Avo. Self-cleaning Fish Tank


I know we all are fish lovers and fish tanks most certainly bring a splash of color to our cribs. But this fish maintaining business comes along with several issues that transform passion into pure labor: the water changes, cleaning the filter, removing the dirt, the algae that won’t stop growing… not to mention the smelly water. As time goes by, there’s a lot more to take care of than you’ve signed up for.

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Chalk mural for Funsize co.

Chalk mural by Nathan Walker (All The Pretty Colors) and Sujin Lee (Wowsujina). This design was created for Funsize, a mobile company in Austin, TX.

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Hexagonal Organization System Created by Herbst Produkt

HYVE is a modular organization system that grows to fit any space created by Herbst Produkt. Inspired by nature, HYVE is configurable, scalable and comes in four different colors. Thanks to the Quick-Clip system that allows HYVE elements to snap together, there are endless configuration options. All you have to do is play with your imagination. Use it in your kitchen, dining room, garage, kids room, craft room, playroom, laundry room, bathroom, office, studio, anywhere.

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“Life in Expressionism” by Brani & Desi

Life in Expressionism by Brani & Desi

“Life in Expressionism” is a residential house made up of 2 levels and 7 main rooms. The different colors, forms and their combinations evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of confidence, enjoyment and creativity.

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Fun DIY Halloween Home Decorations

It’s that time of year when you can play make believe and create some pretty cool stuff. Making a halloween costume that is funny, clever and amazing is always a must, but sprucing up your home for the Halloween season can sometimes be a challenge. The question is always, where do I start? Here are a few examples of clever Halloween decorations.

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Sort the Wood for the Cold Season Using THE WOOD STACKER


THE WOOD STACKER is a circular segmented frame that separates the firewood into 4 compartments. The storage unit is 1.8 meters in diameter, with a depth of 40cm, and is able of holding one tonne of firewood. The wood stacker frame is made of mild steel with a red-rusted finish, but Unearthed offers a bespoke service.

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The Floyd Shelf


The Floyd Shelf is a tool that allows you create a Shelf from any flat surface by installing the brackets & clamping to the material.

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The Most Luxurious On-Board Airline Bars in the Sky Revealed

There’s nothing like sipping a glass of bubbly on board a flight to an exotic destination.

However, while most economy passengers will enjoy a drink cramped in their seats, for those who turned left as they boarded, it’s another story altogether. Many of the world’s top airline’s offer on-board bars, where, for a seat at a price, passengers can sit on comfy chairs at the bar or lazy on luxury sofas while having their favourite tipple delivered.

Fancy a drink? These airlines are offering some of the best bar service in the skies. Pictured: The Emirates Airbus A380 in-flight bar and lounge. (AFP/Getty Images)

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Simplified Bedding: Life’s Complicated. Your bed shouldn’t be.

Feet hanging out iStock_000030213308Medium

Put any bedding mess, dread or obsession to bed—it’s time to get organized. Simplified Bedding is an integrated duvet cover + flat sheet system designed to make everything about your bed easier and more comfy. Simplified Bedding will refresh how you think about your bed and will, ultimately, streamline your bedding care and expedite each morning.

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Jaime Hayon SAS Royal Hotel Room 506

54 years after the SAS Royal hotel’s (now Radisson Blu Royal Hotel) iconic Room 606 by Arne Jacobsen, furniture maker Fritz Hansen asked the world-renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon to create a total design for Room 506 to match Arne Jacobsen’s Room 606. Like Arne Jacobsen, Jaime Hayon has created a total design for the room, including furniture, works of art, bedspreads, lamps etc. A range of existing Hayon designs for Fritz Hansen including the ‘Favn’ sofa, ‘Analog’ table and ‘Ro’ easy chair are complemented by a number of accessories such as a statement low-hanging ball light, lamps, cabinet, mirror and vase.

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Arne Jacobsen SAS Royal Hotel Room 606


The SAS Royal Hotel, built for the Scandinavian Airlines System in the 1960 is the first design hotel and often considered Arne Jocobsen’s masterpiece. 50 years on and the SAS Royal Hotel is now the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel with completely redeveloped. Only Room 606 has been carefully preserved and remains identical to Jacobsen’s original commission. The Room 606 or Arne Jacobsen Suite,is a showcase for exquisite original Jacobsen décor from the 1960s. The colour palette includes greys, greens and blues, which perfectly complement the wenge wood details and representative furniture.

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CLUG Bike Rack


CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack. It’s the tiny minimal way to hold your bike!

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Original Headboard Design Ideas

Who would think that such a small thing can drastically change not only the interior of the room, but also to improve the overall room’s aura, and at the same time, enhance your sleep, and add something different to everyday life.

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Animal-themed wall décor products by PIXERS


Animal motifs in interiors are decorative, adorable, and original. PIXERS, one of the largest online stores for wall murals, wall decals, canvases and posters, decided to put them on walls and created a collection of beautiful animal-themed wall décor products.

The collection features domestic animals like gorgeous cats, dogs, horses or deer and picturesque birds symbolizing power, wisdom, grace, and pure beauty. It also contains inspiring wild animals which go great with other elements in the interiors and can create elegant and minimalistic effects. Animal motifs can be the theme of interiors or just a small decoration but for sure they will look great!

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The 24 Most Incredible Living Rooms Around the World


In today’s post we gather together the top 25 most incredible living room designs around the world in 2014. Most of these are really amazing, no doubt.

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