Marc Lagrange

Marc Lagranges favourite subject quickly turned out to be women and in his first work he was unashamedly inspired by the work of Helmut Newton and – especially – Peter Lindbergh. Marc worked hard and soon developed a unique personal style as a fashion photographer, razor sharp as well as cinematic. Via: iGNANT

Skinny Ships



go greenwash with ENVI

Australia’s first carbon neutral paper includes includes pulp from Australia’s native forests, including the worlds most carbon dense forests and water catchments.more information: ENVI paper

Eva Herzigova “A Fleur de Peau”

Beautiful photos of model Eva Herzigova in M by Le Monde – issue #04 (June 2009). More pic >>

Illustrations by Darya Stupina

MWM : Momentum. Boston Exhibition.

Matt W. Moore. MOMENTUM Exhibition. Chorus Gallery. Somerville, Massachusetts. Recent Canvas Paintings, Vectorfunk Posters, Cut Paper Collages, Tees, Cycling Caps, A Massive Mural, and 5 Hand-Painted Bicycles.

Twisted Princess

Jeffrey Thomas series uses Disney’s heroines in a alternate and gruesome reality:

Full series here.

Full series here.

Contemporary Istanbul’09

Contemporary Istanbul'09

Poster design for contemporary art event.
Remake of painting "An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump" by Joseph Wright of Derby (1768).

Agency: Publicis Yorum Creatives: Örgüt Cayli, Emrah Devrim Kural, Cevdet Kizilay, Cetin Ural Photography: Yagmur Kizilok Retouch: Yagmur Kizilok, Yahya Mayda
source & more here

via flickr/orgutcayli

F*ck You by Marion Peck

Entitled “F*ck You”, this sweet little piece by pop-surrealism artist Marion Peck was inspired by the French NeoClassical artist François Gérard’s “Portrait de Mme Tallien”, dating from 1804.

More at My Modern Metropolis!

Damien James

TITLE: “i’ll eat your shame and make you new”

I had the opportunity to meet this artist at an art festival last year. He is probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. His work is amazing in person, the subtle detail and the careful execution of each marker stroke is just fantastic. Yes, it’s marker on watercolor paper. I know this because he keeps a very detailed log of all his work on his Flickr page. Damien James

TITLES: (53 west jackson blvd.) & (mouthaplomb)

Photography by Robert Hamada

Fashion photography Robert Hamada, more pics and info here.

Todd Anthony Tyler photography

Great series entitled “Summer Heat Prestige magazine” photographed by the fashion photographer Todd Anthony Tyler.

Crazy Chinese Circus – Maleonn

“Although life is only a circus, we still have to play vividly,” says Maleonn, a talented Shanghai-based photographer who has gained a cult over the years because of his fable-like photographs.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!