kama by kxxrxh

kamabykxxrxh kama by kxxrxh


1969 C111

1969mercedesc111 1969 C111
The Beauty of the 1969 Mercedes C111 – More pics here
1969mercedesc1113 1969 C111

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Jeweled skulls by Amy Sarkisian

skull Jeweled skulls by Amy Sarkisian
Jeweled skulls by Los Angeles based sculptor Amy Sarkisian- Those foam decorated skulls are some truly masterpieces !! More Info & Pics Here

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Rae,Way Agency

Check Out the brand new digital agency from brazil.
raeway Rae,Way Agency


Hello DESIGN YOU TRUST. I want to introduce you a creative association of ukrainian artists. We call ourself kuvers, becourse we live in imagination world named KUV. It is a ukrainian art magazine of ideas and conceptions, and now we have an international registration! Look what we can dooooo or read our blog

Make your own graphic video clip

Music Videos are starting to get really boring. Here’s a revolution in the music video industry.
Produced by departement.ca, Ghislain Poirier offers a mini clip full of graphics for his song “Jusqu’en haut”. The next step is the fact that you can remix it. Not just the music, but the video too. How ? Go on this page and you’ll understand. It’s really amazing.
And here’s the official video.

[vimeo 2353637]

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New Artwork

Available for wallpaper:
Link: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Start/166697
813431231444928 02 #Start

Fight Club Tee-shirt

In loving memory of Taylor Durden
More information on www.papangueproject.com

fightclub Fight Club Tee shirt

Death and Colors Printed!

Aerial Photography

maclean Aerial Photography
maclean2 Aerial Photography
maclean3 Aerial Photography
Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean has a fascinating portfolio of aerial shots. It is amazing how boats and houses (through aerial shots) create artistic and symmetrical patterns in the landscape. You almost forget that these objects are, because each photograph starts to look like a type of painting.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Steve Jobs Lives

Vivian Beer.

G for Gatorade Mystery

maguiredesign.com/blog/blogpiece G for Gatorade Mystery As found Maguire Design Blog.

LE BOOK 2009 by Stephen Sprouse

LE BOOK NEWYORK 09 LE BOOK 2009 by Stephen Sprouse
LE BOOK – the international reference for the creative industry – announces the release of its New York 2009 edition, art by Stephen Sprouse. More>>

Julie Tremblay.