Lefevre Beach House by Longhi Architects


Lefevre Beach House was completed in 2008 by Longhi Architects. This modern beach house is located where the desert meets the ocean, on Misterio Beach, south of Lima, Peru.

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Modern bathroom: wood, stone and shadows

Modern bathroom by Paul Vetrov wood, stone and shadows - HomeWorldDesign (1)
This modern bathroom has been designed by the ukrainian designer Pavel Vetrov. The project uses environmental materials, emphasizing the wood and stone that give elegance, warmth and comfort.

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Energy-efficient House by Cooper Scaife Architects


Cooper Scaife Architects have designed this energy-efficient house in Hamilton, Australia.

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G House by Nuca Studio

Nuca Studio has designed G House in Bucharest, Romania. The architect say that it was the owners’ lifestyle that provided the starting point in the design of this house: the family is always surrounded by relatives and friends, which implies a high degree of house occupancy every weekend, as well as many ongoing activities. The building was thus designed as a shifted, irregular volume, ensuring the existence of several “centres of interest” on each of the two levels, and, at the same time, the opening of several areas towards the outside.

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House BM by Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu


The House BM was completed in 2011 by Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu. This contemporary house with facade made up of windows is located in Ghent, Belgium.

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Single-family residence by Baran Studio


Baran Studio has designed this single-family residence, a contemporary home with a minimalist interior located in North Oakland, California, USA.

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Interior RDD by INT2 Architecture

INT2 Architecture has designed an apartment in Moscow called Interior RDD. The designer say that open area of apartment (living room, dining room and kitchen) spatially resolved as enfilade. Zones are located on the same axis, creating end-to-end perspective and unusual for standard design feeling of space and air. Three zones of the enfilade, each of which has its own centre and feature. In the center of the kitchen area is a wide island with hob and breakfast bar for breakfast. The wall is a narrow cabinet with open regiments and a small bar for the sliding doors at the bottom.

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Concrete Villa in Switzerland by Angelo Pozzoli


Villa Lugano was designed by Angelo Pozzoli. The three storey concrete villa is located on a hilly land in Lugano, Switzerland offering amazing views to the lake and mountains.

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Emmaroz: Women’s Tailor and Store

Hungarian designer Miklós Kiss has created a beautiful interior for Emmaroz, Women’s Tailor and Store in Hungary. The designer say that my inspiration for the interior design was feminity, purity and an original salon atmosphere. Entering through the door the customer is greeted by an imposing space, its centre is a monumental architecture object, a staircase that leads to the gallery. The structure is similar to a loom.

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Residence Veranda by Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement


Residence Veranda is a single-family home completed in 2015 by Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement. It is located in Boucherville, Canada.

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Two Storey Residence by Otto Medem Architecture


This two storey residence was designed by Otto Medem Architecture. It is located in Valdemorillo, a small town in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain.

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Skylight House by Andrew Burges Architects


Skylight House was renovated and extended by Andrew Burges Architects. This cozy family home is located in Sydney, Australia.

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Apartment in Mouraria by José Andrade Rocha

House in Mouraria minimal and modern in a historic neighbourhood in Lisbon - HomeWorldDesign  (1)
This apartment, located in the old Mouraria neighborhood from Lisbon, Portugal, has suffered many transformations over the years, which involved various partitions of the space. The relationship with the street was under-explored and the connections between social and private areas were ambiguous.

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Holiday House in Canada

Canadian Holiday House with Clear Architectural Lines - InteriorZine.com
This Canadian holiday house impresses with its clear architectural lines and structures, modern and elegant design and minimalistic approach toward furnishing, color scheme and shapes in the interior. The house offers fresh and dynamic atmosphere and ideological merger between interior and exterior.

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Black House Blues by Studija Archispektras


Black House Blues was designed by Studija Archispektras for a couple in love with the blues music. This modern home is located in Kulautuva, a small village in Lithuania.

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