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LFA 2010: IE = HOME at the Embassy of Japan

Five young Japanese architects all living and working in London, chose a site and designed a home, setting their own brief and creating their own imaginary client. Working in the evenings and at weekends (all have day-jobs working for established firms such as Stanton Williams and Sheppard Robson) they produced a series of beautifully detailed models and drawings to explain their ideas.

Nest by Hiroki Kakizoe is a house for a family that lives and works at home. Located on Shoreditch High Street it occupies the site18th century terraced house. Where a conventional English house would have a solid front wall of brick with openings, Kakizoe’s house has a translucent façade etched with the pattern of the original. Inside privacy can be found in a series of floating nests, which accommodate functions such as sleeping and bathing.

Tokuichiro Oba was another to explore notions of public and private. His ‘Small House inside a Ruin’ provides a home for an artist located in the former Wiltshire Brewery in Bethnal Green. Sliding doors open up the walls so that a large studio space becomes a public gallery.

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Alfarium Classic Car Restoration Identity

Alfarium – High End Classic Car Restoration approached Bencium to develop the Alfarium brand. These tough guys build classic 60s and 70s Alfa Romeos, Renaults, Minis etc. Their mission is to restore these old wonders, to reserve the old-school ingenieurs’ heritage.
Alfarium can be followed on social networks as Facebook and YouTube. Potential and existing clients love this easy and immediate information and interaction! Cars under renovation can bee seen online as they reborn.

Identity designed by Bencium Grafikbüro –

Tentacle Soup Posters by Dylan Van Loggerenberg

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Art: Bernard Pras

French artist Bernard Pras takes everyday objects, combining them into a puzzle that makes sense only under one particular angle of view. More on Designaside.

Shiny metal Icon Tutorials

Shiny Metal Icon Tutorials
After you see this shiny icons, you wish learn how to make them!
In this tutorial you will learn how to create shiny metal icon using adobe illustrator CS3. this tutorial contains amazing techniques.

Fantastic Worlds

Amazing characters and fantastic worlds (digital paintings) by Jon Foster.

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    … a fairy tale for your table setting … BCOME more informed !

    Twobop Lookbook 2010 by Oliver Kruger

    2Bop started in 2004 as a way to turn a passion for classic video games into a form of expression.

    2Bop draws inspiration primarily from games that were popular in South Africa at corner shops and arcades in the1980’s and early 1990’s when gameplay was key and graphics if they were good were an added bonus. Disadvantaged areas during apartheid South Africa had little to offer in terms of exposure to cutting edge international design or computer technology but the bootleg arcade games that used twenty cent pieces (a 2Bop) to play at the corner shop were a window into what was happening in the outside world. These games granted access to excellent electronic entertainment and exposed the 2Bop crew to intuitive and engaging interface design, game design, graphic and sound design primarily from Japan and North America. And so began a long fascination with the medium that shows no signs of stopping.

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    Melissa Satta in Maxim Italy

    Melissa Satta is looking somewhat inappropriate on the cover of Maxim Italy’s June 2010 issue.

    More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

    Duu Concept by CR & S

    Ferrari Store opened in New York

    The Ferrari Store has opened its doors in Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York, unveiling a retail space, designed by Studio Iosa Ghini that pays homage to the 60-year history of racing and luxury associated with the Ferrari brand.

    A wide range of Ferrari products from lifestyle and fan collections dedicated to Formula 1, are displayed at the store. Miniatures and models from each era, a display case showcasing a crankshaft, valves and a piston, and the Cavallino collection of accessories and sportswear adorn the space.

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    80+ Fresh Logo designs – get Inspired!

    If you are a professional logo designer, I bet you are familiar with the feeling when just after securing the order for some corporate logo design you find yourself trapped in the searches for inspiration. Of course, some ideas could be picked up from the type of the business your client runs or, maybe, the customer was professional enough to provide you with some clues or his own vision of the future logo design. This sounds good, surely, but what should you do if there is nothing, literally nothing to go by…

    Well, some people say that a good source of inspiration can be found in the showcases or galleries of other people’s work. Indeed, sometimes a really good and original idea can be generated after viewing the projects already live. So, why don’t you try to fish out some creative and fresh ideas about logo design from the logos already done by other people? Have a look at the selection of logo designs below – there are many of them from genuinely simple to highly artistic ones. I am sure you will enjoy these fresh logo designs, and if some of them wake up some feelings or ideas in your soul – express them to the world, let us know what you think about these logo design samples.

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