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Mr. T-Drom, also known as ‘One Man Show’

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Showcase of popular German blogs

Since today (since this entry exactly) I would like to launch a new series of entries on This will be “The showcase of the popular (…) from (…)”. In short… we want to present here the popular blogs, web sites of specific type, web-based applications, etc… from all around the world. Today… we will start to follow this idea by presenting a showcase of popular blogs from Germany.

Look at the full showcase of popular blogs from Germany.

Modern Style T-shirts


Vespa Chair by Bel & Bel

The Beatles :: USB con toda su discografía

Apple Corps y EMI nos seducen con la obra completa del grupo en un USB con forma de la clásica manzana verde. El lanzamiento del USB será el próximo 7 de diciembre, costará unos 220 euros y todo hace suponer que no quedará ni un pequeño mordisco ya que sólo caerán del árbol unas 30.000 manzanas, pero quién dice que esto también no sea marketing. Trecool

They’re Real!

You, Me, and the Most Talented People I Know

CLICK HERE to see the trailer for this awesome event at the Lone Star International Film Festival.

Photography by Marcin Cecko

photo by photographer Marcin Cecko

Click Here for more Images

Bave Circus

An amazing short animation about a boy daydreaming …
Check out the animation HERE

Metal Shutter Houses by Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban, West 19th Street, New York

Click Here for more images

Wonman Kim

Nice works by Wonman Kim from South Korea …Am loving his style man!!
Please check out more of his works HERE

Illustrations by Jimmy Turrell

illustrations by jimmy turrell (13)

more illustrations at

Win Work and Play T-shirt

Win this tee just on add comments in Grafitee fan page. It ‘s only for women.

Dream a Little Dream – Anastasia Volkova

Longing, lust and love. No one captures it better than Russian photographer Anastasia Volkova. See more at My Modern Metropolis.