LOST-inspired t-shirt design

If you’re like me and watch Lost, it inhabits every ounce of your being. This is a design I created inspired by Lost. I didn’t want to do anything too obvious, so I hope the idea shines through even through the subtlety of the illustration.
Lend Yourself a Hand

The design is for sale on tees at Redbubble.

Amazing Illustrations by nebezial

Awesome Illustrations by Marc Simonetti

Just in case

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Strength in Every Pour

36 Dream Workstations

Bad Food, Bad Dog

The Future Of Fashion by Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane

Read the entire interview of Hedi Slimane about the future of fashion on Le Blog de Yoland.

Corancan? by Nick Walker

Money&Cash vidéo

Daniele Buetti

Daniele Buetti is a visual artist working in various media, principally installation and intervention. His work includes photography, video, sound, drawing, sculpture, and digitally assisted work.

More pictures here!

Maarten Wetsema

Dutch photographer Maarten Wetsema has a way with dogs. With the 4 collections Daan and Jacob, Dogs in their Domestic Environments, Portraits of Dog and Dogshoots, he captures the dog’s beauty.

More pictures here!

Popular blogs from Poland

Today we would like to present next showcase from the series of ‘Popular blogs’. We present collection of interesting, well-designed and popular blogs from Poland.

Look at the list of blogs.

Impress – A Flexible Display

Impress is a flexible display by Silke Hilsing that enables touch interactivity with feedback. It breaks the distance in the relationship of human and technology. The user can merge in and collaborate with technology more than ever. He can squeeze out information and fly through rooms, he can form three-dimensional and put objects in motion by deforming the surface.

More pictures and a video on iGNANT

Photography by Lyall Coburn

Photography by Lyall Coburn, more info and pics here.