It’s Always Sunny In California

Photography by Brandon King. More here.


Yukihiro Takahashi has participated into various musical adventures. He has been drummer and singer for the band Sadistic Mika and the Yellow Magic Orchestra. He is also the author of 22 solo albums. In 2007, he founded the group “Pupa”…

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David Mach

Miranda Kerr by Chris Colls

Din Arabic & Din Universal

Parachute announced the release of the new DIN series, after DIN Text, Condensed, Compressed, and PF DIN Hairlines, All existing versions write in Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. And now with more than 3320 glyphs per font +plus 30 advanced opentype features and kerning for all languages. in a family of 8 fonts, read more about DIN TEXT ARABIC on their Blog Upscale Typography

Hurry to own these great items from Steven Thomas for Biba

Biba, one of the largest and most beautiful stores of the decade on High Street, Kensington.

The swinging sixties was known for being a time of free expression, and no one captured that better than Steven Thomas, the designer of iconic fashion store Biba. To celebrate his work, Bonhams auction house are putting a number of his eclectic pieces under the hammer as part of their Vision 21 sale.

The auction will take place Wednesday 30 June 1pm at Bonhams, Montpelier Street, London, SW7 1HH.

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Russian Prison Tattoo Art

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65+ Incredible Soccer Action Shots and Portraits

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Motion Graphics Experimenting

Cinema4d + AfterEffects experimenting.

[vimeo 10355508]

WS – Skate Session

Useless Tool by Kossi Aguessy

Amazing chair built like a skyscraper, with the same calculations of lift which it stands. Designed by Kossi Aguessy. Read more…

Primitive One

Available via Shapeways, Primitive One by Egg and Yolk Designs is the first in a series looking at the primitive shapes that have been used in 3D design for years and producing playful characters that stem from those simple shapes.

Egg and Yolk Designs is Yu Hsiu Li and Carl Sturtz, a Melbourne based designer currently lecturing at RMIT. His work covers design, photography, graphics and traditional arts like sculpture. With an interest in traditional and emerging techniques, materials and process Carl’s designs range from furniture and lighting to jewelery and children’s toys and form the sober to the playful.

40 amazing and beautiful logo designs by

Here is the collection of 40 most amazing and beautiful logo design for inspiration by
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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dreams of walking in the footsteps of World Cup greats like Pele, Cruyff and Maradona.

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The cameras of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

The Cameras of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™
Thirteen Phantom Digital Cameras are providing
the Ultra-Slow Motion Coverage. Full article Here

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