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Human Builds A Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House For His Cat In Order To Please His Master

One creative guy named Sam just took cardboard cat houses to the next level. Inspired by his beloved kitty Denni, the entire thing is made out of cardboard and held by hot glue. “I love making things, especially out of cardboard. My cat also loves cardboard and I love my cat,” Sam writes on his website.

More info: Prefabcat, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

The structure is actually more advanced than one may think.

“I designed this new cardboard cat tower with moving parts, giving Dinni alternative movement around the tower: some stepping planks that can be pulled out, ramps, sliding windows and some storage draws for his toys”.

Sam’s other passions include DIY cat toys and homemade feline food, so if you’re a cat’s person, Sam is definitely someone to follow.

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