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Turning The Tables-From HTML to WordPress

“I Have an HTML Website but How Do I convert it Into WordPress? Where Do I get the Kick-Start?”

Bingo! If you are getting that Déjà vu feeling while reading the above question, then probably we’ve hit the core. Welcome! You are also one the many website owners who have a will for HTML to WordPress conversion but don’t know the way out.

Many WordPress users begin their online strife with a static HTML website. But moving ahead they meet WordPress in the way and realize how wonderful online publishing could be. This is where the need of converting HTML to WordPress concretes from. While WordPress conversion is not a daunting process in itself, getting the head start can consume a lot of efforts. Seeking assistance is always the right thing to do.

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10 Premium Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes

These days WordPress platform is one of leading content management systems. Right from the day of release, Pinterest happens to be globe’s significant interest, fascination or whatever it may be. It is something more than an online community, which allows you to slimmer up with images and pictures. Pinterest appears exclusive for coming up with an excellent structure and remarkable style.
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Inside Pictures of Amazon Warehouse

Amazon is the World biggest online marketplace, during searching I found some beautiful pictures of Amazon Warehouse and that is the Inside pictures of Amazon Warehouse, I hope our readers will enjoy looking at these collections of Inside Pictures of Amazon Warehouse.
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win 3 Stock Photo Accounts from 123RF

This week, we’re giving away 3 sets of’s 30-Day Subscription Plan to 3 lucky winners! With this subscription plan, you’ll get to download up to 5 Royalty-Free Images and/or Vector Illustrations per day… for a total of 30 days! Now, who wants to get their hands on this terrific treat?

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Beautiful Collection of Business Cards Design Inspiration

The business card could be a price effective and powerful promoting tool which each company massive or tiny will use to assist grow their business. A decent business card design that’s commercially printed will project a picture of quality and expertness, that successively creates trust and confidence in you and your company. You ought to carry many business cards with you where you go, as you never know once you would possibly get reproof somebody once you are out, that expresses an interest in your merchandise or services.
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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #17

When you are creating a new website you may be inspired by seeing other sites that are beautifully designed, as a web designer, it’s a must to know the current trend, particularly in web designs there’s always new trends emerging quite often, we have seen a lot of trends passed us in a couple of years like web2.0 styles to grunge, hand drawn, big fonts, illustration designs etc.
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Weekly Logo Design Inspiration #16

Today we share a weekly logo design inspiration series no 16, in this series we present an assortment of a creative and beautiful logo design for your inspiration. We will be glad if you like it and if it have a beneficial impact on your inspiration and creativity.
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Top Tech Trends to look out for in 2013

The close of 2012 saw fierce competition for market dominance among smartphone and tablet manufacturers, a growing app market, a push for faster connectivity and crisper images, and a user-friendly integrative focus in gadget development. Will 2013 see the continuation of these trends, or will the digital market shift in the coming months? This article will explore the top tech trends to look out for in 2013. While some trends will continue unabated, changes are afoot in the world of mobile gadgetry.

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Friday Freebies – Free PSD Files For Designers #04

Friday Freebies, the name of our new weekly post for free PSD files, Free PSD files are very useful for every designer you should save your time using these free PSD designs. Today we share a small but truly awesome and beautiful collection of free PSD files. Hopefully our readers must like the free PSD collection.
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Adobe Photoshop CS6: Top Tricks and Tips for Efficient Workflow

When it comes to computer graphics software, you are left with no option other than Adobe Photoshop. In fact it has been ruling the world of computer graphics, photo editing and digital painting arenas for years together. And now Adobe’s latest release of Photoshop CS6 will not be an exception to the time-honored rule of Photoshop quality.
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How To Get More Retweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you want to get more retweets? Retweeting isn’t just about tweeting about good content, there’s actually a science behind it. From the words you use in your tweet to the time of day you tweet, all of these things impact how many retweets you are going to get. So if you are looking for your tweets to spread all over Twitter, follow the steps in the infographic below.

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The Joy of Clicking [infographic]

Today’s infographic is packed full of advice for the online retailer. How do you get that large number of internet savvy consumers to stop over on your site for a quick buy? Maintain an easy to navigate site. Online shopping is about convenience and very few shoppers will sift through complicated site when there are plenty of other options. Offer discounted shipping or frequent shipping deals. One of the turn-offs of online shopping is the shipping price, so offset that cost every once and a while to keep your customers happy. Send orders promptly and package them attractively.

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Five Hours of Airplane Landings Captured in 26 Seconds

The convoluted ballet-like exactitude of airport operations depends on everything operating in excellent order, particularly takeoffs and landings. look simply a piece 5 hours of craft landings condensed all the way down to twenty six seconds might provide you with a stronger appreciation for the order required to stay you safe within the friendly skies.

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Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography [infographic]

Comic Sans is installed more on PCs. Why so serious Linux & Mac? That’s just one of the many things we discovered while looking into the creative history of typography aka fonts. They play a huge part in branding and logos. They bring us the words in the stories we read. They add personality to a message. … and with CreativeMarket, our new marketplace for beautiful design content like fonts launching soon, we wanted to bring the typographic history, usage & character to life. Get your typographic love on!

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Negative Space Logo Design

Lindon Leader created logotype for “Fedex” company, and his work inspired me
to seek great simplicity in a logo, and at the same time to surprise viewer with deep meaning.
And I try to implement this in my logos. I can’t tell if there is better feeling than my client being mesmerized, surprised or intrigued by my work.
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