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Meet Tim Jacobus, the Artist Who Gave Goosebumps Its Signature Look


Goosebumps is one of the most popular and beloved horror series for children of all time. Written by R.L. Stine, the books have sold over 400 million copies worldwide and have been adapted into movies, TV shows, video games, and more. But what makes Goosebumps stand out from other horror stories is not only its clever plots and twists, but also its iconic covers. The covers of Goosebumps are colorful, spooky, and captivating, and they capture the essence of each story in a single image. The artist who created those covers is Tim Jacobus, a master of illustration who has a unique and recognizable style. Continue reading »

Artist Marissa Napoletano Blends Realism and Fantasy in Her Stunning Paintings of Goddesses


Marissa Napoletano, also known as Revery Art, is a Denver based illustrator and muralist who has a unique style of painting goddess-like females in a mixture of realism and fantasy. Her work is influenced by classical renaissance and contemporary art, and it shows her fascination with the subconscious mind and the connection between human and nature. Continue reading »

Bad of America: Alex Schaefer Is Setting Banks on Fire with His Paintings


If you ever walk by a Chase Bank in Los Angeles, California, you might see something unusual: a man painting the bank in flames. His name is Alex Schaefer, and he is not a fan of the financial system. Continue reading »

This Artist Paints Very Cute and Sad Cats


Her name is Sophia Collins aka Soap California and she’s a model. But she also paints touching and sad kitties in oil. Continue reading »

I Wanna Bangkok Takes Meme-Worthy Footwear to New Heights with Hulkfoot and Bigfoot Heels


I Wanna Bangkok has introduced their latest creations: the Hulkfoot and Bigfoot heels. Continue reading »

Unveiling Emotion and Identity: The Captivating Portraits of Liz Bretz


In the realm of photography, it takes more than a mere snap of the shutter to truly capture the essence of a moment. It demands an innate ability to observe intricate details, a flair for weaving narratives, and an extraordinary talent to forge deep connections with subjects. Within this enigmatic art form resides Liz Bretz, an exceptional photographer and creative director renowned for her spellbinding conceptual portraits. Continue reading »

The Unwavering Charm of Pixel Art by Milos


In today’s digital landscape, characterized by high-definition graphics and realistic 3D models, there is an art form that stands out as unique and captivating — pixel art. Continue reading »

The Curious Tale of Gripsholm Castle’s Lion: A Taxidermy Mishap Turned Iconic


Welcome to a fascinating story about the Lion of Gripsholm Castle, a piece of taxidermy gone awry that can be found in Gripsholm Castle, Sweden. This lion, with its comically deformed face, has become a prime example of bad taxidermy and an object of amusement in the modern era. Continue reading »

Discover the Thought-Provoking Artistry of Majid Khosroanjom: Where Sketches Meet Everyday Life


We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to the extraordinary artwork of Majid Khosroanjom, a talented Iranian artist who has been honing his craft for years. Majid’s creations are truly one-of-a-kind, and we invite you to dive into the captivating world he has built by scrolling through his masterpieces below. Continue reading »

Unveiling the Artistry and Passion Behind Barista Brian’s Mesmerizing Celebrity Portraits

Daniel Radcliffe

Brian Leonard, affectionately known as “Barista Brian,” originally hails from the charming town of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Continue reading »

Breathing Life into Quirky Scenarios through Humorous Cartoons by Glenn Jones


Glenn Jones, a renowned cartoonist, is celebrated for his clever and insightful concepts which he masterfully transforms into entertaining illustrations. Continue reading »

Meet Miran, The Digital Artist Whisking Viewers to Uncharted Dimensions


Originating from the enchanting landscapes of Kurdistan, Iraq, Miran is a digital art phenomenon whose captivating creations carry viewers to unexplored territories. Boasting an exceptional aptitude for Photoshop since the age of fifteen, Miran delved deeply into the spheres of photo manipulation, graphic design, and concept art, dedicating innumerable hours to refining his remarkable talents. Continue reading »

The Superb Vibrant 3D Art by Lisa Odette


In the bustling metropolis of Madrid, Spain, resides Lisa Odette, a visionary 3D artist and illustrator. Fuelled by an insatiable passion for the arts, Lisa has dedicated herself to honing her craft, constantly pushing the boundaries of her artistic style. Continue reading »

