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Ornamental – New Face of Christmas!

Fresh ideas from a group of young designers are rocking the staid concepts of Christmas. The new design, called Ornamental, is created to keep the essence of the festive season ­ but to sweep away the commercial glitter of the older generations.

Every single person is special, so why not make Christmas decorations that let you signal just who you are during the holiday season? With a selection of more than 10 different graphical themes available, Ornamental lets you match each and every personality.

Ornamental offers several funny, provocative and “spooky” themes such as Twirly, Comic Comments and Deadly, and a Do­It­Yourself Christmas globe ­ a blank version which encourages children to help decorating a perfect customized Ornamental.

Ornamental puts an end to past traditional notion of Christmas globes. The new design gives you silicone hangers and quality plastic balls which ensure the high quality ­ spiced up with graphics for you, your family and your home.

Ornamental is the latest creation from DN Group, a Danish group of professional industrial designers (Frederick Rickmann, Jakob Normand and Lars L. Christensen), who design and develop products for a select range of global clients. The lack of innovative and personal Christmas ornaments today was their starting point for Ornamental.

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