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Lisa Shahno fashion designer

Moscow based fashion designer Lisa Shahno shows off her award-winning debut collection “Squaring the Square”
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Hush in London

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in London this weekend, I would definitely recommend checking out “Innocence,” a solo show by one of our favorite artists, Hush. His work will be on display at Urban Angel Art Lounge from Thursday, November 12th through December 12th, 2009.

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things i want to do by tariqdesign

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Boys Noize mix

Famous electronic DJ Boys Noize shared a special 60-min mix with Designcollector!
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Photography by Nikola Tamindzic

The world is yours X srger

Capusle Hotel Concept

Illustrations by Sheldon Smith

Zelé Angelides: ‘AND Toys’

Zelé Angelides is an artist and graphic designer from Johannesburg, South Africa, who presents her latest series called ‘AND Toys’. The typical plastic materials, which are normally used for toys, get replaced with unusual cementlike substances for a complete new look.

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Masako Design: Typewriter Photography

Madrid-based graphic design agency Masako Design reminds us of how wonderful, and important vintage items can be. With the photography of an old, completely manual typewriter from Continental, they re-introduce us to a world that most people have already forgotten about.

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An unusual hobby.
1º – Kill some flies, but with caution;
2º – Death flies need sun. 1 hour to dry;
3º – You have the death flies. Now take a pencil and paper …and…let the imagination flow.

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graduate project by alex cornell: wes anderson film festival

a very cool series of pieces made by alex cornell for a hypothetical wes anderson film festival. see more from this project