Landscape Photography by Luke Austin

Luke Austin

Luke Austin is an Australian born landscape and nature photographer currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Luke has spent time travelling and photographing throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America.

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Panoramic Photography by Bruce Hood

Bruce Hood

Bruce Hood is a talented photographer based in Sydney, Australia, who has been shooting since around 2007. In 2011 he really started to get into landscape photography and has been obsessed with the genre every since.

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A woman jogs by the Tagus riverbank next to the April 25th bridge in Lisbon on a foggy morning, Monday, January 5, 2015. (Photo by Francisco Seco/AP Photo)

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La Philharmonie de Paris par Adrien THIBAULT (Back to 2011)

get-pissed-music-paris-philharmonie-philharmonique-philharmonic-pantin-chantier-basement-fondations-jean nouvel-cratère-crater-architecture-adrien thibault-photographer-photographe-portrait-2011-pentax-k7-1

This is a bunch of pictures shot in 2011 in the crater foreshadowing the building of the new Paris Philharmonic. The idea was to shoot the Get Pissed guys at the very beginning of the building, a time at which there was only a crater ready to welcome the latter. Symbolically speaking, this was huge, even though we got kicked out of the premises by a guard half an hour later…

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Identical Twins in Martin Schoeller’s Photo Project

German portrait photographer Martin Schoeller, is the author of a very vivid series of photos that depict twins. Sometimes, they really look identical. Martin Schoeller is known worldwide as a master of portraiture.

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Fashion Photography by Kesler Tran

Kesler Tran

Kesler Tran is a talented fashion, editorial and beauty photographer based between Los Angeles and New York, USA. He started photography only five years ago.

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Portrait Photography by Stephanie Dimiskovski

Stephanie Dimiskovski

Stephanie Dimiskovski is a talented freelance photographer, illustrator and student based in New Jersey, USA. She shoot a lot of portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography.

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24HoursX90Years by Simona Bonanno


Simona Bonanno is an Italian photographer having studied in Atelier Peninghen, ESAG in Paris and have also received a Bachelor of Arts in 1999 at the School of Arts in Italy.

The project ’24hoursX90years’ is, apart from exceptional photograph capturing, a story over time of people living on their own (and not necessarily about loneliness). Aunt Sara has never married, lived with her parents some time ago, and she occupies her time with great joy. The new and the old is blended creating Aunt Sara’s life. Five photographs from ’24hoursX90years’ have won the Honorable Mention at People/Lifestyle, Non Professional Section at the 2012 International Photography Awards.

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Abandoned Interiors by Christian Richter

old abandoned library

Christian Richter is a talented selft taught photographer based in Anhalt, Germany. He was born in 1979 and started photography in 2011.

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Still Life Photography by Charles Negre

Charles Negre

Born in Macon, France in 1988, Charles Negre graduated from the prestigious art school ECAL in Lausanne. He has already shown in Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan in 2013, Render Exhibition in Stockholm in 2013, Festival Levallois in Paris in 2012, Galerie 22bis, and Galerie Roch in Switzerland in 2010 and at Festival Planches Contacts in Deauville in 2010.

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Landscape Photography by Lewis Fogerty

Lewis Fogerty5

Lewis Fogerty is a Sydney based landscape photographer with a passion for travel and the outdoors. His photography is characterised by classic seascapes as well as natural rugged landscapes from Australia’s sandstone canyons to New Zealand’s alpine peaks.

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Long Exposure Architecture Photography by Yoshihiko Wada

Yoshihiko Wada

Yoshihiko Wada is a talented self taught photographer and pro sound designer, who has been working in video game industry in Japan for over decades. Creating sounds and images are very similar to him. Yoshihiko currently based in Osaka, Japan.

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Panoramic Landscapes by Timothy Poulton

Timothy Poulton

Timothy Poulton is a talented self taught photographer based in Sydney, Australia. The vast majority of his photographs are panoramic landscapes from the east coast of Australia.

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Photography by Christopher Sturman

Christopher Sturman

Christopher Sturman was born in England where he studied photography at Kent Institute of Art Design and Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design. While maintaining a similar aesthetic and creative direction, his work includes an array of projects ranging from social documentary to lifestyle interiors, to portraiture and landscapes.

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Travel Photography by Sarah Pannell

Sarah Pannell

Sarah Pannell is an emerging Australian documentary photographer. Sarah graduated from RMIT University’s BA Photography program with a major in Documentary Photography, following an undergraduate degree in International Relations at Deakin University.

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