Window Bars

Great series of photographs of amazing window bars found in Guatemala City, by Ambush Studio.

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Pepsi “Obamavertising”

Pepsi “Obamavertising” campaign… More>>

Obama Skateboard Deck

Yoon Jungyun.

Retouch, 3D and Great Graphism. It’s Creamy !

Great graphic design work done by the Cream Studio (Australia). The Artist’s creations are certainly art, and are used for marketing funds at the same time.

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Patrizio di Renzo

Patrizio di Renzo is an International fashion and people photographer from Switzerland.
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Semperopernball – Putin Love

Putin Love, Oliver Borner
[youtube KvgcpToI-UQ]
Semperopernball 2009 in Dresden, Germany where Wladimir Putin arrived. Art avtivists promoting Putin in the crowd.

As you may know the ‘Semperopernball” happened at the 16th of januar 2009 in Dresdens famous “Semperoper”. The prices for a card went up to 44000 euros a table, so it was hardly suprising that only the higher class could participate in this event.

While everyone was freezing outside the building, the so called elite was having a nice party. Wladimir Putin was the guest of honour this evening and he should get a medal for his “great” cultural work in russia and germany.

The laudatory speech ended up in an embarrassing listing of what he does for the “great” relationship between germany and russia, the main reasons the moderator gave were the following: “Your daugther was born in Dresden” and ” Your german is really good”… nothing about wars, his engagement against the us terrorism or even the pieces of art he finally gave back to germany after World War 2.

What a great theatrical performance….

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Sophie Henson’s Sketchbooks and Patterns

Tierney Gearon.

In “Explosure”, a new exhibition by acclaimed photographer Tierney Gearon, she uses the old skool device of double exposure to create haunting, complex images evoking themes of voyeurism, sexuality, coming of age, body image, and more.

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Russian fwa-award-winning agency Red Keds released the first naked body font type called “BodyType”. You can send a provocative postcard or just have a fun with animated love on their site.
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yay!monday issue #53


Matt Black – Chaos poster artist

Matt Black, Oxford-based illustrator and traditional artist, is the designer of our Chaos poster. He employs a range of drawing techniques, enhanced photographic imagery and textures from a variety of sources. Matt recently graduated from Kingston University with a BA Illustration degree specialising in book cover and poster design. In his spare time he enjoys good music, literature, walking the dog and meditation.


“Bio-Cycle” is a metal sculpture by Jud Turner. I think if this actually rode as a bicycle, you’d get a lot of attention riding it down your neighborhood.

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“Vision” – Joshua Budich

Vladimir Putin’s Art Was Sold for More Than $1,200,000

«The Christmas Alphabet» is a charity auction that was held in St. Petersburg. Devoted to 200 anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol. Every day many famous people of St. Petersburg Fair drew illustrations for the Russian alphabet letters for the story called «The Night Before Christmas». There were created 28 paintings, which were put up for sale on Saturday.

The most expensive lot at the auction was the picture of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called «Pattern for rimy box», which was sold for 37 million rubles (more than $1,200,000 !).