Young Romance

This weeks Warren Ellis challenge is redesigning Young Romance cover

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Josh Lambert Graphic Design


Clab4design It is a creative lab, a well-equipped carpentry shop where design furniture items are produced on a small scale. Due to its peculiar design and manufacturing characteristics, each product is a unique, high-quality item.
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Nathan Sawaya: Brick By Brick

LEGO brick artist Nathan Sawaya’s ‘Brick by Brick’ is the first solo exhibition of his art works, comprised entirely of LEGO bricks, in New York.

Sawaya quit his job as a corporate lawyer back in 2001 to pursue his childhood fascination with the ubiquitous building blocks, transforming them into an artistic medium.

He has used LEGO’s shapes and bright colors to develop a range of sculptures including pop culture icons, the human form, planets.He’s even created a life-sized self-portrait, expressing the limitless possibilities of this medium.

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Cast of Vices

Cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps, and coke bags made into jewelry by Cast Of Vices.
The collection is hand crafted in the U.S.A with solid sterling silver or gold.

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Visual Kontakt – The Worlds Greatest Top 10 Graphic Designers

Who are the worlds top ten find out as Visual Kontakt names “The Worlds Greatest Top 10 Graphic Designers”


I Am Not An Artist

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Developers, Websites Respond to iPhone App Payola Story

The iPhone community has reacted strongly to the news that some app review sites have pay-to-play policies. last week reported on payola practices prevalent among several websites dedicated to reviewing iPhone apps. At least two authors of one site,, recently required money from iPhone developers in exchange for reviews of their apps.

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Billy and Hells Portrait Photography

Florence Knoll Credenza

Florence Knoll’s credenza designs are reserved and cool, severe and angular, reflecting the objective perfectionism of the early 1960s. The Eight Drawer Credenza comes in four body veneers, and a choice of matching veneer tops or five different marble top options. Includes four box drawers and four full-extension file drawers. The base is available in either Polished Chrome or Satin Chrome.

The Nokia N900 – Short Film

“Focus group” is a short film directed by Jack Masters and conceived by agency Jack Morton. The Mill’s Bif (Fabrice Le Nezet, Jules Janaud and Francois Roisin) helmed the post-production efforts.
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Silence Television

Polaroid is Back !

Yes sir! The impossible project relaunch the Polaroid factory and start with their black&white films for sale – More info & pics HERE

Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald

Amazing Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald – More info & pics HERE

interactive activism: earth hour, lights off

This year The Viral Factory has prepared an online video to attract attention to the Earth Hour, which is 2 days from now, with a viral video that is controlled with your light switch. Yes, when you turn off the lights in your room the video goes dark and when you turn back on the video turns back to normal. Try for yourself and see. It is actually quite fun and I believe, it will attract attention from the video watching, game playing, viral loving people, who are not so much aware of–nor interested in–environmental and social activism.
See the video here.