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Movie Illustrations

american psycho3 Movie Illustrations
Vermont based Illustrator Justin Reed seems to have quite a collection of killer illustrations of the most classic films in history under his sleeve… – More Info & paintings HERE
pulp fiction3 Movie Illustrations
More paintings HERE
Via CyanaTRENDland

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Murat Suyur

melt by muratsuyur Murat Suyur
Murat Suyur Conceptual Photography is Amazing ! He has an unmistakable identity, based on his humor and playfulness – More info & pics HERE
muratsuyurconceptualphotography Murat Suyur
yellow by muratsuyur Murat Suyur
More Images HERE
Via TrendLand

Grégoire Alexandre

albin Grégoire Alexandre

He worked for Sony, Ebay, Orange and lots more. Grégoire Alexandre is a french photographer who made his way in the french advertising buisness. More photos and info.

Cool workspaces

Vintage Advertising Pools on flickr.

3256409694 8608804397 b.jpg Vintage Advertising Pools on flickr.
A collection of the best flickr pools featuring vintage advertisements. From fashion to beauty products, high tech appliances and all things retro. Check it out here.

2009 ReBrand 100 Global Awards Winning Brands

The Resource on Brand Transformations from Around the World
Competitor pressures, plummeting sales revenue and outdated marketing strategy are some reasons behind a company’s need to reposition itself and remain financially viable. ReBrand™ is the global resource for visual examples and case studies on effective brand transformations: the repositioning, revitalizing and redesign of existing brand assets to meet strategic marketing objectives.
rebrand 2009 ReBrand 100 Global Awards Winning Brands

Electric EG.5-s snowboard goggles

Billboards Have Never Looked So Good!

Branislav Kropilak (photographer behind the amazing Landings series, featured a couple months back) is responsible for this amazing series in which he turns ugly billboards into pure visual treats… Enjoy!
BranislavKropilakbillboards.07 Billboards Have Never Looked So Good!
BranislavKropilak2 Billboards Have Never Looked So Good!
If you liked these, you’ll surely love the rest… Click HERE to check them out!

Space Monkeys S/S’09

Munny Sprouts

[vimeo 2223912]

I wasn’t familiar with the character “Munny, ” until watching this video. Here is an explantion of what it is from Wikipedia: “Munny is primarily a ‘Do-it-Yourself’ type action figure which the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and supposedly, ketchup. The action figure is made out of vinyl and has moveable joints.”

This is a teaser by Kidrobots, who actually sale this product here.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Vintage Comic Book Ads

sea2.jpg Vintage Comic Book Ads
Remember the ads in old comic books? From Polaris Submarines and X-Ray Spex to Sea Monkeys and Hypnocoins, here’s a collection of the best. See the Shrunken Head! Witness the awesome power of the Clariflute!
See the collection here.

Interview with Andrew Holder

deertrees.jpg Interview with Andrew Holder
An interview with artist Andrew Holder. Read the interview here.

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Lighiting tea bag

lightingbag1 Lighiting tea bag

By Wonsik Chae design
Look here

Samuel Green Illustrations

The amazing work of Samuel Green.

71 test4 Samuel Green Illustrations

26 treadingwaterii 01 Samuel Green Illustrations

More via: LOUDreams

Oats & Sparkle Self Portraits

The work of Dju-Lian & Jovian aka Oats & Sparkle. A unique yet simple use of light.

17 dsc0013 Oats & Sparkle Self Portraits

28 dsc8157 Oats & Sparkle Self Portraits

More images via: LOUDreams