Beautiful Paintings by David Cheifetz

016 beautiful paintings david cheifetz Beautiful Paintings by David Cheifetz

David Cheifetz was born in the Pacific Northwest in 1981. A former architect, David started learning to paint with oils in the fall of 2007 while attending the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, and in 2009 made the transition to full-time artist. David currently lives in Seattle with his wife and daughter. Let’s take a look at some of his artworks.

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Fantasy Portraits by Len-Yan

012 fantasy portraits lenyan Fantasy Portraits by Len Yan

Set of creative fanstasy illustrations by a 30-year-old artist from Poland, Len-Yan.

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Punta Minta Escape by Circa Interiors

004 punta minta escape circa interiors 650x428 Punta Minta Escape by Circa Interiors

Colorful beachfront vacation residence designed by Circa Interiors situated in Punta Mita, Mexico.

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Concept Art by Nacho Molina

001 concept art nacho molina Concept Art by Nacho Molina

Nacho Molina is a 29-year-old digital concept artist / illustrator from Beneixama, Spain, currently living and working in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at several of his artworks … Enjoy!

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Digital Art by Johnson Ting

001 digital art johnson ting Digital Art by Johnson Ting

Set of spectacular digital artworks by an artist from Malaysia, Johnson Ting.

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Yum Yum Farm by DeForest Architects

001 yum yum farm deforest architects 650x487 Yum Yum Farm by DeForest Architects

This small farmhouse was designed back in 2007 by DeForest Architects and Amelon Construction.

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Water Tower Revitalization by Adam Wiercinski

1399462247 1 640x853 Water Tower Revitalization by Adam Wiercinski
Tower 2.0 is a new concept that gives a second life to a historic water tower in Wronki, Poland. The author of the project is Adam Wiercinski.

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Alter Egos: World War I Re-Enactors

1196 Alter Egos: World War I Re Enactors
Custom silicone technician Corin Watts, portraying a Lance Corporal in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, part of the Rifles Living History Society, participates in a rifle drill whilst recreating life as a First World War soldier at the Colchester Military Tournament in Colchester, eastern England July 6, 2014. Corin became interested in World War One when, as a child, he would pass the statue of “The Driver” on the Royal Artillery Monument by Charles Sargeant Jagger. Because of its size and imposing nature it scared him, but also provoked him to ask questions about the Great War. Of his fellow re-enactors he says “I like the people, its an odd community re-enactment, they are the most bizarre but at the same time most grounded and down to earth people you’d ever meet”. United by a fascination with military history and a fondness for dressing up, groups such as the Rifles Living History Society and the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment Living History Group get together to recreate aspects of life during the First World War. Reuters photographer Luke MacGregor photographed members of the groups, both as they took part in living history events and at their day jobs. (Photo by Luke MacGregor/Reuters)

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A Homemade Lamborghini

1194 A Homemade Lamborghini
Wang Yu drives a handmade replica of Lamborghini Diablo on a highway during a test drive in Beijing, August 21, 2014. Chinese race car enthusiasts Wang Yu and Li Lintao, both in their 30s, have finished designing and making two replicas of the Lamborghini Diablo, which can reach the top speed of 310km/h, and are currently working on a replica of the T-Rex motorcycle. They spent approximately 5 million yuan (around USD 811,899) to buy parts and hire workers, and about 6 years to assemble them with the knowledge they gained from studying mechanology for nearly a decade abroad. Wang and Li went popular after showing their first handmade replica of Lamborghini Diablo at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in 2012, and sold their second Lamborghini replica to Alibaba as a collection. (Photo by Petar Kujundzic/Reuters)

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Featherlight Carbon Balloon Chair

featherlight carbon balloon chair 01 450x558 Featherlight Carbon Balloon Chair

Ever wondered what the world’s lightest chair looks like? Or what it’s made from? Check out the Featherlight Carbon Balloon Chair created by Marcel Wanders.

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Dada Studio’s Sharik Sans Typeface (9 weights) – only $24!

md8 Dada Studios Sharik Sans Typeface  (9 weights)   only $24!

If you’re looking for a solid new font to add to your typeface toolbox, this Mighty Deal from Dada Studio is for you! Say hello to Sharik Sans, a beautiful sans serif font with an elegant touch of calligraphy mixed in. With 9 different weights and 2 unique styles, it’s like getting 18 different typefaces in 1! Available as a desktop font and Web Font, you can even take advantage of the OpenType features. Plus, for a limited time, you can save more than 90% on this beautiful font family!

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Press Photographers Behind The Global Conflicts

1192 Press Photographers Behind The Global Conflicts
Photographers cower as protesters throw stones towards riot police along Sheikh Rihan street near Tahrir Square in Cairo January 25, 2013. (Photo by Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters)

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Supercharged 24 Cylinder Engine

1191 Supercharged 24 Cylinder Engine

This thing has 24 cylinders, 1,704 cubic inches, 12 GMC superchargers (blowers), 8 nitrous bottles and it runs! Why build such a beast? “Because I can,” Harrah says. There’s no other reason to take a 24V71 and build an intake manifold that weighs 1,000 pounds and mount eight 6-71 superchargers on top of four others. This is a V24 Detroit Diesel (normally used to power ships) which is two V12 Detroits joined together nose to nose with splined cranks.

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Some Iconic Pictures of Global Unrest from the Last Years

1189 Some Iconic Pictures of Global Unrest from the Last Years
Riot police walk in the street as a couple kiss on June 15, 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver broke out in riots after their hockey team the Vancouver Canucks lost in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

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Tweezer Holder

bobby pin tweezer storage Tweezer Holder

Install a magnet in your medicine cabinet and never lose your tweezers again.

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