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Beyond Walls: Dalkhafine’s Multifaceted Artistry in Large-Scale Murals & Street Art


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dalkhafine, a talented multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. Known for her awe-inspiring large scale murals, Dalkhafine has been crafting mesmerizing art for years, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her work. Continue reading »

The Subtle Art of Feline Portrayal: An Exploration of Endre Penovác’s Wor


In terms of encapsulating the elegance and allure of feline beings, few artists parallel the aptitude and proficiency of Endre Penovác (previosly). His deftness with watercolors has cast a spell on both art connoisseurs and cat aficionados with his evocative and celestial cat depictions. His singular method of illustrating these mysterious creatures has garnered him broad acclaim and reverence in the art community. Continue reading »

Antique Postcard Images Reveal Projected Visions of the US a Century Later

Massachusetts. Copley Square, Boston

A captivating assortment of odd yet fascinating postcards from Steven R. Shook offers visions conceived in the 1900s, hypothesizing how the cities, towns, and hamlets across the US might evolve over the next 100 years. Continue reading »

This Artist Merges Laughter and Design in Pop Culture Parodies

The Scream Of Pain

Meet Rafael Jurado aka Raffiti. He’s a 33-year-old illustrator hailing from Granada, Spain, and presently calls Barcelona his home. Raffiti’s designs are printed on merchandise, primarily t-shirts, by companies across the globe. Continue reading »

French Illustrator Infuses Contemporary Film Posters With A Medieval Flair

The Shining

Ever pondered about what if the medieval period had been introduced to the charm of cinema? An intriguing notion, isn’t it? This is the unique brainchild of Simon De Thuillières, a talented French artist. His body of work represents a unique blend of artistic flair, a fascination with history, and an enormous affection for movies, painting a truly intriguing portrait. Continue reading »

AI’s Creation of Faux Apple Products with Realistic Prices


Indeed, the potential of artificial intelligence can be harnessed to address global warming or discover a remedy for cancer. Continue reading »

Escape Velocity: Where Physical Art Meets Digital Illusion, A Fabian Oefner Showcase


The Swiss artist, Fabian Oefner, has managed to mesmerize us yet again with his newest collection, “Escape Velocity”. His seemingly impossible sculptures push the envelope and test our understanding of reality. Continue reading »

Capturing the Human Spirit: The Independent Photographer’s Portrait Contest Winners

The Independent Photographer, a worldwide community of photography enthusiasts and professionals, has announced the winners of its Portrait Photography competition. The contest aimed to uncover contemporary portraits that are both visually impactful and emotionally evocative.

Esteemed British photographer, Jimmy Nelson, known for documenting endangered indigenous cultures around the globe, judged the contest. Nelson’s distinguished body of work includes his acclaimed book, “Before They Pass Away,” featuring striking portraits of 35 indigenous tribes.

We’re delighted to highlight the exceptional works of ten photographers who exceeded all expectations in this competition. Join us in celebrating these talented winners and exploring their stunning images!

Far Away Thunder” — From the ‘Manifest’ series. Jorg Karg — 1st place. Prize — $1000
“This work is an excerpt from my recently released series Manifest’. The intention behind my digital photographic collages is to make the beholder feel addressed immediately, without any further explanation. Therefore, I use present-day visual language and techniques to combine them with long-established, fundamental ideas of painting and drawing.” Continue reading »

‘Strand Man’: A Revolutionary Leap in 3D Artistry Portraits by Lee Griggs


In the realm of 3D artistry, there are creators who defy the conventional, transporting us into realms of outstanding visual storytelling. Lee Griggs, a 3D artist based in Madrid, stands as a beacon of such imaginative prowess. His most recent series, dubbed “Strand Man,” has captured attention with its abstract and somewhat unnerving monochrome portraits. Continue reading »

AI-Generated Compendium of Unbelievable Animal Crossbreeds

Bullion (Bull + Lion)

Given the sheer multitude of animal species inhabiting our planet, you might think we’ve seen it all… or have we? Continue reading »

Shadow and Light: The Minimalist Masterpieces of Matt Chinworth


A few years ago, Matt Chinworth, an artist from Oklahoma, crafted an extraordinary collection of illustrations for the yearly event, Inktober. His artistic expression leaned towards minimalism, cleverly employing a color palette of black, yellow, and white, which conjured an otherworldly ambiance in these conceptual masterpieces. Continue reading »

From Tennis Court to Tarmac: Steffi Graf’s Unforgettable Ride with Opel in 1988


For the young boys of the 1980s, German tennis sensation Steffi Graf was the epitome of stardom. Hence, when an Opel Corsa carrying her name hit the streets, it was like the perfect culmination of a thrilling tennis match. Graf was a force to reckon with on the tennis court, wielding powerful forehand strokes, a formidable serve, and let’s face it, she was stunning, with her blonde hair and distinctive German looks. Continue reading »

Riding on Steel Springs: Germany’s Innovative Response to a Rubber Shortage


Let’s delve into the fascinating history of the tire, which began to gather significant momentum with the invention and subsequent popularization of tires in 1895, thanks largely to Michelin L’Éclaire – the first vehicle to be outfitted with them. Continue reading »

