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Photo-collages “Santa Classics” by Ed Wheeler

SantaClassics00 650x514 Photo collages “Santa Classics” by Ed Wheeler

Santa Classics – is a series of photo-collages made by photographer Ed Wheeler. Dressed as Santa, photographer Ed Wheeler has artfully inserted himself into 11 masterworks that appeal to art lovers worldwide, with humor and a reverence for the originals. These whimsical cards are available now at the Philadelphia Museum of Art shop and online store.

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New year resolution generator – THIS YEAR I WANT TO . COM

mockup32 650x487 New year resolution generator   THIS YEAR I WANT TO . COM
It’s the end of the year and you haven’t done shit. Feel the need to change? Get inspired with random new year resolutions. Visit to get inspired and share your new year resolutions. ;)

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12 Christmas GIFs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

pic138 12 Christmas GIFs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

If there ever was a time of year when we could all appreciate something bright and shiny popping into our lives, the holiday season would be it. To show you what you’re missing,i searched the by Ryan Todd blog for some of our favorite moments. Merry Christmas!

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The People of Gran Turismo

Sure, the cars look great, but have you taken a look at the people in Gran Turismo 6?

1375 The People of Gran Turismo
Is your arm okay, pal?

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The Most Random Faces of The Year 2013

hiddenfaces05 The Most Random Faces of The Year 2013

Sometimes the world around us can see funny features that elevate our mood: for example, faces with the most varied facial expressions in ordinary items. I’ve collected some of the most expressive and fortuitous faces in random pictures.

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Man Finds 101 Creative Ways to Use His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

Everybody knows how ugly breakups can get, and we all have different ways of coping. But I’ve never seen someone handle their rebound quite like Kevin Cotter, who found 101 different ways to use his ex-wife’s wedding dress and became an Internet sensation because of it.

Cotter wasn‘t the only thing that his ex-wife left behind in 2009 after 12 years of marriage. The new divorcée got an unexpected breakup gift – his ex-wife’s old wedding dress. “What am I going to do with it?” he asked “Whatever the f**k you want,” she replied. And so he did.

Together with his family, Cotter started to brainstorm various ways to use the dress. He and his brother soon found themselves flooded with ideas, so they started taking pictures of Cotter using the dress in extremely ridiculous and hilarious ways.

What started as a rebound distraction, soon became a peculiar lifestyle. It didn‘t take long to recognize the potential in this story, so they decided to share the fun with the public. The brothers created a blog dedicated to sharing their uses for the wedding dress. Given its popularity, they released a book titled „101 Uses For My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress“ in 2011.

1367 Man Finds 101 Creative Ways to Use His Ex Wifes Wedding Dress
Snow camouflage: “We don’t get a lot of snow here, but an hour drive away there’s a mountain that gets snow every winter. The reaction was pretty good.”

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Hilarious Creative Asian Textbook Drawings

1280 Hilarious Creative Asian Textbook Drawings
Some students have to much time on their hands. These students took some of that extra time and made something very creative out of it. Take a look at some of these hilarious text book drawings.

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A Fun Mix & Match of Famous Logos

Fedex amazon logo A Fun Mix & Match of Famous Logos

Bransense a young and energetic branding studio in India. Creating an impact full brand identity for key objectives is the heart of what they do.

They have designed a fun mix & match of famous. The previous part was highly acknowledged and appeased by the creative souls out there. So here I have unleashed another coming your way.

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Designer Dad Illustrates Weird Things He Says to His Kids

Designer Dad Designer Dad Illustrates Weird Things He Says to His Kids

Designer and video producer Nathan Ripperger is a father of four boys who have inspired the poster series, “Things I’ve Said to My Children.” Ripperger created the series for fun, and when they became popular after being featured on Buzzfeed, he offered prints for sale in his Etsy shop.

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Stone Brewery Releases Limited Edition Vanilla Bean Beer for Holidays

Stone Stone Brewery Releases Limited Edition Vanilla Bean Beer for Holidays
If you love holiday beers (and who doesn’t), Stone Brewing has just rolled out their Vanilla Bean porter for a limited time. [See More at]

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Tanked Aquarium Game

The new official Tanked Aquarium Game App is available now on iOS devices.This new game introduced especially for aquarists. Now just trained aquarists, this game would be a real help to those new into the hobby of aquarium keeping or those who are just planning on it in the near future.

9.1 Tanked Aquarium Game

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Michael Leavitt: Empire Peaks

Michael Leavitt mashups STAR WARS Characters with iconic people of 20th century




KimJongIlEP 650x487 Michael Leavitt: Empire Peaks

MLKEP 650x866 Michael Leavitt: Empire Peaks

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Totally Geeky Clothes

r657r57567567 3 Totally Geeky Clothes

There are more super geeky clothes on or you can check out also

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Unique Tee Shirt Designs

With the holidays fast approaching, people are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Tee shirts are common gifts which come in seemingly endless styles. This article of clothing can be a canvas for art and a show piece to display a little of its wearer’s inner personality on the outside for the world to see.

It may be hard to believe, but until the 1950s, tee shirts were considered underwear. They were not considered as everyday outerwear until famous celebrities of the times such as James Dean and John Wayne wore their underwear onscreen. People must have got the idea that tee shirts look really great for wearing out where everyone can see, because the rest is fashion history. Today tee shirts are a staple in many wardrobes for people of all ages.

1.The bath plug tee shirt lends new meaning to the phrase “pulling his chain.” A black ball chain attaches to a ribbon on the bottom of the shirt, beside a picture of a faucet, and attaches to a picture of a bath plug at the top of the shirt. The chain can be removed for washing the shirt.
Unique Tee Shirt Designs Unique Tee Shirt Designs

4. The personal trainer tee shirt motivates the wearer to keep working hard.
Unique Tee Shirt Designs 5 Unique Tee Shirt Designs

6. The best video game controller ever has knobs perfectly situated for a woman’s wear.
Unique Tee Shirt Designs 7 Unique Tee Shirt Designs

See more T-shirts on FunOfArt.

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Last movie footage

ed010 final film32 Last movie footage

The publication compiled the final frames of popular Hollywood movies. We offer our readers to try to guess name of these pictures, and a little later we will publish the correct answers in the comments.

78ca1 final film22 Last movie footage

7e324 final film8 Last movie footage

85b97 final film2 Last movie footage


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