Dan Savage

Direction, Design and animation from Dan Savage


My newest additions :), check www.berrieschoots.nl for more!

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Seinfeld wielding Nunchucks!

Hilarious caricatures by Brandon Bird.

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wiz website
Wiz is a Web&Interactive agency based in Cascais, Portugal. This is our brand new website.

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Master Your Childhood’s Inner Fears

Natural photo fears of Joshua Hoffine.

My Fake Baby

UK reborn artist Deborah King and her fake baby-dolls. The process of reborning a doll is being able to create as realistic baby as possible.

This is achieved by firstly buying or creating a doll mould to start the reborning process. It is then neccessary to begin colouring the dolls head, body and limbs through a variety of different techniques to give a very realistic human skin effect. This takes multiple layers of different paints to create mottled effects such as that of a newborn baby.

Moon Adventures

Amazing moon installation, photoshooted by Laurent Laveder. Continue »

Adam Brocknbank

Adam Brocknbank has created concept art and storyboards for blockbuster moveis, such as Harry Potter, Spiderman, Alexander, Tomb Rider, X-Men. Continue »

Pete Golibersuch 2008

Pete Golibersuch, DRPCLQ 2008

DropClique Design Division – Home of Brooklyn based freelance art director and designer Pete Golibersuch. Works from the first half of 2008. www.dropclique.com

It’s…uh…all apart of the plan.


For more Dark Knight pictures head to: JPOG’s Photostream


I am trying to get myself an invite to ffffound.com……….
please note that this is a joke and I could not find the photographer of above pic and if someone gets offended by it just ask me to take it off!
now INVITE ME!!!!!

UPDATE: it has been a long time since I upload this page here… there are still so many replies…haha… well just to let all you know that I was successful getting my invitation but as you may guess… I have already gave mine away… but anyways, goes to show its not impossible to get one invite to ffffound…

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Toallin Jumbo Pack. Absorbs Everything.

Don Toallin Absorbent Paper ad print campaign. Full size on click.

Agency: Leo Burnett Venezuela
Photographer: Rodolfo Benitez

Gear Stink? Gear Drop Sanitizing Service.

“Gear Stink? Gear Drop.” Ad print campaign for Gear Drop – professional gear sanitizing.

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This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work)

This Ain’t No Disco is a portfolio of some of the best creative agency interiors in the world. Try not to drool too much. I love this site! Upload yours, vote and enjoy.


Design and illustrations of Ruth Biniwersi, girl from Germany.