Rhino Laces

rhino laces large 650x853 Rhino Laces

The only unbreakable laces on the planet, they cannot be burned, cut, chopped, sawed, or destroyed, or they ‘ll replace them for free!

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Shot Stats Challenger, Finally Tennis Rackets Became Smart

challenger 05 Shot Stats Challenger, Finally Tennis Rackets Became Smart

Now we can check our stats in the move, while playing and compare it, set goals and share it! It is for sure the gadget that all tennis player was waiting to own!

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Emotiv Insight: Read Your Own Brain

Emotiv Insight read your own brain 03 450x300 Emotiv Insight: Read Your Own Brain

Channel your thoughts in positive direction. Now, its possible to read your own brain.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #124

Lama Lounge Chair by Zanotta Daily Gadget Inspiration #124
This Lama Lounge Chair from the design experts Ludovica and Roberto Palomba was built for Zanotta in 2006. It’s a sleek and smooth-running recliner that’s been carved in a beautiful framework of design which makes the piece an enchanting buy for furniture addicts. The chair somehow has an original appearance in terms of its layout which is why it stands out as an overwhelming beauty amongst the world of recliners available today.

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Some Of The Best Gadgets For Pets

WhistleGPS 02 650x557 Some Of The Best Gadgets For PetsBy using the magnificent combination of Global Positioning Satellites and breakthrough cellular technology, WhistleGPS makes sure you never lose your pets from sight. A small and lightweight pet tracker, this can monitor your pet’s activity and location perfectly once attached to their collars. With a long battery life, it is one of the most economic pet tracking solutions you can find in the market today.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #124

Vintage Leather Sports Balls Daily Gadget Inspiration #124
Rejuvenate the spirit of the early 20th Century sporting gear with these decorative Vintage Leather Sports Balls inside the house. Hand-stitched with pure-quality Vintage Cigar Leather, this set of three is bound to add a rustic touch to your indoors. There’s a training ball, basketball and football – all three being equally marvellous in their finishing and design. Though the balls look nothing less than real, they are meant for decorative use only.

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98g Light Umbrella

98g light umbrella 06 650x650 98g Light Umbrella

The 98g Light Umbrella may be the world’s lightest and most portable umbrella. Never get caught in the rain again.

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Tesla Motors’ Roadster Electric Car Model Its Simply Outstanding

tesla 05 650x486 Tesla Motors Roadster Electric Car Model Its Simply Outstanding

The Tesla Motors’ Roadster electric model car is simply outstanding! Just to have an idea, it goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds; gives 245 miles per charge; and has 0 (cero) pipeline emissions. This is the kind of cars we want for the future, but just for you to know, it’s available to pre-order now!

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #123

Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener Daily Gadget Inspiration #123
While sharpening your pencils on this Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener, you’ll actually be lending a pencil leg to this warrior pirate temporarily. If pirate adventures happen to fall under your list of favorites, sharpening would be a fun time activity here onwards. Especially for kids, this could be an ideal gift adding to their collection of stationeries they would love to store forever.

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Tension Laces

xtenex tension laces 05 650x650 Tension Laces

Never tie your shoes again and reduce pressure points on your feet with these Tension Laces.

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Food for the eyes!

eat so focus 2 650x431 Food for the eyes!

It is fun and elegant solution not just for dining rooms or kitchens – the Vesoi Eat suspension lamp is a humorous allegory that will make a great accent piece for any interior, even for a cozy restaurant or a small diner.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #122

Farfalloni Pot Grips 01 650x557 Daily Gadget Inspiration #122
Replace your half-burnt old mittens with these pasta like Farfalloni Pot Grips which creates this true awesomeness everytime when its on use. They not only protect your fingers from hot pans but also look excellent as a kitchen accessory 24*7, atleast way better than those disgusting oversized gloves. It has been made out of heat resistant silicone which can withstand high-temperatures and is easier to clean at the same time.

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Bleep Bleeps: Parenting Gadgets

bleep bleeps parenting gadgets 06 Bleep Bleeps: Parenting Gadgets

Check out these little colourful parenting gadgets—they’ll help you with everything from getting pregnant to keeping your stuff from getting stolen.

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Fletcher Capstan Expandable Table

Fletcher Capstan Expandable Table 01 Fletcher Capstan Expandable Table

The Fletcher Capstan Expandable Table can double its size by spinning it manually or using a built-in electric motor.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #121

World Map Wall Mural 650x472 Daily Gadget Inspiration #121
Spread out your interest in globalization right from your living rooms by applying this marvellous World Map Wall Mural. Set in the red and pink color tone, it will remind you of your geography lessons but with a sense of art. The contrast has been so perfectly brought out that it’s expected to make your home decor even more gorgeous than before.

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