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Dean Freeman Photography

Dreams are not bubbles

Cupido – Steamy Winter

Advertising campaign steamy winter was done by TRY for Cupido.
More here

sun rabbit / badge

People named small light reflections “sun rabbits”. This small badge creates personal “sun rabbit” that falows everywhere around.

sun rabbit / julius bucelis
sun rabbit / julius bucelis
sun rabbit / julius bucelis
sun rabbit / julius bucelis

Catch your sun rabbit!

running 10.0 x 5.2 cm
sitting 4.4 x 4,7 cm

plexiglas, plywood

Holland vs. Spain – A Tale of Two Cities

As I’m sure everybody knows, tonight will mark the end of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It has undoubtedly been a brilliant tournament, full of highs (Van Bronckhorst’s fabulous goal against Uruguay) and lows (South Africa, the hosts, going out so early). As a tribute to the two countries contesting the title (Holland and Spain), this is a selection of wonderful photography of their capital cities (Amsterdam and Madrid respectively). There is as many pictures as the team has scored goals – 12 pictures of Amsterdam, 7 of Madrid. If you wanted more Madrid photos, blame the team!

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Design : ITF

Simple lines make the world better.
Read the article on BEWARE

inked ladies

tattooed women by photograph warwick saint, usa.
more tattooed women photos here.

dark is deadly

print campaign for the game dark is deadly by by agency maccann.
more prints here.


25 Incredible 3D Vehicles by Maurice Panisch

Maurice is a Germany based 3D artist with a big passion for cars.
Via Recave (Click here for more)

A visit to the studio of Jackson Pollock

Ever seen Pollock paint? Moves like a dancer, that one…

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

Saints & Martyrs and Monsters by Gosia Herba.


Out and Out explication of Refine Edging in CS5

What do billowy hair, fur coats and horse manes have in common?

They used to be the bane of designers who had a rough time selecting these sorts of complex edges from the surrounding background. An under billed, yet, one of the most path breaking features of CS5, the Refine Edge feature has finally put an end to those exasperating hours of fine tuning the edges.

Mask creation happens to be one of the most important and difficult tasks in Photoshop. Edge selection has one of the more trying aspects of Photoshop as the transition of edges in earlier versions of Photoshop was either uniformly hard or soft. This always caused problems when there was an image with both hard and soft edges, such as clothes making a hard edge and hair making a soft edge. Also, with all the blurring out of the edges, there was always the problem of adjusting the contrast between the edges. With the Refine Edge along with the Decontaminate Colors option even a beginner can come up with results professionals in the earlier versions of Photoshop would have struggled with.

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Mug shot for “The Forty Thieves 3”

by Camellie

Mug shot for “The Forty Thieves 3” exhibition at Gorker Gallery in Melbourne, Australia
15 giclée prints available for sale at the gallery.