H + M Apartment in Vienna

Beautiful Restored H + M Apartment by Studio Destilat - InteriorZine.com
Design studio Destilat managed a restoration of H + M apartment in Vienna, Austria, located in a classic old building dating from the turn of the 19th century. The architects have modified the original layout of the apartment, making it more functional. The kitchen has become part of the living area, thus freeing extra space for a child’s room overlooking the courtyard.

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Canvas prints with cinematography stars by PIXERS


Thinking of cinema definitely brings to mind sparkling Hollywood, a place where real stars are born and whose fame will last.

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Riba House Interior by SVOYA Studio

Riba House by SVOYA Studio - InteriorZine.com
The main idea of SVOYA Studio was based on the combination and the interaction of color, material and texture contrasts. Black gloss kitchen and a moss panel, bright polished marble and dark matte wood, prominency and perfect smoothness are harmonized with eco design elements.

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The Austrian Loft by Tatyana Bobyleva

The Austrian Loft project by Tatyana Bobyleva, comprises the restoration of a small apartment in an old building. The intrigue of this interior comes from the contrast in the materials used – exposed red bricks, green smooth walls, and a cement floor.

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17 Stunning Office Spaces

Gorgeous Office Spaces 12
Check out our top 17 gorgeous office spaces compiled form numerous sources to hopefully inspire your inner interior guru and rework your workspace into something more glamorous. Just remember, your colleagues are judging you.

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Exotic and Modern Restaurant in Indonesia

Eastern Exotic and Modern Simplicity at Carpediem Restaurant - InteriorZine
This Indonesian restaurant with its smooth and welcoming ambiance combines, charmingly the modern design and architecture configurations with local craftsmanship of rattan furniture production. The architects from Sidharta Architects created serene and elegant space that hosts the beautiful rattan weaved furniture pieces in an eclectic fusion of eastern exotic and elegance with modern simplicity.The color palette of the restaurant contributes significantly to its warm and inviting ambiance – the earthly colors, the dominion of wood tones and variations, and the soft light – all promise one truly remarkable dining experience.

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Freshness, joy and color

Freshness, joy and color interior design by Elina Dasira - www.homeworlddesign. com (1)
The apartment from the photos belongs to a young couple and it is located in a village on the coast of Crete, a few kilometres away from the city of Chania, Greece. The owners have turned to studio Elina Dasira to fulfil their wish of having a modern and comfortable apartment, of which they can enjoy with family and friends. They wanted each room to have its own identity and unique atmosphere, the interior design has been approached starting from the three seasons, namely spring, summer and fall.

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Did you ever wanted to have you own pet-gorilla? Now you can!

elephant 650 x 500
Inspired by the classic animal trophies I set out to find a timeless design you love to look at every day. The complex yet simple polygon structure reflects the modern design-approach. The Papertrophy animals feature a minimalistic cubic design. It represents simplicity while offering an astonishing look through shadows and light on the trophies. Their bright and vibrant colors create depth and radiate an extravagant elegance. I designed two stand up figures and five wall hanging trophies.

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Star Trek Theme Apartment

Interior designer Tony Alleyne stands in his «Star Trek» theme studio apartment in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England. The apartment took nearly 10 years to redesign in the style of the «Star Trek» Starship Enterprise on approximately US$1.7 million. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

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Design Canvas Prints by Shaunia McKenzie & Wallsheaven

As Horace wrote, “picture is a poem without words”. Designer Shaunia McKenzie in cooperation with Wallsheaven.com has created a collection of wall murals and canvas prints. And that’s exactly what Horace had in mind.

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Carpet Design 2015

Carpet Design Trends 2015
Here the newest trends, colors, forms, materials and innovations in floor covering and carpets fashion for 2015. The feel that floor covering is an essential part of the interior decoration, not just some small detail, will become a fact. There are many new trends that turn the floor into an exciting and even defining design factor.

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Modern Apartment Created for a Young Family

Moscow Apartment Created for a Young Family - InteriorZine
The open plan living area that brings together the kitchen zone, dining set and delicately detached soft siting premise is framed by elegantly curved window ceiling and by our favorite signature touch of 2B.GROUP – vibrant and luxuriant green wall. The living area dominated and space defined by the artistic yellow rug that is supplemented by the warm yellow shade of the walls and the sofa corner unit. The play of contemporary and clear lined shapes and the character defying colors creates a line of fresh furniture and memorable surrounded elements.

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Moooi Prop Light

Prop Light Lamp - InteriorZine.com
Prop Light has numerous variants: from an elongated pendant lamp that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, disc-shaped wall and ceiling also elongated and round-shaped floor lamps. Prop Light is equipped with a comfortably warm LED light source, spreading its light by a specially developed optics.

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Hexagonal Tile Collection by Equipe Ceramica

Hexagonal Floor Tiles by Equipe Ceramica - InteriorZine.com

exatile collection of wall and floor porcelain tile can magically change the decor of your home. Jast think about of patchwork patterns and shapes – the combinations are endless. You can see Hexatile Matte collection by Equipe Ceramica and many interior concepts with hexagonal floors tiles, they have made.

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Trübel House Designed by L3P Architekten

The sculptured reinforced concrete and steel framework in black-coloured exposed concrete is omnipresent: walls, ceilings, floors and even the bookcase are a part of the framework. Floor bedding, sound insulation, flooring, plaster work and paint work that would cover the framework do not appear. The Trübel House is reduced to the elementary on naked exposed concrete, complemented through diverse handmade furniture and enveloped in a glass mantle.

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