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Artist Paints Superb Pictures of The Snowy North of Russia, and Inspired by Her Trip to The Baikonur Cosmodrome


Nastya Miro is a Moscow realist artist, graduated from the School-Studio of Variety, Film and Television, All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.A. Gerasimova (VGIK).

Miro carefully peers into the surrounding objects, trying to find and give the observer the key to understanding what is behind the image. Like any other art form, be it a portrait or a landscape, it is not limited only to it, but looks behind it, trying to capture the mood, as well as to emphasize the individual artistic personality of the author. The artist’s work is always a reflection and a desire to understand oneself in the context of the chosen topic.

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While creating a series of paintings centered around the ‘Buran’ space shuttle, the artist embarked on multiple journeys to Baikonur to delve into the history of the Soviet ‘Energia-Buran’ space transport program. The shuttle completed its solitary voyage in 1988, orbiting the Earth twice before residing at the cosmodrome for years. Tragically, its fate was sealed when a hangar roof collapse destroyed it. Similar to the optimism of the orbiter’s developers who envisioned its continued interstellar journeys, a girl adorned in a wedding dress holds onto hopes for a fresh start and a promising future.

175575350 307840960959022 3137850995863297377 N
278339251 714193790017721 8989355596988988689 N
279127780 510740830714490 2806828025842643813 N
281144318 825894751719942 3559070348639899566 N
346475874 1829205420797917 6552144310295332005 N
357421619 151605921218345 8982842595267274934 N
357630339 810157780756425 2095832246258234182 N
403804695 889182526106808 5054879234269770923 N
404592152 364494169435417 5146257705615131675 N
404610626 286071183863767 2255665409702730133 N
404970981 1402165507033415 7241572219735035250 N
407154118 321872150778861 4302719199975888107 N
407593945 1267416163928448 2889046597123645701 N
407653821 220748534389055 7619638301288274346 N
407934240 676587731304629 6595614329360635829 N
408005000 737900561547734 3457371342267836864 N
408202066 1531145004308504 2218437134573349298 N
408409626 3171461852989001 2017889671910644485 N
409217006 931206345091957 5158433960908980259 N
410457220 774049381445774 4902329924768215719 N
410751267 2268967763494811 6639817009815724701 N
412221063 1530324151124089 6228183478511335326 N
412649176 897571311584473 2540034416587787903 N
414436394 1454961015433756 5133745331778525484 N
416932293 1141721057206741 9145973812394930145 N
418757376 889058676102374 7662618670441232236 N
424429297 1037274077351789 7837312226976256426 N

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