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Gotaz Mag #03

The Amazon Magazine about culture, art, design, photograph, illustration, music and fashion.
This Mag was made to show the work produce in Amazon.
We hope you enjoy. See ya!

Artyom Zhyganov. Showreel 2009

Geeks vs Hollywood – Why Digg, Wired & Twitter Need Ashton, Brad & Oprah

Mike Arrington wrote yesterday about a funny PR pitch from DIGG asking him to write about the upcoming Diggnation episode in Las Vegas with Kevin Rose and – the man with more followers than Scientology – Ashton Kutcher. Here’s our take.

Super Baozi vs. Sushi Man

An animated movie by Sun Haipeng. The main character “Super Baozi” is tired of being in the catering business, and is looking for some fun. Baozi’s perception of “FUN” is grabbing nunchakus and performing like Bruce Lee. Watch out!

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Ben Naaman | 2009 Show Reel

Hey Guys,
Here’s an update for my show reel.

[vimeo 5898199]

Ben Naaman 2009 Show Reel from Ben Naaman on Vimeo.


CommuniTea logo

The Project was started as my final capstone project at School of Design, HK Polytechnic University on May 2009. My tutor is Dr.Xin Xiangyang.

The initial topic of this project was to design interactions on Chinese traditional tea. Actually in China, people go to tea house not only to drink tea, but also to talk and communicate. I took this characteristic of Chinese tea as my design direction and try to design interactions to gather and group people. Afterwards, I defined target user group and using context in order to build up the appropriate interaction model to further develop this communication concept.

Finally, I worked this CommuniTea out. CommuniTea is designed for IT professionals to enhance their social experiences and activities during work hours.

Using Interaction Model to define initial problems and design preferred solutions.
Interaction Model

Final physical outcomes

Using Scenario to demonstrate final design solutions with use context and interaction task flow (See the video on Vimeo here)

More information please visit www.iamlin.cn

Asger Carlsen

Photos by Asger Carlsen from Denmark. Via: iGNANT

Photography by Lalo Gonzalez

Fashion photography by Lalo Gonzalez, more pics and info here.

Designoir Series by Dozign


New website by Christian San Jose now up, please support!

Bring out your inner rockstar – Guitar Hero Photoshop Tutorial

Bring out your inner rockstar. In this Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your own guitar hero and stylize him with a unique guitar!

the credit crunch trend 2009/10

Column for CFYE. Part of a little essay done with the people that live under the minhocao at the heart of Sao Paulo, in the midst of the latest market meltdown. suddenly the bottom of the social pyramid is ahead of the trend. A life long adaptation for survival.

You can check the rest of column H E R E or visit photographers FLICKR

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SO-ME designs the cover of Complex Magazine’s August/September Issue featuring Keri Hilson

Take a look at this exclusive new cover drawn and created by the famous SO ME. This issue features Keri Hilson and SO ME puts a creative twist on it and makes it so much more alive and animated. View more exclusive photos and special video footage here.

Photography by Catherine Servel

Fashion photography by Catherine Servel, more pics and info here.