Whispering Shadows: Exploring Surrealism and Emotions through the Meticulous Pencil Strokes of Carlos Fernandez


In the vibrant realm of Madrid, an artist by the name of Carlos Fernandez emerges, his creative spirit aflame. A student of the illustrious professional drawing school (ESDIP), he immersed himself in the captivating worlds of illustration and comics. As his talent flourished, he embarked on a thrilling odyssey, transitioning from freelance commissions to a dedicated pursuit of his artistic destiny—a pursuit that knows no bounds. Continue reading »

Nature’s Muse: Delving into the Intricate Illustrations of Sam Yong


Sam Yong is an artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, working across a variety of traditional mediums. Continue reading »

Ronit Baranga’s Artistic Journey from Craft to Art in the Bizarre World of Ceramics


Ronit Baranga (previously featured), an artist known for her provocative sculptures, captivates viewers with her mischievous and playful creations. Continue reading »

Unveiling the Artistic Enigma of Shaun Tan’s Captivating World


Shaun Tan (previously featured), the illustrious artistic virtuoso from Australia, emerges as a beacon of creative brilliance, captivating hearts worldwide with his kaleidoscope of talents encompassing mesmerizing illustrations, captivating oil paintings, enchanting picture books, and his crowning achievement—a remarkable, Academy Award-winning animated short titled “The Lost Thing.” Continue reading »

The Alchemy of Dark Ink and Graphite: Jason Stewart’s Journey into Unfamiliar Territories


Meet Jason Stewart, a remarkable artist hailing from the United States. With his trusty graphite pencil in hand and adorned with captivating tattoos, he is a true master of his craft. Continue reading »

One Line Celebrities: Capturing Essence in a Single Stroke

Leonardo Dicaprio

In their latest venture, Loooop Studio took on a unique challenge with the project “One Line Celebrities.” Their goal was to distill the distinctive features and expressions of each celebrity into their signature style: a single, unbroken line. It wasn’t just about recreating a likeness but capturing the essence of each individual in a way that’s instantly recognizable. Continue reading »

Turning Real-Life Pets into Disney Characters: The Magical Art of Alessia Ciullo


If you’re searching for a unique way to capture the essence of your beloved pet, allow us to introduce you to Alessia Ciullo. Hailing from Italy, this talented artist specializes in creating cute portraits of various adorable creatures in the iconic Disney style. From dogs to lizards, Alessia possesses the magical ability to transform any real-life animal into a whimsical Disney character. Continue reading »

This Photographer Captures Ballet Dancers In The Most Beautiful Surroundings


Kristina Makeeva, a renowned photographer, describes her unique style as a harmonious blend of dance, photography, and the exquisite beauty of nature or architecture. Continue reading »

“Catphabet”: Pham Minh Hoàng’s Artistic Journey through Feline Typography


In the world of art, inspiration can strike from the most unexpected sources. For self-taught freelance artist Pham Minh Hoàng, that inspiration comes from the simple joys of everyday life. Continue reading »

From Tire Stacks to Cultural Icon: Unraveling the Enduring Legacy of the Michelin Man


The Michelin Man, an iconic figure in marketing and advertising, originated in 1894 when the Michelin brothers founded their tire company. The concept came to life when they saw a stack of tires resembling a man without arms. A collaboration with French cartoonist O’Galop led to the creation of a figure made from tires, which became Michelin’s symbol. Continue reading »

Bridging the Gap between Architecture and Artistic Realism with Quatre Caps


At Quatre Caps, a collective of passionate architects, their mission is to share their unique vision of architectural visualization. Through their expertise in creating stunning 3D images that evoke the essence of photography while maintaining architectural accuracy, they bring the realms of photography, architecture, painting, cinema, and arts together. Continue reading »

Whispers of Wonderland: Raul Guerra’s Journey through Nostalgia and Imagination


The Colour-pyrotechnician; a visionary ignited by the wonders of the natural world, Raul Guerra weaves a tapestry of imagery that serves as a sanctuary for childhood dreams and cherished memories. Continue reading »