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Daily Gadget Inspiration #185

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #185
Patchnride is the world’s first bicycle flat repair system that permanently repairs a flat tire. It is quick, easy and convenient. In under 60 seconds, your flat tire will be permanently repaired without ever having to take the tire off the wheel. No skill required. Never be stranded on a leisure bike ride or lose a race again.

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Featherlight Carbon Balloon Chair

featherlight carbon balloon chair 01 450x558 Featherlight Carbon Balloon Chair

Ever wondered what the world’s lightest chair looks like? Or what it’s made from? Check out the Featherlight Carbon Balloon Chair created by Marcel Wanders.

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Midnight Scoop Ice Cream Scoop

Summer 2014 SLR camera 0371 Midnight Scoop Ice Cream Scoop
Did you know that you have been scooping ice cream wrong?

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #183

CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount Daily Gadget Inspiration #183
Capture your special photographic shots from any angle by using these extremely portable CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount. It comes with three strong suction cups which can adhere firmly to any smooth surface. They attach to the flexible GorillaPod Focus tripod which bring you the ultimate camera experience you’d desire during those special moments of life worth capturing.

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Carpenter Wood Watch

carpenter wood watch 01 650x650 Carpenter Wood Watch

Each minimalist flexible wood watch has a unique grain pattern.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #182

Mid Century Desk by Jeremiah Collection 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #182
Get yourself a sleek and efficiently carved Mid Century Desk by Jeremiah Collection in order to make your desktop computer arrangement look the neatest of all. Carved out of solid eastern black walnut that has a natural sap finish, the desk looks an absolute class in the world of minimal furniture designs available today.

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Helinox Cot One

bed 650x444 Helinox Cot One

The Helinox Cot One is one very strong, stable and comfortable cot. Simple in design and setup yet incredibly comfortable, functional, and lightweight. The Cot One truly is “the anywhere bed.” Setup any time, any place, with the quick click of the tensioning locks.

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Vebo Vegetable Boil Steam Strain Bag

vebo vegetable boil steam strain bag 02 650x650 Vebo Vegetable Boil Steam Strain Bag

Boil, steam, and strain your veggies in one bag.

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Slim – Simple stand for iPad

main simple 650x485 Slim   Simple stand for iPad

If you are looking for aesthetic iPad stand for your iPad series, then here is what you are looking for. The Orangemonkie team launched a new project called “Slim – iPad stand with minimalist design” for use with Apple devices.

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Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Pets

Freckle Felt Dog Bed 01 Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For PetsTo call this Freckle Felt Dog Bed just another resting piece for your pup would be an understatement. Crafted out of hundreds of multi-color felt ‘freckles’, it’s a modernized pet bed that looks even more adorable because of the use in colors. Keep it in any corner of the room and see the magic for yourself as to how a simple pet bed beautifies your room with a patchwork of colors spreading around.

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LIFX: WiFi Enabled Smart Bulb

lifx wifi enabled bulb 6 LIFX: WiFi Enabled Smart Bulb

The LIFX is a WiFi enabled smart bulb that can change to 16 million colours with the touch of your smartphone.

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Anything Ceiling Hoist

anything ceiling hoist 01 650x650 Anything Ceiling Hoist

Save floor space with the auto lock pulley hoist system.

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Folding Backpack Scooter

backpackbike 09 Folding Backpack Scooter

Hiking and biking has never been easier. An ingenious backpack that transforms into a scooter to coast downhill for some serious fun.

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Coolest Cooler

coolest cooler 01 450x300 Coolest Cooler

Coolest cooler is not just any cooler, its is a blender, wireless sound system, USB charger… now, isn’t that totally cool.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #181

FUUT Desk Feet Hammock 02 650x433 Daily Gadget Inspiration #181
Propping your feet up during strenuous work hours will not require an extra chair anymore as long as you have the FUUT Desk Feet Hammock under the work table. It’s a specially designed desk hammock which primarily targets in letting you work comfortably by propping your feet at a level based on your preference.

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