Are Mokkelbost

Masterpieces of Collage Art by Are Mokkelbost. More on Designaside.

Café and boobs

A short film about everything that happen in boys’ heads when they saw a sexy girl !
Funny and well done.
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soad2k’s art

various artworks by joe moore.
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“Platonic Crush” by Kelsey Henderson

“New York-based painter Kelsey Henderson has devoted her latest works to the theme of “platonic crush”. This is the idea of being immediately attracted to someone, without a primary focus on sexual attraction. They reflect encounters with people that you want to look at for a longer period of time, rather than just brushing past them in the street.”

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Help Save Paper with Felix Ng

Felix Ng is one among many unsettled by the slow death of the wide varieties of paper, and he’s invited twelve sculptors, designers, and artists to Help Save Paper. The Help Save Paper project exhorts you to use ordinary paper to create sculptures, art, and other things of beauty that can elevate paper to something more than just a writing surface or the canvas for yet another memo. The result is a beautiful series of pieces that reminds us of the magic of nothing more than pressed wood fibre pulp.

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The Illustration of Denis Zilber

Denis Zilber has put his illustration to work for dozens of clients and customers. From the UK Jewish Film Festival, to Blazer Magazine and GQ, it’s not difficult to see why his work is so popular. Zilber has an uncanny ability to exaggerate just the right aspects, to hone in on just the right characteristics to create spectacular satires and caricatures.

It’s not just his understanding of proportions and conventional illustration that allows him to create such effective pieces, but also his understanding of how to set a piece. Every illustration is a visual synecdoche, capturing key moments in spectacular stories.

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce China Limited Edition

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Tattoo (1975) by John Samson – Video

Footage from the 1975 documentary Tattoo by John Samson. The 20 minute film focuses on the art of tattooing and why people decided to get a tattoo.

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WOW «Momentos»

Freebie Friday – Invoicera Giveaway

Creatives are meant to indulge in creative aspects rather than spend their time chasing outstanding payments. Therefore, Invoicera comes with a complete list of invoicing features and advance functionality.

green pedestrian walk

DDB China has designed an innovative advertising campaign for China Environmental Protection Foundation. This awareness raising campaign takes place on the pedestrian crossing: when you walk the tree on the ground gets greener.
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Torrenorte to become the tallest building in Murcia, Spain

Spanish practice A-cero Architects has unveiled plans for ‘Torrenorte’, a 22-story 100m-tall futuristic multipurpose tower, designed to be the highest building in Murcia, Spain.

The plans for the avant-garde Torrenorte tower was put on hold in 2006 due to the economic crisis, and A-cero has now again reinstated the scheme. The 22-story multipurpose complex is designed to accommodate office space, a luxurious hotel and ground floor retail facilities.

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IRON BABY – a Iron Man parody