Sprout | a Pencil That Grows

sprout pencil large 650x900 Sprout | a Pencil That Grows

What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away you could plant them and have them grow into something delicious, beautiful, and fun? Meet Sprout – the pencil that grows!

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5 Ways You Can Better Yourself In 2014

Many would have made New Years resolutions to better themselves in 2014. However, it is one thing to adopt a resolution, but an entire other thing sticking and seeing through your resolution. Adopting a better self in 2014 can help you in a number of ways, it can help you be more confident, raise your self-esteem, feel less depressed and less stressed.

Counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching

There is loads of advice out there to help you raise your self-esteem and gain better confidence, such as this resource provided by specialist counsellors and psychotherapists. However, you do not always need the help of a professional, there are loads of easy ways in which you can start developing a better you that you can do at home!

Being healthy is essential

499751830083867180 cdcd5e22a37f11 5 Ways You Can Better Yourself In 2014

Many people use the excuse of not having enough money to join a gym for the fact that they do not exercise. This, of course, is nonsense! You do not need money to exercise!

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Pop Culture Mugs by Rebel Youth Graphics

Hektor Ruiez – Celebrities’ Best ‘Virtual’ Friend

0001 Hektor Ruiez   Celebrities Best Virtual Friend
After missing out on a candid celebrity photo opportunity with Hulk Hogan and Orville the duck back in 1986 Ryan MacDonald (Hektor Ruiez) swore that he would never miss out on another celeb photo ever again. After many years of stalking the famous, and always failing on that perfect shot, technology finally caught up with his desire (photoshop). These are the results.

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Return of the LEGO Zombies: The Plane Crash

1277 Return of the LEGO Zombies: The Plane Crash
It’s that time of year again, so to celebrate Halloween 2013 creative team of Design By Soap dug out the LEGO and have produced the second scene in their LEGO Zombie series; the plane crash. Inspired by the plane crash in World War Z, the scene depicts a plane that has come down out in the British countryside, and the noise has attracted a large group of the undead…

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Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

1356017224 6 640x425 Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

Not far from the village of Chatillon, in the south of Belgium, in the middle of the woods is situated an impressive car graveyard. Its history dates back to the times of the Second World War.

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Emma Watson’s New Boyfriend

1251 Emma Watsons New Boyfriend
Emma Watson and her new boyfriend, Matthew Janney, took their love to the beach when they went for a walk in the Caribbean earlier this week. The couple reportedly arrived on Monday, so they could get in a bit of R&R before Emma headed to LA, where she is…. blah-blah-blah. Stop this. Photoshop time!

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The Greatest Grilled Cheese Recipes

Cheese 0 The Greatest Grilled Cheese Recipes
If you like grilled cheeses, and creating culinary works of art in the kitchen, then you love this list of the 18 greatest grilled cheese sandwich recipes ever. We’ve got it all here from Buffalo Chicken and Pulled Pork options to Nutella and Sriracha infused sandwiches. The perfect comfort food for any situation.

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Prowler Big Game II Kayak

prowler big game 2 large 650x766 Prowler Big Game II Kayak

Designed for anglers looking for a high capacity fishing kayak that will easily carry all the necessary equipment, the Prowler Big Game II offers ample room and outstanding stability without sacrificing performance.

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Cool Man Made Hermit Crab Shells

Cool Man Made Hermit Crab Shells Cool Man Made Hermit Crab Shells
These Hermit crabs are just like human beings, they take their home wherever they go, so Japanese artist Aki Inomata made these 3D-printed crab shells in shapes of houses. The shapes were inspired by his many trips to France, he really loved the French architecture, and embodied that into the Hermit crabs shell. The shells are made from a transparant plastic, so you can actually see the inside, and how the crab attaches to the shell.

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World’s Largest Chocolate Train

1353784108 1 640x472 World’s Largest Chocolate Train

Unbelievable, but true. In the Belgian capital, for the annual exhibition of chocolate, was presented a train manufactured exclusively out of luxury Belgian chocolate. It took 784 hours to make this 110 feet long miracle.

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When Lego Meets Star Wars

If there were two things I absolutely loved when I was a kid, it was Lego and Star Wars. So when I saw these incredible miniature photographs by Avanaut of the snow battle on the planet Hoth from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back using only Lego men, memories of my childhood come rushing back in a storm of fanboy nostalgia.

The creator of these photographs is Finnish illustrator and designer Vesa Lehtimäki or “Avanaut”. He started making his first Lego pictures set on the snowy planet of Hoth back in 2009 and has slowly been adding more and more over the years.

1169 When Lego Meets Star Wars
“Bossk’s Cool Day Out”

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Freeganism Movement in Canada

1337155089 1 640x433 Freeganism Movement in Canada
Canada is one of the most comfortable countries in terms of social security and assistance to the poor. You may think that no one but homeless people would look for food in dumpsters. But no, in this country appeared a new movement.

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Boiling Water and Below Zero Temperatures – The Simple and Amazing Science Experiment

198 Boiling Water and Below Zero Temperatures   The Simple and Amazing Science Experiment
What’s there to do when temperatures top out in the negative teens? Well, you can stay inside dressed warmly with the heat on like a sane person. Or you can go outside with some hot water and throw it in the air. Judging from posts on Facebook, myriad Minnesotans have chosen the latter option.

Taking it to the next level, photographers Dan and Karin Berdal connected their hose to a spigot in their basement so that they could see more than a single mug’s worth of water freezing midair. They turned the water on hot and sprayed it into the -20 degree air, shooting awesome little ice comets with steam tails all over the backyard and capturing it with their camera…

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Man Hilariously Recreates Romance Movie Scenes with Boss’s Dog

185 Man Hilariously Recreates Romance Movie Scenes with Bosss Dog
1. The Notebook

For the last month, Chris Naka (aka mmsspp) has been recreating scenes from classic romance movies with his boss’s dog, Wrigley. It all started one day when his co-workers at Blue Man Group in Chicago came up with the idea for Naka to pose with the adorable pooch in a famous scene from Titanic. With Wrigley as Kate Winslet to his Leonardo DiCaprio, Naka embarked on a fun, ongoing project.

Taking only 10-15 minutes during lunch breaks to capture each scene, Naka and his canine love interest have already managed to recreate some of the most memorable movie scenes in film history. From the upside down kiss in Spiderman to the seductive leg shot from The Graduate, the duo have emulated their respective big screen characters in a hilarious, new light.

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