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Selective Replies – Comedy Sketch About People Who Don’t Reply in Facebook Chat

“Selective Replies” is a comedy sketch video by PITtv’s Truth Paste that looks at why people don’t reply in Facebook chat, even though you can see that they’ve read your uncomfortable but completely reasonable message. It stars Marshall York, Eva Andersen, and Erick Hellwig.

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Memory game with cat memes

Memeory is a novel version of the Memory card-matching game, with cat memes and animated gifs, created by Markus Klems.

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Holland The Original Cool Commercial

Visit Holland has created an instant viral hit in this new commercial, Holland The Original, promoting tourism in the small European country. The Netherlands are famous for many reasons, but Holland wants you to know about the less popular ones.

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9 Film Frames

An attempt to showcase a film by using only 9 of it’s frames.

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The Worst Room, A Blog Documenting Some of the Worst New York City Apartments Found on Craigslist

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. $725.00. “With kitchen”

Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $1200.00. “With reliable electricity.”

The Worst Room is a Tumblr blog dedicated to one person’s search for an affordable apartment in New York City. The blog collects photos and quotes from Craigslist postings that show some of the smallest, grossest, and occasionally most humorous apartment listings online.

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Play the Millennium Falcon in Grand Theft Auto IV

Yes, there is a problem in the Falcon’s presentation in this mod. Don’t call attention to it, but don’t look like you’re trying to avoid attention.

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Retro Arcade Game Cake

When 30-year-old Stephen got married, he wanted a wedding cake based on old school games. Australian cake maker Nicole stepped up to the console and delivered!

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Mark Zuckerberg ice cream

Stoyn’s Mark Zuckerberg ice-lollies are replicas of the Facebook creator’s head. As Mark is colorblind, and he sees blue better, that’s why butterfly pea flowers are used as natural dye. The ice pops are intended to be direct marketing to Facebook office.

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A Facebook update in real-life

“I’m in the camp that truly believes that Facebook has some of the best privacy settings of any major social network. And honestly, if its changes confuse you, you aren’t that bright because they make it incredibly simple to set very specific settings for just about every single combination of friend and acquaintance possible.”

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Kids Taste Strange Foods In Slow Motion

Kids tasting lemons for the first time is a long standing viral video genre. Saatchi & Heckler of TEDx Sydney wanted to take this idea to the next level.

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Chocolate Nike Air Max 1 by Joost Goudriaan

Dutch designer Joost Goudriaan decided to create several chocolate renditions of the Nike Air Max 1, including a milk chocolate and a white chocolate pair, each with a ridiculous level of detail, texture, and shape that is almost hard to accept as something that is edible.

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Hello Kitty Breast Implants

Though, the Hello Kitty Breast Implants is a just an idea for now, we dread about its reality. This is truly horrifying, and I hope people don’t start using more fictional characters to enhance other body parts.

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Vans Pommes Edition

A great shoe design for the Vans Era. Unfortunately I couldn’t found a shop link, but I hope, that it will be released.

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Overly Attached Girlfriend’s Disturbing Mother’s Day Message

Well, Overly Attached Girlfriend, aka Laina, has definitely not forgotten you. Just as a small reminder of her love, she published this very short Mother’s Day-themed video threatening her viewers who choose mom over girlfriend.

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Violence In Disney Films Supercut

Violence In Disney Films Supercut. Because violence is always their.

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