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New York photo showcase

New York Raining by Night by Kasper Riis
nyp01 New York photo showcase

Downtown by sensorfleck
nyp02 New York photo showcase

TILT by Romain Laurent
nyp03 New York photo showcase

More NY photos!

fbc4 New York photo showcase

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Mr Brainwash x Printemps

fed 5v

Hollis Bennett / Built for Speed

Photographer Hollis Bennett captures the laid back flavor of the fastest place on wheels. Bonneville Speed Week 2010.
36 mg0695 Hollis Bennett / Built for Speed
36 mg0312 Hollis Bennett / Built for Speed
36 mg0501 Hollis Bennett / Built for Speed
36 mg0129 Hollis Bennett / Built for Speed

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The Darwinian Evolution of Windows [Infographic]

Alhambra MES Spherical Suspension Light

Alhambra MES Spherical Suspension Light from LZF. The shade, made up of a three dimensional fabric woven from transparent polypropylene lends the light a look which triggers images of Moorish architecture and the calm relax of oriental salons.
lzf Alhambra MES Spherical Suspension Light

Risom Amoeba Coffee Table

A KnollStudio classic, Jens Risom’s Amoeba Coffee Table is at once amorphous and crisply defined. The silhouette is certainly one of the defining styles of mid-century design. Features legs and apron constructed of solid maple hardwood and mortise and tenon joints with a choice of three table top finishes.
table Risom Amoeba Coffee Table

Generation by Knoll

Because the workspaces of today require almost constant movement and varying tasks, Knoll has teamed up to design a workchair that fits the individual. For the ultimate in mobility and comfort. Generation by Knoll offers a new standard of comfort and unrestrained movement, supporting the range of postures and work styles typical of today’s workplace. Designed by Formway Design, Generation takes the idea of elastic design — where a product rearranges itself in response to its user — to a new level.

Current ergonomic research challenges the idea of a single, forward-facing posture, recognizing that maintaining one seated position for an extended time is not compatible with the body’s natural tendency toward movement. Created from a high performance elastomer, the innovative Generation by Knoll Flex Back facilitates changes in posture and position throughout the workday. The Flex Top extends the range of movement, allowing you to sit comfortably in any position (even sideways). The curvature of the chair’s figure 8 structure combined with the specific tension, pattern and unique properties of Flex Net enables side-to-side flex and ensures optimal localized support for shoulders and lumbar region. Responding to your range of movement, the Flex Top folds over the top edge of the back providing a comfortable armrest for side sitting or other informal postures.
generation Generation by Knoll

Kid Portraits with Character

  Kid Portraits with Character
After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from Jason Lee’s creative kids photography, I decided to look for other parent photographers. My search led me halfway across the world to Australia where I found Michelle Dupont. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

60 Dazzling Fashion Brochure Designs

Fashion brochures, catalogues and magazines are one of the primary ways that fashion companies and brands market themselves to potential clients and buyers. A well designed brochure can communicate not only the product information and details, but also establish a brand identity that the buyer will associate with a given desirable quality, such as elegance, edginess, sexiness or professionalism.

This post showcases 60 dazzling and well designed fashion brochures, fashion catalogues and fashion magazines that not only have a unique image, but also exhibit quality principles of design.
fashion 52 60 Dazzling Fashion Brochure Designs

Freebie Friday – Win a Pair of Inspired Boots by Whooga

I’m very proud to introduce you the most awaited post of this two weeks. This week’s “Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun” number 10… is even more sexy and with more than 100 pictures. You gotta check it!!

Tokyo Apartment Sou Fujimoto

Mike Bertino

Yanko Tsvetkov Maps Stereotypes

Yanko Tsvetkov Maps Stereotypes 01 Yanko Tsvetkov Maps Stereotypes

Graphic Designer Yanko Tsvetkov recently created this series of mapped stereotypes. Each map plays up notions of what each nation thinks of every other respective nation in the EU. It’s a nice jab in the side of the EU, with the French map labeling Italy as ‘Noisily Friendly People’, Germany labeling Belgium as ‘Waffles’, and Italy labeling the UK as ‘Wembley Stadium’, it’s a fun little jab at perceptions. All the prints are available online.

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