Capharnaum Streeτ-Art Project by GRAFFMATT


GRAFFMATT, also known as Mattieu Laine, is a French artist originally from Chambéry, Savoy. He has a degree from La Martinière-Diderot art school, Lyon, in the area of graphic desing and video. Nonetheless, over the years GRAFFMATT painitng became his prompt occupation. His painting styles are diverse, and are in the area of collage, kraft, cardboard and canvas.

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Coldsmoke Kunnak Shirt Jacket


Being active in cool environments often puts you in that in-between space where you’re too warm for a jacket but the air is too cool for just a shirt. Coldsmoke that space with the Kunnak Shirt Jacket.

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Handcrafted Porcelain “State Plates” Map By Corbé


Detroit-based company Corbé has designed The Fifty United Plates Map as a ransom to hardworking craftspeople across the country. Their collection of handcrafted porcelain plates fit together and form a huge three-dimensional map that crosses seven feet by four feet.

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Edie Campbell by Sølve Sundsbø

Edie Campbell by Sølve Sundsbø

Beauty English model Edie Campbell photographed by Sølve Sundsbø and styled by Beat Bolliger for Vogue China December 2015.

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Band This Winding Staircase Onto Any Tree Without Any Tools


Designers Thor te Kulve and Robert McIntyre have devised a smart system that allows anyone to make a spiral staircase up the trunk of a tree without actually damaging it and without using tools.

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#Whatmyhandsdoing: Project Showing How Much Work Your Hands Do


You use them to write, to open doors, to brush teeth and to eat. Your hands are regularly working throughout the day, and you probably don’t ever think twice about it.

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Stunning Instagrams by Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz invents new ways for brands to tell stories. He created the first social car configurator for Toyota by partnering with Google to leverage the potential of hangouts.

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Everything We Touch In a Single Day by Paula Zuccotti

Paula Zuccotti

Paula Zuccotti is a talented self taught photographer, industrial designer, strategist, trends forecaster, ethnographer turned author and filmmaker craving new lenses, filters and stories. She holds a First Class honours degree in Industrial Design from the University of Buenos Aires and a Masters in Design Strategy and Innovation from Brunel University.

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Oxford University Women’s Rugby Team Strip Off For Charity Calendar

Photo © by Mark Barnfield

They have imitated the success of their male counterparts on the field. And now Oxford University women’s rugby team are copying the boys by posing for their own naked calendar. The Oxford University women’s rugby team, who meet their Cambridge rivals on December 10, have stripped off for the calendar, in 13 different rugby-related poses. With only strategically positioned hands to maintain their modesty the players leave little to the imagination.

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Ark House in Kharkiv

Ark House by Drozdov & Partners -

From one side the architects from Drozdov & Partners had left the natural color and texture of the composing elements to dominate the space (wood, metal, white finishing and the gray-beige kingdom of never-dying classic) and from the other, they introduced the spicing up of the interior emanation with aquamarine blue and light- green elements and details that add vitality and charm.

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The Five Things Book

The Five Things Book is a design-led, typographic book; revealing over 100 people’s five favourite things; along with the stories behind why they love each thing. Created by Belfast-based graphic designer Paul McNally, this coffee table book contains many amazing graphic designers, writers, musicians and loads of other talented people.


Have you ever stopped to think about the amazing ‘things’ you surround yourself with, and why? Gadgets, clothing, cars, art, people, places – in our daily lives we are constantly surrounded by amazing things. These things provoke memories, create deep feelings of nostalgia and we become attached to them. What if you had to choose only five things, as your favourite things. What would they be? And, why those particular things?

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Laptop Cooling Bar


Prevent laptop overheating with this aluminum cooling bar. The Laptop Cooling Bar keeps your laptop raised off of the work surface to create a more ergonomic working angle.

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SleepPhones: Wireless Sleeping Headphones


Created by AcousticSheep LLC, SleepPhones are wireless headphones embedded in a soft headband resembling a sleep mask. Thanks to the magic of Bluetooth, you can connect your SleepPhones to your cellphone wirelessly and play music from any of your apps including Pandora and Spotify.

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DIY Knitting Kit


Get crafty with these 100% merino wool DIY knitting kits.

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Intrigue, Mystery, Quirk and an Element of Fun Characterise Gangsta’s Cafe & Bar


Located in Mumbai, India, Gangsta’s bar is designed by interior designer Minal Chopra.Gangsta’s cafe and bar as the christening goes is predictably dark and grungy with metal doors, cable chains, jail bars and tattooed walls that boast of dark creatures in charcoal silhouettes.

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