Beard Lights Will Turn Your Beard Into A Christmas Tree

Forget beard baubles and glitter beards, hipsters are now opting for twinkling fairy lights as the latest way to add an extra festive touch to chin fuzz in 2016’s hottest Christmas trend.

More info: East Village E20, London (h/t: boredpanda)

East Village E20, London is providing a beard pimping service to gentlemen wanting to adorn themselves with the yuletide facial hair accessory. Taking place at their Christmas Makers Market on Sunday 11th December, the stand will allow every hirsute gentleman the chance to get in on the trend – and provide some much needed smiles after a year of very serious news.

As beards have become ever-more popular, and ever-lengthening, amongst the population they have become part of the Christmas-party look and this year is no exception with lights of myriad colours, styles and adornment set to take the hirsute population by storm.

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