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How To Get More Retweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you want to get more retweets? Retweeting isn’t just about tweeting about good content, there’s actually a science behind it. From the words you use in your tweet to the time of day you tweet, all of these things impact how many retweets you are going to get. So if you are looking for your tweets to spread all over Twitter, follow the steps in the infographic below.

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The Joy of Clicking [infographic]

Today’s infographic is packed full of advice for the online retailer. How do you get that large number of internet savvy consumers to stop over on your site for a quick buy? Maintain an easy to navigate site. Online shopping is about convenience and very few shoppers will sift through complicated site when there are plenty of other options. Offer discounted shipping or frequent shipping deals. One of the turn-offs of online shopping is the shipping price, so offset that cost every once and a while to keep your customers happy. Send orders promptly and package them attractively.

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Five Hours of Airplane Landings Captured in 26 Seconds

The convoluted ballet-like exactitude of airport operations depends on everything operating in excellent order, particularly takeoffs and landings. look simply a piece 5 hours of craft landings condensed all the way down to twenty six seconds might provide you with a stronger appreciation for the order required to stay you safe within the friendly skies.

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Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography [infographic]

Comic Sans is installed more on PCs. Why so serious Linux & Mac? That’s just one of the many things we discovered while looking into the creative history of typography aka fonts. They play a huge part in branding and logos. They bring us the words in the stories we read. They add personality to a message. … and with CreativeMarket, our new marketplace for beautiful design content like fonts launching soon, we wanted to bring the typographic history, usage & character to life. Get your typographic love on!

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Negative Space Logo Design

Lindon Leader created logotype for “Fedex” company, and his work inspired me
to seek great simplicity in a logo, and at the same time to surprise viewer with deep meaning.
And I try to implement this in my logos. I can’t tell if there is better feeling than my client being mesmerized, surprised or intrigued by my work.

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Top Trade Show Booths of 2012

If you have been to a store or restaurant lately, you have likely ran into a Kronos system. This workforce management company creates different pieces of technology that make running a business simpler and more streamlined. Their trade show booth lived up to the simple and streamlined view. It took on a modern design and kept it pretty simple. Touchscreen programs were available to those who wanted to learn more about the company and what is has to offer. The display was clean and inviting and it definitely caught plenty of attention.

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Beautiful Packaging Design For Your Inspiration

Brand Packaging Design is taking an important part within the overall selling campaign. However just in case, if you are not invested efforts during this regard, then you are moving the incorrect means. Most of the marketers presently are concentrating on turning their label into a whole, thus, good stigmatization is imperative during this regard. Most members choose the standard of the product with its distinctive packaging. As an associate in progress a part of our inspiration series nowadays we tend to gift glorious samples of stunning, engaging and communicative packaging style. We collect some beautiful brand packaging design inspiration for our readers, hopefully you all like these designs and also they help for your projects.

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Most Downloaded Premium WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress is one of the hottest platforms which can be used to create blogs and websites. WordPress plugins can be really useful for building a cool online portfolio. It can be used to display the images in an organized and attractive fashion. It is very important for most modern websites using photos, illustrations, screen shots etc. It has the tendency to make websites easier to digest and more interesting to the readers.

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10 Basic Tips About Responsive Design – Infographic

Responsive web design could be a specific sort of internet development and design that utilizes CSS3 with fluid proportion-based grids to adapt the layout of a design to viewing setting. Merely place this implies that an internet web site designer creates a site or a page that responds to the device a user is viewing the positioning on. Thus a user visiting a web site on, say, they’re portable, can see roughly identical web site someone viewing from a laptop or portable computer.

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #16

When you are creating a new website you may be inspired by seeing other sites that are beautifully designed, as a web designer, it’s a must to know the current trend, particularly in web designs there’s always new trends emerging quite often, we have seen a lot of trends passed us in a couple of years like web2.0 styles to grunge, hand drawn, big fonts, illustration designs etc.

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Weekly Logo Design Inspiration #15

We Start the series of Logo design, in this series you may uncover inventive, beautiful and full of inspirational Logo design and this is called weekly logo design inspiration. Today we share a weekly logo design inspiration series no 15, in this series we present an assortment of a creative and beautiful logo design for your inspiration. We will be glad if you like it and if it have a beneficial impact on your inspiration and creativity.

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Friday Freebies – Free PSD Files For Designers

Friday Freebies, the name of our new weekly post for free PSD files, Free PSD files are very useful for every designer you should save your time using these free PSD designs. Today we share a small but truly awesome and beautiful collection of free PSD files. Hopefully our readers must like the free PSD collection.

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Weekly Motion Graphics Inspiration No #04

Motion graphics extend past the various normally used techniques of frame-by-frame footage and conjointly animation. the foremost widespread motion graphics tools are a particle system; a motion graphics school that’s utilised for generating multiple animated components. this sort of animation is often known as procedural animation.

A particle program has been out there since a plug-in, as a complete application, or is enclosed as associate integrated character of the motion image package. Particles tend to be pointed in 3D or maybe a 2D space as compared to are often described from a good choice of station and in addition animated objects as well as a ball of sunshine, a video, or even a range of text, to call some.

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Creative & Alternative Marvel Comic Movie Posters

An important landmark in childhood- watching your first Marvel Comic Movie was an experience that stuck with you. With any great film, comes a great movie poster. Stuck on the bedroom walls of devoted fans, be them kids or adults. Here’s a list that collates the 10 best Marvel Comic Movie Posters of all time!

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Curious Street Art From The Streets of Paris

Despite recent clean-up efforts, Paris remains one of the friendliest cities on Earth for street artists. Whole areas, such as the 20th arrondissement actively encourage graffiti; while some of the biggest names in street art hail from its urban quarters. Here’s our brief guide to the most intriguing artists and works you’ll find in this most-venerable of cities:

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