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Unique Design Christmas Tree in Cardboard and Wood

Did you think about a design tree for this Christmas? No? OdenneBoom is made for you!


The OdenneBoom is available in different sizes and materials. The most popular in the series is the white life-size Christmas tree made of cardboard. This cardboard is a strong double-layered corrugated cardboard, is 100% recyclable and can be reused for several years. There are also accessories available for this version such as a RGB LED lighting. This allows to light up your OdenneBoom with indirect light in different colors you wish.


Do you want to pimp him a bit more? Than you can do this with Masking Tapes that you can find in deco shops. Feel free to let your kids help you out. The life-size OdenneBoom is also available in exclusive materials such as multiplex wood and black MDF where you can decorate the tree with your own chalk drawings. Is the life-size OdenneBoom too big for you? Then we have a Medium and small version made of birch wood. Those can be used as table decorations at a delicious Christmas meal.


The OdenneBoom is a must have for the upcoming Christmas!







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