Fantasy Art by Andrea Uderzo

Andrea Uderzo is an Italian artist who has worked on various illustrations for popular tabletop games such as Warhammer, Warmachine, and Hordes. more pic’s in caffeedezin

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Studio Visit – Hey Studio

Brosmind started this section and they told us to visit Hey Studio. Here goes our latest Studio Visit with these amazing guys from Barcelona Verònica, Tilman and Ricardo. Interesting works, fine style and a strong opinion about design.

We love Hey! (in further editions we’ll try to translate all this good stuff)

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Nick van Woert

Fantastic sculptural work by Nick Van Woert.
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20 Incredible videos created with the Canon 5D MKII Camera

We feature 20 Projects that showcase the abilities of the Canon 5D MKII Camera and the creativity of its users.
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Giant Mutant Killer Creatures Attack!

Once the world was a landscape of peace and tranquility. Until one day when a barrel of toxic waste grossly mutated the local wildlife into giant killer creatures, bent on wrecking havoc upon the inhabitants. Now it is a fight for these poor people to defend their once peaceful home against these toxic creatures!

Giant Mutant Killer Penguin
Giant Mutant Killer Fish
Giant Mutant Killer Bird

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DeSerres advertising with art supplies

Victoria Viray Illustrations

Sacha Maric Photography

Polar Beer Pint Glasses

In the weeks since I posted a free LOST Dharma Beer logo pdf, over 7000 people have downloaded it, and who can guess how many bottles it has adorned. Now, for those who prefer a glass to bottles or cans, but have been unable to find a vessel awesome enough to contain the mighty power of Dharma Beer, look no further!

Printed with a two-sided satin etch look to give a sense of wonder and enchantment to the basest of beverages, these pint glasses are now available for sale in limited quantities, only from

Beat Lights

The design and inception of the Beat Lights originated from a field trip to India that Tom Dixon took his Royal College students on. Their mission was to investigate how design affects the livelihood of different cultures and peoples. They spent days with local tinkers, brass beaters and marble workers. It was here that they discovered a method of metal manufacturing that appealed because of its heritage and unique aesthetic. The Beat Lights employ these traditional techniques in their production.

Funny Design And Designer Related Cartoons

Funny cartoons by Core77. Check out the rest.


Shuya Okino / KJM Illustration

Cake Wonders

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“To create an interesting and engaging invitation to The Creative Method Xmas party. It needed to illustrate what we do but also create a high level of interest and anticipation for the party. It needed to be humorous and memorable. It was also required to work as a new business piece outside of the Christmas invitation.

We based the idea on an imaginary pharmaceutical tablet that would solve their creative issues. Initially they were emailed a doctors prescription, followed by the package in a discrete paper bag. The invitation and the tablets were located inside. The party included staff dressed as doctors & medicinal shots administered by transvestites. The box and invitation are used as a new business teaser.”

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Mexican Inspiration

If you need inspiration from Mexico head of to CreativeRoots