Mary Virginia Carmack

Mary Virginia Carmack’s collages have a very surreal and retro feel to them… I personally recommend you check them out, as they are all great!

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Inhotim Cultural Institute

Without a doubt, the Inhotim Cultural Insitute has become one of Brazil’s most prized treasures. Created in 2005, Inhotim is a private entity which hosts a perfect mix between wide and ample gallery spaces that house contemporary art, and extensive botanical gardens.The end result is a dream; a place where art and nature converge in pure harmony. Artists in their permanent collection include: Mathew Barney, Olafur Eliasson, Doris Salcedo, Paul McCarthy, Cildo Meireles, and Jim Lambie.

For more images of this amazing place + pictures of the art housed within, visit colectiva!

Portfolio Milene Ferraz

Clientes: Samsung, LG, CCE, American Express, UOL, Yahoo, Bradesco, Greenpeace, UOL, Bradesco, entre outros.

Structure & Flow

An awesome gallery of nice images is modeled and rendered by David Pearson (fpsurgeon). Here you can find some curious matemathical figures from Escher, Sierpinsky or Menger. Structure & Flow fpsurgeon galley.

These images are a wonderfull example of what you can do with Structure Synth. Structure Synth is an application for creating 3D structures from a set of user specified rules. It is an attempt to make a 3D version of Context Free.

All the rest at Fabrik Project!

Chair/Chair by Eric Ku

An inspiration from the American contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair. Instead of giving new definition, Eric Ku redefined the concept of a chair by using alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets.

Via: Ignant

Mathew Scott

Mathew Scott is an American photographer who sheds light on the paradoxical tensions existing just under the surface of everyday life. His photographs show two America’s… a rural and an urban one. In the end, they each exist because of the other, as a struggle of dualities… Yin. Yang.

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Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style

Traditional Fijian Chief’s Costumes stamps

From left to right: 81 cents – A chief in war dress, 87 cents – A chief in formal dress, $1.12 – A chief in presentation dress, $2 – A highland chief in war dress. Found via

Impressive Digital Paintings by Z-KO

Very impressive digital paintings by concept designer Z-KO.

Click here to see more images.

Quimby The Mouse

[vimeo 4412391]

Quimby The Mouse – New video from the hand of Chris Ware
Via : ViaComIT

Backs and Shoulders

By Stas Kulesh, photographer.

Monsieur Steve

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toilet collection

Awesome toilet collection! Photoworkers is a photography studio from Switzerland. via LooksLikeGoodDesign

Dan Rule

Artwork by Dan Rule.

via: Picdit

Business card

B.Card for pattern designer . Very Interesting composition .
by V.B.