Soften Your New Shirt


Soften new shirts by filling a pot with water then adding a cup of salt. Put lid on the pot and boil for 30-45 minutes.

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35+ Cute and Creative Christmas Ornaments 2014


Today I am unfolding before you cute and creative Christmas ornaments & decoration ideas for 2014. I hope you have a cheerful time watching them.

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Kids Box of Tools | by Best Made


Best Made´s German-made Box of Tools has everything a kid needs for their next carpentry project. The Box of Tools comes with a bevy of implements, including a fretsaw, clamp vise, screw driver, file, hammer, push drill, awl, and a square…

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Decorate Your Flower Pot


Don’t know what to do with old CDs? Cut them into pieces and glue around your flower pot as a decoration.

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Keep Your Plants Watered While You’re Away


Shove a tightly rolled tissue paper into the soil and dip the other half in a cup of water to keep your plants watered while you’re away.

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Merry Marijuana!

In this photograph taken on Thursday, November 20, 2014, bud tenders Maxwell Bradford, back left, and Emma Attolini display buds in the shape of Christmas trees that are on sale for the holiday season in a recreational marijuana shop in northwest Denver. The nascent marijuana industry in Colorado is targeting holiday shoppers with special deals much like traditional retailers offer. (Photo by David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

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Make Wood Look Good As New


For aging wood, put 3 pieces of fine steel wool in a half gallon of vinegar and leave in a lidded, clean bucket for 4-5 days then add another half gallon of water. Use a paint brush to paint the solution on the wood.

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Houki Grass Broom


Use these natural Japanese houki grass brooms to clean up around your home.

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Remove The Sticky Residue From Jar Labels


Peel off as much of the label as you can, fill the jar with water, and then microwave the jar until the water boils. The boiled water inside will loosen the adhesive.

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Broken Glass Lamp


Make use of broken glasses by turning them into lamps—it’s simple. Place a votive holder in the middle and pour the glass shards around the holder. Glue votive upside down under the lid.

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Word Search Wrapping Paper


Never buy those expensive gift wrappers again. Create your custom word search paper and use it as a gift wrapper. Highlight the occasion and the name of the receiver. Simple yet creative design.

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A Fire Pit Out Of Broken Washing Machine


Make your own fire pit or garden incinerator with your broken washing machine’s stainless steel drum and scrap metals. Just face the steel drum up and use other scrap metals as a stand.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Mango


Make the most out of your fruit by using a cup to separate the skin from the fruit.

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Goodson Leather Knife Roll


The Goodson Leather Knife Roll is a customizable carrying case for knives and other kitchen utensils & tools. You choose the color/type of leather, the number of knife slots necessary to accommodate your knife collection and the personalization of the carrying handle with your name or initials. Every roll is hand cut, numbered, and assembled one at a time.

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Earring Stand


Instead of putting your dangling earrings in a box, keep them from tangling. Use an old CD and a CD stack spindle. Drill small holes around the CD and glue the CD to the upper tip of the spindle.

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