Glamping With Laura Ashley

Glamping = glamorous camping with all the luxuries. Are you ready to bring a touch of glamour to your camp? This pretty smart tent designed by Laura Ashley would be perfect for a camping in the countryside or a tea party in the backyard. Just enjoy the mix of luxury and nature:)

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Biker Chicks, Robots & Captain America

Art by Dan Bru. Available at 3-D Monster


Daily Inspiration #76

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Here Comes The Night

This book is a photographic showcase about the vision of night photography. The selection of participants was curated by Andres Medina and Mikel Aramendia, promoters of this book, and partially comes motivated by the positive experience in…

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Fernando Volken Togni Illustrations

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Alberto Polo Ianez Photography

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Gallery House

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When Giant Paper Planes Attack!

Who let the giants out? In one of the most creative pieces of street art we’ve seen in a very long time, giant paper planes are seen thrown off the side of a building. One happens to land and then magically transforms into a sculpture made of metal and fiberglass! See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Photography by Jan Smith

Lay-z-boy Cinema

Lay z boy cinema

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Fan Xiaoyan

The sculptor, Fan Xiaoyan was born in 1983 in Gaomi. In 2008 she graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and now lives and works in Beijing.

Fan herself says that her work proclaims “the arrival of a new era, a new kind of human being, a new power, a new sensation… a surrealistic virtual world in which men and women are equal”. Certainly, the violent contrast between pink flesh and cold, hard steel in Fang’s works gives rise to an intense visual and psychological shock. The unbearability of enduring such heavy attachments gives rise to a kind of strength and sweetness.

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Urban Street Art: Big Hunting by Laguna

This piece by Laguna is one of the most incredible pieces I’ve seen lately. Completed in Almagro, Spain, a couple men are seen riding a gargantuan fish, reminiscent of an epic tale. Viewers must stand in the perfect spot to see all the individual pieces connect.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Matthew Vimislik – Illustrations

Intro Printmaking

So today I had a Critique in printmaking.

We were doing linoleum block cuts with color ( suicide blocks ) I think I handled mine very well… one of my little characters and his story.

let me know what you guys/gals think.

excuse the image quality, was taken from my regular ol non iphone.