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Video games fan art


Stree fighters


Amazing art from Orioto !
All our favorite old games from Capcom, Nintendo or Sega revisited :p

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The Diet Coke & Mentos Saga of the EepyBirds

Set on flickr.

[youtube DPxEqZc57eY]
Two of my favorite people to interview – ever- are Fritz Grobe and Stephen Yoltz of, a performance troupe based in Maine. If you’re anything like 40 million other people in the world, you know these guys from “The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments” – a recreation of the Bellagio Fountains using nothing but Diet Coke & Mentos. Full article.

puppet fair

rejected project for Bulgarian puppet festival. See my other works at

The Derringer Bikes

The Derringer Bikes is a cross between a 1920s board track motorcycle and a bike, Hand Made and more than 250 color of your choice ! – More info & pics HERE

Plenty of more pics HERE
Via TrendLand


This is free to use pack of keyed PNG’s of A4 paper
folded in form of english alphabet. A-Z. All in hires.
Click on picture to go to download page.

Interview: Noferin

An interview with Nick & Candy of Noferin, creators of the wonderful Pecanpals.
You can read the interview here.

Light Up Your House with a House

Peter Waltz’s house-shaped light fixtures put a whole new spin on “leaving the light on at home”. The light fixture are not only cool decorations, they also serve a purpose by providing light in dark spaces. The shadows and lines shot out of the houses are quite remarkable.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis.

Mystical Dreamland – Alexander Jansson

If we were to get lost in Alexander Jansson’s world it would be a little creepy but a whole lot of fun.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Graphic facilitation

inconvenient truth


Few different approaches in the graphic facilitation to understanding… Original !
Website here ;)

Amazing Interactive Table

Staudinger+Franke Studio

Design a poster for George Romero

Design a quad poster for the night, which will be displayed on the night, and win Curzon membership, Night of the Living Dead DVD boxset, books, passes to the Cine Excess cult film conference (where Romero is speaking), and of course, tickets to the night itself. Braintastic!

MWM “Coincidence World” London Exhibition.

MWM Graphics “Coincidence World” Solo-Show at London’s Concrete Hermit Gallery.

Opening Photos + Matthew Scissorhands Series + Dazed Interview + More Show Info

dark blue

bigger here:

Form Experiment

[vimeo 3203266]
An experimental video by Simon Bronson.

Techniques: Trapcode and After Effects.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion