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Art Tables by {enclv}

The {enclv} is a brand that focuses on re-designing things. Art{enclv} is a store with stuff designed by artists. Behind this name hides a group of young enthusiasts – we want to create, inspire and appear in your surroundings!

The art{enclv} is a platform for artists: illustrators, graphic designers, drawers & all creative individuals who would like their projects to become real. We want to spread the idea of creative decorating of furniture (and other obejcts).

By decorating we understand everything connected with design and original projects for ordinary objects which can become something extraordinary. You’ll ask “is that upcycling?” – let’s say it is a sort of creative re-using things.

“Candy Dots”, graphics: PJ Blue
Sweet candy dots on the blue print. It’s maybe sweet, but it’s also plain & minimalist.

“Cord Clash”, graphics: Jackin
Technicolor, cords and turquoise color – the pop mix for modern, unconventional interior.

“Dragonfly on the Grass”, graphics: Annie Ronson
Cherrful colors and a dragonfly matches with colorful table-legs. Colors explosion!

“Kaleidoscope”, graphics: Dou Dou
Geometric shapes like some broken pieces of glass. Kaleidoscope table!

“Red Spot”, graphics: HolyDiver
Painting-like design for an expressive owner of the table. Set fire to your furniture design!

“Sexy Vinyl”, graphics: Dmitry Ezepov
Table with the sticker in a style of the end of the 70’s and beginning of the 80’s – taken from colorful discotheques a la Studio 54. Crazy pink color, wild lattice and explosive girl, it can be only great fun!

“Subway Web”, graphics: Adrian Hillman
The system of the subway routes creates a delicate thread which makes teh table twisting!

“Sunglasses on the Moon”, graphics: Inna Miklova
Fluorescent sunglasses – the table is looking at you through a cosmic perspective…

“Techno Mondrian”, graphics: Gary Radoman
Colors taken from paintings by Piet Mondrian reshaped into sharp triangles. The graphics is so hot… It will pump your room!

“Wool Rainbow”, photo: Sima
Warm & soft – it’s the first impression this table gives. Wrapped with colorful wool makes your day better.

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