SoundCloud Headquarters Space by KINZO

New Headquarters Space of Online Platform SoundCloud by KINZO - InteriorZine
KINZO created this dynamic and artistic headquarters space for the online platform SoundCloud. Staying true to its holistic design approach KINZO designers turn this old brewery building in Berlin into inspired office space that emanates and encourages innovation and creativity.

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House at Mill Creek by Pedevilla Architects

Gustav Willeit Photography

Pedevilla Architects have designed the House at Mill Creek, a minimalist single-family home located in Bolzano, Italy.

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Loft 002 Rad Design project

Loft 002 - Rad Design project in Toronto
Loft 002 is a project made by Rad Design studio in the King West Area neighborhood from Toronto, Canada. Loft 002 is dominated by earth tones, inclusively seen at the contemporary pieces of furniture that complement the exposed concrete surfaces.

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Couin de Vacque by Jamie Falla Architecture


Jamie Falla Architecture have designed the Couin de Vacque, a modern house with glass walls that maximize the views of the stunning landscape. The house replaces a dilapidated 1950’s two storey villa located in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

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Luxury Residential by Tate Hindle

Private Luxury Residential by Tate Hindle - InteriorZine
This brick-walled beauty has preserved its historical and cultural heritage and appearance even after its renovation and transformation into 30 private luxury residential units. The Old Library and The Gallery of the Victorian Royal Leamington Spa have been renovated and redesign by Tate Hindle, offering at the end an impressive, eclectic fusion between vintage charm and modern installations – in terms of interior design, architecture and structures.

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Spotify offices in Stockholm

Spotify offices in Stockholm - Adolfsson & Partners (12)
Adolfsson & Partners has designed and created the interiors for Spotify offices located in Stockholm, Sweden. The offices spread on a surface of 8045sqm and include 660 workstations and 75 meeting rooms. The designers’ objective was to create a work space which ensures a good balance between creativity and play.

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Portuguese Bar Instalacao

Faery of Gold and Silver – Portuguese Bar Instalacao -
Faery of gold and silver, urban light installations and vivid brass elements – define the image of this Portuguese bar called very ingeniously “installation” – Instalação. The floating tunnel – like architecture, predetermined by the long narrow space and its arches, hosts modernistic and urban ambiance inspired by Olafur Eliasson installation and provokes the sensation of dancing in a spaceship.

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Suehiro House by ALTS Design Office

Suehiro House by ALTS Design Office-01

ALTS Design Office have designed the Suehiro House, a comfortable two storey home for a family located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

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Private Residence by Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design


This private residence is located in San Francisco, California. It was completed in 2012 by Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design for a couple whose hobby is racing motorcycles.

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Photographer’s Studio over a Boathouse by Gh3


Gh3 have completed in 2007 the Photographer’s Studio project, a glass house situated on the edge of the Stony Lake, in Ontario, Canada.

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Vacation Home with stunning ocean views by Boora Architects

Private-Retreat-by-Boora-Architects-360-House-10 (1)

Boora Architects have designed the 360 House, a vacation home on the Oregon Coast wich provides 360º stunning views of the ocean and the wonderful landscape.

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Lefevre Beach House by Longhi Architects


Lefevre Beach House was completed in 2008 by Longhi Architects. This modern beach house is located where the desert meets the ocean, on Misterio Beach, south of Lima, Peru.

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Modern bathroom: wood, stone and shadows

Modern bathroom by Paul Vetrov wood, stone and shadows - HomeWorldDesign (1)
This modern bathroom has been designed by the ukrainian designer Pavel Vetrov. The project uses environmental materials, emphasizing the wood and stone that give elegance, warmth and comfort.

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Energy-efficient House by Cooper Scaife Architects


Cooper Scaife Architects have designed this energy-efficient house in Hamilton, Australia.

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G House by Nuca Studio

Nuca Studio has designed G House in Bucharest, Romania. The architect say that it was the owners’ lifestyle that provided the starting point in the design of this house: the family is always surrounded by relatives and friends, which implies a high degree of house occupancy every weekend, as well as many ongoing activities. The building was thus designed as a shifted, irregular volume, ensuring the existence of several “centres of interest” on each of the two levels, and, at the same time, the opening of several areas towards the outside.

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