Interior Design Trend – The Dark Schemes are Back

Interior Design Trends 2015 – The Dark Color Schemes are Back - InteriorZine
The new trend in coloring and interior design atmosphere coming fresh from the imm Cologne trade fair speaks of a dark turn in the interior design, of a dynamic and moody ambiances and dramatic suggestions in the interior solution – reflecting the reality of the world’s historic development and global situation.

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9 Hours: Capsule Hotel in Kyoto

A characteristic feature of this trendy capsule hotel in Kyoto is that you can get a place to sleep at “9 hours”. The main theme of this place is the Japanese simplicity and the local hospitality. You can relax there, take a shower and get some sleep. In each capsule is the screen, one-sheets and even pajamas.

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Minimalist Loft by Oliver Interior Design


This minimalist loft is a 4,560 square feet comfortable living space designed by Oliver Interior Design. The simple but modern home is located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

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Stylish residential apartment by GA design


This stylish residential apartment is located in Mumbai, India and was designed by GA design.
The look of this 1200 sq.ft. three bedroom apartment maintains a modern minimalist and breezy design , yet very cool and sophisticated.

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Artistic Restaurant in Athens

Urban Garden Restaurant in Athens - InteriorZine
Urban Garden is very happily chosen and descriptive name for this contemporary and artistic restaurant project located in Athens, Greece. The architects from AK_A successfully create a welcoming and fresh atmosphere that resemblance a relaxing garden and picnic atmosphere but with a modern edge and dynamic approach towards details.

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City West Water Head Office by Gray Puksand

City West Water Head Office - InteriorZine
So this new headquarter for City West Water company created by Gray Puksand is ideologically linked to the 3 natural states of the water (the main work target for the company) – ice, liquid and vapour – the design concept is imaginative, colorful and welcoming.

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Spillo Table by Extendo, Italy

«Spillo» table is the new idea of design made by EXTENDO, a brand 100% made in Italy, specialized in the design and production of interior design.


The name «Spillo» in italian language means «Pin», since the innovation of this table is the top: it is in 6 millimiters HPL (High Pressure Laminate), milled around the edge to a thickness of just 3 mm, without give up the resistance.

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Loft ESN by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Loft ESN – an Exceptional Transformation into Spacious Living Space - InteriorZine
Following the latest tendency of transforming the industrial areas of all big and prospering city into residential neighborhoods the architects from Ippolito Fleitz Group created this spacious and vital living space on the place of former army barracks and ex office space at the industrial area of Esslingen.

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Wooden Rhapsody for Bohemian Life-Style

Fichman Residence-Wooden Rhapsody for Bohemian Life-Style - InteriorZine
Bohemian life-style residence – vine cellar, art collections and sliding panels in gorgeous wooden colors. Inspired from Japanese tradition and elegant simplicity the minimalistic furnishing and multipurpose arrangements fit the small penthouse architecture perfectly. The architects and developers from regionalArchtects execute skillful crafting of contemporary architectural detail while composing the design and artful ambiance for this downtown Toronto property.

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Moscow Studio by Max Kassymov

Chic Moscow Studio - InteriorZine
Max Kassymov designed the interior of a small apartment in Moscow. He was able to transform small space area of ​​only 34 square meters into the stylish and comfortable home.

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Unique Bachelor’s Nest by AT26

Trendy and Unique Bachelor’s Nest - InteriorZine
This dynamic and original apartment, situated in Piestany, Slovakia, has much to offer as an intriguing interior and timeless approach towards design. The designers, from AT26 architecture & design team, successfully use the contrast of black and white surfaces, ceramic tiles and oak veneer, painted brick walls and shining gold ornaments to create trendy and unique bachelors nest.

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Valentine’s Day! Interiors with Love by Wallsheaven

“Love is a canvas!” – so say designers from Do we need to write more? On the occasion of the greatest day of the year, let’s see the collection of design canvas prints dedicated to all lovers. We wish you more and more love!

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Your moment in your space with “50 Moments of Grey” collection by PIXERS

The E.L. James’ book, “50 Shades of Grey”, changed the life of millions of women, who discovered their own, till now unconscious, erotic fantasies. The novel has been sold in dozen of millions of copies and it was adapted into a movie by Sam Taylor-Johnson. It also became an inspiration for PIXERS team, which created a new special collection of wall decorations called “50 Moments of Grey”. The collection features 50 artistic nudes in black and white, which can be printed as canvas prints, posters and wall murals.

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The Loft by The Playing Circle

The Loft - conceptual pop-up store by The Playing Circle - www.homeworlddesign. com (1)
The Loft is a project of The Playing Circle Company from Amsterdam that represents a periodically recurring conceptual pop-up store. Loft is a showroom concept, a space arranged as a house in which all the supplies and decorations are for sale, including carpets, books and pieces of art. Loft has been opened to the public for a month and it hosted several activities: conferences, tea nights, movie nights, etc.

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Objet élevé by Mieke Meijer

Mieke Meijer designed Objet élevé for his residence in Wassenaar. Designer say that Objet élevé is an installation in three parts that functions as a connection between two floors while also offering space to work, collect and store. Objet élevé is strongly related to previous installations by Studio Mieke Meijer that were inspired on photographs by Bernd & Hilla Becher.

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