J-Power campaign by Stardust studios

Paul Normansell – Dot illustration

Paul Normansell uses dots for illustrative works of art. Via : ViaComIT

H2O funny illustrated portraits campaign

Tommy Støckel

Tommy Støckel born 1972, Copenhagen, is an artist that actually live and work in Berlin. He has realized many stunning installation. One the top “Broken Pillar”, my preferred one!

Via: Fabrik Project

Vivid Storytelling – Christoph Martin Schmid

It’s makes a lot of sense that photographer Christoph Martin Schmid has a film background. Christophe has the uncanny skill of telling vivid stories through alluring photographs.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Kevin J. Miyazaki

“The series Fast Food tracks the visual imprint made by the American fast food industry on our cultural landscape. These are unsentimental spaces created through corporate analysis of demographics, traffic flow and consumer desire. […]”

Seen on The Journal of Geebird & Bamby

Death and Tooth Decay

Shirt design made of real candies. Tee on sale at Threadless.
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Martijn van Dam


Dare to enter the twisted world of Alvvino and you’ll soon realize the innate power of his surreal illustrations…

follow this link to colectiva to check out more of his work!

Free Fonts

Artist rides wild horses, minus clothes

Jeanine Woollard takes classic images and historical paintings and places herself within them, often nude, reimagining the scenes and the role of women. Here’s a talk with her about why she does what she does.

Trona – 24 Original Online Animation Episodes

The Sliced Bread Animation team brings you TRONA, an animated series of 24 episodes created for the My Sony website magazine.

Click here to watch the first episode. Enjoy!

New Work Up

See more work at www.josephmarconi.com


Posterchild’s Flierboxes

The street artist Posterchild has been turning unused flier boxes in Toronto into planters. Nice work!

More pictures here

Anchor Squirty Cream

Anchor Squirty Cream is a fun little site that features tons of nice animation, an animated series which was created in-house from concept,
character design, storyboard, animation and sound effects, to a neat easy to use drawing tool. Check it out.