Maison Martin Margiela & Ruby Helmet

Maison Martin Margiela has teamed with Les Ateliers Ruby to create this special Pavilion crash helmet. The classic white helmet is given a worn effect by decorating the outside with a range of sketches and doodles by the MMM team. The result is a playful, stylish, functional helmet for the modern man on the go. Available at Aloha Rag.

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Paper Art in Advertising

Great advertising campaign by Celcom Broadband, the number one mobile broadband provider in Malasya, made by the agency M&C Saatchi.

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An interview with Dave Mckean (video)

de vicenzo’s graphic art

graphic artworks by chris de vincenzo, canada.
more graphic artworks here.

New Lego Art

Part-time artist experimenting in lego, scribblings and bits that fit together

Obama Final Small

obama frame small

Rooney Final Small

rooney frame small

Aeroplane July Mix


Listen and download the new Aeroplane July Mix on Le Blog de Yoland.

The Photography of Nicole Reed

Nicole Reed is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Nicole says she is very shy in front of the camera and thinks that is why she has chosen to stay behind it. She likes her subjects to be themselves and gives them no instruction. Nicole prefers to capture a moment rather than create one.

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MARTE Ataca #4

Design by Eduardo Ribeiro.

Coletivo Marte is a group from Santo André (Sao Paulo – Brazil) formed by artists, musicians, designers, photographers and journalists. Their main objective is to promote art and cultural events in their city.


The sculptures and illustrations of Russ White

A light sculpture titled “Avalon”

A wood sculpture. Titled “The-Apostatic”

Here are two illustrations the top one is titled “Retards” fitting for the characters and the second on is called “Candy Cane Xmas” (love it)
Here is a small collection of a Chicago sculpture and illustrator, Russ White. I’ve never actually met him but I did see some of his wood sculptures a few years ago. I just recently stumbled across his work again and found out he is also an illustrator. WOW! Double talented!! You can see more of his wood sculptures here at or if you like, he also has an illustration website which can be found at

High Speed Photography – The Frozen Motion

High speed photography belongs to the highlights and culmination of the art and science of photography. Indeed, the world around us is in constant motion, and it is only the high speed photography, which is capable of capturing things in motion and showing us what really happens during those tiny fractions of seconds while some extremely speedy phenomenon occurs.

Speaking technically, high speed photography refers to either taking a photograph at a high sensitive level to create the frozen motion effect and reduce to zero the motion blur or to capturing a series of frames at a high frame rate to demonstrate how things change during high speed motion. Along with certain technical requirements for the camera, such as high quality photo sensor with high sensitivity and a good shuttering system, high speed photography is also about an exceptional level of photographer’s expertise and skills.

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Rebecca Wilson Ceramics

Drawing her inspiration from the kitsch ceramic aesthetics, Rebecca takes the medium of ceramics as both her chosen material and subject matter. She is an enthusiastic hoarder, and aims to breathe new life into abandoned and forgotten domestic objects. She is fascinated by people’s ever more transient relationships with their possessions in the growth of this throwaway culture we live in. By making playful and ironic changes to the inherent properties of an object, and combining decadent porcelain with incidental materials such as jelly, chocolate and paper, she aims to elevate the status of nick-knacks and trinkets, making them into art objects and viceversa.

Centurion Palace Venezia

We just came back from a trip to Venezia where we had the chance to stay at the Centurion Palace, a five star hotel from the 16th century that retained the original architecture and cleverly mixing a radical modern interior design.

More images of the hotel on Materialiste…

Tommie Ohlson

Marc Pascal Ceramics (Art)Works

See the works of Marc Pascal Ceramics here.

Sexy Tron girl – geeky hip-hop music video