Limited Edition Alfa Romeo Guitar

tar 1 650x433 Limited Edition Alfa Romeo Guitar
The team at Harrison Custom Guitar Works has designed a beautiful guitar inspired by Alfa Romeo’s vehicles, and it’s limited to just 11 units.

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Roswheel Bike Frame Bag

roswheel bicycle frame bag large 650x836 Roswheel Bike Frame Bag

Roswheel Bicycle Frame Pannier Bag, features a Clear transparent PVC window pouch designed for mobile phone, and a headset jack and an audio extension line…

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Balka Console: A Cure For Small Clutters

Feature Balka Console cure for small clutters 01 450x375 1 Balka Console: A Cure For Small Clutters

A sleek and peculiar cure for small clutters, table that helps you organize the uncategorizable things inside your otherwise perfectly arranged home.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #141

Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter 650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #141
Riding through the delicious terrain of a cheesy pizza could become the next best activity for you once you have the Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter in the kitchen. With two wheels cutting side by side, this pizza slicer is twice as strong as a regular slicer you’ve seen till date. It’s available in two striking colors of watermelon and bumblebee which looks gorgeous as a kitchen accessory on the tabletop when not in use.

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The Best Kayaks for Fishing

yak 1 The Best Kayaks for Fishing
Kayaks are no longer made just for those looking for adventure on the open water, they now make ones specifically for fisher men and fishing enthusiasts. We’ve rounded up the 5 best fishing kayaks, just in time for summer.

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float floating cap large 650x888 Float

Float is a water therapy product, focusing on a deep and relaxing water experience. Float is a offspring from Iceland’s rich bathing culture. For centuries, Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of water, such as the relief of stress and the improvement of the general well-being. Float adds a new dimension to the water experience, one of relaxation and total bliss.

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Pocket Shower

pocket shower large 650x533 Pocket Shower

You may be on the trail many miles from the closest town, but with the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower you can still enjoy a warm shower.

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aiia Developed a QR-Coded Keychain To Transport Designer Inspiration – New Product Design

black 650x650 aiia Developed a QR Coded Keychain To Transport Designer Inspiration   New Product Design

In the digitalizing world, when borders between online and offline often get blurred, it is a challenge to force a way through communicational noise and make a message spotted by the right people in the right time. aiia makes it possible by introducing Talisman Keychain.

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Sunbell Solar Lamp & Charger

sunbell solar lamp and charger 01 650x650 Sunbell Solar Lamp & Charger

Never be left in the dark with this portable lamp and charger.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #140

Clock Made Of Lego Bricks Minifig Head Daily Gadget Inspiration #140
A clock in kit form made from genuine Lego® bricks ! Return to your childhood by assembling this magnificent clock or order it ready assembled. It is made up of 277 different pieces in different sizes and in 2 parts which support each other. The wall mounting is also made from Lego® bricks to maintain its authenticity. The whole thing is well presented in a pretty wooden box with detailed assembly instructions and the mechanism for the clock.

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The Best Coolers on the Market

cool 1 The Best Coolers on the Market
Whether you’re looking to keep beers on chill during your next summer cookout, or keep your catch of the day fresh until you get home, there’s no denying that you need a good cooler. We’ve tested the popular choices out there, and rounded up the 5 best coolers on the market.

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Grocery Bag Trash Bin

grocery bag trash bin 021 650x505 Grocery Bag Trash Bin

Reduce plastic bag clutter and keep your home clean with this trash bin.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #137

Bubble Tank by Psalt Design Daily Gadget Inspiration #137
Next time you look at an aquarium like the Bubble Tank by Psalt Design, you’re guaranteed to stare more at the tank than the fish inside. This is because it is not an ordinary mass-produced device. Instead, it is a fish tank that celebrates design and craft in a way which is bound to raise a spirit of conversation around.

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String Prototype: Jungle Gym Cube Helps to Climb and Explore

1304 String Prototype: Jungle Gym Cube Helps to Climb and Explore

A group of designers has created a contender for the world’s best jungle gym – a giant inflatable bubble which has endless lengths of rope inside. The unusual project, called String Prototype, has lengths of rope and cables threaded inside the bubble that can take the weight of a person, so users can climb around and explore. The cube’s designers are a Croatian and Austrian collective, Numen, founded by Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic, who specialize in large-scale interactive projects. When the inflatable cube deflates the ropes get loose and lay on the ground, which means it can be easily packed away.

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Rattan Natural Deodorizer

rattan natural deoderizor 05 650x418 Rattan Natural Deodorizer

Use this natural deodorizer to get rid of unwanted smells around the house.

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