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Tiny Church On A Tiny Island In Russia Gets More And More Beautiful Each Season

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

Apparently, if you really want to build a church, a hundred-square-meter island is enough. Designed by Andrey Rotinov (and thus named after his namesake apostle Andrey Pervozvanniy), this beautiful house of god was completed and consecrated in 2000.

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

The church itself is so small, and the river Vuoksa that flows around it is so vast, that the photo ops practically make themselves. Talented photographers like Anatolij Sokolov and Sergey Bessonov have visited the place several times throughout the year, and have been surprised by astonishing views every time.

Image credits: Alexander Atojan

Now, pilgrims and tourists flock to see the tiny island marvel of faith and craftsmanship. To get to it, one needs to get the permission of the abbot and take a boat. Photographers, however, seem to be content with observing its beauty from afar. Can‘t really complain about that.

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

Image credits: Sergei Navetniy

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

Image credits: Edward Gordeev

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

Image credits: Edward Gordeev

Image credits: Vitold Muratov

Image credits: Michael Vorobiev

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