Heartbeats of Time – The most beautiful video about Japan

Lick Lick T-Thirts

Lick Lick T-Shirts by Denis Kuchta
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Photo: Visvaldas Morkevicius

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8 impressive pictures of the Gulf Oil Spill

“River Blues” editorial


Photographer: Milda Vasiliauskaite
Stylist: Aniko Deak
Make up: Francesca Brazzo

Jamshed Jurabaev

Chrissie Macdonald’s Paperworks

UK Designer Chrissie Macdonald works primarily with paper, she creates unique and amazing pieces combining design, set decoration and art…
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Camino de Santiago

Last Series of LOST Prints

As LOST comes to a close, here are the last series of posters from the sci-fi drama. All four of these prints refer to scenes that occurred from the last season.

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Ellen Stagg x Living Proof Skate Deck

Living Proof magazine teamed up with photographer Ellen Stagg to produce this super-sexy limited-edition skate deck.

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Binocular-like Nest House

French architect Stephan Ricci AKA Architerroriste has designed Nest House, which is shaped like a pair of binoculars and surrounded by a nest.

The first skin of the house is the nest, which provides protection to the house. The egg-like skin that follows provides a structural skin as well as insulation.

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Pig Island by Artist Paul McCarthy

It’s take seven years for artist Paul McCarthy to work on his latest sculpture, Pig Island which features Captain Ballsack, Bush, pigs, piracy, Hummels and a plethoric variety of materials. The installation Pig Island is a carnivalesque amusement park in which human beings behave like pigs. A treasure island in reverse, Pig Island is a sculptural shipwreck in which pirates and their heroines throw themselves with abandon into wild revels. View more…

Future Flora

Precision-etched metal sheets that transform into three exotic bloom-shaped forms: Laure, Nadine and Rugiada. Future Flora inhabits the intersection of nature and technology. Future Flora’s contoured openings, fine details, and silver matte surface all conspire to illuminate space by casting poignant radiance. Packaged flat, Future Flora is assembled by connecting intricate metal sheets that comprise each design.

70+ Incredible Digital Illustrations

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Drawings by VRNO

Bosslogic : Street Fighter 4 realistic characters illustrations

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