Maarten Wetsema

Dutch photographer Maarten Wetsema has a way with dogs. With the 4 collections Daan and Jacob, Dogs in their Domestic Environments, Portraits of Dog and Dogshoots, he captures the dog’s beauty.

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Popular blogs from Poland

Today we would like to present next showcase from the series of ‘Popular blogs’. We present collection of interesting, well-designed and popular blogs from Poland.

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Impress – A Flexible Display

Impress is a flexible display by Silke Hilsing that enables touch interactivity with feedback. It breaks the distance in the relationship of human and technology. The user can merge in and collaborate with technology more than ever. He can squeeze out information and fly through rooms, he can form three-dimensional and put objects in motion by deforming the surface.

More pictures and a video on iGNANT

Photography by Lyall Coburn

Photography by Lyall Coburn, more info and pics here.

Hubert Fine Art

Illustrations of London based illustrator Ladislav Hubert
Hommage à Hokusai (detail)
Hommage à Hokusai (detail)


The Look Of The Samurai

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Lamp by Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi

Artworks of international artist Lamponi Leopardi Maurizio
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Canon 7D Custom Picture Styles Test

[vimeo 10423259]

View 1080p version on Vimeo
Read about the test at the Momentum Blog

Taipei 101 to become World’s Tallest Green Building

Taipei 101, which was officially ‘the tallest building in the world’ before the opening of the Burj Khalifa on January 4, 2010 is now making its moves to become the ‘world’s tallest green building’.

Taipei 101 or Taipei Financial Center, a landmark 101-story skyscraper located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Chinese firm C.Y. Lee & Partners, is applying for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

Read More through ‘World Interior Design Network

Fire Kit

Fire Kit est une lampe au design minimaliste mais bien tendance. Reprendre la forme du feu de camp pour une lampe, il fallait juste y penser. Une création des 5.5 designers. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

(Designbyhumans T-shirt) Reverse city

Urbanic T-shirt design ‘Reverse city'(by animabase) at
This design is choosed as a ‘Shirt of the day’ March 25 at
Price is $24.


Young Romance

This weeks Warren Ellis challenge is redesigning Young Romance cover

See more redesigned covers here

Josh Lambert Graphic Design


Clab4design It is a creative lab, a well-equipped carpentry shop where design furniture items are produced on a small scale. Due to its peculiar design and manufacturing characteristics, each product is a unique, high-quality item.
More on Designaside.

Nathan Sawaya: Brick By Brick

LEGO brick artist Nathan Sawaya’s ‘Brick by Brick’ is the first solo exhibition of his art works, comprised entirely of LEGO bricks, in New York.

Sawaya quit his job as a corporate lawyer back in 2001 to pursue his childhood fascination with the ubiquitous building blocks, transforming them into an artistic medium.

He has used LEGO’s shapes and bright colors to develop a range of sculptures including pop culture icons, the human form, planets.He’s even created a life-sized self-portrait, expressing the limitless possibilities of this medium.

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Cast of Vices

Cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps, and coke bags made into jewelry by Cast Of Vices.
The collection is hand crafted in the U.S.A with solid sterling silver or gold.

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