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Artist Captures The Beauty Of Everyday Life In Adorable Minimalist Illustrations


Introducing Sergio Duce, a minimalist illustrator whose images could give you delightful ideas for your work.

These illustrations might take you on a nostalgic and comforting journey, from reliving the joyful moments of childhood playfulness to sharing the spirit of a classroom. So, to lift your spirits, scroll down without further delay.

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Yo Runner 355116303 1636974546768780 7758065562631568856 N
Yo Runner 361632872 18357160024067798 7364505391964526831 N
Yo Runner 363383457 18359630971067798 7827318363655667608 N
Yo Runner 366542214 186939867725990 2843601753163724878 N
Yo Runner 369344692 18363525148067798 5132090971238118129 N
Yo Runner 375504752 673290334462409 6676167584755320584 N
Yo Runner 376764160 289930243737843 1702348654651840052 N
Yo Runner 377895039 1248496365867171 5582762870872469161 N
Yo Runner 379580033 328747292994505 1960002520304699606 N
Yo Runner 383408954 244108268629784 1555573275425477863 N
Yo Runner 384810931 18370656937067798 6392431182083124249 N
Yo Runner 391720703 18373105558067798 5292483953137458561 N
Yo Runner 395034611 18374134789067798 2598044619488376792 N
Yo Runner 396275901 3151513345157377 8213383549154809119 N
Yo Runner 398057614 736713264943351 5834071855299680868 N
Yo Runner 399459415 881079350030233 6501808507360197437 N
Yo Runner 401662639 1077406786606508 5075870522069300548 N
Yo Runner 403846107 1131481311547322 1138144015594171695 N
Yo Runner 406287635 18381071377067798 367210938338110350 N
Yo Runner 408309269 18382252174067798 3421592973752795759 N
Yo Runner 411192968 18383980993067798 953155846256757907 N
Yo Runner 412640809 270592742697478 3574431143204001509 N
Yo Runner 416835886 18387952858067798 6462593336161850804 N
Yo Runner 419422525 18389186002067798 3856784751121037730 N

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