Photo Manipulation by LSD Photographers

Italian photography group known as LSD makes awesome images by combining photography and graphic design.

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Daily Inspirations no. 141

Advertising is said to be the major moving force of economy today; but what is advertising if not a brilliant combination of visual images and textual message? Thus, advertising has many similarities with the visual design art, including its constituents, such as photography, digital illustration, typography, etc. Among the inspirational works, included in the today’s collection, you will find several samples of advertising projects, where different forms of visual design were employed. Also, we will show you each of those visual arts separately: landscape photography and exceptionally interesting dust photography by Thomas Edwards, cartoon illustrations, digital painting, typography art, etc. As always, a new set of free textures for your designing achievements as well as some new inspiring samples of the industrial design and architectural solutions are also here.

Johny Gogo by Carlos Gonzalez Villagomez

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The Sugar Bowl Residence

In an otherwise horizontally oriented house, a two story glazed wall at the main stair provides a singular vertical perspective on the stands of surrounding pines and provides a moment of transition from the heavier base element to the light-filled airy spaces above. On the upper level, a variety of living spaces and the master bedroom suite,each enjoying mountain views, are gathered between the linear roof form and the simple block below. The interior palette of walnut, fir,concrete, and steel strikes a balance between clean, modern spatial expression with the warm, rustic feel of a mountain home.

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Urban illusion by John Pugh

John Pugh is an American artist known for creating large trompe-l’oeil wall murals giving the illusion of a three-dimensional scene behind the wall. Pugh has been creating his murals since the late 1970s. He attended California State University Chico, receiving his BA in 1983 and the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2003. He has received numerous public and private commissions in the United States, Taiwan, and New Zealand. He lives in Santa Cruz, California. His particular mural style sparked the term “Narrative Illusionism”.

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Lines That Work the Miracles – Free Vector Set

If someone thinks that lines are simple and boring, he should definitely take a look at our today Free linework vector set. In the hands of creative designers, ordinary lines can turn into the means of an endless number of different shapes and forms. Waves, curves, circles, stars, hair-like motifs – a line is actually the beginning of any picture. And today we offer a large number of them to all our visitors. But the best part about it is that this vector set, which was initially developed as a commercial product, can be downloaded from Cruzine for free today, thanks to cooperation with us of a graphic design specializing company FlavaFX. So do not hesitate and take your chance to make your projects uncommon using these simple, still so special lines…

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…escaped from the wonderland

Awesome creative photography by talented Dennis Ziliotto. Not much more to say … get inspired.

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Perfume Packaging – The Visual Image of Odor

Believe it or not, but many women feel reluctant to throw away empty perfume bottles. “Nonsense!” some will say. Nope, it’s true. The vast majority of them look so beautiful! No wonder, since perfume bottles and their packaging are usually developed as precisely and thoroughly as the perfumes themselves. Multiple talented designers work on creating the exclusive packaging for perfume, because it is in fact not just the glass bottles and hard paper they have to make – they are going to represent us the visual image of the odor inside. In many cases we subconsciously, not even realizing it, choose the perfume taking into account the looks of a vessel and a box it is packaged in. If it wasn’t true, they would not look practically as real art masterpieces!

Minuit Privé by Catia Caeiro

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Double Exposure Portraits

Very interesting double exposure photos worth taking a look at. Enjoy!

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Unique food photography by Ryan Matthew Smith

Principal photographer and photo editor for Modernist Cuisine. Here is our showcase from his great portfolio. Enjoy ;)

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Beautiful illustrations by Rob Scotton

I’ve been interested in Art ever since I realised I got more attention from drawing with a pencil, rather than using it to poke my younger brother.

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Monday cre­ative design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Spray Paint Composition by Pamela Cook

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Cute dogs

Beautiful dogs photography by Sharon Montrose. Here is our showcase from her portfolio. Enjoy ;)

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Artificial Landscapes

This project is based on the concept of artificial generative architecture.Imagine a future where humanity is extinct due to wars and destruction of the ecology but somehow artificial forms of architecture begin to emerge and create a sustainable protected form of architectural matter where the occupant is no one. A way of nature and technology highlighting in a sarcastic way the overutilisation of their resources.

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Smiling – Be Careful, It’s Contagious!

As scientists say, there are about 19 different types of smiles… In other words, people smile in different way depending on the particular situation; for example, a smile can be polite, happy, understanding, lenient, etc. Let’s try to check this theory. Have a look at the pictures below and try to distinguish different types of smiles, captured by photographers… Honestly speaking, while compiling this gallery we could not define the particular type of every smile. The only decision we made is that all these smiles are real, not fake. Sincerity, expressed by human lips and enforced by eyes, is impossible to falsify. By the way, it is also a scientific fact that people have the ability to distinguish between real and false smiles intuitively.

Mr. Smiley by Charles-Etienne Pascal

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