New York City by Julia Yusupov

Julia Yusupov

Julia Yusupov is a talented film and digital photographer based in New York, USA. She captures really good pictures from this wonderful city and its surroudings.

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Fashion Photography by Henrique Gendre

Henrique Gendre

Henrique Gendre initiated his launch into the industry freelancing as a fashion illustrator at the age of 16. He graduated from FAAP Fine Arts College in Sao Paulo and then moved to London where he started working as a photographer.

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Bare Naked Donkervoort D8 GTO

With a bit of luck, you may see one. On the road or on the track. The Donkervoort D8 GTO. With a power-to-weight ratio of less than two, it is one of the fastest street-legal cars in the world. Boasting a power rating of 340 to 380 hp and 450 Nm of torque starting at around 1600 rpm. Significantly larger than its predecessors, yet – at around 700 kg – hardly heavier and surprisingly easy to drive. While still a prototype, already hailed by the international automotive press. And seen as a sensation by even the most experienced Donkervoort driver.

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Solid Denim Sunglasses


The rich heritage of denim spans centuries. Convinced that we were able to do something new, we drew inspiration from the techniques and processes involved in modern composite engineering and by infusing layers of denim fabric with a carefully selected resin, we have created Solid Denim. Solid Denim is extremely strong and has all the right properties for building high quality sunglasses that are strikingly different.

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Glo Pillow: Wake Up Slowly And Gently


Wake up gradually and gently with the Glow Pillow’s rising built-in light that mimics a natural sunrise.

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Portrait Photography by Andrey Zharov

Andrey Zharov

Andrey Zharov is a talented self taught photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He shoots childrens, couples and erotic photography. The amount of visceral detail he is able to capture is truly incredible.

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Still Life Photography by Arefin Ashraful

Arefin Ashraful

Arefin Ashraful is a talented still life photographer, artist and dreamer based in Dhaka, Dhanmondi, Bangladesh. Arefin was graduated in Graphic design, so he had “great knowledge” about advertising media and product photography.

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Instagrams by Joseph Jabbour

Instagrams by Joseph Jabbour

Joseph Jabbour is a talented photographer and architect based in Paris, France. He shoots amazing minimalistic and colorful architecture photographs.

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Remove The Cork With A Shoe

Got wine but no corkscrew to open it? Put the bottle in a shoe and gently tap the heel of the shoe on a wall until the cork can be pulled.

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Apple Watch Accessories Collection

Keep your Apple Watch safeguarded from bumps and scratches by enveloping it with the Tough Armor case for the Apple Watch by Spigen. It has been made out of polycarbonate and TPU that gives a solid appearance as well as lets your watch absorb shock. In spite of using the case, you will still be able to use the buttons and wristband like you normally do and enjoy the active, multi-tasking lifestyle as promoted by the Apple Watch.

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35mm Photography by Jodi Melody

Jodi Melody

Jodi Melody is a talented 18 years old self taught photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She shoots a lot of portrait, travel, nature and lifestyle photography.

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Self-Taught French Artist Creates Wistful Yet Heartwarming Creatures Fallen From The Stars

Anne-Marie Verron, a French artist, has given birth to a whole dream world. She creates textile sculptures under the name “The Bear Fallen from the Stars” (L’ours tombé des étoiles, in French). Each bear is unique and full of personality, it seems to have its very own story. Mohair and alpaca are scissor and needle sculpted to bring to life a new character.

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The Beauty Of Finnish Winter Swimming

“Swimming in 4 degrees celsius water in the middle of winter is an old tradition in Finland. I created this short series of photos to show the beauty of the sport. Winter swimming is not only good for your your health but also a great way to clear your mind from trouble and stress. This will be an on going project that I will continue next winter.” – Konsta Linkola.

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Illustration Pieces By Liév

Life is an illusion is the name of illustrator Liév’s project. Cool drawings depicting a bit of twisted ideas.

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Astonishing And Unusual Homes From Around The World

An airplane house is pictured in the village of Miziara, northern Lebanon May 12, 2015. Miziara prides itself on building residential homes that resemble ancient Greek temples and Egyptian ruins, one is even built in the shape of an Airbus A380. (Photo by Aziz Taher/Reuters)

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