Boys Noize mix

Famous electronic DJ Boys Noize shared a special 60-min mix with Designcollector!
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Photography by Nikola Tamindzic

The world is yours X srger

Capusle Hotel Concept

Illustrations by Sheldon Smith


An unusual hobby.
1º – Kill some flies, but with caution;
2º – Death flies need sun. 1 hour to dry;
3º – You have the death flies. Now take a pencil and paper …and…let the imagination flow.

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graduate project by alex cornell: wes anderson film festival

a very cool series of pieces made by alex cornell for a hypothetical wes anderson film festival. see more from this project

Photography by Juha Arvid Helminen

These are some pieces from the set “Invisible Empire” by photographer Juha Arvid Helminen. Although they suggest war and darkness, he utilizes themes of fragility, honor, fear, and individuality.

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Artwork of Dylan Cole

Matte painting is one of the coolest types of digital art. The combination of photography, 3d rendering, and painted effects results in photorealistic concepts that are unbelievable. Dylan Cole is probably the most well known matte painter, with his work prominently featured in Lord of the Rings. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from UCLA, and after working as a traditional painter, he made the jump to digital painting.

Aside from his work on Lord of the Rings, he also has produced several Gnomon DVDs (which are really interesting, so if you’re curious about matte painting, check them out), and worked on major titles such as G.I. Joe, The Golden Compass, Eagle Eye, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, and iRobot. This post showcases 32 matte paintings from Dylan, some of which I’m sure you’ll recognize.

Zip Design

Multidisciplinary design studio: Zip Design.


Balloon Kube

Photography by BIZARTUM

Sam Soulek

Identity Design by Sam Soulek

Dance Dance Revolution Handbag