A Web Designer Alek Lisefski Built A Tiny House With Zero Debt

Alek Lisefski is a web designer who decided to take everything we know about building a house and flip it on its head. Instead of going in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars, he built his own home for the low, low price of $30,000. It’s only 8x20ft, but that’s what makes it awesome. It’s only 8x20ft, but that’s what makes it awesome. It’s a tiny house, it’s mobile and it looks so cool I would give anything to live in it for a day.

“Inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way.”

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Luxury Residence in Hawaii

Comprising of over 9,200 sq ft of adaptable living space, this extravagance home is placed between Kaanapali and Kapalua. The undertaking was finished in late 2009 by Arri Lecron.

The detail incorporates 7 rooms, each with an extravagant shower, in addition to an appended oceanfront 529 sq ft visitor home with one room / one restroom.

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Fresh and Colorful Two Level Apartment in Madrid

A house becomes a home in the presence of a few key pieces that make it a place not only functional but also pleasant to live in. This lovely, colourful apartament welcomes us with bright natural light, a feature that gives a positive vibe while making the place look more spacious at the same time. Located in an attic in downtown of the beautiful Madrid, the apartment is structured and furnished for a modern couple, combining utility with cosy elements.

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Charming Home Design with Modern Textures and Rustic Furniture

Traditional elements give a fascinating touch to any house and build a warm and alluring space. Here we have an amazing home designed by Marta Espregueira Mendes and found on Casa Tres Chic. With a breathtaking living space opening towards an unique kitchen, a great hallway and a nice bedroom, this crib looks ideal for a small family with an special way to spend the life.

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Sophisticated Loft Design

Situated in Bansko, a sky resort from Bulgaria, this exquisite loft is part of Fimera Design Studio’s portfolio. The 350 square meter apartment gives a feeling of contemporary glamor from every corner. Skylights fill up the double-height lower level with natural light, composing a homey environment. Including four apartments into an ample reunion of residential spaces, the loft’s new floor plan extends over two levels.

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Unique Apartment Design in Moscow

In designing this home from Moscow, Ekaterina Avrutskaya (designer) and Alexander Akinkin (architect) came up with interesting solutions. The 13 Fox Masques Apartment was originally built in the mid 90s and therefore displayed a common layout and out-of-date designs. Found on Afflante, this changed house is an amazing mix of colors and textures, resulting in a fresh environment throughout its insides.

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Great Loft Design in Stockholm

This wonderful apartment located in Stockholm showcases the great and inspirational Scandinavian design. With wooden beams and brick walls, the planners focused on bringing life to a distinctive sterile living space, simplicity being the word that describes this home, as an ultimate sophistication. Nuances as blue, pink and orange interrupt the continuous flow of the abundant white.

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Stylish Apartment Design in Berlin

This beautiful apartment was designed by the owner himself, Peter Fehrentz, an interior designer. He completed the design of his 60 square meters apartment in Schöneberg, an up-and-coming, stylish and artistic neighborhood in west Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a city with abundance of emotions and contrasts, “lively, complex, multicultural, and (…) a source of inspiration”, according to the designer’s description. Due to his profession, the home was garnished freely, without constrains of any kind.

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Chic Two-Rooms Apartment Design

Very beautifully decorated and with a comfy air, this apartment located in Hague has the perfect design for a positive lifestyle. Once you enter it, the colourful hall covered in terracotta floor tiles makes you think at sweet bonbons. The lavish Paul Smith patterned wallpaper gives a perky insight into the apartment’s fluid interior design.

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Colorful Apartment Design in Brazil

Full of colors and interesting features, this apartment situated in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was recently added a new vibrant feel. Gislene Lopes, the designer, took on the challenge of reinventing the individuality of this loft and employed plenty of strong colors and amazing textures in the process. Each of the rooms is well customized, yet the transition between areas is smooth and quite delightful.

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Top 5 bathrooms decor of the world

This beauteous parade of bathrooms, inspired by an array of contrasting countries, demonstrates how to pull elements of inspiration from some of the finest, most luxurious takes on the humble bathroom from across the world. These rooms aren’t intended to give an educational cross section of a typical home in these locations, but rather to take a pinch of flavor from each culture, mix it up with a good measure of panache and a dash of whimsy.

Best bathrooms decor of the world-design in vogue-trends
A rich Moroccan approach is decadent and passionate in a stunning purple palette, and twinkling mosaic tiles.

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Charming Attic Apartment in Sweden

If you have a small apartment you might want to leave all as simple as possible. It is preferably that the entire apartment be painted in white, this way you will have the impression it is bigger and brighter. You should have as little furniture as possible so that the living space allows you to move freely.

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Compact Bachelor Studio with a Mix of Modern with Retro

Suitable for any bachelor seeking comfort, the concept was first of all getting rid of any excessive elements. A place that can breathe and has just enough space for living. You can see the mix of modern and retro, just by looking at the work corner, where you can find a 60′s desk and above, some really modern and clean shelves.

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55 Small Living Room Ideas

Coming up with decorations that are cozy and desirable for a small living room is sometimes challenging. A living room as much as it is small needs creative idea and perfect design. Mostly, you may have to consult from a skilful contractor who will offer real design and decorations styles for your room. Fortunately, you will find various room design ideas in this post which could feed your inspiration of small living room ideas.

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“Flowers from Wallsheaven” on International Women’s Day

What would a world be without women? Probably there would be no world :) March 8 is a special day, especially for the ladies. From early morning all men stand in queues to the florist to buy a bouquet for their women. For mom, sister, wive, daughter and perhaps for a friend.

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