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Artist Day: Tyler Edlin

This is the portfolio of an interesting artist: Tyler Edlin, also known as “gamefan84” on deviantart. Tyler Edlin is a digital artist from United States; his drawings show to us beautiful cities where fantasy and futuristic themes are living together in a relaxing sight.

Artist Day: Tyler Edlin

QEAI. Artblog, Design, Technology n MKT

QEAI Blog. This is a new blog created to get a new source of inspiration by knowing about designers around the globe, outstanding artists, news in technology and gadgets and the best marketing / advertising campaigns from all around.
So feel free to get involved! Just one more thing: It’s in Spanish!. But you would get it anyway!


UNStudio & Zara

UNStudio & Zara more pics here WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Kylie Bax by Steven Klein “The Fashion Power”

More Images here

Ray, a great graphic designer

Photography by Jenni Porkka

Photography by Jenni Porkka, more pics and info here.

Art of ABenoit Ladouceur

Pavel Bolo

Amazing photography by Israeli photographer Pavel Bolo… More info & pics HERE

Jason Lee Parry

Jason Lee Parry

More pictures of Jason Lee Parry on Le Blog de Yoland.

Experimental Hotel- The Tree House Project

The Treehouse Hotel is an experimental project of architecture and design that addresses essential topics to the future of our society. The theme of the sustainable city seeks from the beginning a reading of the footprint of the city, in the present and the future, in order to make it neutral in all respects: energy, carbon emissions, food, tradition, employment, housing, moving , waste, diversity, nature … Read more here.

Hazi t-shirt

Bossa Nova

Beautifully Illuminated Landscapes

A photographic series entitled “Earth Engines” by Oliver DiCicco and Barry Underwood. Beautiful!


Iain Macarthur – Illustrations