Dreamscapes in Oils: The Surrealistic Portraits of Jennifer Allnutt


Jennifer Allnutt, a youthful artist hailing from Adelaide, Australia, specializes in the creation of mesmerizing oil paintings. Her work draws its inspiration from dreams, mythological tales, and her own personal experiences. Continue reading »

Lost in Translation: Reddit User Explores Misspelled Wonders of the World with Midjourney

The Brandenburger Gate

How would the world’s wonders appear if their names were spelled incorrectly? To answer this intriguing question, Reddit user mossymayn sought the assistance of Midjourney AI, and the outcomes are hilariously outrageous. Which of these would you most like to visit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Continue reading »

The Pioneering Ford Aurora II: A Living Room on Wheels Unveiled in 1969


The Ford Aurora II didn’t make it to the marketplace, presumably due to non-compliance with safety regulations. However, its features, like the wrap-around sofa and the passenger seat with a full 180° rotation capacity, continue to stand as some of the most daring design innovations of the 1960s. Continue reading »

Magic in Illusion: Delving into the Dreamlike Art of Rob Gonsalves


Rob Gonsalves, a distinguished Canadian artist, has been enchanting global audiences for years with his distinctive and imaginative artworks. His paintings exhibit a myriad of optical illusions that toy with perception, crafting whimsical scenarios that are both surreal and mesmerizing. Continue reading »

Organic Elegance: Exploring the Ceramic Art of Claire Lindner


Claire Lindner, a French ceramicist residing in Languedoc-Roussillon, crafts pieces that are truly mesmerizing. Her artwork flaunts natural, flowing shapes that appear to spring directly from the clay. Continue reading »

Capturing the Human Essence: Celebrating Exceptional Portrait Photographers in AAP Magazine

Presenting the extraordinary photographers crowned as victors of ‘AAP Magazine #31: Portrait.’

Echoing the words of Henry Cartier-Bresson, the act of capturing a portrait is a formidable task. It demands the photographer to bridge the void between the subject’s outer facade and their inner essence. The realm of portrait photography spans a broad spectrum of styles and methods, from simple subject identification to intricate emotional exploration. It surpasses the boundaries of typical studio portraits and casual family photographs, maturing into a separate genre that lets photographers exercise their unlimited creative prowess.

A portrait holds the capability to provoke diverse reactions, ranging from illustrative and revealing to enhancing, questioning, or even disturbing. Despite the world teeming with countless faces, we are able to feature only a limited few in this fresh edition of AAP Magazine. In this issue, we take pride in presenting the viewpoints of 25 photographers originating from 11 distinct countries spread over four continents. Each of these gifted individuals communicates their unique personal stories and singular approaches to the craft of Portrait Photography.

The Winner: The Series “Perspective” By Nanda Hagenaars (Netherlands)
“Portrait where I shift my perspective and try new ways of looking and photographing. Squeezing one eye, finding composition and contrast.” Continue reading »

Tales from the Planet: Selective Imagery from Earth Photo 2023 Competition

Ranging from images of eco-friendly fishing to harmful battery waste, these selected photographs were handpicked for their potent narrative about our planet’s present circumstances.

Sandipani Chattopadhyay, Green Barrier
Fishermen in India’s Damodar River navigate the thick growth of algae caused by the reduction of fresh water, a result of global warming and irregular monsoon seasons. This situation poses a significant challenge for the locals living along the river, who struggle to survive amid the algal bloom, which prevents oxygen absorption and affects human health and habitats in the area. The shortlisted images will be on display at the Earth Photo exhibition, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, from 17 June to 23 August 2023. Photograph: Sandipani Chattopadhyay Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The 2023 Milky Way Photographer Of The Year

“The Scenery I Wanted To See” – Mitsuhiro Okabe

The mysteries of the universe, as immense and unfathomable as they may be, do not deter us from admiring its awe-inspiring grandeur and intricate aspects. Continue reading »

‘Sticky Fingers’ – The Rolling Stones: Recollecting the 1971 Stunning Photoshoot


One can’t help but reminisce about the 70s when rock music was reigning supreme. This was a golden era defined by many revolutionary albums, one of which was ‘Sticky Fingers’ by the legendary Rolling Stones. Continue reading »

A Deep Dive into Polina Alexeenko’s Manga-Inspired Illustrations


In the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia, a dynamic artist named Polina Alexeenko is crafting a vibrant world that pulses with life and color. Polina’s artistic talent is undeniably exceptional, as seen in her playful and expressive illustrations that appear to leap off the canvas and into the imagination of the viewer. Continue reading »

A Journey into the Intricate Ink World of Tim Marr


From the heart of Melbourne, Australia, emerges an artist whose remarkable talent transcends the typical bounds of visual expression. Continue reading »

Frozen Masterpieces: Pasi Widgren’s Magical Animal Art on Lake Lapakisto


Pasi Widgren, a resident of the Finnish city of Lahti, showcases his artistic talent each year by etching intricate animal figures onto the icy surface of Lake Lapakisto. Armed with a simple shovel, he has already brought to life the enchanting forms of an owl, a fox, and a bear in previous years. Continue reading »