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Amazing Places on Earth Most People will Never See

1469 Amazing Places on Earth Most People will Never See
Hike the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii — also known as “The Stairway to Heaven” — a steep trail with a wooden ladder spiked into the side of a cliff. Technically it’s not open for public use, but people still climb it, and rave about the views from the top.

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Sunland Baobab – A Bar Inside a Hollowed Out Tree

8113 Sunland Baobab    A Bar Inside a Hollowed Out Tree
Sunland Baobab is a well-known enormous baobab in South Africa. The tree is located on Sunland Farm, near Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo Province. The Sunland Big Baobab is renowned because in its hollowed trunk there is established a bar and a wine cellar. The tree has been carbon dated and is estimated to be around 1000 years old.

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Shots of Earth from Space

Beautiful Earth – We Are All Together

This is a wonderful short film titled “Overview” where five astronauts describe their experience and emotions of looking at planet Earth from space. The film features beautiful images of Earth taken from space. Very inspiring film.

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Christmas Weather in UK

1392 Christmas Weather in UK
A woman struggles with an umbrella in the wind and rain while walking in Derby city centre, on December 23, 2013. (Photo by Rui Vieira/PA Wire)

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Beautiful World: The Most Beautiful Places On the Planet

wonderworld01 650x433 Beautiful World: The Most Beautiful Places On the Planet
The photos that you’re going to see here are part of a new collection of books published by Lonely Planet called “Perfect World”, which contains 200 pictures the most fascinating places on our planet.

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Snow in Egypt for the First Time in 100 Years

1285 Snow in Egypt for the First Time in 100 Years
The snow that has blanketed much of the Middle East turned Cairo white on Friday, 13th 2013 – with local news reports claiming it was Egypt’s capital’s first snowfall in 112 years.

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Landscape Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar Arina Pozdnyak 1 Landscape Perpetual Calendar
Normally you’re okey with changing calender every year, but that’s not necessary anymore with this amazing perpetual calendar made by Russian graphic designer Arina Pozdnyak. Every month shows it beautiful landscapes photographed in that month, there’s no need for the dates since in the end, the only thing that matters is the life in your years and not the years in your life.

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‘Greenland Reflection’ by Michael J. Quinn

1278 Greenland Reflection by Michael J. Quinn
‘Greenland Reflection’ is a photo series taken by landscape photographer Michael J Quinn, in which he captures the breathtaking terrain of Greenland.

“From my travels to Scoresby Sund, Greenland 2012. Lately I have been reflecting upon my trip and my captures of reflections.” – Michael J. Quinn.

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Tuscany of America – Palouse

1267 Tuscany of America – Palouse
A major agricultural area of USA, Palouse encompasses parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho and, in some definitions, extending south into northeast Oregon. It is a truly spectacular sight. Researchers believe that the dunes were formed during the Ice Age. Today this highly fertile area of USA supplies a large portion of the continent with vegetables and wheat. Palouse is situated about 260km (160mi) North of the Oregon Trail.

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Bull is Saved by Its Friends While Being Eaten by Lions

016 Bull is Saved by Its Friends While Being Eaten by Lions

All looked lost when this young and lone buffalo was attacked by two lions in a South African national park. But the pair had not bargained on the buffalo’s friends coming to his rescue, and moments later they were tossed several feet in the air before being chased away. The dramatic scene was captured on camera in the Mjejane Reserve on the border of the Kruger Park. Photos by Oliver & Ian Matheson / Barcroft.

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The Most Beautiful River in the World

556 The Most Beautiful River in the World
Caño Cristales is a river located in Serrania de la Marrakech in Colombia and is known worldwide because of the range of colors that it has in itself, so often described as “the most beautiful river in the world”, “the river of five colors” and “river which flows in heaven.” Why is this so, check out below!

Algae and the moss on the bottom of the river are the main “culprits” for the beautiful colors in the river. During the rainy seasons, Caño Cristales becomes deeper and flowing very strongly, thereby preventing sunlight to reach the algae. However, during dry periods, the river has no enough water for life. Still, between these two seasons, when conditions are perfect, Caño Cristales River becomes the most beautiful in the world.

Thousands shades of yellow, red, green, blue and black create a scene that leaves them breathless even indifferent bystanders. But the most beautiful part of the river, located in the desert, you can not just reach and to “paradise” parts can be reached only on foot or by horse, that the visit of the river turns into a kind of adventure.

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Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

1156 Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway
The Seven Sisters is the 39th tallest waterfall in Norway. The waterfall consists of seven separate streams, and the tallest of the seven has a free fall that measures 250 metres (820 ft). The waterfall is located along the Geirangerfjorden in Stranda Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The waterfall is located just south of the historic Knivsflå farm, across the fjord from the old Skageflå farm. The falls are about 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi) west of the village of Geiranger. It is part of the Geiranger World Heritage Site.

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Diving into the Black Hole

Standing on the edge of a never-ending black hole, this is one leap you wouldn’t want to make. Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, Texas is one of the most dangerous places to dive on Earth, having claimed the lives of more than eight divers. But that doesn’t stop thrill-seekers from taking the plunge. This stunning natural swimming spot – and the daredevil swimmers who dive into it.

1148 Diving into the Black Hole
Jacob’s Well, the most dangerous diving spot in the world, located in Wimberley, Texas. (Carl Griffin/HotSpot Media)

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Giant Yucca

Yucca is a genus of perennial shrubs and trees in the agave family, Agavaceae. Its 40-50 species are notable for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers. They are native to the hot and dry (arid) parts of North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Early reports of the species were confused with the cassava (Manihot esculenta). Consequently, Linnaeus mistakenly derived the generic name from the Carib word for the latter, yuca. It is also colloquially known in the midwest United States as “Ghosts in the graveyard”, as it is commonly found growing in rural graveyards and when in bloom the flowers appear as an apparition floating.

199 Giant Yucca
A yucca standing among flowers bursts forth a very large stalk of flowers as a heavy wildflower bloom on June 21, 2005 in the Angeles National Forest northwest of La Canada, California. (Photos by David McNew/Getty Images)

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