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Monkey Logo Designs and Ideas

ml01 Monkey Logo Designs and Ideas
Designing a logo is very much about symbolism. Every time, a designer develops a concept of the logo for a particular company, he makes his best to choose the graphical elements that would express efficiently the company’s profile, specification, strategy, or values. Using animal images on logos is a very popular practice, when it is necessary to put a symbol of a particular feature or trait on a logo. Choosing an animal depends on certain characteristics, a particular animal is widely and commonly associated with. For example, an owl is a symbol of wisdom, a tiger personifies strength and energy, and dog can represent friendship and loyalty.
ml02 Monkey Logo Designs and Ideas
Monkey is another popular character, commonly used in logo design. Funny and witty, monkeys are often chosen as the key element of the logo for a variety of companies – from toy factories to kid restaurants and to online services and computer programs. Monkeys are always funny; they are smart and nimble; besides, some people believe they are our closest relatives among all the other living beings on Earth. Thus, putting a monkey image on a logo, a designer creates a distinct and strong link between the mentioned traits and a company, which will use such logo in its daily operations. Below we would like to show you some examples of monkey logo designs, where all types of monkey images were used by designers to represent different businesses.
ml03 Monkey Logo Designs and Ideas
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fbc3 Monkey Logo Designs and Ideas

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Fantastic Illustrations by Waldemar-Kazak

hyperrealistic still lifes

predro campos7 hyperrealistic still lifes
20100712 painting 03 m hyperrealistic still lifes
20100712 painting 06 m hyperrealistic still lifes
hyperrealistic still lifes painted with oil on canvas by pedro campos.
more hyperrealistic still lifes.


Ty Lettau Mario cartooned
Ty Lettau Vdaer cartooned
Ty Lettau Spiderman cartooned
illustration serie “cartooned” by artist ty lettau.
more illustrations here.

Genocide Project

Mando Alvarez

Photography by Rory DCS

rody dcs ben trovato21 Photography by Rory DCS
rody dcs ben trovato22 Photography by Rory DCS

Photography by Rory DCS, more pics and info here.

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2011: New York, the Big Apple

Louis Vuitton releases this cut and paste video investigating the origins of New York’s nickname as part of the lead-up to the release of the New York edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide for 2011. If the real guide is half as interesting and informative as this video directed by Romain Chassaing, we’re definitely going to be picking it up once it goes on sale on October 15th, 2010.

interview and portfolio of Vivien Gros alias Octopussy [FR]

Vivien Gros alias Octopussy 3 interview and portfolio of Vivien Gros alias Octopussy [FR]Vivien Gros alias Octopussy 1 interview and portfolio of Vivien Gros alias Octopussy [FR]
interview and portfolio of Vivien Gros alias Octopussy [FR]

MAlibu Creek

Sketch – Automotive/Architectural/Illustration/Product

by Cláudio Cigarro
Uto sketgdzfg 001 Sketch   Automotive/Architectural/Illustration/Product
illustration2 001 Sketch   Automotive/Architectural/Illustration/Product
Archi sketch4 001 600x376 Sketch   Automotive/Architectural/Illustration/Product
ut8u 001 Sketch   Automotive/Architectural/Illustration/Product

See more here


face 3 600x867 INK FACE

face 1 600x856 INK FACEface 2 600x873 INK FACE

Faces in ink and watercolor by Designhelikopter

Amazing photography

Blood by zenibyfajnie Amazing photography
cb9706d74bf8d18b8390950112b6dc73 d2xxsxc Amazing photography
4837294517 ec97264a43 z Amazing photography
20579 1b96ed 600 338 Amazing photography

Check out the complete gallery at

north2 Amazing photography

connectRSS Amazing photography connectMail Amazing photography connectFacebook Amazing photography connectTwitter Amazing photography

HDR City Skylines – Where Reality Meets Imagination

sky01 HDR City Skylines – Where Reality Meets Imagination
The first steps to the development of an imaging technique, known today as HDR or high dynamic range photography, were made in the middle of the 19th century by Gustave Le Gray, who is often named as the “most important” French photographer of the 19th century. He experimented with seascapes photography by combining two separate negatives – one for the sea and the other one for the sky – in order to target wide luminosity range of the natural environment. Today HDR imaging techniques evolved greatly, but panoramic sceneries and city skylines in particular remain among the most popular targets for HDR photographers. High Dynamic Range photos significantly broaden the capabilities of photography, making it possible to increase the quality of the photo and make it look much closer to the real objects than the traditional digital image.
sky02 HDR City Skylines – Where Reality Meets Imagination
HDR photography deals with light mainly, and it allows rendering equally both the lightest and the darkest parts of the scenery. In other words, HDR imaging is about creating highly detailed photos, where even those objects, which would normally be hidden in the shadow, become visible and distinctive for a human eye. HDR photos of the city skylines, like those collected in this showcase, are perfect to illustrate all the impressive capabilities of HDR imaging technique. The way such images appear to human sight may range from highly natural to almost surreal with distinct signs of digital rendering and artistic effects added. However, all of them look interesting, fresh, and impressive for the viewers, because any HDR photo is about showing much more details than you would normally expect to see on a digital photograph.
sky03 HDR City Skylines – Where Reality Meets Imagination
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fbc2 HDR City Skylines – Where Reality Meets Imagination

Phone Cam by Pez