Typography by Jordan Metcalf

Jordan Metcalf is a graphic designer and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He works both independently as a freelancer as well as collaboratively with 3 other designer/illustrators under the name Only Today. Jordan loves typography, black & white, things made out of wood and folk music. I personally love typography myself … already looking forward to check the handpicked collection below.

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That’s our Anna

With an impolite introduction of our team, it should be enough to bore you with the fact, that we are a boy and a girl who most of the time act like a drama queen and her gay shopping buddy – the only difference being that we argue about the fine lines of drawings and letters instead of the thickening horizontal stripes of the new ASOS Tops

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Artworks by Shingo Matsunuma

Shingo, or Shichigoro, is a 33 year old artist living and working in Yokohama, Japan.

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Trends&Lifestyle: Schönhauser in Berlin

Find out Schönhauser store in Berlin: a place where you can find new and used design classics and home accessories, to small gifts and books on design and architecture. A must-visit in the city!
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Weekly Fresh Resources for Designers and Developers [September 17th,2012]

We follow many designers and developers and of course websites that share or release resources to help design community.We write down them all every day and at the beginning of each week we bring them together and share with you.

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Mierswa-Kluska, Photography


They’re from Munich and are photographers. Andreas Mierswa et Markus Kluska are inspired by technology and pop-culture, and they have the obsession of the perfect image in order to create desire objects. 

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Creative Illustrations by Romain Mennetrier

Romain Mennetrier is a freelance illustrator based in Grenoble, France. His work is a beautiful balance of illustrative and graphic sensibilities. Below, you may see our handpicked collection of 27 artworks from Romain’s portfolio available on cghub. Enjoy … and get inspired .).

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Timelaps Video play: ( http://goo.gl/K9Pjx ) Worth to check out!

This nice Video shows how Daniel creates a nice graphic!
Check out the Video!
Creator: Daniel Hannih

Carbonara t-shirt – Cucina italiana collection

Carbonara tee.
Check out this original Cucina Italiana t-shirt for sale on vintage.it!

Jack Nicholson —ART PRINT HAND-FINISHED with ACRYLIC by Rocco Malatesta

Great posters from a Berlin-based poster artist Rocco Malatesta.

• Hand-finished with acrylic paint.
• Each print is different from the other one and has unique characteristics.

Limited edition of 100. Signed and Numbered.

Rocco Malatesta’s GALLERY


Digital Art by Moe Pike Soe

Moe Pike Soe is a 19 years old self taught and self employed graphic designer from Yangon, Burma who is still a high school senior but have had made many clients from all around the world. Although just 19, his artworks are exceptional.

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Animated creatures

Vladimir Stankovic and his various animated creatures. Very original and highly recommended. Enjoy!

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Guinness – Made Of More

Commissioned by Guinness, 20 artists sculpt the story and the future of the brand in a 3,6m pint, check the making of in After the Circle

30 Beautiful Flower themed logo design examples for you

In this post we have added 30 best flower logo designs for your inspiration. My favorite logo designs are Flower Green, Maya, Pink Lotus, Lotus, Knaak Design and Woman. Please tell us your favorite logo design. Subscribe with us for daily graphic inspiration updates.

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30 Royalty Free Professional fonts for Designers – Download now

In this post we have added some of royalty free professional and good looking fonts for graphic and web designers. Download them instantly and start using in your next design. Happy Designing.

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