a7ab38a3f8d65970796f6fcacc227853 onWall
A series of wallpapers created for onWall by Nico189.

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Shelfie Bike Mount

Shelfie Bike Mount 1 Shelfie Bike Mount
Shelfie works as both a bicycle wall mount and a decent home accessory that looks cool with or without anything else on it. The most killer features are that you only need a second to hang your bike using its seat as a hook and it’ll look like a stylish décor item or shelf when you are out with your bike.

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35 Most Inspired Workspaces

1154 35 Most Inspired Workspaces
Collection of the most inspired designer workspaces created by top dribbble users.

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Pulling off Minimalist Interior without Being too Modest

The main concept of minimalist design is to simplify the space to a point where you can no longer remove any design element without breaking the balance. The main misconception about minimalism is that it’s colourless and lacking ornamentation. If you look at early minimalist art, it uses bold colour and basic patterns.

minimalist interior design blue Pulling off Minimalist Interior without Being too Modest

Minimalist design doesn’t necessarily mean white or sterile.

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A Man With a Very Big Heart Repurposes Trash to Make Tiny Homes for the Homeless

1131 A Man With a Very Big Heart Repurposes Trash to Make Tiny Homes for the Homeless
In Oakland, one compassionate artist named Gregory Kloehn, with the help of many others in the community, is turning trash into treasure for the homeless. He gathers various materials from dumpsters, curbs, and commercial waste to create tiny mobile shelters.

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Magnetic Wallpaper By Sian Zeng

188 Magnetic Wallpaper By Sian Zeng
Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper by Sian Zeng. This magnetic wallpaper will bring fairy tales to life in a child’s room. Magical woodlands wallpaper in toile style printed in England with eco friendly inks on paper from sustainable forests.

Roll dimensions : 52cm X 10 M Length. Repeat size: 53cm half drop. Magnet receptive liner: 61cm width (no pattern repeat) 2x5m roll a total of 10m. The magnet receptive liner is pasted onto the wall first with pre-mixed wallpaper paste. Once it has dried the Woodlands Wallpaper is pasted on top to create this magnetic woodlands wall.

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Seductive Lighting By Nymphs

1711 650x433 Seductive Lighting By Nymphs

I think we tend to forget what a big impact to our perception of the world has light. Nymphs lamps are created to remind us that.

Real beauty is not the lamp, it’s the atmosphere and emotion it creates. Light patterns create paintings on your walls make you wonder around, dream and forget about daily problems. Dim light is not for a good read, but for a conversation with another, for sharing a piece of your soul and getting the same in return, for the most intimate moments in our lives. For those who seek for more passion in their lives, are tired of candles for romance, paintings for home decor, who love natural materials and handmade work this will bring a lot of joy.

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Leica Store in Geisha Neighborhood, Japan

Leica Store Kyoto 2 zpsf811d195 Leica Store in Geisha Neighborhood, Japan

Camera maker Leica latest flagship store in Kyoto that operates in Gion, a traditional geisha neighborhood. A 100-year-old, two-story traditional townhouse has been reconstructed using artisan techniques, retaining the exterior and the original structure, has been married to the Leica worldview, creating a unique Leica store unlike any before it. Continue reading >>

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Beautiful Apartment Design with Rustic Accents

Beautiful Apartment Design with Rustic Accents Beautiful Apartment Design with Rustic Accents

Located in Barcelona, Spain, any loft already has a dose of refinement. We already wrote something about the artists that lived or simply created at some point in Spain, useless to mention again about Gaudi and his architecture with crazy lines and gorgeous color cast. The loft we want to share with you today is exquisite feminine and was designed by Studio Vuong.

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Movement in Lines by Brani & Desi

Brani Desi Movement in Lines 121 Movement in Lines by Brani & Desi
Brani & Desi is a creative art and design Sofia-based studio with driving force the experienced interior designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova. The main goal of the designers is to create spaces where geometry, colors and functions have equivalent responsibility.

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Spring Watering Can

spring modern watering can goods design 4 650x981 Spring Watering Can
Made of brightly colored polyethylene with a matte finish, this Dutch watering can was designed by Robert Bronwasser for Goods. The ergonomic design has a slender spout and a large opening for ease of filling with a faucet or hose. The watering can’s organic shape gives it the appearance of a flowering plant, a simple look that will complement any garden, indoors or out.

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Gorgeous Duplex in Sweeden

architecture concept home Gorgeous Duplex in Sweeden

We will share with you today this clean home design enhanced by color and personality despite it’s minimalist approach. Behind the designing of this apartment spreaded on two levels, stand ConceptHome, and the arrangement presented has several interesting features. The high ceilings and the large windows that frame the surrounding landscape contribute to the strong impression of the area.

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BULBING – optical illusion LED lamp

logo2 BULBING   optical illusion LED lamp

BULBING is a versatile LED lamp, 3D optical illusion design object, by Studio Cheha. A calming light to suit any mood at any room. BULBING is a sleek and functional design piece, an everyday object with innovative design. A functional design piece with a twist that merges the 2D & 3D Worlds, forcing people to rethink their everyday objects. Made of wooden base and acrylic glass design.

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take-off light

takeoff lightning many web 650x433 take off light
The lampshade is made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stiches which can be enlarged at will. So it is possible to determine where the light passes through the lampshade. This leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns. The metal frame is to be stuck to one piece, to which the paper sheets are fixed by magnets.

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Wooden Apartment With Amazing Rustic Details

rustic interior design Casa Cojana 17 Wooden Apartment With Amazing Rustic Details

Cortina d’Ampezzo is an adorable alpine resort situated in Italy. In this resort you can enjoy a beautiful welcoming cozy apartment entirely designed in wood. It’s certain already that wood inspires you a winter, snowy feeling. Suited for a perfect holiday retreat, Casa Cojana provides this rustic yet modern and original living environment.

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