Industrial Design Bachelor’s Apartment in Taiwan

project Hong Kong house 5 650x433 Industrial Design Bachelor’s Apartment in Taiwan

The idea for this unusual combination belongs to House Design studio, who adapted the crib to the living needs of a single 30-year-old engineer: “After the client doing a lot of research, he came to us and hoped to have a home with natural cement-based environment for him to relax in after long working days. During construction, he had to keep his parents from knowing the truth that we applied cement finish to walls since normally senior people think of cement-finish house as unfinished house“. Construction site was always locked to avoid his parents’ visiting.

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Maintenance-Free Bicycles : Priority Bicycles

Priority Bicycles 600x381 Maintenance Free Bicycles : Priority Bicycles

Like my grand father used to tell me: the best things is life are (maintenance) free, remember that! Well, that’s what Dave Weiner had in mind with his new concept : maintenance free bicycles that make cycling easy.

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Fantastic Landscapes of Tuscany, Italy

1292 Fantastic Landscapes of Tuscany, Italy
A building emerges from the early morning fog in Belvedere farm in San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy. The beautiful pictures were taken by Alberto Di Donato who has a huge passion for the Tuscan landscape and is inspired by the Renaissance artists who painted the same landscapes. (Photo by Alberto Di Donato/HotSpotMedia)

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Playful Seals

1291 Playful Seals

The pair of playful seals swim around each other. Two passionate seals were captured on camera in a tender embrace by underwater photographer Robert Bailey, 50, near the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast, UK. (Photo by Robert Bailey/Medavia)

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The Colourful Hills in East Central Oregon

1290 The Colourful Hills in East Central Oregon

Layers of breathtaking colour streak the rolling hills of this vast desert, making the landscape appear as though it has been tie-dyed. The natural phenomenon, nicknamed the “Painted Desert”, was formed when the area was once a river floodplain.

Each colour corresponds to a different underground geological feature – rocks which have seemingly dyed the layers of earth above. Formed from volcanic activity, the hills at the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in East Central Oregon, USA, are almost bursting with colour. Pictured: The colourful hills at the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in East Central Oregon, USA. (Photos by Mark Brodkin/Solent News/SIPA Press)

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Box – Font by Superfried

hft000 box pr1 650x317 Box   Font by Superfried

Box is a bit of a square, too straight edged to really be cool, always toeing the line. Just because it doesn’t hang out with the in crowd though, doesn’t mean that Box doesn’t have a lot of personality. Box may not have a lot of layers, but that just means that you can trust it to wear its heart on its sleeve – on the inside it’s just as reliable as it is on the outside. Funky and retro, living the life it loves, Box is a great font for big impressions and a quirky look.

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Villa WA by Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne Architecte

001 villa wa laurent guillaudlozanne architecte 650x368 Villa WA by Laurent Guillaud Lozanne Architecte

Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne Architecte recently completed this modern single family residence situated in France.

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Skydivers Jump at 10,000 Meters over Mont Blanc

1284 Skydivers Jump at 10,000 Meters over Mont Blanc
Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet seen inside the plane before jumping at 33,000 feet (10 km) above the Mont Blanc, French Alps on May 31, 2014. Fearless skydivers jump from an altitude of 10,000 meters above the largest mountain in Europe. Frederic Fugen, 34, and Vincent Reffet, 29, leapt from a plane in the freezing skies above Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. The jump is from such a height the pictures show the curvature of the earth. (Photo by Dominique Daher/Barcroft Media)

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Historic Building on the Move

1282 Historic Building on the Move
A historic building sits on wheels as it is moved down the block on New York Avenue to make way for a new construction July 28, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP Photo)

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Pretty Power Plants

“You wouldn’t normally associate power stations with beautiful scenic shots but one photographer has traveled nearly 2000 to track down the ugliest energy plants and show them in a whole new light. Czech snapper, Radek Kalhous, uses Google Earth to find the perfect locations for his unique pictures and arrives at each site after sunset to create the atmospheric shots.

The 40-year-old uses nothing more than clever lighting and a tilt-shift lens to capture the ugly power stations in a series of dreamy photographs which resemble something from a model toy world. Radek has clocked up almost 2000 miles so far in his quest to create the thought-provoking photos”. – Caters News

1281 Pretty Power Plants
Power station Neurath, Germany. (Photo by Radek Kalhous/Caters News)

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The opening show of “New Media Night 2014″ festival in Nikola-Lenivets

At midnight from the 5th to the 6th of July 2014 Radugadesign opened “New Media Night” festival in Nikola-Lenivets with video mapping show. The “Universe Mind” architectural piece by Nikolay Polissky, the most sophisticated structure for video mapping, was chosen as the object for the installation. “Murcof” electronic music served as the inspiration for the show.

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Flying Henry by Rachel Hulin

Rachel Hulin 650x464 Flying Henry by Rachel Hulin

Rachel Hulin is a photographer, author, and photo editor. Her popular Flying Henry series was recently shown in her first New York solo show and is also a children’s book of the same name, released by PowerHouse Books in 2013.

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Milano’s Profiles by Francesco Paleari

1389720786 1 Milanos Profiles by Francesco Paleari
Twenty-year-old Milan-based photographer and student Francesco Paleari created a spectacular series of photographs with double exposure entitled Milano’s Profiles, consisting of images of Milan architecture and portraits of its inhabitants.

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Sculptures by Crystal Morey

Crystal Morey 650x487 Sculptures by Crystal Morey

Crystal Morey is a talented artist, who was grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. She currently based in Oakland, California and the urban landscape in her daily life is a stark contrast to the mountains and trees of her formative years.

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Paintings by Donald Roller Wilson

Donald Roller Wilson 650x823 Paintings by Donald Roller Wilson

Donald Roller Wilson is an American artist who uses some unique items in his paintings, such as dogs and cats, chimpanzees, dill pickles, wooden matches, olives, asparagus stalks, and even cigarettes. He paints in oils in very polished realism using the same techniques of the Old Masters.

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