Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2

Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2

Listen and see the new video of Jamaica I Think I Like 2 on Le Blog de Yoland.

Characters by Camelia Dobrin

For more visit www.camellie.com

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness V.2

This past week, a music video for Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” featuring MGMT and Ratatat, had a short lived fling with the Internet as a wave of censorship swept it out of sight. There were rumors Cudi didn’t approve of his performance, and an alternate video for the same track (above), was created.
Watch the New Video Here

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento – Campaign Against the Bicentenary of Argentina

Segunda imagen para la Contracampaña por el Bicentenario de la Nación Argentina. No debería ser motivo de celebración.
(Second image for the Campaign Againgst the Bicentenary of Argentina. We shouldn´t celebrate it.)

For more information: PabloZarate.com

I AM NOT AN ARTIST – an animated gif paranoia about nonstop design workers

Jonny Kelly and Matthew Cooper did a really nice site especially for GIF-Artists around the world.

Creative usage of Stone and Ceramics for Modern Design

Ceramics and stones are being revived in innovative and beautiful ways for modern design.

Check out ‘World Interior Design Network Blog’ for more creative ceramics and stones designs.

Typography by Andrei D. Robu

Andrei D. Robu is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Bucharest as a lead designer and partner at the graphic design offices of Acme Industries.
Via Cretique


The Highbridge Film Festival

Raiki Boy

Create Rockstar poster in Photoshop

This time we will show you how to create colorful rockstar poster in photoshop. In this tutorial we will use plenty of various photoshop techniques. Tutorial is pretty complex, so you will need to carefully follow each step of this tutorial. As you can see from final image preview, we willcreate awesome effect using usual photo and your photoshop knowledge. So, enough to talk, lets start to learn.

Read Full Photoshop tutorial: Rockstar poster in Photoshop

Jakob Wagner

Le photographe Jakob Wagner revient avec un nouveau travail brillant. Une nouvelle série de photos dans les rues des plus grandes villes. More pics > WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

5 free fonts with 3D effect

You shouldn’t be missing this five 3D free fonts in your font library. Enjoy!

Soma RegularSoma Regular Free Font

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This wall remains colorful.

“This wall remains colorful” is the diploma thesis by Ideas you forgot. Check out the portfolio.

Moriceau and Mrzyk

Gorgeous calendar by french art duo Moriceau & Mrzyk.
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