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A Brush with Culture: Unveiling Chris Leib’s Astronauts and Bonobo Chimps


Chris Leib finished his anthropology degree at UC Berkeley but became an illustrator. After studying at the San Francisco Academy of Art and apprenticing with a portrait painter, he became a full-time artist.

Leib’s intricately realistic paintings of astronauts and Bonobo monkeys give them a physical presence that draws us into their stories and cultures.

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Chris Leib Lollipop Coup
Chris Leib Mind Lock
Chris Leib A Day Of Night
Chris Leib Guardian
Chris Leib In The Meadow
Chris Leib Lookout
Chris Leib Midnight Snack
Chris Leib Moon Queen
Chris Leib Silvery Queen
Chris Leib Small Games 00d4294e
Chris Leib Tel Megiddo
Chris Leib Voice

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