World Cup Tourists Take Selfies With Toothy Suarez Ad

An advertisement on Brazil’s Copacabana Beach is getting more attention than its creators ever intended.

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Safari Wedding in Zimbabwe

The Reedit user Corey Perkins, became famous on the Internet due to his post about his recent wedding that took place in a safari park.

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Funny Awkward Greeting Cards by Emily McDowell


The illustrator, designer and self-professed “truth-teller” Emily McDowell only really busted out into the art scene in January 2013, when she created a funny Valentine’s Day card, put it on Etsy and then had it go viral after Etsy featured it on their Facebook page.

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Scarcity Mindset: What It is and Why You Should Avoid It


When you have a scarcity mindset – which is based on fear – you may suffer a variety of emotions, ranging from anger, anxiety, worry and stress. These feelings are never good. You believe there is never enough money to go around, you believe everything around you is permanent, and your language always contains the words, I can’t or I don’t have enough.

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Water Hoverboard


Marty McFly predicted one in 2015, but it´s here early! Meet the next evolution in watersports – the Water Hoverboard!

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1000 People in Copenhagen eat 1000 Ghost Chilies at the same Time


Last week in Copenhagen, a large crowd gathered to collectively hurt themselves for this amusingly masochistic video. Individually wrapped ghost peppers — a chili pepper that’s about 100 times hotter than a jalapeno — were passed out, and then everyone bit in at the same time.

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Boring Neighborhood Watch Signs Pimped With Movie And TV Characters


Artist Andrew Lamb updated Toronto’s “neighborhood watch” signs to make them noticeable again and maybe even more effective. The signs are scattered around the area warning potential criminals that, in theory, no one is going to let them get away with their troublemaking. But the problem is the signs have been there forever and everybody is used to the, so they essentially mean nothing. Add to that, that the original white-on-white logo was nondescript and boring in the first place. But not anymore. With his edits to the signs, Lamb reminds passersby, whether potential rabble-rousers or not, that this neighborhood really is being watched by Bruce Willis, Scully & Mulder, Bill Cosby and more.

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Eating with the Chefs


The award–winning food photographer and founder of the cult favorite Fool magazine invites you to pull up a chair and join the intimate family meals at some of the world’s finest restaurants, including Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Chez Panisse, Roberta’s, wd–50, Attica, Mugaritz, Maison Pic, Noma, Osteria Francescana, St. John, and The French Laundry.

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“ART IN THE EATS” – Pop Culture Food Art by Tisha Cherry


Instagram is known for foodies documenting their favourite dishes, but Tisha Cherry raises the bar for artistic food pictures with her project #ArtintheEats. She uses liquids like coffee and soy sauce to create ink paintings, sculpts the cream in Oreo cookies to create bas-relief, and uses M&Ms as mosaic tiles. These images show a wide variety of pop culture icons.

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Enjoy Breathtaking Views with Dinner in the Sky Events

din 1
You could celebrate your special occasion at your favorite local restaurant, or you could be suspended over your favorite city in the world with Dinner in the Sky events.

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Air Trekker Extreme Stilts

air 1
Air Trekkers are more than just your average stilts. The team has built a set of stilts that allow you to just 10 feet into the air with ease.

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The Ultimate Nicolas Cage Prank

According to Imgur user Timbo57: “So my brother thinks Nicolas Cage is a big d-bag. We have a history of pranking each other in ridiculous ways, so my gf and I came up with the idea…..”

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Toolkit for Life


These intelligent, rigorous and well-written books systematically examine some of the great issues of life – work, sex, money, emotional maturity, digital life and changing the world.

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The Greatest Comedy Films Ever

com 1
Everyone loves movies, but there’s something about comedies that helps set them apart. If you like to laugh out loud, you’ll love exploring our list of the 50 greatest comedy films to ever release.

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Get Motivated: Do What You Need to Do

Getting the motivation to get up and do something that you know needs to be taken care of is always easier said than done. Finding the courage can be very hard, but isn’t impossible.

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