Fancy Resume

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This is a US Letter Layout Resume Template

What’s in the file:
1 layered PSD file.

Print ready – CMYK
Size: US Letter

A Design Award Winner DIY Calendar

A calendar with no rules and a playful usage for users to personalize.

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American Royalty – Norman Rockwell inspired Artworks by Sam Spratt

“What began as cover art for his mixtape “Royalty” evolved into a series of Rockwell-esque vignettes on Americana meant to highlight the side of hip-hop that tends to take a back seat to “money, cars, and jewelry” – where you come from.” – Sam Spratt

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UM Land Corporate Brochure

The corporate brochure presents an overview of UM Land (United Malayan Land Bhd) in a clean and sleek framework, highlighting the company’s vision and mission alongside its key milestones since it was founded in 1994.

The brochure also features messages from UM Land’s top management with eye-catching pictures of their developed projects to substantiate the achievements of the company. Profiles of the directors and key management are designed with individual coordinated colour schemes that form part of the overall pristine and professional image of the company. Development projects are showcased geographically, followed by a section on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The line-up of contents depict a complete picture of what UM Land has to offer as an all-round developer who cares about every community they develop.

Design Agency : Double Eleven Design Studio


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9 Best Graphic Design Printed Portfolio Examples & Ideas

9 Best Graphic Design Printed Portfolio Examples & Ideas
A printed graphic design portfolio can be a boon for any designer, even one who works strictly in digital. Printed media is tangible, and unlike a website or a digital file, it can’t be closed or deleted with the click of a button—which makes it much harder to get rid of. Take advantage of the permanent nature of print by creating a portfolio that potential clients can’t bear to part with. These top tips will help you create a graphic design portfolio that’s sure to turn heads.

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Nora & Philipp

LSDK studio designed a special invitation for a special occasion.

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Country Life – A New CV Design from ResumeBaker

Resume Design

Want your next resume to look like this one? Well, now it’s possible.
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“Super-Mamika” by Sacha Goldberger

To cheer his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika up, French photographer Sacha Goldberger suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. That’s the ‘Super-Mamika’ origin…

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Advertising Done Right via @ongezondnl #branding

Today we’ve got a great showcase for you. We collected clever print, newspaper, billboard, and magazine ads for your inspiration. What make these ads different from others?

  • They ‘re well thought out.
  • They share their message loud and clear.
  • They’re highly creative.
  • They’re blatantly honest

These ads are also very memorable, they’re definitely going to stick in people’s minds. Even if you’re not in the advertising industry, you can still gain much inspiration from these examples. I’m very happy to see ad agencies constantly push the creative boundaries.

I believe the fun has just begun. Thanks to the short attention span or people, advertisers clearly know that reaching and grabbing people’s attention in the digital age is harder than ever. The only solution to this problem is creativity. As we move further in the 21st century expect to see more and more innovative attempts to grab peoples attention. Enjoy!

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Maxim’s Wedding November 2013

Maxim’s Wedding, a platform re-branded in 2009 to combine with Maxim’s Banquet service, Cakes ordering, Online and Wedding consultant service. We were appointed to create a new concept and art direction for their brochure design, which is one of their various seasonal promotional items to convey their passion and professionalism on wedding service.

Design Agency : Double Eleven Design Studio

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How to Design Labels That Work for Your Business

Can product labels help you sell? Is it possible to use shipping labels to do some marketing for you?

The answer is yes.

Ecommerce shops online are plenty. Not many businesses, however, use what they have to make sure that every piece of paper, packaging, and even invoices/way bills/ or receipts work. Most of these elements that go into your business are often ignored.

That’s a huge opportunity cost, if you think about it. Customers almost always notice shipping labels. Others — including shipping staff, customs officials, etc. – also notice labels.

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Scratch Map Travel Edition

The idea behind Scratch Map Travel Edition is that you can take it with you as you journey round the globe and scratch off where you’ve been en route – all you do is scratch off the gold top foil layer of the place you have visited to reveal a brand new and wonderful world underneath. Everyone intends to keep a log or a diary when they are voyaging but in reality you generally just forget, can’t be bothered or get writers block.

The Scratch Map Travel Edition is the perfect way to keep a tally of where you’ve been, plus, flip the Scratch Map Travel Edition over and you have even more glorious things to fill in, map out and stick on. Amongst other things, the reverse side of the Scratch Map Travel Edition has a plain white map to allow you the opportunity to plot your route. You can also paste an image of yourself in the ‘before’ box and then ‘after’. The perfect way to assess the tanning progression!

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Worst Graphic Design Trends in Print (2013)

Worst Graphic Design Trends in Print (2013-2014)
Just because something is popular doesn’t automatically make it good. This is especially true when it comes to print design, where some of the most common trends just end up turning the artwork into a major eyesore. Here are 13 popular print design trends that we just can’t stand. Please help spread the awareness of these awful print design trends. The madness must stop! Read the full post >

Harvey Nichols Valentine’s Day & CNY Seasonal Booklet

Double Eleven launched a comprehensive project for Harvey Nichols. We provide an online solution for one-stop shopping and an offline one in the form of a styling guide. The HN catalogue comprises of a print and an eBook version. The combined approach caters the store’s valuable clients and potential online customer base. Double Eleven also created an eBook version of the catalogue which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and all other smart phones and tablets.

Design Agency : Double Eleven Design Studio

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Legendary Cities by Atelier Olschinsky

Legendary Cities, the latest series by the outstanding Atelier Olschinsky.


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