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Iron Man Decal For Macbook

iron man macbook sticker decal1 Iron Man Decal For Macbook
Dress up your MacBook with this stylish decal. This decal features unique air escape technology that allows any bubbles or trapped air to escape through the adhesive.

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Adec Patterned

Really awesome and useful Adec patterned free fonts, it is must have typeface which could be use as text and as pattern alphabets as well to create impressive pattern with ease. These cool fonts created by Serge Shi.

81514d11d5629180dd502eacb7cbcf3c 580x363 Adec Patterned

174550412ae6d4c6a703ac802f36c783 580x338 Adec Patterned

cff61c55095715ec071ac6a524ea2ec0 580x870 Adec Patterned

bbf4c076b8fce6e296720b960e77cd7a 354x1100 Adec Patterned

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Patterns in Nature

Beautiful nature photography showcase with amazing photos form animals and plants to landscapes. Enjoy ;)

pat 1 Patterns in Nature

pat 2 Patterns in Nature

pat 3 Patterns in Nature

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Rewritable Carpet Message Board

Gonçalo Campos created a message board that’s in fact a piece of carpet that can be written on by changing the fabric’s direction. This way you can write/re-write stuff with your finger and hands on the board.

tumblr majo9lA9Nc1ra3jlho1 500 Rewritable Carpet Message Board

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Creativitea, your daily cup of inspiration

Cannondale’s Chainless CERV Concept Bike Transforms as You Ride It

cannondale topimage 750x483 Cannondale’s Chainless CERV Concept Bike Transforms as You Ride It

Priority Designs and Cannondale have joined forces to create a cutting-edge concept bike that transforms to change shape as you ride it! Known as the Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle (CERV), the forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable bicycle made its world debut at EUROBIKE last month where it was hailed for its innovative transformer-like design.

More Pictures and Information at LooksFeelsWorks!

Sugarpova by Red Antler

Sugarpova brings a new level of sophistication and quality to the gummy candy market, without losing sight of the playful nature of the product. The brand needed to communicate this balance by being fashionable, fresh and fun, just like Maria Sharapova. We designed a unique lip shape that can be altered to convey the many attitudes of the brand – chic, cheeky, silly, sassy, flirty, quirky, spooky, and smitten – corresponding with different shapes and flavors of the gummies themselves.

i1a133 Sugarpova by Red Antler

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16GB Leica M3 USB-Flash Drive

leicam3press 16GB Leica M3 USB Flash Drive

The Leica M3 has since been discontinued but can now be owned as a 16GB USB Flash Memory Drive! This USB Drive is perfect for any photography enthusiast!

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Zyvex Marine LRV-17

Zyvex Marine LRV 17 Long Range Vessel 1 750x540 Zyvex Marine LRV 17

The LRV-17 Long Range Vessel by Zyvex Marine, is made primarily of carbon fiber-reinforced composites.


“Welcome Stranger”, Wrangler x

wrangler 750x375 Welcome Stranger, Wrangler x

Wrangler Australia – Keeping good company with the THRILLS X WRANGLER limited edition product capsule,  introduce another collaborative project. 

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Sweet Joy Project

Joicy Alves decided to open the first gourmet “brigaderia” (a traditional candy from Brazil) in Curitiba. Inicially she wanted just the logo for the store. In a second moment she decided to develop the whole print and online materials as well, and I had a blast creating it. The logo plays with the duality between something fun and traditional, using a crest but with little ants with the candy instead of leaves.

i1a130 Sweet Joy Project

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Alcohol Shot Gun

 Alcohol Shot Gun
The Alcohol Shots Gun takes drinking to a whole new level! Want a shot that goes straight to the head? Simply fill the cartridge with the spirit of your choice, aim (for the mouth!) and shoot! The Alcohol Shots Gun is a hilarious way to serve alcohol shots at parties, events, bars and more!If picking up a glass seems far too much like hard work, just open your mouth for an intense shot of your favourite tipple. From Vodka to Tequila, create your own party games with this unique alcohol dispenser. Ideal for cowboy and gangster themed parties, why not serve your drinks straight from the barrel…of a gun!

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Cut it Sharp Chopping Board

 Cut it Sharp Chopping Board
Chopping board CUT IT SHARP – It’s a chopping-board for sharp people!CUT IT SHARP is made from solid piece of Corian® material. Corian is nonporous, making it an excellent material for cutting boards. It will not hold stains, germs, or odors. Featuring a metric ruler, CUT IT SHARP will help you cut, chop and slice with ease and precision. Your tool for culinary perfection!

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ION iCade Mobile Gaming Controller

  ION iCade Mobile Gaming Controller
Bluetooth game controller for iPhone & iPod touch; Adds physical buttons to iPhone & iPod touch gaming; ergonomic design for hours of comfortable gameplay; true control with 8 action buttons & a 2-axis directional pad; Rotating cradle allows for landscape & portrait views of gaming action; more than 100 compatible games & apps.

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Wireless Charger For Apple Keyboard By Mobee

mobee magic feet wireless1 Wireless Charger For Apple Keyboard By Mobee
The Magic Bar from Mobee Technology is the world’s first inductive charger for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard & Magic Trackpad. A Magical solution to recharge your input devices that takes only 1 minute to setup !

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Strawberry Slicester

Strawberry Slicester 1 Strawberry Slicester
The precision accuracy of multiple blades and one-handed operation slices strawberries directly into a bowl, onto a salad or as toppings for crepes, shortcakes and desserts. Strawberry Slicester features stay-sharp, stainless-steel blades for uniform slices. Just insert berry into the extra-large hopper and a quick squeeze of the handles does the work. Slice grape tomatoes, olives, eggs or mushrooms with equal ease. Eliminates the risks of holding slippery berries, fruits or soft vegetables under the sharp blade of a knife. Long handles keep hands a safe distance from blades. Indentation adds leverage by counterbalancing the index finger for nonslip control. Save time and cleanup. Durable plastic handles. Top-rack dishwasher-safe.

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