Mobile Phones through the years

Great visual line-up of the evolution of the mobile phone. I can’t believe people carried those around.

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All your fav design inspiration site’s under1roof. Currently collecting from dropular, ffffound and yayeveryday it allows you to simply and quickly bookmark inspiration. A handy resource …


Digital Softbox Online Magazine for Designers & Photographers

Photo courtesy – Raymond Meier.

Interested in the direction of film, imagery, beauty, philosophy and the art of photography? Do you have a passion for reading, viewing and further developing the way we see beauty in this world? Then you have definitely come to the right place. With numerous years of experience operating a digital magazine surrounding all areas and wonders of design, we felt the huge demand for explicit fashion, editorial, commercial and other areas of film and photography as it plays such an integral part in our day to day lives. It was only natural for us to start something fresh based on the subject and beauty of photography — Digital Softbox.

Beautiful Illustrations by Helen Huang

Helen Huang, through her beautiful illustrations, tries to capture every inspiration she has and share her vision with the world. She is a Chinese illustrator currently working in an ad agency in Los Angeles, CA. I love her style; the eyes, the hair, the bright colors, and the detail on her attractive illustrations.

Click here to see some of her illustrations.

I Had to Climb All the Way Up Here…

Bus.tops provides a window for the world to experience and explore the cultural richness and diversity that makes up Greater London. But critically, it will also provide the means by which we within London understand and value that same cultural richness and diversity across our communities.

The potential of bus.tops is only limited by the imagination of 8 million Londoners.

Read more about this conceptual project, now awaiting for approval, here

Dean Smith

Dean Smith does some very delicate and meticulous drawings that are lovely to look at, like this one:

more drawings here
via colectiva

jucca adv

Illustrator Vladimir Kazak

Amazing! Wicked!! Crazy!!! Outstanding!!!! (Russian language only, sorry…)

Oprisco Photography

Awesome ! Romance. Here.

21 tracks in 2m40s

[vimeo 5020758]

Amazing mixing skills and a beautifull video to go with it.

Read more about it here


Amazing typowork by Laura Jouan. Blog.

Photos by Naomi Vona

She Said

“She Said” project by Tommaso Nervegna on Behance.


Beautiful set of photographs by UK born Elliot Wilcox of tennis, racquetball, and squash courts…

Check out the rest of the set via colectiva!