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Typography Design for Your Inspiration

Typography is a form of art. It creates eye-catching languages. Through the years, the writing designs and fonts possess transformed but nothing beats this happened in the past. Now typography has digitized. New complete styles and fonts could be made on computers utilizing with a wide variety of software packages. It helps them to analyze stuff more keenly, permit them to focus on tasks in a good way and make their work compatible to the current technological standards.

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Gravity Sand Creatures – Photography Inspiration #16

Photography Inspiration is our series for gaining your photography skills, In this Series we collect beautiful, creative and stunning photography from different artist all over the world. Hopefully this photography Inspiration series will help you.

Today we pick some stunning motion photography by Dutch photographer Claire Droppert named “Gravity – Sand Creatures” series in which she captures blocks and frozen sand thrown in the air to bring out the animal forms. Check this out.

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Attractive 3D Art Inspiration by Pedro Conti

Series of Digital Art Design Inspiration, in this series we’ll gather a collection of beautiful and stunning digital art, 3D Art, concept art, photo manipulations, digital illustration art, Drawing Art, Fine Art and Comic Characters design Inspiration. All artwork is collected from different Artist all over the world. Hope you guys will like it, surely.

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Artistic Concept Art by Ertac Altinoz

Ertac Altinoz is a Digital Illustrator and a Concept Artist. He is 32 years old who belongs to Izmir, Turkey and presently working in a Global Game Center which is a local game company.

Today we decided to share his remarkable work. So, here it is below. We hope readers will like it as well.

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Amazing Comic Illustrations by Patrick Brown

Comic Illustration by Patrick Brown, an artist was born in 1985. He is an amazing artist who is familiar to handles pencil drawing and digital art. Presently he is working as a graphic designer and habitual to create artwork in his spare time. His creation either Gaming to movies or comic art, is always full of movement and dedication. I am sure that our readers will like his work.

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Logo Design Inspiration 2014 (Trends 2014)

Logos play an imperative role to stand for the perception of any website’s stability. When talking about its strong point, Logo seems the main part as many bloggers and website owners prefer to add it up as an important element to articulate about their website as it gives credibility to website for sure.

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LightSpin Documentary Film – Motion Graphics Inspiration

LightSpin or Twirl was the trial Photography art project to finds its basis in a sole light painting technique. The movie has made of thousands pictures that are exclusively set on fire by hand with broken flashlight in which artists are in action to perform contemporary dance by the center of a ring where 24 cameras are fixed.

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Creative Street Art Wall Murals by Etam Cru

The Polish Street Art Etam Cru is one of the succeeding huge thing in Urban street art that gives the amazing Street Art wall Mural. Today we are going to share Wall Mural Art from Polish artists Sainer and Bezt, from Etam Cru. I hope readers will like this Inspirational post.

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25 Fresh and Creative Photo Inspiration

In every part of creativity, designing required creativeness especially when it decided to illustrate in Photo Inspiration. Designers know very well that Creative Photos don’t have need of specific color, theme or shade because it attracts viewers itself. It would be like a showery day in a sun shine or about any topic or anything that can catch the attention of people at once glance but the main purpose is just to inspire people.

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Bronze Sculptures Emerging in Walls by Matteo Pugliese

Matteo Pugliese is a Milan based artist who emerged simple man into hard bodied men on white walls. In this series, Pugliese taken his utmost specious and inspiring artistic selection titled Extra Moenia, that were decided by him to present his sculptures in wreckages. A curved knee gives a chance to signify one whole procedure in at least two parts, rest up to left for viewer’s concentration to makes up the limbs and other parts of body which aren’t obvious.

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Geometric Sculptures on Public Space by David Mesguich

David Mesguich, an artist has created an enormous geometric sculpture that was installed by him in the opposite direction of Belgium and France and that blurring the lines in the middle of street art and fine art. Pieces of sculpture can be seen in public areas. It’s supposed to make a contribution to the city rather than to sell it out as these aren’t made to be sold.

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Usage of Body for Creating Charcoal Drawing by Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen is an enactment artist who is known to make a kinematic drawings with charcoal (remaining ash) by using her hands, feet and whole body. In her studio, she creates huge pictures, paintings and images by using arcs shapes with her body. She does the same even in front of live audiences.

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Classical Sculptures Dressed Leo Caillard

Leo Caillard, the photographer snapped many pictures of stylish Parisians in cool outfit and drawn their clothes on top of undressed Hellenic sculptures which were taken from the Louvre. The series of modified pictures visualizes the earliest Greeks. Caillard hangings the sandstone people in close-fitting shirts, denim and pants. He structures them all marvelously with pairs of Ray Bans that draw attention to their apathetic look.

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10 Mobile App Websites for Design Inspiration

Well-designed Mobile apps are an excessive source of design Inspiration because it gives an impression to users that designers eagerly preferred to create something fresh, unique and wonderful for promoting app by placing good looking images. Moreover, typography fonts and colors along with images make it more eye catching.

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Turn Simple Objects into Creative Illustration by Javier Perez | Part 1

Any simple or common object like a fruit, a cookie or a cutlery can be seen beyond when it is use to create an art. This kind of work has been done by Javier Perez who is a Graphic designer and audiovisual producer from Guayaquil-Ecuador. His work is simple and minimal. He has been used to put objects on a white paper sheet to make creative and wonderful designs.

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