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2014 National Geographic Photo Contest, Week 9, Part 1

“A node glows in the dark…” In the last 10 years, mobile data, smart phones and social networks have forever changed our existence. Although this woman stood at the center of a jam packed train, but the warm glow from her phone tells the strangers around her that she’s not really here. She manged to slip away from here, for a short moment, she’s a node flickering on the social web, roaming the earth, free as a butterfly. Our existence is no longer stuck to the physical here, we’re free to run away, and run we will. Photo location: Hong Kong. (Photo and caption by Brian Yen/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Pilgrims”. In Lalibela Ethiopia, pilgrims make their way through a narrow passageway carved into the rock leading to one of the many beautiful churches in the area. Just before the Orthodox Christian Christmas, thousands of people come from all over the countryside to gather and pray at the amazing stone carved churches. Photo location: Lalibela, Ethiopia. (Photo and caption by Bjoern Obst/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Kannur < ==> Kochin”. Killing time on the way to Kochin. Photo location: Kerala, India. (Photo and caption by Michael Chojnacki/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Harpena and his husband”. Harpena, a woman of the last village in the Danube.. a lifetime of poverty, of violence by marito.. Ma although this goes on in our heads held high, draped with a great humility. Photo location: Romania. (Photo and caption by Catalina Filip/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Drunken Dragon Festival”. The Feast of the Drunken Dragon, also known as the Drunken Dragon, is a unique traditional folk festival celebrated by the fishmongers of Macao. Traditionally, on the evening of the seventh day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Macao residents engaged in the fishing industry gather in the market, where they sit around the table to dine, which gradually evolved into the tradition feast dance. During the feast, a wooden dragon was made to dance on the incense burner table to pray for blessings. Photo location: Macau. (Photo and caption by Antonio Leong/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“YagYang”. The Apatani are tribal people living in north east of India in the region of Arunachal Pradesh. Tattooing and stuffing of large nose plugs is the particularity of these women. YagYang 75 years old, her husband passed away few months ago and she feels very alone, during my visit I was very fond of this woman and I wanted to spend some more time with her, so I asked her which was her favorite dish. The next day i returned with the fresh fish, as she mentioned, and when she saw me she was very happy and welcomed me with a big smile. Photo location: India. (Photo and caption by Passarini Mattia/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Corn picker”. At the roadside a corn picker clean the grain to sell it. Photo location: Maras, Peru. (Photo and caption by Carlos Caro/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Redefining «Hard Work»”. I rented a moped in Hampi, India in 2009 in order to explore the countryside and smaller villages. On an early morning ride, I saw this farmer carrying hay. Photo location: Hampi, India. (Photo and caption by Melissa Curry/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Grandpa”. A 90-something (nobody was quite sure) year old man, sifts through his families rice harvest, cleaning out the remaining chaff and grasses. I took this photo from the window of a minority “Dong” family home in Chengyangzhai, China. The family had prepared an amazing selection of local dishes and home made rice wine for lunch. Meanwhile the family grandpa, continued about his daily work on the rice crop. Photo location: Chengyangzhai, Sanjiang County of Guangxi Municipality, China. (Photo and caption by Garron Hilton/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Tea Time in the Hut”. Little discussion with a doll in a plastic box, not inherently beautiful. But with this slice of light, it looks like a bubble invented to dream in an imaginative world. Photo location: Paris. (Photo and caption by Karine P./National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Waiting”. He was waiting on the bed, lost in thoughts, while his wife was preparing the bread to be blessed for the orthodox Eucharist. Photo location: Village of Sarbi, Maramure, Romania. (Photo and caption by Roberto Fiore/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Family Life”. In my recent studies of the Indian society, it is clear that the traditional Indian family unit is sacred and the roles of the family are well defined. The Grandmother, who has taken a back seat, cannot help but peer ahead as she holds her daughter and grandchild. The daughter has now taken the role of the mother. She protects her baby and must blindly put her family in the hands of her husband. The father is the family’s front line. Carrying all of their weight, he must also put their needs before him and steer them in the right direction. Photo location: Delhi, NCT, India. (Photo and caption by Philip M. T./National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Muay Thai”. While on a skateboarding trip throughout Asia we had a day off in Bangkok and decided to go see a Muay Thai fight. Having never shot Muay Thai I shad no idea what to expect or how to soot it really. But quickly picked up on it, adapted to the light and my surrounds and the adrenaline was flowing. Photo location: Bangkok. (Photo and caption by Brian Kelley/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Ausencia”. El dia de Sant Antonio ,Canals,Valencia… Esta es la historia de una niña y su gran deseo de estar entre los demas. Ella no tenía ninguna foto allí. Aveces en la vida hay eventos que nos dejan sin palabras… On the day of Sant Antonio, Canals, Valencia… This is the story of a girl and her great desire to be among others. She had no picture there. Sometimes in life there are events that leave us speechless. Photo location: Xativa, Valencia, Spain. (Photo and caption by Mariya Petrova/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Sands”. A man is waiting on a boat on the yamuna river, India. This man spent the day collecting the sands from the bottom of the river, with the hope to sell the full boat to the construction companies. Photo location: Yamuna River, India. (Photo and caption by Guido Sperzaga/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Sichuan Shepherd”. In some places in Sichuan province, Cattles and sheeps are only properities to lots of families. People and livestocks live in the same room, and potatoes are only food both for people and livestocks. Photo location: China. (Photo and caption by William Mok/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Pride of Poland”. During Easter, homes, businesses and churches across Poland are a hive of activity. This year the celebrations coincide with the canonisation ceremony of one of Poland’s most famous sons and bring Jacek Nawrot, restorer and metalworker, a privileged commission. While churches all over Poland are busily decorating their altars for this unprecedented day of national pride, Jacek is pictured hanging his bespoke bronze frame as the priest directs him from the pews. Photo location: Ul. Dobrego Pasterza, Krakow, Poland. (Photo and caption by Alex Ingle/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Viking seas and skies”. I can see the whole DNA at work, Ancestry. I can see the northern seas. Human. Photo location: Berkeley, California. (Photo and caption by Jean-Francois Durand/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“After the Rain”. Children play a game of football after a dreary morning in La Boca. Photo location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo and caption by Rebekah Lee/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“A portrait of Music”. My son has such a deep connection with music that is hard to describe unless you’ve seen it in person. i tried to capture his passion in this photo. Here’s Ashton Altman playing his drums age 2. Photo location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo and caption by Marni Nelko Altman/National Geographic Photo Contest)

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