Sadhu: stencils, calligraphy & tattoos

[vimeo 2907578]

View Sadhu’s -a Paris-based artist- works: from calligrahy to stencils and tattoos.

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Fupete 2009

Fupete 2009, new art..and a lot of new projects coming soon! All the best my friend!
more at and

OnRepeat Updates

OnRepeat Updates, along with a new Shop area.

Relentless, The REV

[vimeo 2120027]
An unofficial Relentless (energy drink) video by flight404. It is made with Processing software, and audio by The Flashbulb (“Six Months Without Light” from the album Kirlian Selections). You can read more about this project here.

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Haze the film
Immerse yourself in the stills of the official site for the Berlinale-nominated film—Haze, designed by AEN.

Repurposed Inflight Carts by AL.Carts

These carts are very interesting because they are designed by engineers with the brief to come up with a product that lasts long, is very light and functional. Something every designer should aim for…

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Replacement as a criative technique

A rundown of examples that resort to replacing one part of an image with another, from Sleeveface to advertising, from fashion to art.

These and other examples here

Christophe Huet – Retouching Master

French retoucher Christophe Huet is a true photoshop Master! His work is fascinating. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, BEST part of his website is the Making of section, where you can see all the progress stages…More Info and pics HERE

Via RetouchonTrendland

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AEN Business Cards

This is as minimalistic as one can get without crossing the line of insanity. More pics here

Sense-driven Design vs Technology-driven Design

Sense-driven Design vs Technology-driven Design | AEN UI

Technology-driven design is design centered around technology, with technology as the primary motivation. Design by itself is an art of finding solutions for problems that we face. Technology-driven design is having the solution before there is even a problem. Read full article

Learn How To Make Handmade Flipbooks

Remember this video, I featured it in November. It seems to be popular to add flipbooks into videos (I’ve seen a couple of new music videos with it). You can learn how to make one via The Curious Blog. It is a very cool gift for friends and family.

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sharky tea infuser

A’KIMONO LS2.0 by Teodor Kyuchukov

Detective Stripes

Detective stripes could be the coolest detective but there is something that causes making fun of him everytime and everywhere. By GrupoW.Visit the website

Richard Nicholson

A photo series of London’s remaining professional darkrooms, by Richard Nicholson.

for more photos, visit PICDIT.