Creative Photography by Ryan Robinson

Absolutely stunning examples of creative photography by Ryan Robinson, superb talented photographer, who was born and raised in a small farmtown with an enormous extended family.Ryan loves to make people laugh, the smell of spring, the silence of a winter snowfall, witty people, hard work and the dogs who smile.
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Gorgeous Smoke Art and Photography

In and of itself, smoke is unbelievably beautiful. As an unwanted by-product of fire, smoke doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. Smoke a cigarette and watch it effortlessly ascend. See how it elegantly curves. Didn’t catch that? If not, then come see 20 amazing examples of it at My Modern Metropolis.

Photography by Robert Nawara

Great work from the polish photographer.
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Illustrations by Mário Fonseca

Mário is based in Lisbon, Portugal.
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50mm – Downhillslide from Brazil by 123jaera

Thats about Downhillslide. Some freak guys skating in São Paulo.

50mm – Downhillslide from Brazil from 123jaera on Vimeo.


Qube Konstrukt

Great Portfolio by Qube Konstrukt



This is Australian design agency Swear Words submission to Kult Magazine’s “artificial” issue released in November. Kult Magazine is a Singaporean street press magazine, the first of it’s kind in a city/country where this sort of media and art has never really existed.

Check out Swear Words and Kult Mag

179 Totally Clever and Creative Package Designs

One of the best ways to get your product noticed is to have a clever package design. A package allows you to combine your branding elements, such as a logo, with other creative concepts in order to not only sell your product, but enhance a branding image and gain publicity. Some package designs are utter failures, because they don’t grab your attention, and they’re incredibly difficult to open. Many designers work for long periods of time to come up with a creative package design, because their career hinges on it.

In this post, we’ve gone around and collected 179 of the most creative, inspirational, cool and clever package designs from various brands, and featured them here. From soft drinks to perfume, cigarettes and alcohol, you’ll wish you could find these packages in your local store.

Matias Troncoso

Take a pause with some amazine photographies, where women are a subject important.

More photos and source

Lost and found John Lennon and Yoko Ono photographs

In 1969, De Telegraaf published just one photo by Nico Koster that became famous: John Lennon and Yoko Ono pose in bed with a giant flower-basket, and behind them on the window there are two sheets of paper with hand-written slogans: “BED PEACE” and “HAIR PEACE”.
The rest of the photographs of the cycle were not published in 1969. The negatives were lost, but 40 years after the Nico Koster’s daughter Nicole found them in an envelope with her childhood drawings…
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International Vegetarian Union

Vegetables are all your body needs!
By JWT Kuwait.

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Lesser gods do not exist

Poster for Children’s Foundation Bodhgaya made from paper leftovers and scrap. This foundation aims to help homeless Dalit (the so-called ‘untouchables’) children in Bihar, India and offers them education, medical care and a place to live. Design by Vos Broekema & Melanie Drent from Dutch agency I DON/T BUY IT. Photography by Arjan Benning.

Kay by Tamas Olajos

Brand new powerful series from London-based fashionistic photographer Tamas Olajos

Model: Kayleigh Duncan
MUA: Mimi Manari
Dress by Morua Designs

More photos at Overtoner Photography

(not) your type?

More type experiments here on Autobahn playground.

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces experimental pieces by Ger Heffernan.
See the whole project on his Behance page.