SnapRays Guidelight


Now you can illuminate your hallways without a bulky thing sticking out of your socket with SnapRays Guidelight, a cover plate with LED lights. Designed to look like a standard outlet during the day, it will provide soft white light during the night, thanks to the built-in light sensor. You can install this in seconds without the need of any batteries or wires.

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1:60 Scale Boeing 777 Built from Paper Manilla Folders


A perfect display of meticulous crafting skills in the making of a 1:60-Scale Boeing 777, completely built from paper manilla folders by Luca Iaconi-Stewart from San Francisco. The inspiration came from his high school architecture class. He started constructing this masterpiece in his junior high school days back in 2008.

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BlazingBlock Portable Wood Bonfire


Set the mood on any outdoor gathering with the BlazingBlock Portable Wood Bonfire. It is very easy to carry with no need of extra firewood or kindling. Simply place the BlazingBlock on a fireproof surface, light up the already included fatwood stick and place it in the chimney hole. You can then, enjoy a nice bonfire that lasts up to 3 hours.

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Smart Wall Paint


Wouldn’t you love being able to draw / write on the walls like when you were a kid? The Smart Wall Paint turns any wall in your home or office into a whiteboard. Just apply, sit back and write. Now you can turn any room in your house into a place full of creativity and inspiration.

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Box Brew Kits


The guys from Box Brew Kits bring you the art of brewing right to your home. Designed to make beer, wine and cider, the homebrew kit is 100% handmade from reclaimed wood, rustic pine or exotic hardwood. The kit includes a ‘brewers’ log, 25+ recipes, written instructions and diagrams, so you can brew the perfect beverage without any prior experience. The kits from Box Brew Kits, makes brewing easy and enjoyable without the hassle of nasty buckets. Your friends will definitely envy you at the sight of this minimalist homebrew kit.

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The Glenlivet Whiskey Chair


The Glenlivet has collaborated with award-winning designer Gareth Neal to create The Glenlivet Nàdurra Dram Chair, an outstanding piece of contemporary craft. Inspired by Nàdurra whisky, the Dram Chair is constructed with the finest natural materials and remarkable attention to detail.

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Lid Holder For Kitchen Cupboard


With just scrap fabric and basic sewing knowledge, you can make your own breathable lid holder and dryer for the kitchen cupboard.

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Creamer Bottles As Container For Keeping Pantry Items Fresh


Creamer bottles can also be good containers for keeping pantry items fresh. The small opening is just the right size for dispersing sugar, small snacks, nuts, etc.

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Shoe Box Charging Station


Avoid your cables from tangling when charging multiple devices. Create your own charging station out of a shoe box.

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Toothpaste As Linoleum Cleaner


Polish or clean linoleum floors with toothpaste to remove scuff marks and make them look good as new.

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Hand Spun Newspaper Yarn


Turn newspapers into hand-spun yarn by cutting them into strips, twisting them tightly and attaching the next strip 4 inches after the end of the previous strip.

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VHS Picture Frames


Repurpose old VHS cases as a picture frame with secret storage inside. Simply screw the case on the wall and slide a picture under the plastic cover.

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DIY tray and laptop support

DIY tray and laptop support One O Textile10

A few months ago I was talking to Irene about the fact that I’d have loved to create a makeover onto an everyday fruit basket, like the ones you find at the market. But was quite annoied because having a full time job means not being able to go to the market unless you wake up early saturday morning: ok I love One O but I’m not gonna do this. May it be clear. :-P The day after Irene showed up at my place with a – not so beautiful – fruit basket. Yey! Near her bf house everyday takes place a market and all the baskets were just left there from the day. How could that be called other than luck? Yup.

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Creative Halloween Pumpkins by Ray Villafane


Artist and sculptor Ray Villafane, a two-time winner of the Food Network’s Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins, shows us how to truly carve a halloween pumpkin. Ray also works with sand sculptures in addition to designing his own toys and action figures.

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Prevent Dust From Falling When Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan


Instead of using dusters to clean your fan blades, use an old pillow case to prevent the dust from falling.

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