Parisian Attic by Marie Deroudilhe


Space of Parisian Attic got a chic and cozy look thanks to the renowned decorator and interior design Marie Deroudilhe. The dark grey paneling separates the area and bring a new note to the functionality of the space, at the same time adding up a refreshing design element.

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Salva Apartment by Georg Kayser

Spain-based interior designer Georg Kayser has designed Salva Apartment in Barcelona, Spain. The designer say that all small rooms were joint to form a free floating singular space, with the bedroom and bathroom set behind a diagonal running line throughout the apartment. Elegant materials such as marble and oak parquet were used in combination with light colors to give the spaces a simple but noble appearance.

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‘Przystanek Piekarnia’ Bakery by Maciej Kurkowski


Przystanek Piekarnia on Koszykowa Street is a fifth shop of this bakery opened recently in Warsaw. It is located on the ground floor of XIXth century tenement house designed by Józef Hintz, situated in vicinity of the Warsaw Technical University Architecture Faculty.

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Obed Restaurant Design by Studio G-sign

Restaurant so Luxuriantly Adorned with Graffiti - InteriorZine
One artistic project of design Studio G-sign for a fast-food restaurant, which is so luxuriantly adorned with graffiti, wall drawings and design installations that in the end becomes more like refine gourmet place, where one can meet with friends and family, instead of just having a quick bite.

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Brazilian Weekend Home by Studio Arthur Casas

Luxurious and Sophisticated Spirit of Brazilian Weekend Home - InteriorZine
Wonderful example of elegant luxury, contemporary design, all extras needed (swimming pool with Jacuzzi, sauna in the basement, spectacular view) high quality materials and luxuriant tropical plant life – all design to create rich of sunshine and pleasure ambiance.

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Stylish Penthouse in Shanghai by Dariel Studio


This stylish penthouse was designed by Dariel Studio. It is located in Shanghai, China.

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Eclectic loft in Amsterdam by UXUX


The artistic design of this eclectic loft was created by UXUS in 2007. It is located in a historic building on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals, offering panoramic views over the city.

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“Here I am Architect” by Brani & Desi

“Here I am Architect” is a home office of a young architect who is in the start of his carrier. The concept of the space is inspired by the idea of sketching, where with a few lines one creates a whole world.

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Office Space by Studio O+A

Vivid Office Space by Studio O+A - InteriorZine
The dynamic color palate is no doubt, one of the most significant and eye catching aspect of the design approach for this office space but not the only one. The playful thread extends throughout the whole space – through the bicycle wall, the cozy resting nook – centrally situated and clad in wood this unusual “resting sofa“ offers unique experience and peaceful isolation.

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Stunning waterfront property in Hawaii


This waterfront property is located in Paia, Hawaii and provides magnificent views of the ocean.

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Vineyard Villa by GASS Architecture Studios

Romantic Hillside Vineyard Villa - InteriorZine
The name of the property Hillside is given not in vain – the place offers stunning natural surroundings, situated on a mountain slope and nestled between river bend, rolling vineyards and a Koppie- small granite hill, the place appearance is interesting and balanced combination of vintage farmhouse and modern South African architecture.

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Apartment Design by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Sophisticated Indian Apartment with Woven Staircase - InteriorZine
Located in central Mumbai, the creation of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop captures with is artistic presence and light, elegant atmosphere. No doubt the central focal art – point of the space is the wooden staircase with its unusual woven shape, free hanging structure and smooth texture, but the design of the apartment is filed with sophisticated art elements, craft furniture and interesting interior design solutions.

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200 Chambers Penthouse by Incorporated Architecture & Design


The 200 Chambers Penthouse is located in New York, USA and was designed by Incorporated Architecture & Design. The 4000 square foot home with a construction cost of $2,200,000 was designed in 2006.

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Sydney House by Andrew Burges

Skylight House Extension by Andrew Burges - InteriorZine
For the Sydney owners and the architect Andrew Burges this was one of the main goals during the construction of the house addition – improving the connection with the garden and filling the premises with natural light and welcoming sensation.

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Norderhov Cabin by AtelierOslo


The Norderhov Cabin was completed in 2013 by AtelierOslo. It is located on a steep slope in Krokskogen forests, offering fantastic views over the Steinsfjorden, near Hønefoss, Norway.

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