Series “Frames” by Natalia Nora Meister


These images contain the tiniest details of well-known scenes. Despite that you can’t see faces you can feel the atmosphere of the iconic movies. Photos by Natalia Nora Meister.

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Daredevil Photographer Captures New York City From Dizzying Heights


The 18-year-old New York City based photographer known as “Dark.Cyanide” has captured New York City from high above, rare sights of the city from the highest vantage points. Dark.Cyanide wants to show the beauty of the Big Apple from a different perspective, which has seen him capture unexpected shots of landmarks such as Times Square.

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Malaika Firth by Michael Schwartz

Malaika Firth by Michael Schwartz

Beauty model Malaika Firth photographed by Michael Schwartz and styled by Jo Jones for the latest edition of Guardian‘s The Observer Magazine.

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Lifestyle Photography by Garrett Kornelison

Garrett Kornelison

Garrett Cornelison was born into a family of artists; his mother – a children’s book illustrator, and his father – a jazz musician. He grew up in a town, outside of a town, outside of a town not far from the middle of the USA. His family fully cultivated his creative endeavors and gifted him his first camera in high school.

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A Handbook for Dog Walkers by Tomas Werner

Tomas Werner

Tomas Werner uses the fading elegance of Art Deco Miami as his studio and a tiny dog called “Q” as his prop to produce this stunning photography book. It brilliantly captures the varied Floridian architecture and the consistent sunlight adds a uniformity to the images throughout the book.

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When Morning Comes by Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas, who creates portraits in the documentary tradition. In addition to his assignment work and creative commissions, he explores life in the American South.

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Ancient Trees Photography by Beth Moon

Beth Moon

Beth Moon’s stunning images capture the power and mystery of the world’s remaining ancient trees. These hoary forest sentinels are among the oldest living things on the planet and it is desperately important that we do all in our power to ensure their survival.

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Fashion Photography by Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is a Floridian turned New Yorker, and a photographer. He started his career in the fashion industry as an agent for some of the top models, developing and maintaining their careers.

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Surreal Self Portraits by Elias Neto

Elias Neto

Elias Neto is a talented 20 years old aspiring young photographer based in Brasil. Nobody wants to pose for his surreal photography ideas, so he snaps himself.

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Photography by Rui Calcada Bastos

Rui Calcada Bastos

Rui Calçada Bastos lives and works in Lisbon and Berlin. He attended both the Lisbon and Porto Escola de Belas Artes, and Ar.Co in Lisbon. Of both his artistic residencies, one in Paris and the other in Berlin, the latter proved of great importance in concentrating his work on video.

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The Unseen by Ed Thompson

Ed Thompson

Ed Thompson is a British photographer, artist and lecturer. His own photographic work has focused on various subjects over the years from covering environmental issues socio-political movements subcultures and the consequences of war.

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iPhoneography by Eelco Roos

Eelco Roos

Eelco Roos is a talented Dutch photographer and traveler, who travel a lot and shoot amazing photographs with his iPhone using the native camera app.

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Aline Weber by Choi Yong Bin

Aline Weber by Choi Yong Bin

Beauty model Aline Weber stars in ‘Blue Afternoon’, photographed by Choi Yong Bin and styled by Mirim Lee for Harper’s Bazaar Korea April 2015.

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Comic Con Cosplay Family by Antti Karppinen

Antti Karppinen

Antti Karppinen is a talented digital artist, photographer and retoucher based in Kuopio, Finland. Portrait photographer of Finland 2013 and internationally awarded commercial photographer.

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Photography by Stacey Tyrell

Stacey Tyrell

Stacey Tyrell was born and raised in Toronto, ON, Canada. She attended OCAD University where she majored in Photography. Her work predominantly deals with themes of identity, race and heritage as it pertains to post-colonial societies and the Caribbean Diaspora.

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