Rare Photos of Celebrities You Have Never Seen

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, 1991.

Have you ever seen in one picture a young Gagarin and skeleton? Or Viktor Tsoi, walking his his dog Bill? Or Bruce Willis in 22 years? Well, you have a great chance to see many rare photos of celebrities.

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"Michael Jordan's luxurious mansion in California"
Michael Jordan, the most famous professional basketball player of all times, has put his luxurious mansion in Highland Park, California, for auction.


Adult Magazine

Adult is a magazine of new erotics which puts female pleasure front and centre. In the first issue they discover sex in the novels of Gordon Merrick, steal Rachel Krushner’s emails and spy on masturbating friends, shot by Kava Gorna. Various kinds of bodies are portrayed in photographs by Nancy Reyes, Flora Hanitijo and Henrik Purienne, and in fictions by Dodie Bellamy, Tamara Faith Berger, Kristopher Jansma and more.


Daft Punk and Saskia de Brauw for M Le Monde

Supermodel Saskia de Brauw and famous duo Daft Punk have been photographed in cover-story for M Le Monde. The author of this photosession is a legendary fashion-photographer Peter Lindbergh.


Lana Del Rey gets Nude for GQ UK


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Interior designers and architects who inspire celebrities

We all have our favorite designers and architects. Some works by certain people make an impact, inspiring us to get to work and recreate some projects in our own houses.

Often in the most prestigious magazines we find a celebrity house styled by a famous and prestigious interior designer, but who are star’s favorites? Whose work inspires celebrity’s like Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, John McEnroe, Sting, and so on?

Architectural Digest asked some of the most famous people in the world who are the designers and architects that they absolutely love.  “Home Design Ideas” will share it with you!

Michael Bloomberg

Jamie Drake has a remarkable ability to reimagine space. He uses color, texture, unique accents, and creative layouts to make any room at once beautiful and comfortable. Whether he’s designing a new home or breathing new life into a historic treasure like New York City’s Gracie Mansion, Jamie thinks of every detail.”

Interior designers who inspire celebrities: Jamie Drake

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Nelson Mandela, hero of South Africa, dies at 95.

Watch: Nelson Mandela mini Biography
Nelson Mandela, hero of South Africa, dies at 95.

Photographer Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

Antonio Banderas

Stephanie Pfriender Stylander – celebrity and fashion photographer from New York. She graduated from the Massachusetts Endicott College and New York-based school of Visual Arts. She started her career in the 90′s. Now working in Paris and Milan.

Jason Statham

Mickey Rourke


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Lana Del Rey – Tropico

After a long absence on our radar, Lana Del Rey finally strikes back. She yesterday premiered her new short film Tropico at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. The 30-minute visual stars model Shaun Ross and was directed by Anthony Mandler, who was also responsible for the music video of National Anthem with Asap Rocky.

The soundtrack consists of her tracks “Body Electric”, “Gods and Monsters” and “Bel Air”, but the visuals grab even more attention in this eclectic music-short. Stained lips, backroom striptease, cameos of Jesus, Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley and eden-visuals only scratch the surface.


Playboy celebrates 60 years with Kate Moss


As some of you may know by now, Kate Moss was the chosen star to be featured  in Playboy’s 60th year anniversary cover and the first images have been leaked online. Interior Design Magazines will show you some of the sexy photos.Have a look!.

The January/February issue with Kate Moss on the cover is just the start of a celebration year that promises great features and surprises.

The 39 year old model appears in an unprecedented 18 page pictorial that will make her fans very happy!

Curious? Then check the amazing photos! Enjoy!

Playboy 60th anniversary-cover-with-Kate-Moss-

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Celebrities spoil us with their dream homes. We can’t get enough of them here at The Most Expensive Homes blog. This time we bring you Pamela Anderson’s beach house in Malibu which is not only beautiful but embodies sustainable design as well.

Celebrity homes_Pamela Anderson's beach house in Malibu

Check it out here.

Elle Decor: Jimmie Johnson’s Manhattan apartment

Elle Decor, one of the most prestigious magazines in the world and a truly icon in the interior design and fashion world has been given exclusive details of the celebrity’s houses. This time it was the turn of the legendary 6 time Nascar champion Jimmie Johnson and his wife Chandra Johnson.

The couple’s Manhattan apartment was designed by Shawn Henderson an A-list interior decorator that has been making headlines around the world.

Mr Henderson explains, to Elle Decor, that Mr&Mrs Johnson wanted a very modern home in which New York was retracted. A different style to their traditional home in North Carolina.

There wasn’t needed a very big restructuration in the apartment. The designer tells that the biggest difficulty was to remove a closet at the end of the entry hall

Elle Decor: Jimmie Johnson Manhattan apartment

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Celebrities in their Youth and Now

Hollywood stars like Linsay Lohan, Emma Watson, Zac Efron, Kirsten Dunst, Leonardo DiCaprio and more in their youth and now – see the aging process!

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Hollywood stars in their youth and now

Linsay Lohan
( 1998…and now )

Before the millions of fawning fans, seven-figure salaries and red carpets, Hollywood stars started out rather ordinary.

Emma Watson
( 2000…and now )

Taylor Momsen
( 2000…and now )

Kirsten Dunst
( 1993…and now )


George Clooney for W Magazine

Favorite of many women, actor George Clooney has been photographed for December issue of W Magazine by fashion-photographer Emma Summerton.