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The Superb Concept Artworks by Amin Faramarzian


Amin Faramarzian, based in Turkey, is a freelance illustrator with a background in graphic design and animation.

He has had the opportunity to collaborate on various projects spanning a range of styles, including 2D and 3D animation, advertising, and game design. His clients have included well-known names such as Lego, Cartoon Network (CNA), Motiga Games, Hasbro, Optix, Hornet, Chevy, and Pepsi, among others. Currently, he is engaged in the creation of his first graphic novel.

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Amin Faramarzian 10androbot V001
Amin Faramarzian 10 Beaten V001c
Amin Faramarzian 10poster V01 S
Amin Faramarzian 10rebirth V003
Amin Faramarzian 10 Robotbilbord V002
Amin Faramarzian 10shideout
Amin Faramarzian 10 Snake V004
Amin Faramarzian 10 Tenandchase V002
Amin Faramarzian Catsrealm Color
Amin Faramarzian Chaseinlaundromat V001small
Amin Faramarzian Chasesitting V001
Amin Faramarzian Chase Sword
Amin Faramarzian Chillboydog V001
Amin Faramarzian Cuttingthevoice
Amin Faramarzian Disintegeration V001small
Amin Faramarzian Env01 V002
Amin Faramarzian Fightersmarch V01
Amin Faramarzian Girl 01 V003artsts
Amin Faramarzian Headlopper V002
Amin Faramarzian Helboy V01
Amin Faramarzian Hero10 01
Amin Faramarzian Hisroom V001
Amin Faramarzian Homa 10
Amin Faramarzian Megabot Color
Amin Faramarzian Middleland 10
Amin Faramarzian Nearthecity V002
Amin Faramarzian Restaurant V001
Amin Faramarzian Robodeadinjungle V002
Amin Faramarzian Robohex 10 Color
Amin Faramarzian Ruinedcolor V001
Amin Faramarzian Sailing 02
Amin Faramarzian Sandwitchowner V001

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