Abel Brown Debuts Nomad Tent

Tent  650x433 Abel Brown Debuts Nomad Tent
If you’re a motorcycle rider that loves to hit the great outdoors, the Nomad Tent will quickly become your best friend. This thing attaches to your bike, and sets up in minutes.

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Yardstash III

yardstash iii large 650x709 Yardstash III

The YardStash III builds on the success of the top selling and top rated YardStash II and includes new features for even better space saving outdoor storage and protection.

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Bike Lift and Carry

01.bulls eye 650x650 Bike Lift and Carry

Bike Lift&Carry Industrial design by Mukomelov, Product development and Production management by ArtKB. Bike Lift&Carry is designed for city commuters and allows easy lifting and comfortable carrying of a bicycle or e-bike as if it was a shoulder bag.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #168

Pet Peek Dog Window Daily Gadget Inspiration #168
Dogs and their habit of peeking from the fencing barriers now has a smart solution in the form of this Pet Peek Dog Window. By installing this, you can finally get rid of the age old problem of dogs jumping over the fence out of curiosity once and for all. The window is nothing but a hard acrylic dome that is 9.5″ in diameter with a black trim-ring you can easily install on your fence as and when you prefer.

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Check out these Amazing gadgets for Fancy Watches

HYGGE Watch 3012 Series 650x650 Check out these Amazing gadgets for Fancy Watches
The HYGGE Watch – 3012 Series replaces the traditional hands of a watch with two sophisticated rotational discs. While considering a fresh outlook for conventional watches, this timepiece has certainly not forgotten about the user-friendly approach in showing time. The stainless steel casing and the one-color background is clear evidence to the extreme detailing in aesthetics that has been considered while crafting this masterpiece.

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Wallet Ninja Multitool

wallet ninja multitool large 650x812 Wallet Ninja Multitool

The power of 18 reliable, functional, everyday tools, in the size of a credit card! Tools that are included within the Wallet Ninja are: 6 Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, eyeglasses, phillips, and flathead screwdriver!

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Mag Sling

mag sling 01 650x650 Mag Sling

Hang just about anything with the versatile magnetic sling.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #167

Get Shit Done Pillow 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #167
Entrepreneurs can receive their daily dose of inspirational vitamins while relaxing in the couch with these Get Shit Done Pillows. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles by the popular startup goodie manufacturer Startup Vitamins, this pillow bears the ever famous message from Aaron Levie, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Box in bold and striking fonts with a black background.

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BREAKING IN: Product Design Book Reveals How to Get Hired

BreakingInProductDesign2 650x415 BREAKING IN: Product Design Book Reveals How to Get Hired

This May, TUK TUK Press released its newest book in the series, BREAKING IN™: Product Design. The book is an indispensible collection of interviews with over 100 product designers about what it takes to build a successful portfolio and land a job. Aimed at students and junior designers, the book also provides insight to current industry leaders’ own breaking in stories, as well as their thoughts on the future of the field.

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code:deck – Playing Cards for Developers

150 code:deck   Playing Cards for Developers

If you are a programmer, QA or student in IT that loves playing card games then code:deck is for you! code:deck is a standard playing card deck sporting a stylish modern design. Each individual card features a code excerpt describing it in one of many programming languages. We tried to compile a wide selection of programming languages – from generally acknowledged staples and utility languages in software development to newer alternatives and weird curiosities!

Are you bored while playing by the bland designs of other decks? Do you want to rack some more style points on your next Team Building? Need a gift for a friend employed in IT and out of ideas? Stop wasting time and grab your code:deck today!

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Everyone Needs a Coffee Alarm Clock

140 Everyone Needs a Coffee Alarm Clock

British industrial designer Josh Renouf has recently invented something that should have been invented years ago. He’s created an alarm clock that also makes coffee. He’s obviously a genius.

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Disco Inspired Hammock

disco 1 650x433 Disco Inspired Hammock
Disco might not be making the comeback we were hoping for, but this disco inspired ENO suspended hammock is still a great way to nap in the great outdoors.

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The Handy-Dandy Wallet Ninja

toolz 1 650x433 The Handy Dandy Wallet Ninja
Multi-tools are a must have for your everyday carry, but when space is limited, scoop up the 18-tools-in-1 Wallet Ninja for the task.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #166

UP Start Plus 3D Printer 021 650x424 Daily Gadget Inspiration #166
Equipped with the modernized version of 3D printing, the UP! Start Plus 3D Printer is a full metal construction version you can safely use indoors. It can not only give shape to your creative imaginations but also manage the entire process following a seamless technique. Since the print job is directly stored in the printer, you can easily turn off the computer during the printing process without hampering it by any way.

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iFetch: Fetching Ball Fun For pets

Ifetch fetching ball fun for pets 01 iFetch: Fetching Ball Fun For pets

To keep your pet busy, try iFetch, fetching ball fun for pets — they will simply leave you alone for a while.

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