‘Space for Applause’- Thesis of Jenna Gesse

Jenna Gesse thesis at the Department of Design at FH Bielefeld in winter semester 2009/2010, ‘Space for Applause’ is a book of self-reflection, observation and discussions in the context of poetry and prose texts with the theme of work “a linguistic and typographic issues of life budding designers”.

‘The content tonality follow the typographical means. The visual impact of the texts, lives of the subtle staging, which plays very specifically with the “designer’s eye” and typographic understanding.’
-Jenna Gesse.
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Nexen 1JZ S15

Design and sexy Helmets by Good

Limited Edition Art Prints – An Inexpensive Way to Invest in Art

Many people enjoy collecting items such as coins, stamps, and art for the pure beauty, enjoyment, or for investment reasons. Many would like to do so, but are unable because of the high price involved. Obviously, owning an original painting by Salvador Dali or Claude Monet would cost millions. Even originals by lesser-known artists such as Tim Cox and Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey will cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, collecting art might seem to be only for the wealthy.

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Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha

Renata Raksha is a young American photographer. More about her on AMY&PINK and on her own website.

Lego Arc of Triumph

Ugur Derinogullu

Photorealistic Graffiti by El Mac

Extremely detailed and amazingly realistic graffiti art works created by very talanted artist El Mac from USA. His beautiful murals and graffiti decorates streets of US as well as France, Denmark and Mexico. Take a look on his works and be suprised by their realism.

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Deviant Comic Strip Characters

What happens when your favorite comic strip characters get “off the strip”? WWA Gallery answers this question with their recently opened art exhibition. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Interior Design / Architectural Pearl: Beautiful Stone House in Puglia via @ninibaseema

More Photos & Infos on the villas: Http://TheFormOfBeauty.Tumblr.com

Colun light – your kid, without sugar

Kids without sugar by Prolam Y&R.
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Mr Gaunt


Create a Dramatic Urban Raining Composition with 3D Elements

Urban scenes can be used to create dramatic works of digital art. The grunge feel of graffiti, concrete and the darker textures can result in great environments for a design or artwork. Perhaps typified by movies like Sin City, the grayscales of urban environments, particularly when combined with rain, are captivating.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take some stock photos and create a dramatic urban environment, complete with rain, and then build a design composition around it using some 3D elements. You’ll learn how to create a nice raining effect, and how to use urban styles to enhance your work.

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Sasha Pivovarova by Craig McDean

Shutter House

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