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Mind the GAP (polemical new Logo)

gap logo

It ‘s a time of strong controversy about re-brand logos, after the Municipality of Rome (of which we will return soon to speak) is now the turn of Gap, which recently changed its logo, replacing the classic blue square with a white Helvetica with a classic black.
The logo has sparked fierce controversy and more Gap has had to defend!

Follow the whole story here

Beautiful landscapes photo showcase

The Valley by Roger Arleryd

Lake Lavon HDR Landscape by Thomas and Lynn

River House Reflection Landscape (Carton House, Maynooth) by Barry O Carroll

More landscape photos!

Cool free brush fonts part 2

Zombie font

BigBubba font

SilkRoad font

My Brushwriting font

YouMurdererBB font

More free fonts!

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New Art work. Enjoy it.

Exagon Motors Furtive e-GT | Unparalleled Driving Experience

Exagon Motors recently unveiled the Furtive-eGT, a car that may redefine how we look at alternative energy automobiles. The Furtive-eGT is an electric GT car which makes for a thrilling and unparalleled driving experience; an electric GT car which does not sacrifice performance to eco-friendliness. More images, specs, and a video here!

Create a Flowery Natural Peace and Harmony Composition – Photoshop Tutorial

Combining techniques such as texturing, custom brushing, stock images, 3D, lighting effects and typography can allow a true graphic design composition to come together. When combined with a conceptual style artwork, the results can be awesome.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine a nature peace and harmony feel with an urban and cosmic lighting style to create Flower Power, a digital artwork by Polish designer Wojciech Magierski. You’ll see how to start with base colors to establish the feel and mood of a piece, and then how to build it up using a variety of techniques.

Aaron Kizer – Speed Painting Extraordinaire

Kizer Art, see more refreshing videos, art work, and find out how to buy his amazing clothing at

Removing the Years Makeover [Photoshop Tutorial]

Aging is a natural process of life. Unfortunately, it leaves marks like wrinkles and dark spots that betray our actual age. While these marks also signify maturity and the deep well of knowledge we’ve harvested all those years, we often want to do away with them. While Photoshop cannot restore youthful vigor, it does let you remain young-looking in photos.

100 Massive Lego Artwork Creations

Lego bricks can be used to construct nearly anything imaginable, from V6 engines to aircraft carriers, sporting venues, cars, airplanes and spaceships. While the prepackaged and designed Lego sets are certainly fun to play with, using a bit of creativity and imagination, an artist or Lego architect can construct technological marvels.

This post showcases 100 massive and epic Lego artwork creations from some of the most talented Lego artists across the globe. From a functioning engine to a gigantic aircraft carrier, an entire family of Lego characters, and recreations of your favorite characters including the Futurama crew, Spongebob, R2-D2 and Chewbacca, this collection proves that Legos aren’t just for kids.

Exit Media // Opportunities To Increase Brand Awareness @ 100 Best Flash Websites

Indoor marketing endorses and promotes products and services by concentrating efforts in a target group’s location and environment. Businesses and organisations are aggressively tapping indoor marketing media and opportunities to increase brand awareness.


Visit 100 Best Flash Websites HERE

Exit Media // Opportunities To Increase Brand Awareness @ 100 Best Flash Websites
Exit Media // Opportunities To Increase Brand Awareness @ 100 Best Flash Websites
Exit Media // Opportunities To Increase Brand Awareness @ 100 Best Flash Websites
Exit Media // Opportunities To Increase Brand Awareness @ 100 Best Flash Websites

Free Animals Icon Sets

A professional illustration, such as some funny and cute animal, can become the center piece of the website or logo design, introducing particular verve and sprightliness into the whole graphical layout. We understand that sometimes designing and drawing such animal icon could turn into a significant headache and a really time-consuming task. That is why to make things easier and let designers concentrate on the strategic design issues, Cruzine offers its readers three animal icon sets absolutely for free. These are professionally designed, fresh, and eye-catching icon illustrations of a funny Fish, a cute Kitten, and a funky Squirrel.

Each of the icon set contains at least six different variations of the particular animal illustration, referring to different activities. This could help make a specific design intuitively understandable and easy for people’s perception. Furthermore, along with the ready-to-go six .png icon images, each icon set contains original file in Photoshop .psd format, which makes editing possible, once a designer decides to adopt a particular icon to a specific project or application. This free offering of animal icon sets is prepared exclusively for Cruzine readers in cooperation with our partners from We hope you will enjoy using these icon sets. Do not forget to visit Cruzine again and check the Freebies section, where we regularly offer professional tools and resources for successful and efficient designing projects.

Squirrel icon set

More icon sets here!

Recent Work

Skulls & Roses!!!


Evgeny Yaryshev — photography