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Blending Past and Future: Unveiling the Ghia Super-Arrow’s Atomic Future Aesthetic


Jason Battersby, a Munich-based designer, has fashioned a chic retro-futuristic vehicle, the Ghia Super-Arrow concept car as a homage to the 1950s and 60s Ghia concept cars.

A stunning hybrid of past and future, it takes cues from the Dodge Firearrow II and IV, exhibits a broad front grill and audacious fenders. The design of the car boasts a streamlined shape, sharp lines, and an all-glass roof, emanating an aggressive yet sophisticated appeal. The interior matches up, focusing on simplicity, comfort and functionality, while the rear exhibits tail lights inspired by jet engines and a ‘atomic future’ aesthetic.

More: Behance h/t: theinspirationgrid

Car Ghia Super Arrow 01
Car Ghia Super Arrow 02
Car Ghia Super Arrow 03
Car Ghia Super Arrow 04
Car Ghia Super Arrow 05
Car Ghia Super Arrow 06
Car Ghia Super Arrow 07
Car Ghia Super Arrow 08
Car Ghia Super Arrow 09
Car Ghia Super Arrow 10
Car Ghia Super Arrow 11
Car Ghia Super Arrow 12
Car Ghia Super Arrow 13
Car Ghia Super Arrow 14
Car Ghia Super Arrow 15
Car Ghia Super Arrow 16
Car Ghia Super Arrow 17
Car Ghia Super Arrow 18
Car Ghia Super Arrow 19

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