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Superb Photos of the Badass 1947 Norman Timbs Special

1947 Norman Timbs Special 1

Constructed in Los Angeles by the acclaimed Indy 500 engineer Norman Timbs, the Norman Timbs Special stands as a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Timbs invested around $10,000 in its creation, a considerable amount for the period.


1947 Norman Timbs Special 2

The vehicle’s dimensions are notably impressive. It boasts a height of just 47 inches, a wheelbase of 117 inches, and a length of approximately 17 feet, while its weight is about 2,200 pounds. The car features a sleek aluminum exterior over a tube frame chassis.

1947 Norman Timbs Special 3

At its core, the Timbs Special is powered by a mid-engine Buick straight-eight engine, equipped with dual carburetors, and it rides on a customized 1947 Ford suspension system, ensuring a smooth driving experience. The car is capable of achieving speeds up to 120mph.

1947 Norman Timbs Special 4

Designed for both distinctiveness and practicality, the vehicle’s tail section elegantly opens up behind the cockpit to display the gas tank, spare tire, engine, and other mechanical parts, showcasing its unique blend of style and engineering.

1947 Norman Timbs Special 5
1947 Norman Timbs Special 6
1947 Norman Timbs Special 7
1947 Norman Timbs Special 8
1947 Norman Timbs Special 9
1947 Norman Timbs Special 10
1947 Norman Timbs Special 11
1947 Norman Timbs Special 13
1947 Norman Timbs Special 15

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