I’m drowning here please, anyone
I don’t think I can, save myself

Waiting for the miracle

The worst moment of 2009…the most beautiful girl in the world somewhere with somebody….
Nothing to change things…
Only my dog and her spittle…

Kristall Chandelier

The Kristall Chandelier gives the word chandelier a brand new meaning. The fiber optic light source, hidden in the polished aluminum housing, makes the acrylic rods forming the modern corona very visible. The rods emit a unique combination of background light as well as spotlight. They spread the light through out the room and create a very special atmosphere. Perfect over the dinner table as well as in the hotel lounge.

The acrylic rods go through a heating process, before they are bent, to create tiny fractures or facets inside of the acrylic. These fractures further refract and an maximize the light intensity, creating the atmospheric light in addition to the soft spotlights.

Retro Look Olympus Prototype

Olympus is developing a new ‘smaller’ digital SLR camera with a retro look targeted at consumer who find the current digital SLR cameras to be “big, heavy, and difficult to operate. More info here.

Lost: The Animated Series Group Print

Just wanted to post an update on the Lost: The Animated Series project. This poster encompasses all characters I’ve completed with the exception of Walt. You can check out the entire series here:
Lost: The Animated Series on Behance

If you like them enough, pick up a print from Imagekind here:
Lost: The Animated Series Prints at Imagekind

Jewelry by Kiel Mead

Retainer necklace in gold by Kiel Mead

Keil (pronounced like Kyle) is a young designer, originally from Western New York, who designs these fine pieces along with a limited, but growing, line of furniture. He is based in New York City.

Via Unstage


The night of the Iguana

more here

UPACKS Form-Fitting Cardboard Box

custom packaging

The Universal Packaging System or UPACKS, is a flat sheet of corrugated cardboard with triangulated perforations that allow it to fold around unusual shapes.

via Earth & Industry

snowboard “The Lord is my shepherd” by Nache Ramos.

Cocosuma “Miracle Man” (Video)

Cocosuma’s stop-motion animation for Miracle Man. Art direction by Jack.

Watch it at inkbutter.com.

Stunning Olivia Wilde by Reljin

Watch her more here

Join us. Únete.


SAW toys for kids

The work of Jaime Nuñez del Arco

Hit the link to see part of this Ecuadorian designer/artist/illustrator/journalist/writer/friend work.

Hope you like it!