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[Contest] Win YOUR Tshirt on Grafitee

grafiteecontest [Contest] Win YOUR Tshirt on Grafitee
Grafitee and Apach Creation make you win a T-shirt drawn by you. The contest is simple, to create your picture, present on your blog (or your facebook additionally) and puts the link towards your article in comment (of the post on grafitee). Links leading towards Grafitee and Apach Création will be obviously timely in your post. You have until November 16th to send your creation.

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Charlene Chua’s 13 Ghosts of Halloween

13ghosts580 Charlene Chuas 13 Ghosts of Halloween

Toronto-based illustrator Charlene Chua conjured up 13 ghouls for Halloween this year. Each cheeky ghost is based on a real client of hers – check them out at

The Krolls

Krolls are strange creatures, living in their own mythical world. Sometimes they emerge in reality. Kroll is a cross between a rabbit (‘krolik’ in Russian) and a troll. They are quick-tempered and easy-minded. Vadim Cherniy is that designer, who gave birth to these magical characters. He was inspired by music and image of the band named The Krolls, Russian band singing songs in French. You can see his big-eared works at his website and listen to The Krolls at their myspace page.

know more about The Krolls at

The Lexus LFA Roadster Revealed

lexuslfa dyt1 The Lexus LFA Roadster Revealed
lexuslfa dyt3 The Lexus LFA Roadster Revealed
lexuslfa dyt2 The Lexus LFA Roadster Revealed
While unofficial and teaser photos of the Lexus LFA Roadster were tipped before the Tokyo Motor Show, the official press images have been revealed. In a word? SEXY. This genuine supercar will be produced in a limited run of 500 units, each one outpacing speeds of 200mph on the street. Watch your back, Lamborghini. More at TheCoolist.

JoCanDraw Mix-Media

jocandrawmixmedia2 JoCanDraw Mix Media
jocandrawmixmedia15 JoCanDraw Mix Media
joratcliffe2 JoCanDraw Mix Media

Jo Ratcliffe aka Jocandraw, can definitely draw ! Amazing Illustrations and mix-media work, for BIG clients ! More info & pics HERE

VIRAGES Aston Martin dedicated magazine issue 003

Sindiso Nyoni Illustrations for Adidas

Sindiso Nyoni Adidas Football 1 Sindiso Nyoni Illustrations for Adidas
Cape Town-based illustrator and street artist Sindiso Nyoni prepares us for the upcoming FIFA Soccer Worldcup 2010 in South Africa with his latest illustrations for adidas Football. All the creativity and inspiration we see and hear from South Africa makes us sure, that this will definitely be the same awesome spectacle we had 2006 in Germany. Be excited.

More Illustrations

Shasha Kadnikov: Parforce

Parforce 4 Shasha Kadnikov: Parforce
With art direction by Igor Nicolaienko and Vita Aksiutina, photographer Shasha Kadnikov created this photo-series called ‘Parforce’. This absolutely bizarre collection provides some really nice inspirations for nearly everyone. And the title cuts to the chase.

More Pictures

Interactive MultiTouch Sphere

Untitled3 2555 Interactive MultiTouch Sphere
Untitled2 252 Interactive MultiTouch Sphere
Untitled1 242 Interactive MultiTouch Sphere
Interactive MultiTouch Sphere created by the colective Seeper.

Video here

Porsche Panamera TV Commercial

Negative Space Logotypes

American Institute of Architects Center logo
By Pentagram
americanarchitectslogo Negative Space Logotypes
These are clever logo designs, created by different studios. You can tell that a lot of thought went into each one.


[vimeo 3738607]
by Victor Del Toro.

imagine we do (imagine a gente faz)

Portfolio by …,staat

…,staat is a creative agency based in Amsterdam.
staatcreativestatements01 Portfolio by …,staat
staatcreativestatements02 Portfolio by …,staat
staatcreativestatements03 Portfolio by …,staat
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“Made in Ukraine” drink coasters package for Chiga-biga™

made in ukraine 1 Made in Ukraine drink coasters package for Chiga biga™
made in ukraine 2 Made in Ukraine drink coasters package for Chiga biga™
made in ukraine 4 Made in Ukraine drink coasters package for Chiga biga™
Artel Artyomovyh graphic design bureau ( designed set of coasters “Made in Ukraine” for Chiga-biga™ ( designer’s gifts on-line store. Package and coasters are decorated with traditional ukrainian ornaments. All symbols (Tree of Life, Sun, Fish, Bird, Deer) are filled with ancient meaning. Nice souvenir for a good memory of visiting Ukraine.
made in ukraine 3 01 Made in Ukraine drink coasters package for Chiga biga™