Skullcandy Ti with Tokidoki artworks

tokidoki Ti Skullcandy Ti with Tokidoki artworks
Tokidoki teamed up with Skullcandy and applied their Japan inspired, signature prints on the Ti and Smokin’ Bud. Detailed imagery at CLDFX

Madonna x Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Type on my Back

type Type on my Back

An interesting photo by Paul D. Hunt. Hunt is a type designer working for Adobe Systems’ type team.

More amazing photos at Scene 360 Illusion

Luis Vincente Hernandez

Photography by Piotr Stoklosa

piotrstoklosa bentrovato1 Photography by Piotr Stoklosa
piotrstoklosa bentrovato11 Photography by Piotr Stoklosa

Inspiring fashion photography by Piotr Stoklosa, more pics and info here.

Brooks Limited Edition Colored Saddles

HP invent

Virages . Aston Martin dedicated magazine

viragesn1068 Virages . Aston Martin dedicated magazine

New french/english magazine dedicated to the most beautiful cars on earth : the Aston Martin…

viragesn1074 Virages . Aston Martin dedicated magazine
viragesn1121 Virages . Aston Martin dedicated magazine

Bertone Carabo Concept

BertoneAlfaRomeoCarabo03 Bertone Carabo Concept
BertoneAlfaRomeoCarabo05 Bertone Carabo Concept
Presented at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, the Bertone Carabo was a futuristic sportscar based on the Alfa Romeo 33 chassis. Designed by Marcello Gandini, it featured original solutions such as scissor doors and multi-coloured glass windows. More pictures here

Designer softies walkthrough

WWD DollsForFriends Designer softies walkthrough
Ugly Dolls might be the first designer softies around, but check out this walkthrough of the next generation of softies at What We Do Design Blog.
The softies on the photo are from Dolls For Friends. – cute with an attitude!


Studio round.

2009764 Studio round.

Studio Round is a Melbourne based design company.

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Qaa’im Goodwin – Office Calendar

qaaimgoodwinofficecalendar2 Qaa’im Goodwin   Office Calendar

At the tender age of 21, South Carolina designer Qaa’im A. Goodwin releases photos of an office calendar entitled T.I.M. (Translucence Towering Minimize). A Compositional Calendar System, this piece is made out of wood with what look like stencil-cut numbers to denote the current month and day. Currently finishing up a BFA at Memphis College of Art, Goodwin is definitely a designer to look out for in the near future.

More Pictures

Harc Lee – Time Switch Wall Clock

harcleetimeswitch Harc Lee   Time Switch Wall Clock

Designed by New York designer Harc Lee, Time Switch is a wall clock that was designed to resolve the designers own frustration with meeting deadlines and wanting to “stop time.” For anyone who wants to turn off time for a while, Time Switch offers a flip-switch solution.

More pictures

Light Testing !?

lighttestwebsite2 Light Testing !?

lighttestwebsite9 Light Testing !?

lighttestwebsite3 Light Testing !?

Check some really cool compilation of light-testing images uploaded by photographer assistant ! More info & pics HERE
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