Myga logo/identity by Indyvisuals

Myga logo

This logo and poster s created by an new design studio in Athens Greece by the name Indyvisuals
it is created for Live Bar named Myga, which means the fly. here is the whole project

Drive safely… brutal road-safety spot from Australia

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission from Australia tries to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the existence of different types of brutal spots (PSAs), which are screaming for safe driving. They do it quite ruthlessly… they do not disgusted blood, death, pain and tears. It starts a little bit slow, but after that, after each next minute of film, it untwist harder and harder. In the background “Everybody Hurts.” performed by R.E.M. Spot runs on imagination and causes shivers. If you are a driver… watch it! (mandatory-enabled speakers) and try to drive safely during the upcoming Christmas (and after that as well).

Watch the spot.

David Choe: Oil on Cardboard

David Choe is a mixed-media artist, see more of his work.

Street Installations

“This is 2010” Calendar Poster

See more pictures and get it here.

Hush x Dan Baldwin Collaborative Paintings

One of our favorite artists, Hush, recently collaborated with another artist, Dan Baldwin, to create four large scale paintings. Each artist started working on two pieces, before trading the paintings, and adding their own elements.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis!

Rathole – CD Cover

New work at

Special: 75 awesome Bokeh Pictures

Special: 75 awesome Bokeh Pictures on! Click here for more!

8:00 | morning

A gorgeous typographic set by Settka.

Credit Crunchmas – 12 Cheap’N’Cheerful Designer iPhone Games

(Teefury) T-shirt ‘Samurai Mind’ $9

Animabase designed T-shirt ‘Samurai mind’ is sell in teefury cheap price $9 Friday, December 11. 2009

Go Teefury

sculptures by Michael Johansson

sculptures by Michael Johansson

New Illustration – Squishy Things

New illustration from Carl Medley.

Shiny Maillot by Yulia G.

Daily Inspiration #18

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