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Angelina Jolie by Mario Testino for St. Jonh Knits

Back in 2005, Angelina Jolie signed a three-year contract to become the face (and figure) of St. John, the brand known for affordable knitwear, conservative suits and fake-looking pearls.
Angelina Jolie by Mario Testino for St. Jonh Knits

Explosive fun!

[vimeo 9910695]

Photography by Darrell Eager

Darrell Eager bought his first camera from a friend who needed money. Two years later he was invited to participate in a show at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Photography by Darrell Eager

Works by Steve Argyle

Bag to Life :: bolsos hechos con chalecos salvavidas

Primero fueron las telas plásticas de carteles en desuso que, junto con el ingenio de un par de amigos, dieron nacimiento a los bolsos Freitag. Ahora es el turno de los viejos chalecos salvavidas de los aviones que van a reencarnarse en compañeros de viaje pero esta vez a la oficina. Más info Trecool.

Photography by Gutschera and Osthoff

Fashion photography by Gutschera and Osthoff, more pics and info here.

54 Cool Illustrations by Jason Chan

Evil Dead Claymation

Illustrations by Takeshi.

Emeric Trahand, also known as Takeshi, updates his online presence with a collection of exclusive new works.
Emeric is a french artist that lives and works in New York City.
Here is the link to his portfolio

Amazing 40 selection of Fire Photomanipulation

All the selection of Fire photomanipulation here

Graphic Design by VISIOPHONE

Rodrigo is a portuguese graphic designer living in Barcelona…

See more on cc!

James Skevington ‘Frequent Flyer’

If you’ve ever looked at a traditional city map and lamented its unimaginative format, U.K. designer James Skevington has created the concept series ‘Frequent Flyer,’ rendering notable cities around the world as whimsical illustrations. The ‘maps,’ although not necessarily accurate for travel, work to provide the viewer with a sense of the cultural currency and content of a place, demonstrating its unique character through whimsical, colorful, and creative imagery. Although its not recommended you discard your GPS just yet, Skevington’s ‘Frequent Flyer’ remains an interest and innovative way to think about a city.

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Atomic Ghost ‘Astro Bears: American Heroes’

The Atomic Ghost, alias of Brazilian artist Rafael Castilho, has created a humorous photo series titled, ‘Astro Bears: American Heroes.’ The pieces, which feature the combination of photographs of astronauts from the early days of NASA combined with Castilho’s own illustration of a cartoon bear heads, occupy the more lighthearted space within art. ‘Astro Bears: American Heroes” may not be the highest form of artistic creation, but it is creative production none the less, and even if it doesn’t make you question existence, it will at the very least make you chuckle.

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Elliott Mariess ‘Waste’

Although its title is fitting given the materials used to construct this piece, U.K. artist Elliott Mariess‘ ‘Waste’ is the opposite, a fantastic work of art skillfully realized out of the everyday. Constructed almost entirely out of single-use plastic cutlery, ‘Waste’ is an imaginative and intricate usage of hundred’s, if not thousand’s of pieces, generating value out of something that is almost universally recognized as instant-garbage. Ultimately ‘Waste’ represents the immense talent of Mariess for not only clever social commentary, but also aesthetically significant art.

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