Daisy Knights | Lornie Oxidized Silver Feather Ring

Our favorite new item from Daisy Knights is this oxidized silver feather ring ($285). Slip on this artisan extra to infuse your look with boho charm. More images and info here!

Vertu Signature Pure Black | $60,000 of Indestructible

The new Vertu Signature Pure Black is a special edition version of their Signature phone. Hand built by a single craftstman, Vertu’s Signature Pure Black phone utilizes a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process to vaporize a block of Titanium Carbide onto the phone. More images and info here!

Randy Bens Architect | Screen House British Columbia

Our friend, architect Randy Bens, recently stopped by to tell us about one of his past projects where he transformed an existing single story 1954 bungalow into what is now known as the amazing “Screen House”. Read about this homes amazing transformation story and see more images here!

Photo / Lissy Elle

Beachlife in Biarritz

Adriana Lima by Vincent Peters

Chair in Aluminium

Hoverboard – Nils GUADAGNIN

This must be one of the greatest achievement for the Human kind. Nils Guadagnin just released what have been your Childness dream the HOVERBOARD … no more words just a huge THANK YOU !!

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Star Wars – Adidas Collection 2010

Adidas launched the Star Wars sneakers collection after the successful launched of the clothing line with the same movie inspiration. There are 10 sneakers models and they are spectacular!
Watch the full list here

Skulls, Skulls & More Skulls!

Designs by Dan Bru. Swell products available at Pop-ocalypse!

CosplayGen is out in the world

CosplayGen is out in the world
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new project CosplayGen, brought by Otaku Magazine team.
This new project is a cosplay-oriented magazine, whose purpose is to promote cosplay and various cosplayers from around the world.

Check out the official website for more updates: http://www.cosplaygen.com

My rendition of Andy Warhols pop art piece

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Indigenous games



Adara Sanchez

see more artwork here