Street Art by Stinkfish


STINKFISH is an amazing street artist based in Bogota, Colombia, whose works are featured with a multitude of beautiful colours and patterns.

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Trefecta DRT


Meet TREFECTA. Designed by an international team of Dutch, German and Swiss engineers, it’s a precision engineered high performance, all-terrain e-bike.

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Decosinto branding


Decosinto” – branding project TIE A TIE branding agency did for an internet shop selling quality, natural and most importantly hand made goods for kids, gifts or home decor.

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Traditional Illustrations by Gaia Alari

Traditional Illustrations by Gaia Alari

Gaia Alari, also known as Marie-Esther, is an entirely self-taught artist from Milan, Italy. Inspired by many artists, such as the old italian classics but also the most contemporary ones, she has always shown a strong wish to find a style and identifiability of her own. Curious and creative, she focuses on depicting ethereal and overlapping images, in order to visually represent the intricacy of human nature, psyche and emotions. Her works have been often described as exquisitly surrealistic, oniric, touching and intense.

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Austin Caricatures 2 by Bert Mclendon

Austin Caricatures 2 by Bert Mclendon

Set of hilarious photo manipulations by Bert Mclendon, an artist from Austin, Texas.

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Sun from the West Coast by Alfonso Ideas

Sun from the West Coast by Alfonso Ideas

Spacious 1,668 sq ft contemporary apartment designed in 2014 by Alfonso Ideas. The property is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.

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Photography by Fabien Bardelli

Fabien Bardelli2-min

Fabien Bardelli is a 33 years old freelance photographer based in Paris, France. He shoot a lot of urban, travel and architecture photography.

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Stone Farmhouse Addition and Renovation by Wyant Architecture


This existing 18th century stone farmhouse was renovated and extended by Wyant Architecture. It is located in Elverson, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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Flower Petal Birds by Red Hong Yi

Artist Red Hong Yi created a series of birds made using flower petals and leaves.

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Monochrome Breakfast Series

German designer Fabienne Plangger, in collaboration with Sebastian Hierner, David Reiner and Karin Stöckl, created a series called Monochrome Breakfast.

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TicTac Containers As Bobby Pins Storage


Use TicTac containers to store bobby pins. Simply put bobby pins inside and shake them to get a pin. You can also wrap hair ties around the container.

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The Twister: Spaghetti Fork


With the Twister spaghetti fork you won’t need to worry about pasta slipping out of your grasp.

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Pier Free Modern Sans Serif Font

Pier is a modern and structured sans serif typeface that made to fit your everyday design needs.. The idea was to create a slightly off geometric font that would look as good big or very small. It was made to fit your everyday designs and text needs.

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30 Creative Frog Logo Design Inspiration

Every animals has significance in this world as well as something powerful to teach us. In many cultures the primary symbolic meaning of frogs deals with fertility. Various businesses are using frog for their brand logo images. In this post we have added 30 creative frog logo design for inspiration that we hope will inspire you and give you ideas for creating your logo. Hope this will inspire you.

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Ultra : Free Modern Responsive Agency Theme

This clean responsive theme is a perfect basis for displaying a vast amount of content in a coherent manner, thus promoting your web design agency or other projects related to this business niche. Pick this theme to start or redress design agency, photography, architecture, business websites. If your project deals with any other sphere of business, you can easily customize this highly transformative theme.

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