Japanese Rice paddy art

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The Inspiring Beauty of Birds

Their hearts beat 1000 beats per minute; they can reach speed up to 200 mph and can strike with the power twice as the power of a rifle bullet; most of them can fly forward, but some can also fly sideways and even backwards; some of them can even walk on the water; they vary in size from 1.6 grams to kilograms; finally, their population on Earth estimates between 200 to 400 billion individuals… Have you already guessed who are we talking about? Yeah, of course, birds…

Birds have always played a significant role in the life of humans. As the evidence for this statement, let us remember that in ancient times birds were commonly considered as creatures close to Gods and thus endowed with supernatural powers. Birds were common characters, mentioned in multiple legends and fairy tales. Just to give a few examples, let’s remember the eagle, sent by Zeus to execute punishment to Prometheus, or the white dove, that brought the palm twig to Noah as the sign of new land found after the Deluge.

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World Cup ‘Souvenir Scores’ Posters supporting UNICEF

ESPANA SOUVENIR SCORES POSTERNETHERLANDS SOUVENIR SCORES POSTERGermany / Brazil / England etc Souvenir ScoresAfter raising over £4,500 for UNICEF with his initial World Cup poster, David Watson got back in touch with us to tell us about a continuation of the project. “In response to a number of people asking if I would be designing an updated final scores version of the poster. I have produced 16 new ‘Souvenir Scores’ poster designs with full time scores and eventual winners included etc. The last 8 teams have their own unique colour poster and scores highlighted of how they progressed to reach the later stages – making it a great ‘memento’ if you are a fan of Spain / Netherlands or even the Quarter finalists – Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Germany and I’ve even designed an England Version!”

“To raise as much money as possible for UNICEF – I want to encourage people to buy en mass so will be offering the posters in 2 ways. First, as a High Res A3 vector based PDF files priced at a bargain £1 per poster pdf or only £5 for all 16 poster pdfs – these will be emailed + can then be printed up by the buyer to A2 / A1 etc. Secondly, as a High Quality Giclée print.”

Posters are available to buy online from www.trebleseven.com

Modaes poster by Talking Design Studio

.Nice poster for Modaes by Talking Design Studio. Modaes is an online newspaper about fashion business and one of the media partners of The Brandery (last urban fashion trade fair in Barcelona). The poster works as a wrapping paper for a moleskine, a gift for The Brandery visitors.

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Slinkachu: The little people…

Did you notice there are little people on the streets…?

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

Incredible 3D Art by Brazilian Artist Tiago Hoisel

Matt McMullen, a creator of Real Dolls

[vimeo 13080908]


Basil’s Triptych – Unique lamp design inspired by domes of St. Basil cathedral

Designer Enrico Zanolla of Italian design firm DZstudio got inspiration for this unique lighting project from St. Basil cathedral during his stay in Russia. He considered it a challenge to convert these attractive domes into lamp forms. He was inspired by the candle flame-shaped domes symbolizing that every man is ‘the light of the world’.

The suspension lamps are characterized by dynamic shapes, indicating the movement of a candle. He also made use of modular constructive system that was used in the original domes.

Source : World Interior Design Network

Walmer Loft Toronto

Invisible City

Bel Abri Superyacht to be showcased at Monaco Yacht Show

Dutch yacht builder Amels will showcase its recently launched Limited Editions Amels 171 named ‘Bel Abri’ superyacht at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2010.

The 52 meter Bel Abri tri-deck superyacht is designed by the British firm Tim Heywood and features strong exterior lines. The main deck layout of Bel Abri, the sixth hull to be produced from Tim Heywood’s sleek design, is different from other yachts in the Amels 171 semi-custom range. The space has been set apart to create a main-deck starboard cabin to craft an expanded owner’s suite.

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Stones Outdoor Lights

Enhance the outdoor living experience with the simple, natural, illuminated shapes of Stones Outdoor Lights by Oluce.

Beautiful and sexy girl’s photographs

A collection of beautiful and sexy looking girls. Every photograph is in high quality which you can use as your desktop wallpaper.
Check out the beautiful and sexy girls photographs here

More Photos by Carlos Palmieri

Timo Wallets | Erotic 3D Design

Designer Timo Weiland and model-turned-photographer-turned author Henry Hargreves have joined forced to introduce in 3D, the grip, in the field, yoga girl and mosaic exotic images on timo! super slim wallets. Check out the entire collection and designs here!