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Fashion Branded Weapons

1 Fashion Branded Weapons

3 Fashion Branded Weapons

Justin Melnick is an avid photographer, digital artist, and has spent time oversees in the Middle East. All of these influences have come together in his latest project, titled ARM•ME Melnick imagines — quite vividly — what Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Pucci, and Chanel would add to standard ammunition. The exhibition starts September 2nd at Gallery 385 in New York City. The outcome is a compelling statement that questions how we — individually and as a nation — spend our money, contrasting the abundance of weaponry with the scarcity of high-end luxury goods and some pretty amazing imagery.

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Ghana Horrors!

ghana 1 Ghana Horrors!
ghana 2 Ghana Horrors!
ghana 3 Ghana Horrors!
These hand-painted movie posters were used for traveling exhibitors in Ghana, often using local artists. They went from town to town with a videotape player that ran from a generator. The posters were used and re-used.

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Trend is Nerd

688633faba00683325001dba73916d23 Trend is Nerd

Custom Tee-Shirt Design!

Near the normal production of this tee in various colors,
this t-shirt design will be printed on specific request too with custom colors!

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Banksy takes on the KKK in Alabama

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img 2191 11 Invincible

Artwork by Emelie Ivansson


Fireplays by Jon Thomas

[vimeo 1418995]


The Special Fathers


Aleksandr Pasevin


Maciej Hajnrich

7c1 Maciej Hajnrich

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A Man of a Thousand Faces


Anwen Keeling: Contemporary Realist Painter

13 Anwen Keeling: Contemporary Realist Painter
4 Anwen Keeling: Contemporary Realist Painter
Keeling’s beguiling, realist paintings capture suspended moments in fictional lives with a reverence for drama, suspense and elegance. Like film stills from an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Keeling’s isolated female figures are placed in a series of interiors where the space is either suffused with subtle, refracted light or illuminated by the harsh glare of an electric bulb.”

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Yo, Homie! Check Out My New Bling Bling!

11 Yo, Homie! Check Out My New Bling Bling!
Slick Rick

20 Yo, Homie! Check Out My New Bling Bling!

“Bling bling – Everytime I come around yo city,
Bling bling – Pinky ring worth about fifty,
Bling bling – Everytime I buy a new ride,
Bling bling – Lorenzos on Yokahama tires,
Bling bling!”

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Photo retoucher in action

[vimeo 1518307]
Photo retouching by Yahor Shumski

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Web 2.0? Web 3.0? Try, Web -0.0174… See what happens when your computer wants to call the shots in web design. Your computer is the new Picasso, your browser is his canvas!


degen7 de g3Nerat*r
degen6 de g3Nerat*r
degen3 de g3Nerat*r
degen de g3Nerat*r


Büro für Form – Alien Lighting

buerofurform aug08 011 Büro für Form   Alien Lighting
The Alien lighting collection by Büro für Form