They Came From… the first 3D Snowboard Movie (Teaser)

theycamefrom cldfx They Came From... the first 3D Snowboard Movie (Teaser)
Factor Films presents an all new experience. They shot the whole snowboard movie “They came from…” in both RED, HD and 3D.
The movie will be released this Fall for now one can get a good impression through the Trailer.


[vimeo 5416514]
A short animated video created for F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival.

More amazing art and design at Scene 360 Illusion


1 15 HORT!
2 13 HORT!

Hort!, one of my favorite designers

Holga 35mm!

1 14 Holga 35mm!
2 12 Holga 35mm!
3 10 Holga 35mm!

Some pics with Holga 35mm :)

Barclays Ad: Fake.

[youtube o_mOkVB1gqw]
Released: July 2009
Avertiser: BARCLAYS
Country: USA
Category: Investment, insurance & property development
Client: Barclays
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Creative Director: Paul Venables
Associate Creative Director: Tom Scharpf
Copywriter: Crockett Jeffers
Director of Broadcast Production: Craig Allen
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Line Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Rick Russell
Post Production: The Mill
VFX Supervisor: Angus Kneale
Senior CG Artist: Ben Smith
Music Company: Elias Arts
Composer: Dave Wittman
Sound Design: 740 Sound Design

Stephen Tamiesie

nope Stephen Tamiesie
The Photography of Stephen Tamiesie. Seen on The Journal of Geebird & Bamby. Now also on Twitter:

Fallout II in Real Life!

fall1 Fallout II in Real Life!
fall2 Fallout II in Real Life!
fall3 Fallout II in Real Life!
Gamers certainly well known series of computer games, Fallout. The first two parts of the game, Fallout Tactics, and the newly released Fallout 3 with numerous additions. New World of California, bombed the enemy missiles and the dangerous charm of radioactive deserts excite the minds of many people. Based on the data of games almost every year are held Polygon role play, where everyone can feel like a resident of wasteland. Civilians, garrison towns, raider, the scientists, the Brotherhood of Steel and Rangers NKR – no limit for imagination. Role play – this world that you create yourself, and for a few days, forget his name, to become a different person in a new world role-playing game of polygons, with all its dangers and hardships.

Awesome 3D Animation By Peter Roe

peterRoe01 Awesome 3D Animation By Peter Roe
peterRoe02 Awesome 3D Animation By Peter Roe
peterRoe03 Awesome 3D Animation By Peter Roe
Here is an awesome video/3d animation created by Peter Roe. He shows some “behind the scenes” pieces in the video, so you have an idea of how the work was made. I thought the corridor with the graffiti in the walls was real.

Click here to watch the video.

Intermon Oxfam by Hey Studio

heystudio7 01 Intermon Oxfam by Hey Studio
The Hey Studio was to renew the image of Oxfam and create an emotional link between the association and its young target. More picture in the link

Hoooray! Yahooo!!

formt Hoooray! Yahooo!!
Got those 3 awesome tees today from Formatmag!!! Oh, yeah! ;) Thanks for present, Daniel, respect!!!

Amazing Sidecar!

C21 Amazing Sidecar!

François Knorreck spent 15,000€, 10,000 hours over a 10 year time span to complete the sidecar, “Snaefell.” Indeed an amazing job! See more about the construction of “Snaefell” at Breganzane Blog.

More amazing art and design at Scene 360 Illusion


friendnik Friendnik
Friendnik is a free new meta service that helps you find out where your friends are registered online. You could think of it as an online address book – a central place to find out which sites and services your friends are registered with. As your friends join new sites and add new links to their profiles, your address book automagically updates.

Axe «Instinct»

Henry Pilcher – Furniture Designer (Perth)

T-shirt deisgn ‘Attraction of blossom’

attraction of blossom mainimage580 11 01 T shirt deisgn Attraction of blossom
Blossom manwoman 580 32 01 T shirt deisgn Attraction of blossom
T-shirt design ‘Attraction of blossom’ for 10K contest in designbyhumans.
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