StarCraft II — Ghosts of the Past

Zen Station – Let’s play, grasshopper…

A bio-feedback game. The player with the most “inner calm” wins…

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New work from artist, designer, illustrator and art director ED Batista/Artz Juzt Du

“Design that I made for Oppnus a fashion brand from Brazil.
(Shortly I will post new works and update my website)”

Veer Towers at CityCenter in Las Vegas

CityCenter, the iconic massive urban complex spanning 76 acres in Las Vegas, Nevada, has celebrated the opening of the complex’s most architecturally distinct residential buildings named ‘Veer Towers’ and its model homes.

Designed by German-American architect Helmut Jahn, Veer Towers at CityCenter is a twin 37-story glass tower complex accommodating 674 condominium units. The towers lean in opposite directions 4.6 degrees from the center. Helmut Jahn has designed the CityCenter’s residential development as an architectural and artistic landmark.

Veer Towers earned CityCenter’s sixth LEED-Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The accomplishment marks the highest LEED achievement by any hotel, retail district or residential development in Las Vegas.

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How do you Fluo?

Diesel are launching a completely fluo mini website celebrating Summer time.
Post your own fluo mood and play for the chance to win Diesel Fuel For Life Summer Edition perfumes, as well as fashion accessories from the new Diesel collection!


HypeForType releases its latest line-up of exclusive fonts designed by seriously talented designers from around the world.
The HFT Exclusive Collection Volume 3 features brand new typefaces made by Craig Ward, Marta Alimbau, Playful, Official Classic, and MusaWorkLab.

This is ENIAC PRO , click on the pics to see much more >>>

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More illustrations by Kikayis

Moleskine 65 by Brioni

To celebrate their 65th anniversary, the Italian luxury brand Brioni has designed a unique and charming edition of the famous Moleskine notebook.

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Lyubomir Sergeev

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30+ Beautiful Long Exposure Photographs

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Sophia Ahamed – Graphic Designer/Illustrator (Melbourne)

Sophia Ahamed is a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada….. more

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Legendary Dragons in Modern Graphic Designers Interpretation

Thousands of myths about the appalling creatures called dragons can be found in the folklore of practically every country. Although every nation describes them differently, endowing with some peculiar characteristics (for example, existence or absence of the bat-like wings, front legs, feathers or scales, etc.), all of us equally feel irrational fear of them. There is no single theory as for the reason or source of myths about dragons; however, some scientists suggest that fossil remains of dinosaurs – animals people have never seen alive, but witnessed their tremendous remnants – gave raise to the legends about huge, furious, fire-breathing creatures.

Dragons look imposing, fear-inducing, invulnerable, and invincible. They are characterized with supernatural power, sharp eye, wisdom, longevity and surely rage. Scientists suggest that mythological dragons just like large cats, snakes, and birds of prey possess the features a human being has an inherited instinctive fear of.

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Marion Cotillard Gets Undressed