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Homeboy01 Stephane TARTELIN

tartelin give Stephane TARTELIN

270b Stephane TARTELIN

French illustrator,check the website.



706341218395913 WHITE

My latest piece on Behance, a continuation of a series.


Yes, Surfstation is back!!!

sfst Yes, Surfstation is back!!! is an online magazine for the creative community. It was founded in June 2000 by Thomas Brodahl, German Olaya and Yohan Gingras. Currently it is run by Thomas Brodahl and Jessey White-Cinis out of Venice, CA.

Best, mates!


Lyle Owerko

lo 1 Lyle Owerko
lo 2 Lyle Owerko
lo 3 Lyle Owerko
Lyle Owerko, photographer and filmmaker.


Matty Franklin

mf 3 Matty Franklin
mf 2 Matty Franklin
mf 1 Matty Franklin
Matty‘s pictures are amazing!


Esao Andrews.

This piece is named “Megan”. She’s one of my favorite girls from his paintings.

More of his work here.


Amazing iPhone Backside Modding

iph 1 Amazing iPhone Backside Modding
iph 2 Amazing iPhone Backside Modding
[youtube VgfyUsjwGwM]
This is a “glowing Apple” iPhone case backside modding, made in Russia. See more here.

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Ganztoll Sandwich

some work from the ganztoll guys! (

 Ganztoll Sandwich


Clever Signage

carpark1 Clever Signage

This car park signage blew me away (the original web site seems to be down). Similar to those crazy 3d chalk drawings by Julian Beever. -Adrian Cotter, from Scene 360.


Worlds of: Benjamin Carre

8 Worlds of: Benjamin Carre
7 Worlds of: Benjamin Carre
Benjamin Carre. Dark illustrations. “Cold Fear” and “Alone in the Dark 4″ included.

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Where The Shadows Come To Play

1 Where The Shadows Come To Play
Andrea Joseph‘s sketchblog. Your Photoshop is gone away. Amazing!

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Design You Trust™ is Back!

dontpanic Design You Trust™ is Back!
I didn’t expect this. It was very… unexpectedly. But it happend. Huge traffic bandwidth overload. Virtual server is dead. Down. Burn. OMG. But. Don’t panic! (c) We changed to more stable, more powerful dedicated server! Welcome again, friends! ;)

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Collages Pt2

771641218148323 Collages Pt2

One of many illustrations made for the book “Sailing Void” by the amazing writer Aldo Xavier. To be released soon.

771641217548928 Collages Pt2

more original works on and

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Joker’s scruffy and grungy make-up

dark knight Joker’s scruffy and grungy make up
I’ve been curious to know find out who did the make-up art for the new Batman film, especially for Joker. Because it is incredibly expressive and darker then the first film with Jack Nicholson. On Wikipedia, there is a note about the influence coming from: “We gave a Francis Bacon spin to [his face].” Wow! Specifically “Study of a Portrait” (1953) by Bacon, and I found this painting which I feel there is some similarity. And for those who are interested to learn more, here is an interview with the “The Dark Knight’s” make-up artist John Caglione, Jr. at Resource 411. Caglione states “The biggest challenge for me was to maintain and keep continuity of the Joker makeup all day in spite of heat and variable weather conditions. I had to match scenes shot in Chicago and the UK but I got to watch Heath Ledger’s completely off-the-hook and physically demanding performance. I had a ball!” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

[Top Image: Heath Ledger as the Joker in “The Dark Knight” (2008). Bottom Image: Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) ©/by Francis Bacon]


R2D2 feels small.

Illustrations by Damien Weighill.

youface 04 R2D2 feels small.

Via: Booooooom!