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Bicycle Cafe in Zurich, Switzerland


In the past, having a car was synonymous to success. Now, however, having a bicycle in the new trend. Riding a bicycle is all pros and no cons. It makes you slimmer and healthier, it allows you to enjoy the fresh air, traffic jams are no longer a problem, and of course you don’t waste money on gas.


However, there was always a problem of leaving your bike unattended. With thieves lurking behind every corner, there is always a risk of someone stealing your bicycle. Thus, the authorities of Zurich have decided to do something for cyclists.


They’ve created the first café for cyclists where the person can sit on his bike while enjoying a cup of coffee. This is a great idea since the visitors will not have to worry about their bikes being stolen.


Though to visit such a café, you might want to bring a cushion with you, since sitting on small, hard plastic seat is not very relaxing.


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