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Scot Lefavor Updates

scot lefavor Scot Lefavor Updates
Denver, CO artist/designer Scot Lefavor made some updates to his site recently. Make sure to swing by his store and check out some of his lovely work for sale.

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Animals on the underground.

Elan snowboards

elan08 web1 Elan snowboards
All new web and graphics. elan snowboards Did most of the snowboards also.

The Little People – A tiny street art project

slinkachu 2 The Little People   A tiny street art project
slinkachu3 The Little People   A tiny street art project
An anonymous English artist by the name of Slinkachu creates artistic scenarios on the streets of London. He uses little characters, they are in fact miniature figures used for professional architecture and train projects, fabricated by Preiser, and altered and adapted by the artist. It is quite impressive the thought and planning to each scene… i.e. the artist has to put this on the street without anyone seeing him. View more artwork here: Little People Blog and Slinkachu’s website. -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360 Illusion branding

9signs branding Ukrainian Music Social Network branding by Brainberry Agency. more here


people in the middle KRAYOLAEATERS KREATION
Wonderful illustrations by Dex Fernandez – a young artist from Manila, Philippines.

Patrick Tsai

pat 1 Patrick Tsai
pat 2 Patrick Tsai
pat 3 Patrick Tsai
Pat Pat, photographer. Born in the USA at 1981, now lives and works in Tokyo. (flickr)

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Win a Lomo Camera with Polkadot

Deadline // October the 21st

Details // rectangular/square shape, max area 11,25 square inches (28 square cm). All stickers must have the following text: “”. Please provide a PDF/Illustrator file.

Theme // Polkadot Mind

Polkadot will own all rights to all design submissions. By submitting your design, you are giving Polkadot permission to use the artwork in any form.

Negative Space

Intriguing paintings by Steve Kim. Lots of interesting negative space.

kim 01 Negative Space

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meusushiparede2 TALKTOSAM.COM (UPDATE 3.1)

New design on the site. Check it out.

My 1st Post!

Yo%20agua%20copia My 1st Post!

Mi primer post, espero que les guste! :D

Philippe Garcia.

Video: Silicone Dreams

[vimeo 1664675]
An organic typography video by Gizem Hız. Music by Mert Kızılay. (Selection from Scene 360 Video Channel)


Some great illustrations by Mike Harrison.

destill 02 Destill.

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I Love Serge by Monsieur Steve

serge I Love Serge by Monsieur Steve
Monsieur Steve updated their website with eight new designs, including this “I LoveSerge” tee. More >>