Cap Rocat Mallorca, Spain

Check out this wonderful hotel just minutes from the cosmopolitan city of Palma, Mallorca. More info and pictures!

Cap Rocat Mallorca, Spain

Cap Rocat Mallorca, Spain

More info and pictures!

Candy Shop Design that looks like a drawing by Red Group

Red Design Group is an Australian company that creates creative and exciting environments for retail business across the board (from 7-11 stores to high-end luxury retailers) and they even have quite a space of their own. One of their recent projects was a candy store, also located in Melbourne

More Images an Info at LooksFeelsWorks!

Arumi coffee table by Krizalid Studio

Arumi midori & Arumi Mizuiro, the side tables created by Belgian designers of the Krizalid Studio.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Arumi coffee table by Krizalid Studio
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PKC is Tea Table

More info:
Fb: Purple King Crew
Twitter: @purplekingcrew

A Room That Elevates Through The Home

The heart of the house is a 3×3.5m elevator platform that moves freely up and down between the three floors. (More pictures and video here)
elevator room by oma
Check out more pictures and video of the Room That Elevates Through The Home. Via Enpundit


Enjoy this cool #272 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Squish Studio by Saunders Architecture

Saunders Architecture designed the Squish Studio on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. (more photos here)

Check out more photos of the Squish Studio by Saunders Architecture. Via Enpundit

Efeet Collection – a stand against boring dishes

Designer Dylan Kendall created a funny ceramic collection for kitchen and bathroom called “Efeet Collection”. It consists of footed dishware, claw-foot soap dishes and toothy tooth brush cups. “Ever wonder what would happen if you closed your eyes for a moment only to open them and find yourself in another world? A place of magic where the adventure of dining begins with dishware that stands on its own.” Have fun!

More Pictures and Info at LooksFeelsWorks!

Casa Dauz by Volta Arquitectos

Check out this great house southeast of the city of Puebla, Mexico. Three volumes form the exterior, one facing the street, another containing private spaces and the last to connect these opposing wings with common areas. More info and pictures!

 Casa Dauz by Volta Arquitectos

 Casa Dauz by Volta Arquitectos

More info and pictures!

Soft Parcel

What could be the easiest way to upholster a piece of furniture? We took a piece of foam and wrapped it with fabric in the same way you make a parcel. The fabric looks like paper and the product becomes a gift. Sometimes the shape of a present becomes more important than the actual content. In this case the inside could be whatever you wish it to be. The parcels are soft and work as modules to build different comfortable seating possibilities. When the trolley is loaded with parcels it becomes an easy chair.

MindSparkle Magazine
MindSparkle Magazine

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KNÄPPA, the Ikea Cardboard Camera update

A week ago we presented the Ikea Cardboard cameraas a present the Ikea group gave to the press. Today a video about this camera was released with information about how to use it and its technical “innovations”.

The camera will be handed out for free to all customers who purchase anything from their PS Furniture Collection.

Check out the video at LooksFeelsWorks!

Reverence Coffee Table by YHY

Designed by Yoann Henry Yvon, Reverence is a unique and fantastic coffee table, crafted to give the effect of an optical illusion.

The two legs of the table curve all the way around to one-hundred and eighty degrees, until they end where the other one begins. The large round top is adequate for holding dishes and glasses, and the space beneath can be used to conceal items.

Available in a number of colors, the most effective tones for getting a truly optical illusion design is those which are multi-colored, layers of differing shades to help create a circular motion effect.

More Info and Pictures at LooksFeelsWorks!

A photographer’s home

Check out this great place where photographer, typographer and art director Jakob Nylund lives together with his girlfriend Mia. More info and pictures!

A photographer's home

A photographer's home

More info and pictures!

Daily Inspirations no. 413

I am sure your mind is perfectly relaxed after the weekend and we may dive into another fresh set of creative inspirations our team put together. The ones following us know what our daily inspirations consist of … it’s not about the photos, illustrations and traditional art only … there is something for everyone. So let’s take a look what we got. In the photo section do not miss the swimming ape in Are you looking at me by Oat Vaiyaboon. There are several cool illustrations … but today I’ll pick just one, and it’s gonna be very cartoonish. Love it. Anyway, the artwork is called Digital Painting & Illustration, and Daniel Djanie is the talented author behind it. I believe we were already featuring artworks by Jenny Liz Rome … some of you may remember. If you do not remember it doesn’t matter … just check her latest artwork here at Cruzine called Bear #2. How sexy is that?! At the very end of my intro I am gonna recommend a nice poster freebie at the bottom called Black & Orange PSD Flyer Template by Flyerheroes. Enjoy!

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Profile chair by Knauf & Brown

A chair created by Canadian designers D. Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Profile chair by Knauf & Brown
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