Canon ME20F-SH

Canon have released a video camera that goes to 4,000,000 ISO, and has the ability to capture Full HD color video in near-darkness!

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Mysterious Abandoned Village On Shengshan Island In China Being Overtaken By Nature

Tourists walk between buildings covered with vines in the abandoned fishing village of Houtouwan on the island of Shengshan July 26, 2015. Just a handful of people still live in a village on Shengshan Island east of Shanghai that was once home to more than 2,000 fishermen. Every day hundreds of tourists visit Houtouwan, making their way on narrow footpaths past tumbledown houses overtaken by vegetation. The remote village, on one of more than 400 islands in the Shengsi archipelago, was abandoned in the early 1990s as first wealthy residents then others moved away, aiming to leave problems with education and food delivery behind them. (Photo by Damir Sagolj/Reuters)

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Matador Surface

Turn any surface into a work surface. Matador Surface is a new kind of multi tool that keeps any job clean and organized. Surface’s ultra-durable composite material ensures you, your work, and the floor beneath will all stay clean, even on the dirtiest jobs. Gas, oil, and grease resistant, 100% waterproof.

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Floral Paintings by Marie Claire Moudru

Born in Grenoble, French artist Marie Claire Moudru showed creative mind and aesthetic talent in her early ages. She followed higher artistic education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Grenoble, focusing on her work drawing and watercolor during education. Her skills and understanding of the watercolor art form was extended after her eduction. Floral watercolor paintings are her favorite subjects. The flowers are not just still objects but metaphors to express artistic beauty and personality.

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Svelio Garden Rocker

Volo reminds us that life is in motion and miraculously, in balance. Rock, Rejuvenate and Re-discover yourself in this spiral craft.

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Beautiful Underwater Photos From The Aquatics World Championships

Noemi Batki of Italy is seen underwater during the women’s 10m platform preliminary event at the Aquatics World Championships in Kazan, Russia July 29, 2015. (Photo by Stefan Wermuth/Reuters)

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Artist Turns Human Bodies Into Living Representation Of Zodiac Signs

Body paint artist Trina Merry has been painting bodies for almost ten years, but her newest project is something truly spectacular. In it, she turns human bodies into living copy of zodiac signs, with careful detail painted onto each and every limb.

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100 Years of Beauty in Germany Demonstrated in a One-Minute Time-Lapse Video

In the 10th episode Cut’s “100 Years of Hair and Makeup” series, Cut presents a visual history of the past 100 years of German beauty. As shown by a model named Brooke Williams whose hair, accessories and makeup styled in association with the trends of each decade, both before and after the German Reunification.

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Togo Sofa: Luxurious Sectional Couch

Ultra luxurious, the Togo Sofa is a sectional couch designed to give you extra comfort and style.

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Meet The Two-Year-Old With Summit To Shout About! Adventurous Backpacking Toddler Scales Mountains

Jenna Earle by Cuneyt Akeroglu

Jenna Earle by Cuneyt Akeroglu
Beauty Canadian model Jenna Earle photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu and styled by Vanessa Metz for Numéro #166 August 2015.

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Products of The Day #398

You can remotely control any apps on iPad using the foot pedal. Works just like your finger without any MIDI settings. The RemoFinger is the world’s most unique and innovative wireless foot controller that remotely controls any apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android in a way that the ‘Touch Pointer’, which has been uniquely devised for the RemoFinger, is attached to the point where you want to click in the app and once the foot pedal is pressed, it works just like you touch the screen with your finger.

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Glass Pool House, Wannegem-Lede, Belgium

Wannegem-Lede is a village that resides in North-West Belgium. Being in the entrance of the Flemisch Ardennes, is a great area for retreat and of course for cycling. The architect commissioned for this project was Lieven Dejaeghere providing an annex of the existing house. He installed a poolhouse for a permanent resident of the region. The new house apart from the poolhouse, provides also a bar, a home cinema and summer living room.

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An Artist Re-Creates Certain Serial Killers’ Last Meals In His Photography Series

New Zealand-based artist Henry Hargreaves became interested in the Last Meal tradition, which inmates waiting on death row have the right to request. He decided to re-create certain serial killers’ last meals in his photography series.

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This Man Took A Photo Every Year With His Son For 30 Years

This man took a photo every year with his son for 30 years. The last one might bring you to tears.

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