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The Marvellous Miniatures on Display in a Doll’s House

Karon Cunningham, owner of a miniatures shop in Bath, uses the doll’s house, below, to showcase some of her wares – each with an amazing attention to detail and period design.

Twelve rooms, illuminated by tiny LED strip lights in Karon Cunningham’s show cabinet in her Bath shop, show the various ways miniatures can be displayed.

Fingers gingerly hold a tiny light bulb, complete with period packet and copper wire detail for the screw fix end, £9.80.

Miniature aficionado Karon Cunningham holds a tiny £85 rococo-style mirror that is only 6.5 inches high, made by John Hodgson.

A mini pair of fully working hinged brass scissors on display at the Karon Cunningham Miniatures shop in Bath, £5.75.

A platter of cheese and biscuits with fruit, wine, silver cheese scoop and wine glasses, made with real glass. Platters on show in the shop sell from £12.85.

A miniature Monopoly board complete with houses, cards and money, made by Klaas Schultz of South Africa, which sells for £12.

David Greenwood’s minute apple, £1.35, has unbelievable detail and realism, with him painting each one separately to show natural colouring topped with a realistic stalk.

Hands reach in for a miniature butter-pat in a kitchen scene at the shop. Table, £69; pie board, £14.50; cheese tray, £45; rolling pin, £13; raspberry punnet £6.40 – the punnet effect achieved using a cocktail stick to sculpt them.

Tiny hairs cover the coats of these one-twelfth scale cat (£69) and kitten (£50), made by Sarah Hendry.

A box of two Parker pens, costing £9, made by Klaas Schultz are dwarfed by the nib of a ballpoint pen.

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