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Mobile Office: The Practice of Everyday Design

The Mobile Office was constructed from discarded materials within a one block radius from the site. All the material was transported to the site with our bikes and a makeshift dolly. The only purchased items were the hardware used to hold it together. The mobile office has allowed us to consolidate all the furniture and shelving into one mobile unit. This has freed up our office space allowing us the flexibility to make large scale models and have spontaneous dance parties.

Mobile Office Photos:

Christel Hadiwibawa – Furniture Designer (Sydney)

Loop Table from YLiving

The base of the Loop table from YLiving is constructed of thin slices of steel in series, which form a suggestive arrangement that changes intensity as the viewing angle shifts. Sharp yet curving and smooth, the table is the marriage of technology with seamless form. All slices of the table are permanently connected and powder coated, and the table has a glass top.

Strongly Illustrated Web Design Layouts

Illustrations give a more informal look to a design, what can be a good thing for a site depending on its subject. It can be used in details and it can be the whole design too. Here I´ll show you some sites that I think use great illustrations as its designs.

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Daily Inspiration #40

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

[youtube uuGaqLT-gO4]

IINSIGHT Magazine redesigned & hiring !

2010 Redesign & team building ! Pay us a visit !

IINSIGHT network is an OPEN social collaborative internet magazine that delivers carefully curated content on culture, music, arts, fashion & lifestyle. It was created for individuals with sophisticated tastes who appreciate quality entertainment out of the box.

For “OPEN” we mean that YOU should participate too and submit anything from articles to audio, video, events, photos, anything you can stuff into the intarwebs.

Apply now ! or check the following fresh releases:

Canon 7D Anamorphic landscapes in western France

Urban sights and rural vistas from the 20 cities council partnership around LAVAL, France shown in glorious cinemascope at their 2010 gathering party.

Shot over 3 weeks : 15 Dec 2009 – 07 Jan 2010
Gear : Canon EOS 7D + Kowa 16-H Prominar Anamorphic 2x on FD 50mm f1.2L w/ Bower adapter, Lester A. Dine 105mm f2.8 Macro 1:1, Sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6 & 70-200mm f2.8

[vimeo 8700480]

see it in HD and download it at vimeo :

Ahuillé | Argentré | Bonchamp | Châlons-du-Maine | Changé | La Chapelle-Anthenaise | Entrammes | Forcé | Laval | L’Huisserie | Louverné | Louvigné | Montflours | Montigné-le-Brillant | Nuillé-sur-Vicoin | Parné-sur-Roc | Saint-Berthevin | Saint-Germain-le-Fouilloux | Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne | Soulgé-sur-Ouette


Most Amazing Mind-Bending Photos

After searching long and hard, we present to you the most amazing mind-bending photos of the web. Be forewarned, if you stare at these images for too long, you may feel yourself getting pulled into the frame, resulting in dizziness, and the explosion of your brain.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

The Xeros Residence by Blank Studio

The Xeros Residence by Blank Studio

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Gregor Collienne Photography

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David Despau Illustrations

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Brand spanking new and working.
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