Medusa by Juul Kraijer

Juul Kraijer

Juul Kraijer’s drawings in charcoal and crayon are depictions not of people or objects, but of states of mind. Using a light, nearly transparent line, she creates ghostly figures suspended upon blank paper, with traces of phantom limbs and earlier incarnations left behind as evidence of the artist’s role as choreographer of the image.

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Architecture Photography by Loïc Vendrame

Loïc Vendrame

Loïc Vendrame is a talented photographer based in Lyon. France. He shoot a lot of colorful, minimalistic and fine art architecture photography.

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Instagrams by Tony Hammond

Tony Hammond

Tony Hammond is a talented British artist and iphone photographer. Tony shoot creative minimalist and colorful photography with very clean compositions.

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5in1 mega bundle v.13: cool new fonts – 92% off for limited time

This is vol. 13 in the mega bundles to come from the guys at Dealjumbo. This mega bundle contains 25 custom font families from 5 premium design shops. With this offer, you will save almost 92% on the original price, so there really shouldn’t be anything to consider, you need to get this bundle while it is still available.

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Bold Calendar Letterpress Project

Letterpress 17
This clean and professional set of letter-pressed cards is intended to be used as a weekly calendar. Created by Graphic Designer and Art Director Paul Dersidan, this amazing outcome shows off a set of custom crafted letters that beautifully illustrate each day of the week. The 3 letters that are repeated (D,A,Y), create a full clockwise rotation throughout the overall outcome. This suggests the passing of time, whereas the letterpress creates a crisp impression of the designs. More recently, Paul co-founded BLAU Creative, a small design studio in Bucharest. Be sure to check it out.

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Top Products of the Week via The Gadget Flow #30

Be it for outdoor camping or some impromptu outdoor party in your backyard, the Burnie Portable Campire will be a handy accessory whenever you wish to enjoy grilled food on the go. It has been made out of 100% natural wood and includes zero chemicals. Whenever you’re done with your fire, Burnie will always burn itself out and not generate any waste whatsoever.

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Numbers for Financial Times by Antoni Tudisco

Home in Montecito by The Warner Group Architects

Home in Montecito by The Warner Group Architects

Situated in Montecito, California, this modern single family house was designed by The Warner Group Architects.

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Photography by Yuliana Mendoza

Yuliana Mendoza

Yuliana Mendoza is a talented self taught photographer, who was born in Peru and currently based in Italy. Yuliana was born in 1996, she shoot a lot of fine art photography.

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Amazing Liquid Art by Markus Reugels

German photographer Markus Reugels created a series of photographs that show falling water droplets.

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Yamaha 03GEN-x


The dual-purpose 03GEN-x is Yamaha´s latest concept of a leaning three-wheeled machine, it features a scrambler-influenced design, with wire spoke wheels, knobbly tyres, a rising exhaust, and off-road-inspired styling.

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Blauer 80´s Helmet


Blauer have recently released a Helmets collection that includes this beautiful retro inspired helmet dubbed the 80´s Helmet, a vintage look combined with state-of-the-art materials…

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Mountaineering Sunglasses | by Northern Lights


Inspired by vintage alpine sports, Northern Lights is an emerging luxury eyewear brand from Canada. They are re-inventing early mountaineering styles into modern fashion pieces.

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Inklet App


Inklet allows your trackpad to emulate a pen tablet.

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House MJ by Kombinat Architects


Kombinat Architects have designed House MJ. This contemporary home is located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

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