Paintings by Morgan Blair

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Andrey Kuznetsov :: movie posters

The illustrator and animator Russian Andrey Kuznetsov, I think this series of posters representing various famous films but with a somewhat retro touch, well, quite retro, like the Middle Ages. More in Trecool.

Creative, figurative sculptures of modern day

Modern day sculpture art has definitely evolved greatly from the traditional sculpture as it was understood, for example, in Ancient Greece or Rome. This evolution is traced in many aspects of the art – from the techniques and materials used to the featured characters and understanding of the esthetics itself. However, there is still one aspect that remained unchanged throughout the whole history of this fine art, and this is the deep meaningfulness of sculptures.

The showcase of modern creative figurative sculptures is a rich collection, showing all the versatility of the modern sculpture art. Here you will find humans figures and those of some unbelievable monsters or mutants. Some of the sculptures are made from traditional clay, but in others artists utilized the most unexpected materials, for example, kitchenware. However, no matter what they are made from, all of these modern sculptures are interesting, expressive, and creative, of course.

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Meow Meow Happy Fight

Pebble-inspired Batumi Aquarium by Henning Larsen Architects

Danish practice Henning Larsen Architects has scooped first prize in the invited competition to design Batumi Aquarium in the Georgian seaport of Batumi, featuring a design that resembles a cluster of pebbles.

Inspired by the characteristic pebbles of the Batumi beach, which are continually shaped by the wash of the waves through millennia, Henning Larsen Architects designed the building as an iconic rock formation visible from both land and sea.

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Birds Photography Showcase – the Inspiring Beauty of Birds

Their hearts beat 1000 beats per minute; they can reach speed up to 200 mph and can strike with the power twice as the power of a rifle bullet; most of them can fly forward, but some can also fly sideways and even backwards; some of them can even walk on the water; they vary in size from 1.6 grams to kilograms; finally, their population on Earth estimates between 200 to 400 billion individuals… Have you already guessed who are we talking about? Yeah, of course, birds…

Blue sky and seagulls flying

Birds have always played a significant role in the life of humans. As the evidence for this statement, let us remember that in ancient times birds were commonly considered as creatures close to Gods and thus endowed with supernatural powers. Birds were common characters, mentioned in multiple legends and fairy tales. Just to give a few examples, let’s remember the eagle, sent by Zeus to execute punishment to Prometheus, or the white dove, that brought the palm twig to Noah as the sign of new land found after the Deluge.


Cisowianka Perlage – Chopin’s Year Special Edition

Label designed by famous Polish artist — Andrzej Pągowski

Frank Herfort

Create stylish 3D shapes with Adobe Illustrator


Take your Illustrator skills to the next level, by learning advanced features of Illustrators 3D functionality.
Techniques used in this tutorial can give you pretty spectacular results. Read it here

Notre Dame de Monts ep10

summertimes on the atlantic coast…

Notre Dame de Monts, Vendée (85) France

[vimeo 13002583]

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Awesome Package

T-shirt design and packing that takes design cues from food and packing found in supermarkets. Check out this fun and creative concept by Prompt Design on Grafitee

Dave Mead

Scarlett Johansson for Mango Fall/Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

Bae Sehwa

Trevor Brady

Photos by Trevor Brady