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Mikael Noguchi

Mikael Noguchi is an illustrator and computergames-artist. Works and lives in Norway.

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Yves Capelle

Art Director and Concept Artist since 1999. With a clientele that spans the corporate, cultural, and institutional sectors, works on a broad range of assignments: advertising and film visualising; scenographic and architectural presentations, commercial and editorial illustration, character design, and graphic identity. [ link ]

Stella Im Hutlberg

Stella Im Hultberg
Absolutely gorgeous art by Stella Im Hultberg from Brooklyn, NY. Visit her flickr account for more works.


Visuaal was founded in June 2007 by Brandon Webster. Visuaal creates trademarks, brands, packaging, print & websites. Behance.

Carment Rino

Very cool artworks of Carment Rino, from Indonesia. Behance, yep.

Michael Wandelmaier

Michael Wandelmaier is an illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Behance man.

André Bergamin

Young, but talented Brazilian illustrator and designer André Bergamin.

Hulger VoIP Ph*nes

Hulger brings humanity back into the equation, with functionality no longer playing the lead role. The simplicity of Hulger products allows the form, feel and personality to preside.

Huoratron – $$ Troopers

[vimeo 764015]
Check your mind. Video design and production by Las Palmas. Via Eric Carl.

Christian San Jose

Christian lives on Philippines, well, South-East Asian designers rules!


Ivan Hristov, designer and typoman. Behance.

Forget the design you think you know!

Victoria’s State of Design Festival in July 2008 offers local and international conversations on design. Featuring the Premier’s Design Awards, Design Capital business of design conference, Design:Made:Trade innovative brand showcase, and Design for Everyone cultural program.
Join in and be inspired.

Heather Sougwen Chung

Heather Sougwen Chung – sheisawesome !

Nan Santamaria

Nan Santamaria, a good guy from Philippines. On Behance.


MyLifeSupport™ is Mike Kosmicki an aspiring graphic designer from London, UK.