Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero is a young Costa Rican painter that’s been gaining a lot of international recognition over the last few years. His work recurs to bright colors, dynamic forms, a good dose of humor, and a strong sense of freshness that’s hard to come across these days..

For more of his fresh work, follow this link to colectiva!

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Alan MacDonald’s paintings

Amie Dicke

Amie Dicke was born in 1978 in Rotterdam, lives and works in Amsterdam.
Selected project about the artist!

Swine Flue Fashion Mask

ahha Fighting Swine Flu with the Power of Fashion Design – More info & pics HERE
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Iphone Photography

Considerate as one of the Best Iphone Photographer in the World, See Chase Jarvis Iphone Photography. More info & pics HERE

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Hands down the “chiquest” vampire movie ever. (more here)

Website update

Fine more work at www.raid71.com

New illustration by Goke

New illustration by Goke: “Hector, hardcore jusqu’à la mort”. Available on Manzi.
Goke’s portfolio.

Interview: Ron van der Ende

An interview with artist Ron van der Ende. Read the interview here.


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Glowing Lines Retro Background PSD Freebie

It’s an Abstract Retro Background for you to play around with and use as you want. 4 color variations and a massive resolution of 2275×1665. Click on the preview to download the zip file.

Univers Revolved

Unlike the letters of our standard alphabet, those of Univers Revolved are bilaterally symmetrical and may therefore be read in both left-to-right and right-to-left directions. And because they are three-dimensional, they can be stacked, arranged in circles, or set in motion; they can become toys, pieces of furniture, buildings, or chocolate candies.

Enter into this stunning typograhic dream!

Gisele Bündchen x Solve Sundsbo

Jaakko Mattila

Watercolor paintings by Jaakko Mattila.

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Asaf Einy

Some cool photos by Asaf Einy.

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