Villa Storingavika by Saunders Architecture


Completed in 2008, Villa Storingavika was designed by Saunders Architecture. This modern two floor residence is located on the outskirts of Bergen, Norway.

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Etsy Offices by Matiz Architecture & Design

Matiz Architecture & Design has designed offices for Etsy, the leading handmade online marketplace in Brooklyn, New York. The architect say that the core common spaces are contained within two continuous curved walls which permit passage and reinforce transparency. Handmade materials are introduced throughout the space promoting the brand and contrasting the loft space.

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Tomar Hill House by Contaminar Arquitectos


Tomar Hill House was designed by Contaminar Arquitectos as a holiday home. It is located in Tomar, Portugal, enjoying the magnificent surrounding landscape.

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Luxury Loft Apartment Renovation by Guillaume Gentet


This luxury loft apartment was designed by Guillaume Gentet. The modern interior is located in Greenwich Village, New York, USA.

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Brazilian House by Otta Albernaz Arquitetura

Brazilian House with Stylish Architecture and Rustic Materials - InteriorZine
The architectural solution for the house consists of two perpendicular to each other pavilions that have open glass walls and vast windows toward the inner garden and closed secluded cube facades toward the street. This arrangement sustains a close and open relationship with the nature, as was intended by the owners and designers, at the same time provides a privet retreat for the inhabitants in the cozy, comfort zone of this small paradise garden.

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Cozy Loft 9b in Bulgaria

Architect Dimitar Karanikolov has designed a small reconstructed loft in Sofia, Bulgaria. The architect say that a massive dark “cube” occupies the center of the living room, hiding the bathroom (which sits on the top of the building’s elevator shaft). The “cube” is clad in thin (16mm) custom made concrete panels that continue inside as well.

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House for Life by Ryntovt Design


House for Life was designed by Ryntovt Design. This 2,906 square foot contemporary home is located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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Low budget family house in Prague by LABOR13


LABOR13 have designed this low budget contemporary family house located in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Gear Tie Dockable


The versatile, flexible Gear Tie Dockable Twist Tie bundles, stores and hangs even the most bulky or unruly tools and gear, keeping them organized and accessible where you store them and functional on the go.

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World’s Grandest Abandoned Hotels

Grand banqueting halls, opulent lobbies and vast ballrooms; you could easily be forgiven for thinking this was a collection of photographs was documenting some of Europe’s grandest hotels. However, a closer look will reveal the majestic rooms to be engulfed in swathes of dust and moss; hotels that once hosted royals and high society abandoned to the elements. This is the latest result of urban exploration photography, going beyond “no entry” signs to capture images of dilapidated buildings across Europe. IT worker Thomas Windisch, from Graz in Austria, indulged his passion for photography by traveling across the continent, visiting over 100 abandoned hotels along the way. Here: inside a hotel in Austria. (Photo by Thomas Windisch/Caters News)

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House 02 by Ramūnas Manikas and Valdas Kontrimas


The modern minimalist interior of House 02 was remodeled by Ramūnas Manikas in collaboration with Valdas Kontrimas. The house is located in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

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Chic Apartment in Paris by Sandra Benhamou


The interior of this chic apartment was completed by Sandra Benhamou. It is located in Paris, France.

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Apartment in Sofia by Interioro Design Studio

Feminine Trendy Cool Apartment in Sofia -
Clean shapes and modern style of cozy environment – this was the idea when we started the furnishing of this apartment, an apartment similar to a house by its size and functionality situated at the foot of Vitosha mountain. The area of 240 m2 is designed to provide maximum functionality and well-defined personal space for each person from the four member family.

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Mexican Villa by CDM Arquitectos

Vacation Villa Completely Open to the Mexican Pacific Bay -
Maintaining open and uninterrupted connection with its surroundings the SJAI house is not only beautifully nested between palms and endemic plants, not only completely open to the Mexican Pacific Bay by extended pool terrace, but also the material palette chosen by the architects from CDM Arquitectos is mainly local and environmentally friendly.

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Casa IV by Suite Arquitetos

Casa IV in Sao Paulo -
The project of 900 m² drew attention also to the constant presence of wood. The material was used in panels, flooring, furniture and even the porch pergola, bringing the feeling of warmth and coziness. The wood also influence the choice of color environment. “We look for shades that illuminate the decor, but it was important that the palette was in harmony with the brown of the wood and the green outdoor area.” says the architect.

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