White Pages by Josip Kelava

The White Pages Sales Collateral is an important tool that White Pages sales consultants utilise during their sales process to new and existing customers. The range of materials assists Telesales marketers, new and existing business owners, and face to face consultants. Every year the White Pages Sales Collateral updates with new content and a new look and feel. For 2012, we stripped away colour photography and applied a greater graphic approach. Since sales are usually visualized in charts and graphs, I wanted use that as a driving force for the creative of the sales collateral. All photography would be in black and white, while the charts, graphs and icons would be in full colour, emphasizing their importance; making them the hero.

i1a163 White Pages by Josip Kelava

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Top Gadgets of The Weekend

Leaf Scoops1 Top Gadgets of The Weekend
Gather raked leaves in half the time with these extra large “hand extenders”. Molded from lightweight, high quality polypropylene, they fit any size hand comfortably, letting you quickly pick up grass clippings, leaves and piles of weeds. A safe way to feed leaf shredders, too.
Watermelon Keg1 Top Gadgets of The Weekend
Watermelons make summer delicious. From drinks to desserts or just eating on their own, watermelons are tasty and the perfect summertime treat. People carve watermelons, and soak them with liquor, and now behold the watermelon keg!Just thinking about the many possibilities of a watermelon keg makes my mouth water. Make a watermelon keg with your kids or for your next party.
 Top Gadgets of The Weekend
A stout pig lends its porcine shape to this cast-iron press, which flattens bacon strips for optimal cooking.Heavyweight cast iron flattens bacon strips for fast, even cooking.

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DB4 GT Zagato Evocation

01 DB4 GT Zagato Evocation

The ‘DB4 GT zagato evocation’ is actually a 1990′s/2000′s era DB7 car converted to resemble the iconic zagato! Really cool design!
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BiC pen holder

bic pen lids main 750x750 BiC pen holder

Do you have lots of pen lids lying around but no pens to fit them to? Well at last someone has come up with a good use for the lone pen lid ! As a pen holder of course!

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Superheadz Clap Camera

 Superheadz Clap Camera

The Superheadz CLAP Camera is an extremely tiny digital camera that shoots two megapixel stills or movies in 720 x 480 resolution. Continue Reading on Enpundit

Branding Guide and Inspiration -2

Brand identity is very important to any company as it represent it’s business in visual identical manner. Today we sharing couple of branding guide and inspiration 2nd series that will help designer to create good corporate identity for any business. These examples cover almost all major items of any corporate stationary logo and website.
1. Stationary Example
By: Kommunikat, artentiko, Kuba Enzowski
f32638f6241977d1ea355b0cbebda022 580x386 Branding Guide and Inspiration  2

2. Logo Example
By: Breno Bitencourt
3d4757d5311dc1c79f5aacadc27c94ec 580x345 Branding Guide and Inspiration  2
ebd2e523b970d1f873909da1a98aba19 580x345 Branding Guide and Inspiration  2

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Megasound Speaker Ledge

iPod Mega Sound Megasound Speaker Ledge
The iPod-compatible speaker emits supremely clear sound while the ledge above lets you display photos and more.

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Portable 4GB 72″ Virtual Glasses

Virtual Glasses Portable 4GB 72″ Virtual Glasses
High quality 72 inch virtual screen / Virtual 72 inch display, 4GB included microSD card and up to 32GB memory from microSD card, Watch movies, and listen to music. Comfortable to wear with adjustable back-strap and focus, Safe, fun and easy to use.

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Curved Racing Simulator

 Curved Racing Simulator
Racer shouldn’t be confined to racetracks At 10,000 RPM, you don’t know if that sound is coming from the game or from you. Introducing the completely redesigned GT racing simulator with fixed bucket racing seat and lower profile. The GT Racing simulator’s sculpted good looks is just scratching the surface.

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Grrr 01 by Fuller Designs

Grrr 01 by Fuller Designs is part of our Kickstarter project to manufacture Tosco: The Alpha Series. We are raising funds to create Tosco into a 9 inch Designer toy.

Grrr 01 is a great design for this series. We offer him for a pledge of $50 but we also offer him in the I Love Customs package. For a pledge of $65 you can receive Grrr 01 and a all white DIY Tosco. Please pledge your support for this amazing designs and the designs by our other artist at Tosco: The Alpha Series

Fuller Designs Tosco Design Grrr 01 front Grrr 01 by Fuller Designs

Fuller Designs Tosco Design Grrr 01 1024x791 Grrr 01 by Fuller Designs


Creative product design project by Matheus Pinto, Gustavo Billo and Henrique Dallmeyer. Enjoy :)

bot 12 VÉRTICE

bot 22 VÉRTICE

bot 32 VÉRTICE

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One Click Butter Cutter

 One Click Butter Cutter
Easily load a complete stick of butter (or margarine) and store it in the refrigerator. The One Click Butter Cutter takes less space than conventional butter dishes and stays clean. When you need a slice, a simple click will do. 4 clicks and you get a table spoon. It is durable, easy to use, dishwasher safe and will save you time.

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Roadtrip Video Recorder

Roadtrip Video Recorder 1 1 Roadtrip Video Recorder
Next time you venture out for a long road trip, don’t forget to document the entire experience with this awesome Roadtrip Video Recorder.Simply attach the suction cup mount to either your windshield or dashboard, and you are ready to roll. The color video recorder will capture at 640 x 480 resolution, and will do so completely hands free. There are several additional options that the device has including the 2.5″ LCD viewfinder that’s capable of rotating 270 degrees, a 120 degree viewing angle on the lens, 8x zoom, integrated motion detection that will turn the device on as soon as the vehicle is in motion. The Roadtrip Video Recorder can hold record up to 3 hours of adventures, and even includes four infrared LEDs to shoot during the night.Support SD/MMC Card:up to 64GB.

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Coca Cola Frozen Beverage Maker

Coca Cola Series Frozen Beverage Maker1 Coca Cola Frozen Beverage Maker
here’s nothing better than an ice cold slushee on a hot summer day, especially when that ice cold slushee is made from Coca-Cola.Now you can make your very own shaved ice to help cool you down during the warmer summer months with the Coca Cola Frozen Beverage Maker. Sure we love Coke flavoured shaved ice, but this device allows you to mix and match any drinks you want, giving you endless options for frozen treats.

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The Alpha Series Front and Back Views

Half Pint by Sket One

Sket One Shot Template 01 1024x791 The Alpha Series Front and Back Views

Melvin by Mimic

Melvin 1024x514 The Alpha Series Front and Back Views

Run by Bytedust

tosco bytedust fb e1345790088801 1024x512 The Alpha Series Front and Back Views

Alpha by Yahid Rodriguez

Alpha1 The Alpha Series Front and Back Views

These designs and more can be your. Please show support for our project Tosco: The Alpha Series