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Amazing Illustrations and Posters Designed by Duilio Cambellotti in the Early 20th Century

Fine di Secolo, Acqua Progressiva Insuperabile, circa 1900
Duilio Cambellotti 1

Italian applied artist, illustrator, painter, sculptor, and designer Duilio Cambellotti (1876–1960) was involved in the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, and his impact extended beyond the aesthetic and political to the social and political. His fidelity to agrarian motifs and versatility across a broad spectrum of visual and design disciplines have earned him recognition.


“The Suppressed Contrade”, 1907
Duilio Cambellotti 2

Cambellotti maintained an awareness of the societal implications of embellishment throughout his artistic trajectory. Under the influence of William Morris, he emerged as a prominent figure among artists striving to preserve an intellectual and aesthetic rapport with the organic immediacy of style embodied in conventional handmade items and traditional pictorial coherence, in contrast to the machine-like images and sleek surfaces that inspired him.

“Pons Sublicius”, 1910-11
Duilio Cambellotti 3

Rome 1911, Exposition Internationale, 1911
Duilio Cambellotti 4

“Storia di Aladino e della lampada magica” from The Arabian Nights, circa 1912
Duilio Cambellotti 5

“Storia di Aladino e della lampada magica” from The Arabian Nights, circa 1912
Duilio Cambellotti 6

Illustration for The Arabian Nights, “The Story of the Fisherman”, circa 1912
Duilio Cambellotti 7

La storia del principe Amed e della Fata Peri-Banu, 1912
Duilio Cambellotti 8

La storia del secondo Calender, Le mille e una notte, 1912
Duilio Cambellotti 9

Storia del Cavallo Incantato (maquette), circa 1912
Duilio Cambellotti 10

Illustration for “Mille et une nuits”, 1913
Duilio Cambellotti 11

Comune di Firenze, Premio di 2º Grado, I racconti della foresta e del mare, circa 1915
Duilio Cambellotti 12

Teatro Greco di Siracusa, Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico, 1918
Duilio Cambellotti 13

Dante, circa 1920
Duilio Cambellotti 14

Teatro Greco di Siracursa, “Coefore” di Eschilo, 1921
Duilio Cambellotti 15

Teatro Greco di Siracusa, Baccanti di Euripide, 1922
Duilio Cambellotti 16

I Sette a Tebe, Antigone, 1924
Duilio Cambellotti 17

Primavera Siciliana, 1927
Duilio Cambellotti 18

Primera Classica nei Templi di Agrigento, May 1928
Duilio Cambellotti 19

Spettacoli Classici al Teatro Romano di Ostia, circa 1928
Duilio Cambellotti 20

Le Contrade, L’Aquila, 1932
Duilio Cambellotti 21

Nobile Contrada del Nicchio I, 1932
Duilio Cambellotti 22

Cambellotti Rappresentazioni Classiche, Teatro Greco di Siracusa, 1933
Duilio Cambellotti 23

La storia delle tre sorelle, circa 1933
Duilio Cambellotti 24

Teatro Romano d’Ostia, Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico, June 1938
Duilio Cambellotti 25

Teatro Greco di Siracusa, 1939
Duilio Cambellotti 26

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